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10 Best Dirt Bike Helmet under $200 [ Reviews & Buying Tips ]

Of course, dirt bike experts know the importance of having all the required gears and accessories that are needed during the riding journey. Talking of which helmet is one such important accessory that a rider needs to carry always. It is always important, but its need arises more when the rider is participating in a dirt bike competition.

It helps protect noggin, and that is why, when it comes to purchasing a helmet at a great deal, the quality of the same should not be ignored. There is so many dirt bike helmet with visor available at hefty prices. But it is not always important that it shall come in good quality. That is why; this post can be of great help to you.

The ideal purpose of a best budget dirt bike helmet is to offer protection to the rider during dirt roads and off-road riding. That is why you can find some helmets below $200 at a great quality. Besides, they are also loaded with better security features. With a unique concept and a design with a better airflow system, this kind of bike helmet is one of its kind.

Since dirt bike is one extreme sport that requires a helmet as one crucial piece of accessory for extra protection, listed are some of the best dirt bike helmet options that are below the $200 price range.

The options that are listed below are known for not just protection but also offer additional safety features, durability, and great design to flaunt around your other rider’s mate.

Top 10 Dirt Bike Helmet under $200

1- O’Neal Unisex Off-Road Helmet – Best Motocross Helmet Under $200

Expert riders are of course aware of the brand O’Neal. It has been in town for the quality spare parts and tires, which it has been selling to the local riders at a great deal. Started in the year 1970, to date there is no doubt that O’Neal has certainly got some of the best changes that are worth appreciation.

Since off-road racing started gaining a lot of importance, O’Neal understood that the helmet need shall increase. That is why, with this amazing unisex helmet, O’Neal has managed to offer a quality designed helmet with all safety standards.

O’Neal unisex helmet is the best dirt bike helmet for glasses and for off-road riding. It has a shell designed with high-quality polycarbonate. The shell’s weight can be approximately 1500 grams, and needless to say, it doesn’t need much heavy maintenance.

If you have a closer look, you shall understand that it has managed to meet AS/NZS safety standards, which are important when riding a bike.

Besides, a padded liner ensures a dry and cooling atmosphere is created besides; there is also a Velcro design that is adjustable and offers better ventilation. At the great pricing that is less than $200, this kind of helmet is one of its kind.


  • Some graphics are of high quality with multi-colored clear coating
  • The pads are washable and removable
  • The overall look of the helmet is stylish and can fit the large size with no discomfort
  • The visor design can be adjusted as per the comfort
  • The vents are best for cooling and ventilation
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • This is a unisex helmet which means it is best for men and women
  • Better ventilation
  • In this model, there are not much size options

Final words:

Overall, this durable ABS construction-based shell helmet is one of the best budget dirt bike helmets you can consider buying. The inside of the helmet is soft which promises better comfort while riding while there is a smooth airflow, which makes sure you will not have any issue during the whole riding.

2- Bell MX-9 Solid Matte Black MIPS Helmet – Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmet

Another incredible helmet for off-road riding is the Bell MX helmet. It is known for the quality and durability with the best design that you may not find elsewhere. If you focus on the helmet’s detailing well, you may surely get surprised to see so many amazing features loaded in it.

The helmet comes with MX 9 which means, the shell of this piece of accessories is made from top-notch polycarbonate. The MIPS system of the energy management and the ventilation solution with a smooth flow of velocity ensures that this helmet gives a better riding experience even if it is long distance.

Moving further, the design of the best-ventilated dirt bike helmet is incredible. It comes with a liner that is washable and removable. Besides, it has an anti-microbial liner solution that means this option seals all the features you may want to look for in other helmets.

This helmet also delivers exceptional pricing and is known for the best pro-caliber performance too. Since DOT approves it, you can rest assured that quality is not compromised anywhere else at all.

Moving further, it has managed to meet the requirements that were impressed by CARB and have FMVSS 218 Standard, which is a clear indication that safety is nowhere compromised at all.


  • The shell construction is made of high-quality, top-notch ABS construction. It has the material of lightweight polycarbonate which is being used.
  • The helmet is further loaded with the MIPS energy management solution with a completely adjustable visor.
  • There are 3 shell and EPS sizes that are certified by DOT and have a warranty of at least five years.
  • The helmet cost around $160 which of course can vary as per the graphics that you select
  • The multi-directional impact safety is the best feature that you cannot find in any other helmet.
  • Complete safety
  • Lasting durability
  • Compact with better ventilation
  • The shell is made of ABS which is light in weight
  • You may not find much size choices

Final words:

The metal is quite comfortable and does not need much maintenance. Besides, it is so sturdy like a yema motocross dirt bike helmet that it shall keep you held firm and in place which is why the risk gets ruined greatly. In terms of lining, it can be removed easily and washed off too.

