are dirt bikes street legal in texas

Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal In Texas?

Whenever we come across rough terrains, the only name that comes to our mind is the dirt bike. But if you plan to trip the dirt bike on the highways, you must know the legalities involved before you jump onto the highways.

Each state has its guidelines, and Texas dirt bike registration has its own that you need to know before you ride your dirt bike legally on the street.

It’s not just the mechanical adjustment that you may require to do it. But a non-mechanical procedure required for your bike is recognized as legal on the street.

Mechanical changes make the dirt bike look more like a street bike as you have to add components such as approved tires, rearview mirror, and headlight. The non-mechanical procedure is to get your bike inspected and registered as per the guidelines.

We will discuss the factors in detail to understand the Texas laws, Texas Transportation Code dirt bike, and how to comply with making your dirt bike street legal. Here it goes!

Mechanical Changes/Adjustments

Physical appearance is the first thing required to change when It comes to complying with the guidelines. Following are the fundamental changes you need to make to your dirt bike to make it street legal.

Rear View Mirror

The mirror is what you need in your dirt bike, as changing lanes cannot be done without using mirrors on the highways or streets. In addition, you must have the two functioning mirrors on the left and right of your steering to understand the rear view better. Cheap quality mirrors must be avoided as they may fulfill your safety purpose.

While installing the rearview mirror, one thing has to be in mind that the blind spot should be eliminated. Clamp-on bar end mirrors are the ideal choice as they are lower in profile, and you get a better view at the same time.


Who else can neglect the importance of having a headlight? If you don’t own a good quality headlight, then you may not be able to ride the bike in the dark area; therefore, Dot-approved and switchable from low to high beam must be installed. In addition, it should be functioning during day and night so that you can be spotted easily on the street.

The switch needs to easily accessible by the rider. LED light is the best option since it requires less energy and will not significantly impact the battery life.


Dot-approved tires are required to opt-in to get approval from the authority. Dirt bike rims accept the Dot-certified tires as they have an additional layer of rubber to help you ride the bike on highways. Also, You need to upgrade the braking systems and the wheels for better performance of your dirt bike.

An approved set of equipment must be installed. The same can be checked on the internet before installing the tire, wheels, and braking system.

Brake Light and License Plate Bracket

The tail light is required when it comes to giving the signal to the rider behind you. It must be linked with the brake light function so that whenever you hit the brake, it must be glow. DOT-approved lights are what you need, and it is always better to go for LED lights that will consume less energy.

Also, a License plate bracket is mandatory for all street bikes. The license plate must be evident at all times, and you may add LED strips to make it more visible to the authorities.

are dirt bikes street legal in texas
Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal In Texas

Non-Mechanical Procedures

When you have done your dirt bike’s physical appearance, it is required to get approval from authorities. These are the steps that are required to get your bike registered and street legal.

OHV Decal & Approval

All the vehicles that are driven or ridden on the public road need to obtain an OHV decal. You also need to obtain the decal to ride a bike on places bought with Texas & Wildlife Departments OHV grants. Decal is for $16, and you can contact the customer services department to get one for you.

State DMV approves once all the required modification has been performed. The best way is to take your bike to the motorcycle shop and get the inspection done. A certificate is given once all the tests are cleared, and you need it for the registration process.


All the required documents must be filled and signed to get the registration. In addition, DMV requires the inspection certificate, proof of insurance, license, and the title on the bike. The registration fee is somewhere between $200 to $300 to get the plates.

Once the bike is registered, then you will be granted a plate at the same time. It would be best if you mounted the plate on your dirt bike before jumping on the street.

are dirt bikes street legal in texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to obtain a plate to ride a dirt bike in Texas?

Yes, You need to obtain a plate as per the law of Texas. It would help if you modified your dirt bike according to the guidelines for the inspection and registration of your bike. Once you have received the plate, you need to make sure that the plate is mounted correctly and visible to the authorities to meet the legalities.

Why is it essential to get OHV decal when riding at OHV venue on the public lands of Texas

Texas OHV decal is required on public lands or at private OHV venues with TPWD OHV grant monies. You can call on 512-389-8917 to obtain a decal or visit one of the reselling the OHV decal. All the locations are listed on the OHV website on the “Where to Buy” webpage.

How much are the Texas OHV Decal fee and validity

A decal fee is $16 per fiscal year, and the validity is up to one year. The Texas OHV program is based on the fiscal year maintain by Texas, which begins each year on September 1st and ends on August 31st. You can always call on 512-389-8917 to obtain the Texas OHV decals during the fiscal year.

What is DOT and How to comply with it?

Department of Transportation is a federal agency and is commonly known as DOT. They set the standard for all the transportation equipment, and they are certified as DOT compliant. Compliance refers to meet the requirement set by the US Department of Transportation, and failure to be DOT compliant leads to violation of the rules.   

It is illegal to take or ride a dirt bike on the road of Texas

You must obtain the OHV decal to ride your dirt bike on public lands in Texas. It includes dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Street legal motorcycles, and scooters required to obtain OHV decal. The state of Texas is opening news sites, and they’re already exciting places where you can ride your dirt bike once you have registered your bike.

What are the places where I can ride my dirt bike in Texas?

If you are located in the US, dirt biking in Texas provides over twenty incredible dirt bike trails. The best dirt biking based on popularity is Red River Motorcycle Trails, Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area, Alligator Run Park, Sam Houston National Forest – East Side, and Brushy Creek Motor Farm.

are dirt bikes street legal in texas


The process of registering a dirt bike to be street legal is getting tough as rules are restructured. You must modify your dirt bike as per the guidelines and install all the DOT complaints parts to get inspected and approved. Your bike’s appearance may not remain the same, but you will be able to ride it on the street of Texas.

The next step is to get the OHV decal and the approval from the DMV once. The last step is to get a registration plate that you must mount on your bike and be visible to ride your bike freely on the street of Texas.


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