10 Best Dirt Bike Grips [Reviews & Buying Tips]

If you are a dirt bike lover, you probably know the value of dirt bike accessories. Today, we shall learn more about the dirt bike grips that are important. After all, it is your hands of your body that get connected to your bike the first and for which it is the grip that ensures the hold stays steady and in control for long.

The grips of the dirt bike need to give you better protection against vibration. It must be of superior quality so that the grip works as protection in arm pumping risk. This way, you shall be in complete control of the bike no matter whether it is the muddy road or the wet road where you shall be riding.

Having the best dirt bike grips for trail riding is important since it reduces the hands’ vibrations. However, they are available in a bunch for different textures, compounds, and even densities. This can often confuse especially the first-time buyer.

Even if it is important to have dirt bike gear while riding, it does not make any sense to buy any random one. A difference in the dirt bike grip can mean like a day you spend on the saddle while on the mud.

There are some essentials things that you need to know. This post, of course, can help you with all of it. But before that, let us look at some of the trending dirt bike grips that are already the fine choice of the expert riders.

Top 10 Dirt Bike Grips

You might want to explore some different styles of grips for better insight before you decide. These grips are not pricey. Hence, explore them all and experiment to understand which can be the best one for your dirt bike riding experience.

1- 7/8 Universal Blue Taper Dirt Pit Grips – Best Dirt Bike Grips For Trail Riding

These handle grips are one of their kind. They are known for not just quality but also for the better design too. It comes with a trip density grip solution. The design of the crisscrossed pattern, along with diamond styling, makes it a soft compound product. It has a base material that is of the medium compound.

The grip is covered with the diamond pattern that promises a firm density solution too. 7/8 Universal Blue Taper Dirt Pit Grips is one of its kind. It is available at a cost-friendly deal, and the design is quite loud, which is why it has been the choice of many riders.

There is a firm density at the end of the core of the cap. It is important as you drop the bike. There are different colors as well to make a choice other than the blue one. It is the finest replacement for OEM and is said to be the coolest anti-slip design that you can come across. 

With a comfortable grip fleeing, this grip is a must-try. It is easy to install, and you can quickly and accurately remove it and install it. Whether it is the pocket bikes, dirt bikes, or scooters, this grip can be used with the vehicles that come with the 1″ Right G and A 7/8″ Left Grip.


  • There is a triple density that helps in reducing the arms pumping. For this, riders don’t even have to compromise with the control at any point in time.
  • The compound is firm at the end and core of the cap. It is resistant to wear and tear and is best known for the better life of the grip.
  • There is a diamond pattern available at a medium density, making it the right grip base. At the same time, there is a soft density as well, which reduces fatigue.
  • Good anti-vibration
  • Better durability
  • Good color choice
  • Safety wiring problem

Final words:

This Large flange pro taper grip is quite a good option for the handlebars that measure 7/8″. Overall, it is a perfect option with a good blend of comfort and styling. There is a non-slip surface with a soft solution that dampens the vibration concern too.

2- SclMotor Dirt Pit Bike Grips – Lock On Dirt Bike Grips

SclMotor Universal Bike grip is another finest range of grip option that you may want to choose from. It is effortless to use and wear and tear-resistant, so it has been an ideal choice for many expert riders.

The overall measurement of the grip is around120mm or 4 3/4″. This grip is best to be used for vehicles with 1″ Right Grip and 1″ Right Grip, which is why it is one of the finest options you can choose. It is a perfect blend of great comfort and styling, which offers a non-slip surface and soft solution that usually dampens the vibration.

SclMotor Universal Bike grip is one of the old favorites which have been in the market trending for a long time as the best dirt bike grips for trail riding. It has been designed in such a manner that it gives fingers a better grip at the waffle. Besides, the palms can even rest on the smooth surfacing too.

The safety wire is so well channeled in the grip, which is why mostly MX racers prefer buying it. The grip has been labeled under the soft compound category; however, it is also known to be a medium compound gripping solution.


