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Top 7 Best Dirt Bike Handlebars [Updated]

It is important to have a good and easy ride on a dirt bike as it is fun for riding in open spaces. In such a case, you will find different handlebars available in the market, making it easier to ride a dirt bike on different terrains. To make the ride easier and more enjoyable, you can get the most suitable handlebars for your dirt bike.

First, let us understand why you should buy dirt bike handlebars for your bike? The reason behind it is that the handlebars are the most important component for controlling the dirt bike.

The handlebar controls the speed and direction of your bike. If you do not have the right handlebar, then it becomes difficult to ride the bike on the road. So, when you buy the handlebar for your dirt bike, you must focus on the quality of the product.

Dirt bike handlebars come in different types. You can choose the type of handlebars according to your preferences.

The first option is a bike with adjustable height bars, which will provide you with the most control over the bike’s speed and direction.

The second type of handlebars is the straight bars available in single and double bars. Single bar handlebars give you a better grip and control over your dirt bike. The main disadvantage of this type of handlebar is that they are not suitable for off-road riding.

The third type of handlebar is the flat handlebar, available in two forms: slant and straight. Slant handlebars give you better control over the dirt bike at low speeds. They are less stable as compared to the straight ones.

We’ve chosen the best dirt bike handlebars after conducting significant research. So, let’s get started with the reading.

List of Best Dirt Bike Handle Bars

1. WEIYINGASI Handle Bar with Foam Pad

The WEIYINGASI Handle Bar with Foam Pad is a professional-grade piece of equipment that athletes and fitness buffs will appreciate. 

Its sturdy build, comfortable grip, and height adjustment capabilities make it perfect for a wide range of users. Plus, the included foam pad ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

WEIYINGASI Handle Bar is perfect for mountain bikers and commuters alike. It is lightweight but sturdy aluminum.

 This handlebar has a comfortable foam grip and a wide clamp area to fit most bikes. It’s also angle-adjustable so that you can customize it to your desired height and riding position.

This Handle Bar with Foam Pad is a steadfast upgrade to a common bicycle handlebar. 

The D3 2.3″ (59mm in millimeter) sweeps from the head tube, over the brake levers, and down on the clutch lever for exceptional control of your ride while also giving ample comfort through padded foam grips. 

This handlebar is designed for mountain bikes, with a 2.3″ width, 10″ length, and 7/8″ diameter. 

The E Sweep is 2.16″, the F Control Area is 7.67″, and the G Stiffener Length is 10″. The Right Switch Mounting Hole Diameter is 5mm, and the Hole Distance to Bar End is 4.2″.

  • Durable aluminum handlebar construction.

  • It contains four 304 stainless steel bolts.

  • Super-soft foam pad.

  •  Slip-resistant rubber grip.

  • Tubing thickness is 3 mm.

  • The throttle tube is rough at the ending.

  • It is a straight handlebar.

Final Verdict

WEIYINGASI Handle Bar with Foam Pad is the perfect bike accessory to outfit your MTB for any terrain. The handlebar set includes a 7/8″ dirtbike handlebar, extra 304 stainless steel bolts, and one pair of super-soft rubber grips with a sleeve. 

It has a 5mm inner diameter right switch mounting hole that will provide stability on high-impact sports disciplines. This ergonomic grip will keep you comfortable under pressure while riding over rough terrain or mud pits that you may encounter on tough mountain biking tracks.

2. ProTaper Black Handlebar Kit 

This kit includes everything needed to make installation a breeze and adjustability limitless.

The Pro Taper handlebar is precision engineered from Chromoly for strength, durability, and lightweight. The provided brake cables are customizable in length with enough slack to adjust as the rider grows taller or their riding style evolves. 

This handlebar maintains the dash switch on your bike with this kit and provides a range of throttle options. 

This particular model features a two-lever setup, so you have more control over what you’re doing while staying on top of it all. It is perfect for pulling through corners or standing up to take on tougher obstacles.

ProTaper’s Handlebar Kit is used with Honda XR/CRF50 11 models. By combining high-quality materials with a top-notch design, your bike will have a control setup that is second to none. 

