Top 20 Best Dirt Bike Helmet [ Reviews & Buying Tips]

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The dirt bike should go on and off the lane, as the name indicates. These bikes have been specifically designed for off-road travel. Dirt bikes allow you to ride on robust surfaces that are not easy to handle with dirt and mud. Motorcycle jumping is an absolute pleasure for adventurous riders on roughened tracks. Dirt bike presents you with an unbelievable experience by meeting your transport needs.

It can be a foresight to hit thunderous high speeds on motorsports designed to excite asphalt roads. Hurdles, rides, and climbs are fun enough for most dirt biking riders. But first of all, you need to hit the land’s patch and enjoy the ride as well. Off-road-based dirt biking can sustain speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, with the appropriate driver, surroundings, and health quality. 

More relevant are effective gears, efficient levers, an excellent suspension, and firm grip, but we have to check how easily you run it and how quiet it is, as with any vehicle.

Importance of Helmet

A motorbike helmet is a critical piece of equipment where the cost of value cannot be sacrificed. No exceptions to Dirt Bike Helmets! And it is the most critical aspect to do when you go off-road, so defending yourself from possible injury.

Therefore, nothing provides you extreme safety more than dirt bike helmets when you drive on motocross tracks. These off-road helmets are specially designed to shield you from a big crash impact.

You also noted the distinct nature of dirt bike helmets, which appear very distinct from street caskets due to their expanded relatives, greater ventilation, and shell nature. This uniqueness shows that the helmets play an important part in off-road riding and provide the rider or motorcyclist with exceptional protection.

Important measures while purchasing a helmet

You must first evaluate such considerations with respect to dirt bike helmets whether you are looking to update your current helmet or buy a new Motocross / Dirt bike helmet. If we passed these considerations before examining the Best Dirt bike helmets, it would be easier.

  • Don’t pick a budget-and-price helmet because, for you the right dirt bike helmet isn’t the most expensive. However, the right one for you does not hurt your vision and keep you safe when riding off-road. Therefore, you ought to forget to purchase a second-hand helmet or helmet for less than five years.
  • Second, the construction, ventilation, visor/face protector, chin braces & safety requirements should be reviewed. Please verify that the chosen helmet is at least certified with DOT or SNELL.

The majority of dirt bike helmets will overheat you, but this one cannot. The air device gives a permanent supply of air that stops you from sweating unnecessarily. Yet the inside liner and pads can be discarded and cleaned clean, so wipe them out as you sweat, and it’s good as fresh. 

Helmets from Motocross are distinct from road motorcycle helmets due to the uncertain track conditions for riders. Street motorcycle helmets provide enclosed refuge from the elements, while motorcycle helmets require ventilation and roost, ruts, and rock protection.

The vision required on the road is often focused upon the circulation flow and the expected path of the next exit on the highway. A motocross racer glides from inside out, where you have to perform a larger field of vision. The key prerogative of a helmet is to shield the driver from injury if an accident and/or accident occurs during drives.

Whether you ride on the asphalt or on the dirt, two-wheel enthusiasts enjoy a toggle hand at the tip of their bikes. Motocross enthusiasts take the challenging rough route, while a road bike racer enjoys the next target’s open road. Motorcycles that are designed for the world in which they are powered stand out.

Sleek acceleration for road and open motorcycle fenders is one factor; don’t let suspension, tires, and ride height even start. The sector is concerned about safeguarding the noggin of the motorcyclist from a head injury.

Components are enhanced in the helmet for proper safety.

The helmets for road and dirt bike would be made from specific impact-resistant components. From polycarbonate to carbon composite formulation external to internal spreading polystyrene foam designed to trap energy from effect to the helmet. The helmets bind themselves to the rider by gliding it over their heads and strapping it underneath the chin with a D-ring.

Dirt bike helmets, not street aerodynamics, are designed with airflow and perspectives. The distended chin guards are a distinctive quality of these helmets. The chin guard is uniquely designed to improve the rider’s airflow and provide enhanced safety in the event of a collision.

Whenever the head of the rider encounters an obstacle, the chin guard may be the contact point. The facial projection covers the riders’ faces and eyes with a smaller risk of smashing the inside’s helmet. The guard also helps the air to pass through the rider despite irritating the eyes wrapped with glasses. The guard is also noticeable.