3- LS2 MX-Off Road Helmets – Dirt Bike Helmet With Visor

LS2 MX-Off Road Helmets is another incredible off-road racing helmet that has proved out to be a game-changer because of its incredible performance. This dirt bike helmet with a visor makes the use of kinetic polymer alloy which is known for the shell. It is extremely light in weight and known to offer less flex as just a part of the energy management.

Being ultra-strong, this helmet is one of the best options you can choose. It tests and the materials of superior composite quality known for the better racing solution. Besides, it also uses the 3 shell sizes that are known for the subverted to make you rely on that you shall have the compact yet light in weight shell possible for a certain size.

There is an internal absorbing solution of the energy which it uses. The use of molding technology of quality material is made along with a polycarbonate layer attached at the internal side within the comfort padding and the dual-density of the EPS.

The layer is also slick and works fine, similar to the scalp. It also gives a better liner, which is comfortable to ensure there are no slippage chances. This way the rotating energy also gets lost and there is a better improvement in the energy dissipation that EPS offers.

Talking about the shell, well best-ventilated dirt bike helmet is made of 35 different ports of ventilation. The EPS is channeled with it, which is why there is a better airflow solution.


  • It comes with the technology of in-mold solution that offers mitigate engineers
  • The shell is not just light but also strong since it is made of KPA which is a kinetic polymer allot that offers just a less part of a flex
  • There are 3 shells for the light possible helmet which may suit your size.
  • The helmet is approved by DOT and is said to be one of the best options available in the market today.
  • Great Airflow
  • Emergency Release
  • Large Eye Port
  • Sizing could be a problem

Final words:

Overall, if you plan for a smart investment, then this is the best helmet you can choose. It is compact with a better airflow system and good ventilation that shall, of course not disappoint you at all.

4- Fly Racing F2 Helmet – Yema Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

Fly Racing F2 Helmet by fly racing is another must-try option. This is the best budget dirt bike helmet from a well-known company, Fly racing, so buying it should not have a second thought in your mind. It is one of the best companies that offer a wide range of dirt bike gear options, especially in the helmet department.

The helmet is light in weight and extremely protective, so buying it will not have any problem at all. Besides, the name itself suggests that it is made of F 2 pure carbon which makes it unique and best compared to its fellow competitors.

If you are worried about the price, then be rest assured since this helmet cost nearly $180 and can vary in terms of the graphics choices. Besides, you will not have any disappointed when it comes to maintenance and quality.

Talking about the safety aspect, this helmet has managed to meet the DIT and ECDE standards and that is why it is the best option when it comes to safety. Besides, the certifications that are given for this helmet come with an EPS option.

This helmet is also known for the dual-density EPS liner solution that offers complete protection when it comes to surprising impact.


  • This helmet has managed to meet the DOT and ECE standards and is best for the impeccable safety ratings too.
  • This helmet comes with an EPS liner of dual-density and is known to offer overall good protection.
  • In terms of comfort, this helmet is loaded with a multi-port air industrial system of cooling. It comes with 11 intake vents and there are also 4 other exhaust bents which offer better airflow solution.
  • This is one of the most comfortable helmets that also manages to keep the rider cool for a long time while riding.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Less maintenance
  • Better airflow system
  • Not great for eyeglass users
  • The rear and cheek vents cannot be closed so easily.

Final words:

This is one of the finest helmets like yema motocross dirt bike helmet you can consider buying. It is not just best for protection, but comfort is also what you get at the best deal.

5- Bell Solid Adventure Helmet – Best Ventilated Dirt Bike Helmet

Bell racing is on the market for quite a long time and needless to say, it has managed to offer some of the top-notch products for the riders. The innovative products that racers can enjoy from the Bell racing are impeccable and can offer a better thrill experience with safety and speed. That is why their helmet is highly recommended.

Dirt bike riding is all about good performance with confidence, and a bell solid helmet shall make sure your focus will not shift at any time at all. The product is designed to give you better performance and bets protection too. After all, winning is all about a strong determination.