The Pro Taper handlebar comes in black powder-coated steel and sure-grip rubber that complements any bike’s theme, giving you the most comfortable riding position possible. 

This bar also includes throttle cable, brake cable, kill switch (not available as a replacement part), brave lever/perch, and is made out of chrome-plated solid steel for hours of fun on the track.

  • Throttle cable.

  • Brake cable.

  • Brave lever/perch.

  • Throttle sticks.

Final Verdict

The ProTaper Black Handlebar Kit is perfect for those who want to upgrade their bike’s appearance and performance. The 7″ rise Chromoly Pro Taper handlebar gives you the perfect ride, while the brake and throttle cables make sure your bike handles perfectly. With the included Brave lever/perch, you’ll have complete control over your bike even when riding at high speeds.

3. Dirt Bike Handlebar Set 1 1/8″ Dirt Bike Handlebars

These dirt bike handlebars are made from top-quality materials and finished in a sleek black anodizing. These bars will give your bike an edge that others will envy.

These handlebars are not only good-looking, but they’re also tough as nails and built from 7005-T6 aluminum and designed to withstand the harshest riding conditions.

This Handlebar Kit is perfect for riders looking to upgrade the stock handlebars on their XR/CRF50. These bars are made from durable steel and are a powder-coated finish for a sleek look.

They’re also pre-drilled to make installation easy. With a diameter of 28mm, these handlebars provide a more comfortable ride without sacrificing control or performance.

  • They are made from sturdy aluminum.

  • Unmatched durability.

  • Fit All Motorcycle Off-Road. 

  • Good grip.

  • Its mounting hardware has some space.

Final Verdict

Make your bike strikingly beautiful with this Handlebar Kit. These are easy-to-install handlebars and will give your motorcycle an incredible light and authentic look. 

These handlebars are designed without dimple for control wiring or quick installation. Let them make heads turn on the streets like never before! 

4. JRL 7/8″ Mid Handlebars Handle Bars

These JRL handlebars are great for a variety of motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s and UTV’s. They feature a flat black finish and a black powder coat that will not rust. 

They are constructed with high-strength steel CNC machined to exact specifications for a perfect fit and finish. They are precision-engineered to match the geometry of your motorcycle or ATV for maximum control and comfort.

This product is made of top-quality materials, and it is designed with a lot of detail and precision. It is suitable for all sorts of motorcycles. The bag is easy to attach to your motorcycle, and it is very easy to remove when you need to clean or service your bike.

This JRL 7/8″ mishandle bar is built with lightweight aluminum combined steel for high-impact durability, enabling it to withstand the toughest of on and offroad elements. 

It boasts an 11 3/4″ rise height. These handlebars also allow you to reach the ground when riding your dirt bike, ATV, or motorcycle. 

Additionally, these handlebars have curved ends and mounds that provide additional comfort and stability while in motion.

  • Fit all motorcycles off the road.

  • Easy to install.

  • They are made from premium quality parts.

  • High reliability.

  • Scratch up easily.

Final Verdict

These 7/8″ mid-handlebars by JRL are perfect for ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. The lightweight design makes them easy to maneuver, and the durable construction ensures a long lifespan. Plus, the stylish black finish will add a touch of sophistication to your vehicle. Order yours today!

5. JFG RACING Yellow Motorcycle 1 1/8″ 28mm

The new JFG Racing Green motorcycle handlebar pad grips give you the ability to grip the bars while still protecting your hands and giving you more control in turns. 

This set is designed to fit JFG Race Standard and JFG Race Deluxe KX 125, 250, 250F, 450F, KX250Z, KLX250, ZX6R, and ZX10R. It is available in 2 sizes for your option. 

It Features tough 7005-T6 aluminum construction, dazzling anodized color finish, square foam pad for protective cushioning, and raised rubber particle design for a non-slip grip. 

JFG RACING 7/8″ 22mm Dirt Bike Handlebars are 100% brand new and never mounted. These gorgeous handlebars have an anodized surface and are incredibly light. 