There is a list of top-rated dirt bike helmets that will be effective for the rider. A list of the top 10 is listed below with all their specific features, pros, and cons for a better understanding.

Top 20 Best Dirt Bike Helmets

1- O’Neal 2Series Adult Helmet – Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmet

O’Neal manufactures the latest of luxury, quality, and safety for motorcycles and rides, engines, clothing, and accessories anytime you ride. After almost 40 years of racing security, consistency, and safety can be trusted.

The helmet offers simultaneous security, ease, and consistency. The cover, the viewing, and all other aspects of a helmet are specifically produced to meet consumer specifications.

The 2 Series is a completely fresh O’Neal helmet design that is also one of the cheapest! This dirt bike helmet is built perfectly like any helmet on the market, considering the tiny price tag. 

The 2018 SPYDE Helmet O’Neal 2 Series is available in four colors in bold, definitely head-turning styles. The red and Hi-Viz yellow are the most eye-catching patterns, suitable for riders who are fascinated.

The colors black, blue, and orange are prominent. Any dirt bike helmet utilizes a color theme in double color which adjoins the right to the left before clipping into the chin guard. On all sections of the helmet and in the viewfinder (included), the O’Neal mark is blasted.

The 2-series mark is mentioned on top of the helmet. The plain covering figures resisted sun exposure and slicing. Ultimately, the structure of the dirt bike helmet 2 Series is smooth with crisp colors.


  • There are several features of this version of the best-ventilated dirt bike helmet such as:Shell’s made from ABS.
  • Ultra-plush insulated, and removable lining will keep you calm and dry as you walk away sweat.
  • Airflow and ventilation with many air vents.
  • Nose guard rubber.
  • Fully adjustable Visor.
  • Chin brace Double-D unlock.
  • Clear graphics that are robust and multicolored.
  • It is DOT compatible.
  • Its weight is up to 3.08 pounds.
  • Dimension is 16*1*12 inches.
  • There is no respiratory issue.
  • A bag is issued for the helmet.
  • It’s correct for on-road and off-road use.
  • Ultra-comfort inner fabric
  • It can’t protect the head during a harsh accident
  • Noisy Visor

Final Words:

The DOT certified helmet unleashed with the prior needs of a rider. This dirt bike helmet with a visor comes in variant colors and sizes, which will be the rider’s perfect choice.

2- 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Helmet – dirt bike helmet reviews

1Storm helmets offer you a wide range of resources in the world of protection and race apparel because their helmets are vivid and expressive, and you will always love them. Many customers only purchased the helmets for the amazing visuals on the top.

The 1Storm helmets have an extremely lightweight, robust exterior shielding shell. This system consisted of an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shield technology, making sure it is a protective helmet.

The bikers often look for trendy and unique helmets for a dashing look. This 1Storm dual-sport off-road helmet offers clarity as well as quality. 

This off-road helmet offers protection on a first-priority basis. Due to these unleashed features, motorcyclists prefer to buy this helmet within an affordable price range. Not just that, it makes it worth purchasing and saving your money on the excellent capabilities of this helmet. If you really need ultimate comfort, this is the ideal helmet for you.


  • There are several features that a buyer can’t refuse, such as:
  • It has dual-visor facilities. The inside view is the smoked one, while the outside view is the transparent one.
  • A thermodynamic alloy consisting of the shell.
  • While inside the helmet is extensively covered.
  • The helmet has a brilliant finish.
  • The interior is removable and washable and can be cleaned whenever possible.
  • DOT certified product.
  • Its weight is up to 5.09 pounds.
  • Dimension is 16.5*12*10.25 inches.
  • It can be used for off-road purposes.
  • The helmet is a really good inconsistency.
  • The helmet is very lightweight, and when you wear it, you may not have any issues.
  • Your drives would be secure with the tightly molded interior of this helmet.
  • It will blend seamlessly into your head.
  • The helmet also shields you from UV radiation.
  • Noisy Visor
  • Bulky in nature
  • Can’t resist harsh accidental damage

Final Words:

Overall, this helmet is a perfect mixture of style and quality. For better protection, this helmet is a perfect choice. This is the best dirt bike helmets under $300.