Moving further, talking about the best dirt bike helmets for kids, it has been injected with a shell that consists of polymer material. It is light in weight with 3 shell solution and the size of EPS is designed for the right fit.

That is not it! It also comes with the face shield that is quite well interacted with a ventilations system that offers better velocity flow. Due to this, a rider can enjoy safe riding with comfort and cooling most of the time.

The wicking moisture solution with the liner which is air channels, is another best part about this dirt bike helmet with visor. This DOT-approved helmet has managed to meet FMVSS 218 Standard which is why it is a must advised.


  • Bell brands this innovative helmet comes with radio controlling solution.
  • It is also known for multipurpose use, so buying a large size is advised as a smaller one will be too tight.
  • It has been made with MIPS design, which promises to lessen the rotation force greatly.
  • The contraction is categorized into three types. Every shell is made from the composite polycarbonate solution with an EPS shell design.
  • Multi-directional Impact
  • Lightweight
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system
  • Fully adjustable
  • Natural cooling
  • No color choices

Final words:

Overall, this helmet is the best option with at least a 5-year warranty in your hand. It is the best pick you can choose since it is made for the off-road racing solution and is one of its kinds that you may not find elsewhere in the market.

6- FLY Racing Trekker Solid Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmet For Glasses

FLY Racing Trekker Solid Helmet is another must best dirt bike helmet for glasses that surely will not disappoint you at all. This helmet is known for the best reliability, comfort, and durability that you cannot find so easily in other brands.

Fly Racing is one of the known racing companies that offer the best quality yet top-notch products with quality dirt bike gear, which is why it has been preferred by most of the experts in today’s time.

If you are planning to buy a helmet that costs below $200, well, then this is the best choice to go for. Let us explore in-depth about this amazing helmet which has been gaining a lot more attention.

Made from a lightweight construction, this helmet offers better quality and safety. It has been designed with some protective yet string output, so you will only get quality results and nothing else.

This racing helmet is loaded up with premium facilities and innovative features that together offer maximum safety. In terms of meeting the standards, it has managed to meet DOT and ECC standards and is known for a better rating.

It is one reliable option that also comes with a dual-density EPS liner. With an extra layer of protection, this helmet ensures that your head stays protected against any kind of emergency impact.


  • The best aspect of this helmet is the comfort like yema motocross dirt bike helmet since the manufacturer has made it with complete precautions and better measurements
  • This helmet is designed with a better solution, and instead of absorbing the energy, the lining which is dual one, offers prevention.
  • The ventilation system is another best part about this helmet. Although this helmet seems to be complex, it surely is value for money
  • The liner is made of EPS, giving additional credit for the airflow since air travels from the EPS liner and exits the exhaust vents that promise better airflow throughout the helmet.
  • Machine-Washable Padding
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Maximum Venting
  • Cooling Interior
  • Size and color options are limited

Final words:

If we focus on comfort with protection well, then this helmet with a decent airflow option is a must buy. With removable and machine washable padding, this helmet is best for the long rides that you may plan for the trails.

7- O’Neal 0200-425 Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300

Another top-notch helmet you can consider buying is O’Neal 0200 series. This is one adult helmet that has gained most of the expert rider’s attention for quite some time. This helmet is not just known for better safety features but also offers good quality and better additional safety measures as well.

Talking about the brand, well O Neal is in the market for quite some time now and needless to say, it has been earning a good trust from the experts simply because of the sturdiness and superior construction that most of the other brands fail to offer to the riders.

This brand earned a reputation from 1970 and since then, there is no looking back. Since the experts manufacturing it understand how important is off-road racing for the riders, they have created this helmet with great care and ample tests.

Talking of which, this best-ventilated dirt bike helmet has a shell that is made from ABS material. It is extremely compact and comes with a liner, which is padded and washable too. You can remove the padding as per the comfort.

Besides, there are different air vents option that promises better ventilation. Thanks to the rubber nose guard, you can rest assured that this kind of helmet will offer protection against any kind of impact.


  • The helmet is made from the finest construction that has the use of ABS material which promises better durability
  • There is a dual D release chin strap which is why the face stays stable and comfortable even during a long ride
  • The padded liner can be removed and washed and thus, there is no complex maintenance needed at all.
  • There is an additional protection feature in the form of a rubber nose guard which protects your front-facing in all kind of accidents.
  • Machine-Washable Padding
  • Maximum Venting
  • Lightweight
  • Natural cooling
  • Not much of the options in sizes available

Final words:

This is one of the finest helmets you can consider buying. It is not just best for protection but comfort even during the 8 hours of traveling, so most of the expert riders usually expect to buy this kind of helmet for long term use.