  • The grip design has a waffle pattern on the one half, and then three is a pattern of low profile on the other side.
  • There is a soft compound that helps in reducing the arms pumping and unnecessary vibration
  • Thanks to the design of a 7/8 inches handlebar, it offers better convenience.
  • There is a large flange that promises better safety and lasting comfort too.
  • Good middle of the range grip
  • Better durability
  • Best for MX or trail
  • Durability is not that lasting as it promises

Final words:

Overall, this gear is the ultimate answer for comfortable riding and has always been the expert’s choice. This riding option comes with better styling patterns that offer great features at a great deal too.

3- Renthal G091 Full Diamond Firm Grip – Ktm Dual Compound Dirt Bike Grips

Renthal G091 Full Diamond Firm Grip can give you a great riding experience. It has been trending in the market for quite a long time. This option is available in 3 advanced compounds made of synthetic rubber material. It is a perfect blend of tackiness, strength, and even shock absorption solution.

Known for better resistance and good against abrasion and tearing, this is the right choice you can choose. Besides, it is also available in 3 different patterns which you can surely like. This product in black color has been an ideal choice for many experts.

This product is known for the specific design that lets you have better rising since it is upgraded with better shock-absorbing abilities. It would let you ride off the roads, and you don’t even have to worry at all about the blisters.

The best part about this product is its manufacturing. It has been made with the hello of a high-end synthetic compound of rubber. That is why this best dirt bike grips for arm pump can last for a long time with no risk of wear and tear. This way, it has been made to serve you longer and in a much better manner.

The material which has been used in the device fabrication comes with a soft texture. It thus offers a tackey feel that you surely would love.


  • This Motocross Grip comes with a single compound solution and is available in 3 different patterns.
  • Every pattern is available in 3 different synthetic rubber compounds, which give the blend of tackiness, strength, and shock absorption solution.
  • It has a strong grip, which gives the same feel as the stock grip too. It is quite strong and is resistant to abrasion and tearing solutions as well.
  • Firm and grip
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • absorbs vibrations
  • It is thin and not best for the use of gloves

Final words:

The product is a must-buy if you are a dirt bike rider. There are three different densities of grip that range from firm to medium to soft. The call is yours, but this is sure that you will not be disappointed with using it at all.

4- Renthal G165 Natural Diamond Compound Motocross Grip

Renthal G165 Natural Diamond Compound Motocross Grip is the best option to give you an advanced gripping solution. The company has been trending in the market for quite a long time and is unique. It has been known to create a good reinforced gripping, made with a better wear resistance solution.

The pro taper grips come with a wide range of properties and are said to be the best option because of quality. With good life-extending properties, you surely will not be disappointed with using this kind of motocross solution.

 The base material consists of a wide range of resin particles that are randomly aligned with the Kevlar brand. Since the best dirt bike grips for arm pump are used, there are so many particles exposed, which is why the number of the particles at the surface of the grip improves.

The result is quite revolutionary. It comes with a material that is soft that you so far must not have come across. It can last for quite a long time if you compare it with the trending soft material solution. So far, it is one of the advanced gripping patterns that are available in the market today.


  • The gripping comes with a soft solution feel and is extremely durable with a hard compound too
  • The hard compound is achieved with Kevlar’s help, which is known to be a durable material and has been used in the gripping compound.
  • There is quite a good durability but along with that comes with a better softness feel too.
  • The base’s material comes with wide millions of Kevlar fiber, which is why it is quite in demand.
  • Durable
  • soft compound blended
  • Best for riders with smaller hands
  • Overpriced

Final words:

Renthal Dual Compound half-waffle comes with half-waffle designs with a pattern of the waffle with half of the grip. The diamond pattern is well elevated with the other half, which comes in the best dirt bike grips for trail riding.

5- Pro Taper Pillow Grip – Best Dirt Bike Grips For Arm Pump

This is another amazing product you must not miss out on buying. This dirt bike grip is value for money and is best to protect your hands against any kind of vibration. It offers a better handling solution. If you are suffering from the arm pump problem, it is the best grip you can choose to buy.

It is also made of the ‘Vibrasonix’ pillow designed to absorb the vibration and even the impact with a good cushioning solution. If you are worried about the price well, the good news is you don’t have to anymore since it is value for money and comes with better quality too…

This product comes with a grip of triple-density. The outer side has a soft compound, while the donut is of medium density. There is a top, which is a hard compound. There is also a good feature of the anti-rip tip that enhances the grip’s life.