3- ILM Adult ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet – best dirt bike helmet reviews

If you are searching for a helmet, mostly on roads, dirt, or mountains, this helmet is the best choice for you. The helmet has few astonishing characteristics at such a low cost.

You will be safe without fearing you will injure yourself badly if you trip. This helmet can provide you with maximum protection.


  • The helmet helps you with endurance.
  • This helmet is intended to give you acceleration in an aerodynamic way.
  • If you like to clean them, you can disconnect the inner pads at any time.
  • The Visor can still be disabled.
  • The helmet is authorized for DOT.
  • If you want sun cover, you can also tilt the Visor down.
  • Its weight is up to 4.5 pounds.
  • Dimension is 15*10.2*11 inches.
  • It can be used for off-road purposes.
  • It has a chin strap that stops you from pushing your helmet. It retains the helmet on the head and also covers the chin.
  • Lightweight product. When you wear it, you can barely notice something on your head.
  • You will feel comfortable inside the helmet.
  • A visor is added to this helmet, which protects against the sun and molecules of dust.
  • The durability is not satisfied by the users.
  • The helmet heats faster while exposed to the sunlight.

Final Words:

Overall, this helmet is quite satisfying in nature due to its durability and comfort. The price range is also very cheap as compared to other helmets with the same specifications. It can be worth buying this product.

4- WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet Shark Red

A compact, robust, smooth alloy cover on the WOW Youth Kids dirt bike helmet exterior. It’s densely coated and cool on the inner side. The helmet has an appealing and elegant UV protective finish for young people.

It is certified by DOT and is acceptable to small, medium, and big in multiple colors. It is available in various sizes. The helmet has a reusable pad that can be quickly washed.


  • M (51-52 CM, 20.1/20.5 inches); DOT Approved.
  • Solid medium weight thermoplastic alloy shell aerodynamic.
  • The interior is densely coated and convenient.
  • Wonderful protective shiny UV finish.
  • Padding that can be cut cleaned.
  • Various size patterns are available.
  • Similar colors are available.
  • Very convenient and encased.
  • Sustainable, not easy to break.
  • The internal pad can be detached and cleaned.
  • The weight is moderate.
  • The chin brace frequently breaks.
  • The screw of the glass or Visor gets loose rapidly.

Final Words:

This helmet comes at an affordable price and has long-lasting features. Due to these effective features, ‘ customers are attracted to this product in large numbers.

5- GLX Unisex-Adult GX23 Dirt Bike Off-Road Motocross ATV Motorcycle Helmet

The GLX helmet is durable safety equipment for boys and girls. It has a lightweight shape and a liner substance around the entire bar, which increases the absorption of effects.

Its exterior cover consists of an aerodynamic shield with an innovative configuration for the cooling system. There is also a spectacularly guarded opening for full vision.

The glass is secured tightly with high-quality steel screws and is flexible to provide a high degree of protection. It is break-resistant. This helmet has an interior microfiber coating that is reusable and washable. The chin strap, the mouthpiece, and an aluminum grid safety screen, the gloves, the glasses, and the cast bag are customizable and convenient.

Having an Innovative Mouth-Guard, Aluminum Mesh Security Screens, rapid-Release Chin Strap and Completely Reusable, water-resistant, and interchangeable Inner Material to provide design, Flexibility, and Safety Balance.


  • EPS liner material for increased impact absorption around the whole chin bar.
  • Lightweight product
  • Aerodynamic shell with an integrated cooling system. 
  • Customizable shatter resistant visor with high-grade steel screws.
  • Rapid-release chin strap.
  • Re-useable inner fabric.
  • One-year warranty assurance.
  • Has a lasting exterior design.
  • It consists of a pleasant and washable microfiber substance in its inner layer.
  • There is a cooling system that permits adequate airflow.
  • Different colors and sizes are available.
  • You don’t have to think about getting it individually with socks, helmet bags, and goggles.
  • There is a one-year GLX standard assurance.
  • The visor screw gets loose often a regular use.
  • The size may vary according to the individual.

Final Words:

This helmet is launched by South California in the year 2002 and is embedded with genuine quality inner fabric. Overall, this helmet is worth buying due to its cool features and the best quality.