The bar is without the dimple for the control wiring, making it easy to install. It is made from 7005-T6 aluminum; these handlebars are built to last. They come in a clamp area of 7/8″ (22mm) and a grips area of 22mm.

  • Foam pad.

  • Strong handlebar grips.

  • Easy to install.

  • Fit to all off-road motorcycles.

  • Fat handlebars.

Final Verdict

The JFG Racing Green Motorcycle 1 1/8″ 28mm Handlebar Fat Handle Bar Pad Grips Set is made of high-quality materials and durable design, ensuring good performance in the long run. It will protect your motorcycle’s handlebar from getting scratched or damaged by wearing, making it easy for you to maintain your bike’s surface clean and new. This handlebar set fits most dirt bikes with clamps of 28 mm (1 1/8″). The raised rubber particle design plays a non-slip effect, allowing you to control your direction during the racing process better.

 6. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Handlebars 26mm 

INNOGLOW Motorcycle Handlebars 26mm are the perfect way to improve your motorcycle driving experience. 

It is Made of seamless tubing with a powder-coated surface for corrosion resistance; these handlebars are designed to flex and absorb impact, which can help relieve wrist and back discomfort over time. 

They also provide a higher driving position that gives you better grip control, making them ideal for riders who want an improved riding experience.

These motorcycle handlebars are perfect for anyone looking to customize their bike. It is composed of solid steel and is a powder-coated finish.

These handlebars are a great addition to your bike. At 26mm (1″) outer diameter, they are the perfect size for most bikes.

  • Gorgeous Anodized Surface & Incredible Light.

  • This Bar Is Without Dimple for control wiring.

  • Fit All Motorcycle Off-Road.

  • Easy to install.

  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

Are you looking for a method to make your motorcycle more unique? 26mm INNOGLOW Motorcycle Handlebars are built of high-quality materials and futuristic looks. They’re also simple to install, making them ideal for anyone looking to give their bike a new look.

7. 1-1/8″ 28mm Handlebar Fat Handle Bar

The ultimate multi-surface handlebar set is designed for all your handlebar needs. The versatile and easy-to-use riser system allows you to quickly and easily raise or lower your bars for the perfect fit and position. 

No matter what manner of riding you perform, the vast range of supplied grips and clamps ensures a great fit every time. Adjust, clamp, and get ready to go!

This bar is perfect for anyone looking to improve their performance on the track or trail. It’s made from 7005-T6 Aluminum for superior tensile and yield strength, with a gorgeously anodized surface and incredible lightweight. 

This handlebar is perfect for CR125R 00-07 / CR250R 99-07 / CRF250R 04-17 / CRF450R 02-18 / CRF450RX 17-18 / CRF250X 04-17 / CRF450X 05-17 / KX125 06-08 / KX250 05-08 / KX250F 05-18 / KX450F 06-18 RMZ250 05-06 models.

  • Gorgeous Anodized Surface.

  • Unmatched durability.

  • Easy to install.

  • Installation Instruction NOT Included.

Final Verdict

The 1-1/8″ is a new addition to the 1-1/8″ family “Fat Handle Bar with a 28mm Handlebar! This premium handlebar is constructed of high-quality materials and is designed to last. It has a clamping surface of 1 1/8 inch “, making it adaptable to a wide range of bikes. It’s exceptionally light for unrivaled durability. This handlebar is anodized for a beautiful finish and is the ideal addition to your bike. Get yourself a Fat Handle Bar now!

Best Dirt Bike Handle Bars -Buying Guide

When you look into the size and quality of handlebars, some different factors will give you an insight into which is good or not. But before going further into the matter, it will be helpful to know the basic things about handlebars that we have mentioned in the article.

Two main types of handlebars are available in the market. The first is called the drop style bar, where handlebars can be angled downward on a motorcycle. 

The second one is called the rise style bar, where handlebars rise, fixed at a certain angle.

The rise-style bars are used more frequently for two reasons. The first reason is that it provides better visibility to the driver while riding a motorcycle. 

