Are Dirt Bikes Dangerous

It’s perhaps time to discuss the safety and hazards of dirt bikes for adults and children, as they can be highly hazardous.

Are dirt bikes dangerous? Some people would not even consider purchasing a dirt bike for a variety of reasons. The most significant considerations are the risk of riding and the expense of running a dirt bike.

Although riders who wear the appropriate safety equipment are inherently safer, the sport can still be risky. Dirt bikes are a common cause of injury in the high-adrenaline environment because of their relative affordability. Adults and adolescents are also susceptible to acute and long-term injuries.

We made such a bold statement to make a point: the risks are actual. Dirt bikes travel at high speeds over rugged terrain, and riders are often hesitant to defend themselves entirely.

Dirt bike injuries and why they happened:

Knowing how the most severe dirt bike injuries are will help us know what to look out for on our trips. So, let’s take a look at these accidents and why they occur.

§  broken collarbone:

A broken collarbone is a common injury sustained when riding a dirt bike. The reason why people fall off from their dirt bikes is that they use their outstretched hands to break their falls, which is a normal reaction that puts a lot of pressure on their collarbones, causing them to break.

The greater the force applied to outstretched arms at the moment of fall, the worse the damage to the collarbone is likely to be.

§  Shoulder dislocations:

Human shoulder joints are intricately designed structures. Shoulder dislocations on dirt bikes happen for the same cause as fractured collarbones: breaking a fall with outstretched hands.

The ligament involved in a shoulder dislocation is a fragile area of the shoulder, rendering it vulnerable to injury. A shoulder separation is another name for this injury. It’s excruciatingly frustrating at times.

§  Broken hand:

Another disability incurred by falling from a dirt bike is a broken hand. The human wrist is a complex organ, and wrist injuries are excruciatingly painful. In some cases, the wrist may be broken cleanly, but the wrist bones can be broken several times in more serious cases.

Dirt bike deaths per year – Are Dirt Bikes Dangerous

In 2003, the number of children and teens under the age of 19 killed by dirt bikes increased to 245 a year, many hospitalized. However, compared to 2016, 2017 saw a 5.6 percent drop in annual deaths.

Are Dirt Bikes Dangerous

Are dirt bikes safer than four-wheelers?

ATVs are often thought to be safer than dirt bikes, but research presented by a John Hopkins team contradicts this. ATVs are involved in fewer deaths, but they are more deadly than dirt bikes.

According to research and statistics, dirt bikes are safer than ATVs because they have fewer fatal injuries. The dirt bikes are more likely to be involved in accidents than ATVs, but ATV crashed victims are more likely to get severe injuries than those involved in similar accidents involving dirt bikes.

Since ATVs are more reliable and sturdier, they appear to be stronger. On the other hand, they quickly roll over, and since there is no crash safety for the passenger, the consequences of the roll can be fatal.

When ATVs lose balance, they have a more significant effect on bystanders. Riders are often flung off dirt bikes. ATVs, on the other hand, often flip over and land on the rider.

ATV vs. Dirt Bike Deaths:

ATV accident victims have a 55 percent higher chance of being admitted to the ICU after a collision. Injured dirt bike riders are put in ventilators at a rate of 42 percent. More than half of the 500,000 traffic deaths between 2000 and 2004 occurred due to ATV collisions. Please reconsider your position if you believe ATVs are better than dirt bikes.

Is Dirt bike safe?

If you want to be safe on a dirt bike, keep these tips in mind at all times:

o   Choose your bike wisely:

Dirt biking’s advantages and enjoyment are solely dependent on the bike you ride. Purchase a bicycle that is appropriate for your size and height. If you ride a bike that is too small for you, you will easily lose control.

o   Get professional training:

A Professional Will Teach You How To Ride A Dirt Bike. Make sure you have a mentor in the form of a professional dirt bike rider that you admire. A skilled trainer will assist you in experiencing all of the joys and advantages that dirt biking has to offer.

o   Protective equipment:

 The critical thing do to keep safe is to invest in protective equipment. I understand that good safety equipment is costly, but it saves lives. I advise you to invest in high-end protective gear to ensure the highest possible quality.

o   Always Know Your Limits:

 When riding a dirt bike, the term “push your boundaries” can be a little scary. Simply put, do not attempt it. Riding off-road motorcycles beyond the limits are risky. Never attempt to ride a larger bike than you or has more strength than that you can manage.

o   Never Leave The Designated Trails:

 There’s a reason why those trails are designated. If you ride a dirt bike on a designated trail, you should know that it has already been certified as clean.

o   Always Keep Your Focus:

It would be best to keep attention on yourself and the road at all times. You should be able to make quick decisions and changes.

o   Don’t ride in the rain:

Another crucial factor to consider is that allowing you to ride in the rain or mud raises the likelihood of an accident. As a result, I do not suggest that you ride in the rain.


We’ve had to have this difficult conversation, and we hope we haven’t scared you away from the sport. Anything we do is dangerous. From driving down the street to taking a walk in the mountains, there’s something for everyone. We must assess our risk tolerance and act accordingly.

Every few months, the majority of riders will have a crash. For several, it’s just a case of picking themselves up and moving on. Some will be admitted to hospitals, and even fewer will have life-changing experiences.

As a result, if you are willing to consider the risks, riding a dirt bike is worthwhile. The dangers are actual, but they can be significantly minimized with proper rider training and protective equipment, as well as selecting the right dirt bike for you.

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