6- O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 2SERIES Helmet – Best Ventilated Dirt Bike Helmet

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Type 2SERIES can be a decent choice if you look for an outstanding best dirt bike helmet for glasses.

The helmet is said to assist you with security, comfort, and quality simultaneously. This is a complete helmet in contrast to its masterful construction. Often riders are forced to choose between a superb and a sufficiently protective helmet.

Drivers get both of them with O’Neal 2 Series SLICK Mask. The airflow mechanism is one of the strongest features. This motocross helmet has unique drainage ports that help cool the riders during sweat work.

The interior is ultra-soft so that riders feel relaxed, even on longer trips. The lining should be removed and cleaned so riders should put on a fresh helmet at all times. The frame, the panel, and all other aspects of the helmet are specially made to suit the customer’s needs.


  • O’NEAL manufactures the most comfortable motorcycle gear
  • Weight of the shell (L size): 1450 g (50)
  • Nose Guard Rubber capacitate
  • Chin brace dual-d unlock
  • DOT, ECE 22-05 Compliance Criteria
  • There is no respiratory issue.
  • A bag is included in the helmet.
  • Ultra-comfort.
  • Hard outer shield layer for safety.
  • It can’t be preferred during harsh accidents.

Final Words:

Overall, this helmet is worth buying and can be used in off-road riding also. Due to its productivity and amazing design, customers are well attracted and meet with DOT norms.

7- AHR H-VEN20 DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face MX Helmet – best dirt bike helmets

The AHR Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is our premier option for those on a plan. It incorporates an ABS shell of high quality that customers classify as compact. A high-density buffer layer is also available to protect the effect. The adjustable perspective covers the eyes from the light, pests, and pollution.

Enhanced Compact Abs Shell with a Dense, Completely Vented Eps Lining for high density offers greater safety and comfort. Simple to wipe, refresh your helmet, and cost little in exchange with micro-soap spray, reusable and washable liners. The padding is easy, too. You should buy two at this price and use the second one if you have a rider.

This dirt biking helmet weighs only about three pounds, is pretty light relative to other helmets in the price point. The lightweight concept for professional racing on a budget is great.


  • DOT protection with protective components.
  • EPS lining with airflow system.
  • Provides ample ventilation to ensure a smooth driving experience.
  • Detachable liner for quick washing.
  • Easy detachable for cleaning purposes.
  • DOT certified
  • Budget-friendly
  • Extreme comfort
  • Bulky in nature.
  • The Visor is stuck in the middle of the rotation.

Final Words:

This helmet comes with extra comfort features for a smooth ride. Due to the low budget frame, this helmet is the most popular in the market. 

8- Senhill DOT Motocross Helmet Unisex – safest dirt bike helmet

The newly updated sequence version is Senhill DOT Motocross Helmet. This helmet’s explanation is its extraordinary degree of comfort and safety and its glamorous interior, which many champions and athletes admired and worn.

The helmet’s standard of durability and stability is extraordinary. Thanks to the multidirectional effect safety system, the DOT motocross Helmet Senhill is fitted with MIPS. This complex potential composite shell eliminates rotational aggression that induces an angled brain injury.

It seems luxuriously comfortable against your skin, and sweat and moisture easily wrap even quicker than usual fabrics to keep you dry and comfortable for a longer time.


  • Scale of helmet: L; 57-58 cm / 22.44-22.83in.
  • Compact style. 
  • 950 grams of weight.
  • The DOT protection standard.
  • The new style would make you look so sleek and trendy, reusable, and cleanable padding.
  • The motocross helmet comes with gliders and goggles.
  • Trendy design
  • Worth of price
  • Perfect fit
  • DOT certified product
  • Noisy Visor
  • Not suitable for harsh accident

Final Words:

All in all, we could claim that the Senhill DOT Motocross dirt bike helmet system outstanding safety features that offer maximum safety during off-road travel and is a perfect ventilation system or cool indoor technology that keeps you fresh for a long time without any airflow or sweat issues. This is the best dirt bike helmet for glasses.

9- O’Neal 0817-503 unisex-adult full-face style Sierra II Helmet – coolest dirt bike helmets

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Helmet Off-Road Model is a decent choice if you’re looking for a real dirt bike helmet. The helmet offers simultaneous security, ease, and consistency.