The second reason is that when you are racing a motorcycle, you will get an advantage as the other drivers will not be able to see what you are doing, which helps you race the other competitors.

Now, we will discuss the different points you need to keep in mind before buying handlebars.

1. Handlebar diameter.

The handlebars of a motorcycle are the means of controlling the vehicle’s speed. As the handlebars are attached to the body of the motorcycle, they provide a direct connection to the rider. 

These handlebars come in different sizes, and you need to buy those which fit your height. This is one of the most crucial factors as it determines the position of the handlebars from your feet.

 When you look at the handlebars, the bigger the size is, the more comfortable it is for the rider, which also helps them ride longer. 

If the handlebars are large, you can obtain a better grasp on the bars, and if you are tall, you can get a greater grip while riding a motorcycle.

Handlebars are measured in millimeters and are available in various sizes, depending on the size of your hand and the position of your hand about the handlebar. The most common sizes are 75mm and 90mm.

 2. Handlebar height.

Handlebar height is very important for several reasons. Handlebars that are too high make it very hard for you to reach the ground when you take your feet off the pedals. This is not good for traction. But more importantly, if your handlebars are too high, you will find it very difficult to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

This makes it very difficult to stay in the optimal riding position for power transfer.

3. Quality

The most vital point is to ensure that the handlebar you purchase is safe and durable. The quality of the handlebar depends on the materials used in its construction. 

Some manufacturers make handlebars out of aluminum, carbon fiber, or other materials. These handlebars are very lightweight, and they are much easier to maneuver.

Handlebars made from aluminum are the best for road racing bikes because they are lightweight and have a good grip.

The quality of the material used in manufacturing the handlebar also affects the product’s durability. Some handlebars are made out of aluminum, and they are strong enough to endure any crash.

4. Size of Handlebar

You can choose a small or large handlebar depending on the size of your hands. In general, the higher the brake lever position, the smaller the size.

5. Control Length

The first consideration is how far the handgrip should be away from your body on the bike.

In general, the farther away, the better off you are. The reason is simple: As the distance increases, it is more difficult to lose control. If you have long arms, there is an exception to this rule.

In that case, a shorter distance between your hands and your body will make it easier for you to use your arms to control the bike.

6. Sweep Control Length

The sweep control is the distance between the center of your hand grip and the center of your palm. The ideal sweep is 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ for a woman.

Anything less than 3/4″ for a man and anything less than 1-1/2″ for a woman will put you at risk for developing RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury). 

This is an injury caused when you constantly stress a certain part of your body over and over again. For example, if your hand is too close to your body, you will develop a carpal tunnel because you will be stressing your wrist over and over again.

If your palm is too close to your body, the same thing will happen. That’s why it’s crucial to think about these things while shopping for dirt bike handlebars.

7. Comfortability

The comfort of the handlebars is also very important. You need to choose handlebars that you will feel comfortable with. The best handlebars should be the ones you will feel comfortable with while riding.

8. Clamp Area

The clamp area is the area where the grip meets the bar. The more area that is in contact, the better. However, too much area will result in a slippery grip, and it will be difficult to stop the bike. On the other hand, too little area will make it very uncomfortable for your hands to grip the bar.

9. Adjustability

A dirt bike rider needs to have adjustable handlebars. This feature is quite handy since it allows you to set your hands and feet in the most comfortable position for you. Adjustable handlebars also allow you to change your hands and feet according to the terrain you are riding. This provides more control over your motorcycle and simplifies difficult terrain riding.

10. Angle: 

The handle bars’ angle also plays an important role in controlling your bike. When you lean your body forward, your arms should be at 90 degrees to the ground, and your hands should be just below the level of the handlebars. If you have adjustable handlebars, you can always adjust the angle of the handlebars so that your hands are in this position while riding.


The most important thing to consider when purchasing any bicycle equipment is the weight. The general rule is that the bigger it is, the slower it will go.

This is particularly true of a bicycle; if it weighs more than around 60lbs (27kg), it is probably too heavy for your body, and you will not be able to maintain a speed much over 20mph (30km/h).