8- O’Neal 0817-503 unisex Sierra II Helmet Flat – Best Motocross Helmet Under $200

O’Neal’s popular helmet that you surely should consider is the O’Neal 0817-503 unisex Sierra II Helmet Flat. This is one flat helmet that comes with an extra safety locking solution. There is also a padded chin strap which is why you can rest assured that during emergence impacts taking place, there is no harm that shall happen to you at all.

O’Neal has been producing a wide range of cycle and motorcycle gear and parts and accessories. Its recent helmet trending in the market is one such finest example of the quality with comfort at great pricing that you can get.

This helmet gives you a better riding experience since it has been made from ABS construction’s best quality. Thanks to the vent holes that are available in this helmet, you can rest assured that optimal ventilation is achieved.

Besides, there is also an integrated face shield with a better height adjustment solution, so dealing with such a type of helmet is not a bad choice. Whether you are planning to buy a helmet for an on-road experience or an off-road one, this is surely worth the investment you make.

The shell is also made from the ABS pattern, while the face shield is well integrated too. The chin strap is well padded while there is also a dual D safety locking solution.


  • This is one lightweight best dirt bike helmet for glasses yet a compact option that comes with a removable comfort liner
  • There is a double-D safety lock that promises better protection against any kind of riding
  • It is a fine blend of the windscreen and a visor that comes with a tinted shield in the drop-down format for conveniences
  • The helmet shield is completely adjustable which is why you can use it for long travel.
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated sunshade
  • Solid protection
  • Great helmet for the price
  • Comfortable
  • No additional holes for the blue speaker available

Final words:

If you are planning to buy this helmet in terms of safety, then surely there is no room for disappointment. Besides, it has been ECDE and DOT approved which is why you can rest assured of the complete helmet safety.

9- O’Neal 5 Series Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets For Kids

O’Neal has surprised its valuable customers with some of the finest range of helmets that are available at great pricing. Talking of which these 5 series of a helmet is one such finest example of the same. Made from the top-notch quality of the polycarbonate material, this helmet offers better safety options.

Besides, exhaust and intake vents options promise not just better ventilation but also a perfect balance of cooling. The graphics are durable and coated with multi-colored later which is why you can rest assured that its look will not get hampered at all.

If you like compact best dirt bike helmets for kids, this is an excellent option. Along with the graphics of the different color looks, this helmet gives a stylish design too. The price is so reasonable that after using it, you shall release its worth.

Besides, it is also made from the ABS shell pattern which of course is anytime better. There is an inside construction as well, which is extremely soft and can give you a better riding experience. It also allows you to pass the better flow of the air and you shall be able to travel with comfort.


  • This best-ventilated dirt bike helmet is made from the ABS shell constructional and also has the polycarbonate material too
  • The padded liner is removable and you can wash it and keep it cool for a long time to
  • Thanks to the wide air vents that are available, you can keep yourself cool at the same time dry as well
  • The helmet weighs not more than 3 pop in’s, so it is easy to carry especially during a long journey.
  • Unisex helmet
  • Durable shell construction
  • Design is stylish
  • Nice color available
  • Not much of the size options available

Final words:

This helmet is best for all those who prefer comfort with safety. It is the best helmet designed for different terrains. You can also use it for street touring since the features it offers are worth it.

10- MX -Helmets -Kinetic -Thrive

Fly racing has been a well-known brand in the market which has been trending for some time now. This helmet is known for the great fit, quality craftsmanship, and the best of the artwork that you may not find elsewhere. Talking about its Kinetic thrive helmet well, there is no room for disappointment for you at all.

This is one of the finest helmets which the company must have created by far. This helmet is known for the best fit and great system of ventilation too. The liner is comfortable and you can remove it for washing as well. It is one of the well-known helmets that is trending on the market today.

You can find this best motocross helmet under $200 within your price range. But don’t get scared considering that cheap price shall offer cheap quality. Rather the best part about this helmet is that there is no room for the bad quality at all.

Moving further, if we focus on the safety feature, well it has been DOT approved. That is why you can rest assured that you are buying the most durable yet light in weight helmet. Thanks to the poly-alloy material, the quality of the helmet is the best one.

The dual liner density is to offers the better impact energy-absorbing material solution, which is why your head gets the best possible protection against any damage that is likely to happen from the damage.