The tip is considered a vulnerable grip part, which means if you drop off the bike, it makes complete sense to have such a hard compound. Further, if you are quite prone to the arms pumping, it is the ideal grip for you to choose.

However, you need to be aware that it comes with a large diameter. This way, a rider who has got large hands shall be more comfortable.


  • The surface compound is more like a gel. This means, even in the wet condition, you can have a better grip on the bike.
  • In case you ride in a muddy area, the pattern of the pillow is designed for self-cleaning. Besides, it is capable of shedding off the mud away from the outer surface.
  • Thanks to the anti-rip tip, a hard compound enhances the usability and durability for a long time.
  • Different colors choices
  • Dual compound
  • Best for anti-vibration
  • Mostly preferred only for large hands and not the shorter ones

Final words:

Overall to have this kind of grip is not a bad deal at all. It is extremely light in weight superior and study quality. Besides, the wiring channels are safe and designed for those who prefer to have wires on their grips.

6- Pro Taper Pillow Handlebar Grips – Pro Taper Grips

You can even consider the option of Pro Taper Pillow Handlebar Grips for your next purchase since the experts have highly recommended it for the best dirt bike grips for arm pump. Whether you prefer price or quality, it can surely meet all your expectations. This handlebar grip is one of its kind, which is made of a low-profile design.

This means there are fewer nodes of the pillows, which are slightly shallow. It gives a better grip on the handlebar. Such a type of grip is best for the riders who have small hands since the diameter of the same is smaller compared to other products.

There is a low profile of the grip. This means it does not reduce the resistance of the vibration. Besides, the cushioning ensures your hand stays comfortable, especially during the long ride journey. You can also avail of other advantages like the effect of self-cleaning.

That is why, if you are planning for a muddy condition road traveling, carry these grips as it ensures the grip stays maintained even in the wet condition. It does not need much maintenance at all, which is why it is worth your investment completely.


  • There is a low-profile design of the tip pillow, which offers your hand better control and keeps it comfortable for a long time.
  • There is also a Kraton rubber compound that ensures there a tacky surface feeling. It is best to be used during wet conditions
  • There is an inner core compound that is quite hard in nature. It has been designed in a way to improve the bars bonding in a superior manner
  • Thanks to the anti-rip tip solution, this hard compound can ensure the durability increases
  • Due to the design of the self-cleaning pattern, all the mud gets shed away from the bottom.
  • Dual compound
  • Good for anti-vibration
  • Lots of colors available
  • Slightly less cushioning

Final words:

Overall, this is the best dirt bike grips for trail riding you can use for your biking. It is an extremely convenient option one can choose. This gear is the ultimate answer for comfortable riding and has always been the expert’s choice too.

7- Pro Taper Pillow Motorcycle Grips

Pro Taper Pillow Motorcycle Grips can be your preference too. So far, it has proved to be a tough competition to other brands. You get so many features in this kind of grip that surely using it for long rides will also not be resentful for you at all.

The surface is made of the tacky gel-like material, which is best for the off-road riders thanks to the inner core compounding; it is best at the handlebars bonding.

You can choose this grip that comes with an anti-rip solution. It is best to go for since it is wear and tear-resistant. It has been designed for a self-cleaning solution and has even managed to shed the mud away from the surface at the grip’s outer area. This has even been rated as the top pick for the soft grip.

You can use it for muddy conditions or trail riding. With lower-profile designs, it offers better comfort for the riders. The nodes are shallow, which gives a good grip to the handlebars. It is also best for the riders that come with small hands since the grip’s diameter is small.


  • The low profile doesn’t hamper the resistance against vibration.
  • The cushioning promises better comfort. It is best for the muddy condition since it promises a self-cleaning solution.
  • There is a hard compound that is made of an anti-rip tip solution. It thus promises durability for lasting use.
  • Best for anti-vibration
  • Durable
  • Best for riders with smaller hands
  • Slightly less cushioning than the full pillow top

Final words:

Overall, it is the finest range of products you can come across for bike gears and accessories. This product comes with a grip of triple-density. The outside has a soft compound, while the donut is of medium density. There is a top pro taper grip, which is a hard compound.

8- Scott Radial Mx Handlebar Grips

Scott Radial Mx Handlebar Grips is the updated grip that is based on the complete waffle grip technique. Earlier the full waffle grip was the standard one of all the available grips in the market. This grip comes with a true design, which is why it has been in the market for quite a long time.