Try to keep the total weight of your bike and components under 30 pounds as a general rule (13.6kg), but this will vary from person to person based on their height and weight, so you should make a judgment call about what suits your needs best.


This is another important aspect of dirt bike handlebars. It would help if you reached all the controls easily with your hands without moving your upper body at all. It will be difficult to ride your bike if you cannot do so.


The most important part of the handlebar is the grip. Grips are usually made of plastic or rubber and engraved in hand. You want a grip with the correct width and height for your hands.

A wider grip will give you more leverage and make you more stable on the bike. A shorter grip will provide less leverage, but it may make you feel more secure. 

The grips should be a little shorter for taller people to keep you from hitting your head with the bars. You may need a smaller grip than normally recommended if you have larger hands. 

When choosing grips, it’s best to choose soft and pliable ones so that they don’t crack over time.

best dirt bike handlebars

 Frequently Asked Question’s

1. What are handlebars?

Handlebars are the levers used to control steering a bicycle, scooter, or another two-wheeled vehicle. Depending on their purpose, they are also called ‘steering controls,’ ‘handgrips,’ or ‘handlebars.’
If you want to know more about handlebars, they are usually mounted vertically on the frame of a bike, scooter, or trike. They can be moved backward or forward to alter the bike’s direction.

2. How do you pick handlebars on a dirt bike?

If you’re riding off-road, it is important to have the right handlebar. If you have a full-suspension bike, you should use handlebars with a shorter reach. Conversely, if your bike doesn’t have a suspension, you need longer handlebars to provide better leverage and control. Handlebars with wider grips provide more comfort to the rider, while narrower ones make for quick maneuvers. 

3. How high should dirt bike handlebars be?

Dirt bike handlebars should be about 42 inches above the ground when the rider is standing over the pegs. If the bike has drop-down handlebars, you should bring them down so they are as close to the ground as possible.
This reduces the rider’s leverage to push against the ground with his legs and makes the bike easier to control. It also helps keep the front tire off the ground, thus increasing traction and mobility. 
Handlebars should be positioned at least 3 or 4 inches away from the rider’s body, too, so he won’t get a “riding position” that puts pressure on his wrists and arms. He should sit up tall and use his arms for steering instead. 

4. Can you raise handlebars on a dirt bike?

You can raise the handlebars on a dirt bike, but there’s a chance that the rear wheel may lose traction, and you may end up spinning around uncontrollably. Also, make sure that the bike is properly balanced with the wheels parallel to the ground to avoid accidents.

5. How do I choose handlebars?

Different handlebars are available for bikes, such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. All these come with different designs, features, and prices, so it’s advisable to go through your requirements and make a well-informed choice. Some options to consider are a lightweight set, a performance or race bike, and a touring bike.

6. Are aero handlebars worth it?

Aero handlebars can provide a significant comfort advantage when cycling. They work by allowing you to position your front wheel closer to the ground, thus giving you more leverage against the force of gravity when pedaling forward. 
This allows you to go faster with less effort, thus making the act of cycling significantly more comfortable. These handlebars are only useful on a fixed-gear bicycle, though, as they require the wheel you’re mounting them to have no sprockets whatsoever.
It would be beneficial if you did not ride them on a road or hybrid bike.

7. Which Motocross Handlebars should I choose?

Motocross handlebars come in different lengths. You want the shortest handlebars that will still fit your motorcycle. They are measured in inches (like the seat post), centimeters (for measuring handlebars), or millimeters (for measuring individual bars). Most likely, you will get handlebars that are a mix of both. If one inch is longer than the other, the rule of thumb is that you need the shorter one. 
For example, if you have 42″ long handlebars, you should get handlebars that are 41″ or less. The difference between these two measurements represents how much space you have between your hands and the legs on the bike. Handlebars with more space between them and the rider’s hands will allow him to maneuver the bike better on curves and turns. 