  • This helmet is made from the ABS shell construction and also has the polycarbonate material too
  • It is a fine blend of the windscreen and a visor that comes with a tinted shield in the drop-down formats for conveniences
  • The padded liner can be removed and washed and thus, there is no complex maintenance needed at all.
  • This helmet is designed with a better solution and instead of absorbing the energy, the lining which is dual one offers prevention.
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Cooling Interior
  • Machine-Washable Padding
  • Natural cooling
  • No color choices

Final Words:

Overall, you surely can consider buying this helmet. In terms of safety and better protection features, this helmet gives great results.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Under $200 – Buying Guide

You may wonder that the options listed above can be of great help to you but often, there can be some confusion on how the buying process should be carried other than the options listed above.

That is why this post also brings you some buying tips that can make your job a hassle-free experience of buying the dirt bike helmet within the price range in which you are looking.

What to Look for While Purchasing a helmet

While purchasing the helmet for a dirt bike, there are few things you must make a list of. This way it would be easy to checkmark those that actually fit in your bar of expectations and thus you can proceed only with those that are worth your investment.

  • Better safety

This is one of the important parts that you need to consider, especially when buying a helmet. Before you choose the right helmet, ensure that you follow all the safety features and understand if the helmet’s construction is rightly made and whether the materials used for the helmet are worth your money and whether the lining and padding are made in a quality manner or not.

Often, people don’t take such type of concern in much serious manner. This eventually results in to increase in the risk of injuries and also the loss of money.

  • Comfort

Another important aspect you should not forget while looking for the best motocross helmet under $200 is comfort. Look for the dirt bike helmet that better impacts resistance during an emergency crash or landing on rash land.

It is all about protecting your head and face against unforeseen occurrences, which is why look for the helmet that offers a good ventilation system and offer better comfort so that you can ride it for most of the time.

You further have to see if the helmet vents are good enough to give you the desired cooling and thus protect your skin from being sweaty all the time.

  • Better Design with Standards

It is not always important to focus on the helmet with good graphics and styling. Rather look for the one who can protect your skin while meeting the Dot or ECE standards. Besides, the role of lining and padding is also important. If they are removable, you will be able to wash it at least often and then use them afresh for a long time.

  • Value

Always focus on buying the helmet which is worth the investment. Imagine you spend a lot of money and the return you get is just not fulfilling your expectations then probably, it was probably a waste of your money. You are advised not to spend much on the helmet. Instead, look for the cheaper option that can fit in the budget and is of superior quality as well.

Factors to consider

  • Protective Features

Of all other things, the helmet for a motorcycle needs to give you better protection against impacts that are quite likely to happen during a crash.

There have been some of the best-advanced helmet technology options that have come up over the past few years and if you are planning to buy a helmet, then look for the one that comes with a Multi-directional impact system which comes in most of the helmet these days.

There are also other features that you can consider such as breakaway visors for reusing the rotational forces to head and the cheek pads and emergency release lubing, to name some.

  • Perfect size and a good fit

There are so many safety features in the world that get wasted if the best motocross helmet under $200 doesn’t fit rightly to do the job for which it has been created. To select the right helmet that can fit well is important.

Many manufacturers offer different sizes and designs of the helmet’s shell, which matches the different shapes of the helmet. The head’s shape is the most crucial one which is similar to that of the head size. If the helmet fits well, then it doesn’t need to fit other riders as well.

  • Better ventilation

You must look for a helmet that comes with ample ventilation ports. There are so many of these options that often, you can realize how blissful they are especially when you tend to ride them during the hot weather.

However, it is still crucial to have a better ventilation system in all-weather season and not just during summer since the helmet is one such gear which you shall be wearing upon your all the time while riding.

If there are more ventilation ports, there is much better ventilation you can expect. The best thing is that even when you don’t ride in the hot climate, you will still be able to wear it with comfort. It is important to look for a helmet that comes with exit and entry ports.

This would let the airflow through the helmet get in the right manner. With a removable liner, at least there will not be any kind of smell that would stick always. Besides, you can wash it always. Look for the liner which is made of moisture material that keeps the helmet fresh all the time.

  • Price

Money in all possible ways plays an important factor. There is no escaping route for that. While you may look for some of the best dirt bike helmets for kids within the price range set by you, make sure you look for the quality and safety features which your helmet needs to have.

A helmet with advanced technology and that too in your price range can be a bonus to you. But in the end, what matters is it gives you a better safety solution which can give you a pleasurable riding experience.