Besides, three is also a complete waffle design. The grip offers a dependable feel that many top racers often prefer to go for a long riding journey. This is the finest grip that is available in the market. The brand surely has made a lot many changes in its model.

Scott Radial Mx Handlebar Grips is another incredible option that can be chosen. This brand has reduced the vibration so that you shall feel it as you will be using it often on bumpy terrains. The grips are extremely soft and one of their kind.

Besides, the brand has tried to get itself further and is blended well with better safety measures. There are also integrated safety wires, making it one of the best durable grips in the market today.

If you consider it on the outside of the grip, then there can be cylindrical protruding, which shall make sure that hand will not slip at all.


  • It has a strong grip, which gives the same feel as the stock grip too. It is quite strong and is resident to abrasion and tearing solution as well.
  • The gripping comes with a soft solution feel and is extremely durable with a hard compound too.
  • Thanks to the anti-rip tip, a hard compound enhances the usability and durability for a long time.
  • Thanks to the anti-rip tip solution, this hard compound can ensure the durability increases.
  • Easy installation
  • The product has a quality feel that may not experience on ordinary grips
  • The quality and price are worth
  • Grips are quite hard in nature
  • Casual riders may not like it.

Final Words:

This is the quality best dirt bike grips for arm pump you can use for long-distance traveling. It is worth and has been an ultimate choice by the expert riders, which is why investing your money and time in buying it will not be a wrong decision for you at all.

9- KTM Dual Compound Enduro Grips

KTM dual compound dirt bike grips are best for the models of2012-2018 KTM 50cc and also 85-530cc that were manufactured between 1998-2018 KTM has always been the taste of expert riders the best option for those who preferred ridding in the rugged areas and also in the woods.

It is one of the finest options that you can choose because of the price and quality. If you are worried about the comfort well, rest assured as the rice would give you the best performance that you shall expect from any other endure grips.

This type of grip offers the comforter and strength, which means when you ride for a long hard racing like har scramble and endure, it is the best option to choose.

KTM dual compound dirt bike grips have managed to offer quality design to some of its experts. It comes with the diamond grip pattern, which fails proof and extremely safe to ride. 

The ends are of superior quality and will not tear down so well. If you are continuously bar bagging using the rough area, this is surely the best grip for better protection. The only problem that this group offers is it is best only for the KTM riders.

They are genuine but can be a perfect fit for the handlebars with a 22-28mm diameter. You can use it for many years since quality is not a concern at all.


  • It is made of a dual compound, which is why it is durable and comfortable.
  • There is no raised pattern like the pillow top or even the half waffle. That is why they are quite nice with a thin grip for riding.
  • People with small hands or those who prefer a thin grip can surely choose this option or comfort riding experience.
  • Durable
  • Dual Density
  • Best for smaller hands
  • Only meant for KTM riders

Final words:

With a dual grip on quality density, this bike grip offers comfort and durability. If you are worried about the arm pump and vibration, get this durable grip designed specially to tackle such concerns.

10- Scott Sports Radial Waffle Motorcycle Grips

Scott Sports Radial Waffle Motorcycle Grips comes with a complete waffle design. There is a radial grip that is known for the feeling, which is dependable. That is the main reason why usually top racers prefer to choose it.

There is also a soft, yet single-density option with complete vibration resistance and arms pumping that makes your riding experience a hassle-free one. You can anytime consider shortlisting this product since it is made of a true design and is tried and test too, so you can rest assured that you will not repent on it at all.

This grip is vehicle-specific which comes with a complete waffle design solution. The radial grip comes with a dependable feel, which is why usually racers prefer to choose it. Thanks to the single yet soft density option, this 7/8″ handlebars fit grip pattern is one of its kind. Besides, it also has a twist throttle that comes with the finest safety wire channels.

The compound is soft, and there is also a half-waffle grip solution. This gives the incredible grip and most comfortable riding experience that you can ever think of while purchasing.