8. Why change your dirt bike handlebars?

Changing your dirt bike handlebars usually improves the handling and riding experience, especially when you’re a new rider. However, you may need to perform this for maintenance purposes at times.
If your handlebars are bent or damaged, you will need them replaced. Also, if you ride off-road often, you will eventually need to replace the handlebars on your dirt bike with high-quality, aftermarket ones.
But this needs to be done by a trained professional, as it can be very dangerous if you attempt to do this yourself. It would be better if you only trust an experienced mechanic with your precious bike, who knows exactly what he’s doing and can do it right the first time. 

9. What are Taper handlebars?

Taper handlebars are a standard part of mountain bike setups and are useful when riding through the woods or on gravel paths. They allow you to grip the handlebars with your fingers while steering with your feet. They also come with a wide range of accessories such as toe clips, saddlebags, fenders, etc.

10. How wide should dirt bike handlebars be?

Dirt bike handlebars come in two sizes:
2.4″ (650mm) and 
3.5″ (630mm). 
Generally, the bigger the wheel, the wider the handlebar, and hence, you should opt for the longer handlebars for a better fit.
The handlebar should fit snugly between your wrists, not pinch them. You should also adjust the length so that the center of gravity is about at the bottom of the bars. This will help you remain stable as you ride. 

11. What is the best handlebar for a tall rider?

For tall riders like myself, get a handlebar with a comfortable saddle height for longer rides. This is because the higher the saddle height, the easier it is to reach your handlebars and controls, so you’ll need to raise your saddle by a few inches if you want to mount your handlebars without reaching down. 
If you’re searching for an ideal set of handlebars, the K-Bar offers a great fit for taller riders – and the adjustable-length bar is perfect for longer distances too. It also comes in an all-white or black color option, making them suitable for road and mountain use.

12. What are the best dirt bike handlebars for short riders?

Short rider handlebars are designed to maximize the distance between your hands while still providing maximum control of your vehicle. These handlebars come in different lengths, and some even have a quick-release design.
They also come in different designs and materials such as alloy, carbon, steel, and aluminum. So, depending on your riding preferences, you should check out some of these for a good fit. 

13. Which bike handlebars are most comfortable?

Handlebars come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s difficult to say which ones are most comfortable. But we can still recommend a few options based on our experience. 
Bar-end handlebars are most suitable for commuters, while drop handlebars are more suited for long-distance trips. If you want to update your current set, drop bars are a great option because they provide more comfort.

14. What is the best handlebar for trail riders?

The handlebars you should use for your bike should be specifically designed for off-road use. They should be strong and comfortable, with a high-quality grip. You should also get ones with integrated mudguards and fenders to protect your rims and tires. You can find such handlebars in specialty bike shops or online. Make sure to test different sizes and configurations before you commit to one. 

15. What are the different types of handlebars?

Handlebars are the things you use to hold your bicycle in place while you’re riding. They come in three different styles – flat bar, drop bar, and sweep bar. All of them work fine for a standard bicycle.
But if you’re building a custom bicycle or racing bike, you might want to consider a different handlebar style. Some options are single-speed, multi-speed, track, race bars, and others. You should experiment with them and find out what works best for you.
For instance, a single-speed bar has only one gear, making it easy and quick to shift whenever you need to speed up or slow down.
On the other hand, a multi-speed bar has several gears, which gives you greater control over your pedaling speed. 

16. Best dirt bike handlebar size chart?

best dirt bike handlebars


As you might know, riding motorcycles can be a fun and exciting hobby. However, it can also be very expensive, especially if you buy a new motorcycle. For many people looking to start a new hobby, riding motorcycles is an affordable choice, as long as they are careful.

When selecting the best dirt bike handlebars, you will need to consider many factors. The first thing that you should think about is your budget. Are you looking for cheap handlebars, or would you prefer to spend more? It is a great idea to research the internet or through an independent bike shop.

The best handlebar should be strong and have a good grip. You may also want to check various brands that you may find in your local bike shop. These can often be customized based on the riding you like to do.

Are you a beginner? Or perhaps you have been riding motorcycles for years and want to make a change. When looking at the best handlebars, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend on them.

Some handlebars can be very costly, so be sure you know what you need and want before deciding on the best dirt bike handlebars.

Do you have any questions about this? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.