How to Choose A Good Helmet

  • Materials

This should be one of the essential things to keep in your mind while purchasing a helmet. The material plays a dominant factor and that is why I focus on choosing a helmet that comes with an EPS inner material.

Always see to it that you choose the ABS outer build as well. Since ABS and EPS are known for durability, you can shortlist amongst either of the options while buying a helmet of your choice.

  • Chin bar

Another crucial thing you need to shortlist is to look for the right chin bar. Since there is a complete chin bar used to save you against the muddy and dirt terrain, you must choose accordingly.

Make sure you skip the helmet that doesn’t have the option of the chin bar. It is always better to look for the chin bar so that you will be able to protect your face during unforeseen accidents.

  • Airflow vent

This is another important factor that should not be ignored. If you buy a helmet that gives a good ventilation process, you will not feel suffocated during riding. For this, you must choose the option that has either many ventilation ports or the right way of ventilation.

The airflow vent is important for the riders, especially during a hot season, so such a helmet should only be chosen.

  • Size

This is another crucial factor you should not be ignoring. One single mistake and that is of choosing the wrong size can ruin everything for you. You have to choose the right helmet which comes with appropriate sizing.

Look for the helmet that fits your head in the right manner. You should avoid buying the one which often can slip while riding because that would affect your riding experience and make it not so pleasant for you since you have to focus on marinating your helmet.

  • Weight

Along with the size comes the weight. You should choose the helmet which is light in weight and compact. Since the helmet shall stay on the head while riding, you need to look for the option that you can bear because the heavyweight object on the head can be a painful option for you. A helmet with better sturdiness yet compactness is important while making the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I focus on choosing the bell brand for a better helmet?

Of course! There is no problem is purchasing a helmet from a well-known brand like Bell which is known for the wide range of functions and styles that you may not find elsewhere. Since there are limited price range options, there is no room for disappointment at all.

Q. What are the safety standards of the Motorcycle Helmet?

To choose a quality helmet for your motocross bike, you need first to make sure it matches the safety standards. Talking of which in the United States, it is a DOT certified helmet which is needed and which of course can vary as per the state.

DOT is the short form of Department of Transportation which can be approved in the US without any problem. If we focus on other regions or countries well, there are more or less same certificates or the 3rd parties one too.

There is some certification that is quite similar in what they have been tested on each of the helmets with more or less some variations on the values of certification to exceed or meet for the forces of the impact, energy distribution, and even the rider’s head retention.

Q. What is a Snell helmet rating?

A known foundation in which a nonprofit option has understood the helmet test solution to another level. It is quite a rigorous testing as compared to the regular DOT tests. The helmet manufacturers need to apply for the Snell foundation sticker before they put it on for use.

Snell’s test is said to be one of the top notches for Roll-Off, Impact, Shell Penetration, Dynamic Retention, Face shield Penetration, Chin Bar, and Flame Resistance to name some. The labels which are put on the helmet, be it of Dot or Snell, will not get off easily and hence buying it should not be a problem at all.

Q. Why makes MX helmets so different?

MX is considered a different option since it has been designed with a better visor and airflow mechanism. Similarly, the chin bar is also said to be quite powerful in such a helmet.

That is the main reason why the MX helmet is said to be quite different from that of the other one. There are a few high-profile MX helmets that you can come across in your price range.

Q. Should dirt bike helmets have visors?

The dirt bike helmet needs to have a visor. But simply because you consider that the speed at which you run your bike is not high does not mean you don’t need one does not make any sense. It is more like wearing the goggles that would work best for your screen to keep dirt stay out from the eyes.

In the visor’s case, it usually ensures the sunlight is kept out when needed and the glare of the student interferes at all. But if it is mounted on the regular bike helmet, such as the dirt bike helmet, the visor will easily catch the wind while making the helmet a wobbly one.


It is now time to gear up and start looking out for the best of the motocross helmet that can fit in your price range. With all this information hared above, surely you not be disappointed to have the best of a helmet for yourself.

There are so many other options available in the market for which you can use the guidelines for the best motocross helmet under $200 shared in the buying guide. There are many aspects you need to focus on while purchasing the dirt bike.

What matters the most is how you list all the aspects and ensure each of the pointers is covered in the helmet that you have liked.

Choosing the right dirt bike gear and accessories can always be frustrating, but with this post, we hope that your searching troubles come to an end. Happy riding!

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