  • There is an integrated safety wire channels that promise better comfort while riding.
  • The half-waffle design gives fingers a god gripping solution to the waffle. It thus allows the palm to rest on the smoother surface.
  • The wire channels are quite safe, which are inbuilt in the grip, so it is a choice of MX racers.
  • For those looking for a soft compound, gripping can always go for a thin diameter, and thus grip offer the same.
  • On the one side, there is a Half Waffle grip with a low profile pattern on the other side.
  • There is a soft compound that reduces the arm pump and vibration too.
  • Safety channels
  • Durable
  • Best for smaller hands
  • Soft compound
  • Not much superior

Final words:

Overall, this grip is worth the investment you make since it is easy to use and light in weight. It comes with a superior grip solution that promises complete control of your riding.

Best Dirt Bike Grips – Buying Guide

Products that you have seen above are surely the best of the options that you can ever get. But remember, there are some other better products as well that you may want to consider. That is why given below are detailed guidelines that can make your searching process a lot simpler.

How To Choose The Best Dirt Bike Grips

  • Better feel and uttermost comfort

If you want to use the right type of grip, then more than price, focus on the comfort treat such grip offers. Along with it, feel also matters the most. You shall get blisters often if you are traveling a long distance.

The chances of air pumps are common too, even if you choose the short rides. That is why looking for the grips for riding can best offer you the feel and better comfort and give you the most pleasant experience rather than a painful one.

  • Lasting life

Durability should be another major concern to focus on, like what KTM dual compound dirt bike grips offer. After all, your time and money have to be worth it, and that is why look for extremely soft grips.

You can even choose the hard compounds but see to it that it is durable enough to serve you better and match with other bike gear’s ability.

  • Worth investment

To have the price difference in different brands can be the common thing you may see. That is why look for the product which offers quality grip and is comfortable as well. There are so many brands that offer the product in an amazing price range.

But just to save money, don’t compromise on factors like quality, design, and service. It is better to choose the hard compound’s grip since it can be used for a long time, whereas the soft compound-based grip can wear down easily.

Factors to Consider While Buying Dirt Bike Grips

Dirt bikes always offer better comfort, especially when you use the bike for trail riding or muddy riding. But to enjoy such a riding experience, it is important to ensure the risk of arm pump and fatigue is minimal.

That is why it is always wise to choose the grips that can be easy to deal with and are of superior quality. Since markets are already filling up with an amazing range of bike grips, here are a few crucial factors you may want to consider when you plan to buy the dirt bike grips.

  • Price

The cost of the grip will determine the type of brand that you intend to purchase. It is essential to ensure that you explore different grips available in the market, and the price can vary.

However, you need to have a better understanding of which is the sustainable product that you can afford without financially stressing out yourself at all. For this, focus on comfort too. 

Simply don’t set the budget that would not empty down your pocket. It is important to look for the type of grip that comes with better features and great functioning.

  • Personal choice

With so many designs that are available in the market today, like KTM dual compound dirt bike grips, of course, you need to understand what kind of grip is best suited for yourself. To understand the right type of hold, you need to try them out on your own.

The grip is the primary reason which can give your riding experience an excellent performance, especially when you are racing. Such grips come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

You must look for a grip that is comfortable and easy in terms of fitting. It is a wide opinion to choose the bike’s grip that matches the dirt bike color for aesthetic purposes.

  • Design of the grip

The grip’s design would tell you how comfortable your hands and arms will be when you handle the bike while using such a grip. Usually, the design of the grip is categorized into two sectors. The first one is non-waffle designs, and the other one is the waffle design. 

The under-waffle designs are also one part, further categorized into the third waffle, half-waffle, and a complete waffle. If you prefer no waffle designs, it will give you a rough finishing on the outer side and is not much appreciated by the rider, especially those with small hands.

It is entirely on the rider to choose the option that matches the hand’s size and has elevated designs to enhance grip diameter better.

  • Ease of Installation

Grip requires installation, which is why you are advised to choose the option that comes with an easy setup process. The fitting of the grip on the handle of the dirt bike can be a time taking process. It has often proved to be a challenge for many riders.

That is why choose the option that offers easy installation and gives you better safety wire for security to position it well. Some bikes even come with a grip glue solution. Some lock on dirt bike grips on the pattern, which doesn’t need any kind of wire or glue.

There is a diameter throttle, which is large as compared to the handlebars. It slides without any problem inside the handlebars. The best part of choosing the lock on the pattern is the adjustment you can make with your grip easily whenever you want to fit it well.

  • The density of the grip

This is another important factor you should not be ignoring. The pattern’s density in the grip has to be thick enough so that the product diameters will be better to offer you good control. 

The densities are also categorized into three types: soft, medium, and hard. If you prefer to go for the maximum grip solution, you can always plan to choose the option with soft density.

There is also a medium density, which is perfect when you absorb the vibration even if it is not much better than the softer ones.

What to look for in Dirt Bike Grips

  • Compounds of Grip

There are different compounds in the market that you can come across for the grips. They determine the grip’s density along with the texture. The first thing you need to do is understand the grips density you wish to have while riding the bike.

Once you make the toughest decision, you need to understand the texture that you want for your grip. The texture can vary as per the brand, and you can go for the popular one.

  • Top of the Pillow

Full Diamond, 50/50 Waffle/Diamond, and Full Waffle are some popular top of the pillows that further vary in other different options too. One of the popular ones you can choose is the 50/50 compound motocross option.

There is also a half-waffle half diamond Renthal dirt bike gripping, rated as the top-notch one by the riders. If you go for the diamond pattern on the palm and the design of the waffle, which is one thing, you can feel the blend of comfort and control both at the same time.

  • Handlebars

This is another important aspect that you need to look for. See to it that the handlebar size van is in between 50/50 compound. If the handlebars are 1 1/8″, they usually can taper down to 7/8″ on the arms control, which can be noted soon after the grips get installed.

Usually, the dirt bikes’ pro taper grips are universal, which means they come with full-sized bike handlebars.

A motocross rider making wheelies on his bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all the handgrips of a motorcycle in universal design?

There are some of the grips which are in the standard version but has the universal fit. However, there are some certainly designed as per the motels of the bike. To choose the right grip for the bike, you can speak with the seller, who can let you look around for the right grip as per your bike model.

Usually, the universal grips can fit at a technical level, but you must make certain adjustments to get that right fit. Some grips are made for the bikes with a better fit for which you don’t have to make any kind of adjustments.

Q. Is there any specific way to replace the motorcycle grips?

You will have to detach certain adhesives or even the fasteners if you have the lock on dirt bike grips. The best way to get rid of the old group is to cut them well from the bike’s handlebar.

For this, you need a sharp blade. Then you must install the new grips. You may have swooshed the grip’s inner side using rubber alcohol. Soapy water can also work in this case but see that rubber doesn’t get twister while you slide it inside.

Q. Is it important to use the grips for your bike?

Technically, you don’t have to rely on the motorcycle grips for the handlebar. The metal bars themselves are the quite safest and comfortable option. But if you want a better grip and control, then you must look for the additional group.

Besides, during long-distance, the risk of fatigue is common, which post grip installation reduces greatly. The choice is entirely yours, but every grip comes with its perks and drawbacks.

Q. How to prep the new grips for the dirt bike?

When you learn to remove the old grips, you have to clean the handlebar so that the old glue gets entirely washed off, piled up on the metal. You can also go for the scouring pad for cleaning the excess glue.

Besides, wire brushes can be used for those hard pieces that are stuck on the bar.

Q. What are grip donuts?

Grip donut is one kind of accessory that usually riders prefer to protect their hands against blisters or arm pumping. The donuts slide in the grips and offer better cushioning within and buffer, which off-road racers usually prefer. Along with them, you can choose grips with different patterns.

Some come with the slots for safety wore while coming with the lock on dirt bike grips. For safety purposes, the wire channel is advised as it makes sure the grip remains constantly locked up with no twisting at all.


The choice of dirt bike grip is entirely personal. Things shared above can give you a better buying experience. But you need to understand that arm and hard positioning must be considered while choosing the right grip.

Other than this, the gear and braking sift can also get hampered by the grips, which, of course, you must have fitted in the dirt bike. It is vital to make sure that you are buying the right dirt bike grips, which, along with better performance, can offer better safety too.

Usually, grips are entirely a personal choice since different people choose a different feel of the grips. That is why don’t get confused about choosing the grips that value money and worth quality.

No matter whether your choice is half-waffle, waffle, or even the diamond grip or triple compound, what matters is, almost all the locks on dirt bike grips should be installed in a basic way.