The shell, viewing, and every other aspect of the helmet was specially crafted to suit the customer’s needs. Its interior consists of a multiple-density, washable and antifungal EPS liner. Through its air vents on the top and rear extractor sides, it maintains a sufficient air supply.

The chin has a micrometric lock that makes it simpler to wear and relaxed. The sun visor is eventually fitted with an anti-scratch dual PC and an extractable, fast-changing DVS system.


  • Shell is made from ABS
  • Mass: 1590 G (50 G)
  • Moisture-wicking, convenient air lining for detachable / washing.
  • Head Protector Incorporated
  • Packed double-D security lock chin strap
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Comfort at its best
  • Double security features
  • DOT certified product
  • Helmet is bulky
  • Noisy Visor if used frequently

Final Words:

This helmet is for better safety, style, and comfort. All the three main features are unleashed to trend in the market.

10- GLX Unisex – Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300

The GLX Helmet is secure, lightweight equipment for boys and girls. It has a lightweight shape and a lining in the whole bar that increases the storage of effect.

The exterior cover consists of an aerodynamic covering and an innovative configuration for the cooling system. It also provides a full view with a spectacularly guarded opening.

The Visor is tightly connected to the high-quality steel screws and customizable and resistant to break to ensure high security. This helmet has an interior microfiber component that is reusable and washable. It is also fitted with an easy and flexible chin strap, a mouth guard, a supportive aluminum mesh panel, handles, gloves, and a helmet case.


  • Improved impact penetration in the whole chin strip.
  • An aerodynamic shell with integrated cooling mechanisms.
  • Cosmic field of view in the transparent Visor.
  • The microfiber is fitted with advanced mouth guards, mesh protector displays. 
  • Washable and Interchangeable. 
  • Assurance of a one-year warranty. 
  • Crafted with a lasting exterior lining.
  • The inner layer consists of a pleasant and washable soft microfiber.
  • And without the assistance of an adult, the chin strap quickly unlocks and makes it easier for children to wear a helmet.
  • The ventilation is sufficient to provide a cooling system.
  • Color combinations and sizes are available.
  • You don’t have to bother about buying them individually; they come with socks, helmet bags, and goggles.
  • There is a one-year GLX standard assurance.
  • The Visor can be loose with the screws. Even so, new screws can be provided and replaced.

Final Words:

The helmet has a few impressive characteristics at a low rate. You’ll be safe riding without having to think you’ll hurt yourself terribly if you drop. This helmet can provide you with maximum protection. So, if you dream about paying in a helmet for a bike, consider aiming for it.

11- SanQing Motocross Full Face Off Road Motocross Quad Crash Helmet 

Fortunately, the Flex Energy Storage system is the true trademark of this helmet. The device is a first-of-kind 3-layer impact line that handles energy efficiently in several crash scenarios.

The SanQing is the finest Bell has to give in efficiency, comfort, and industry-leading technology for a helmet with incremental layering, adaptive fit, and a rotating power control system. 

The ODS operates on low, medium, and high-speed impacts on both longitudinal and angular acceleration by a mixture of low-friction discs, separation dampers, and EPP damping towers, eliminating the damage after the collision.


  • Comes with incl—helmet, goggles, caps, and cross-country gloves.
  • Micro metrically balanced strap.
  • Custom paint pattern
  • Sleek aerodynamic style.
  • DOT protection.
  • The fast emergence of soft, easy-to-remove, and washable inner coating.
  • Quality is overall good
  • Attractive design
  • Comfort foam unleashed
  • Proper airflow
  • Not suitable for rough driving
  • Bulky design

Final Words:

Overall, this helmet is convenient, comfortable, and has the most attractive color combination within an affordable price range. For daily use off-road, you can go for this helmet.

12- Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets For Kids

Classic Helmet follows or surpasses the DOT norm FMVSS 218. A superb trendy style with many advanced characteristics. All the things you really need Street Bike, Racing, Cruiser, scooter, etc.

Multi-Density shield, strengthened Chinstrap, Fast Release Buckle. Aerodynamic ABS shell. Completely customizable intake and exhaust ventilation to create a steady, light airflow that leaves the rider relaxed and calm.

Complete padding and lining: fully reusable and washable lining and padding for a clean, new helmet without odor. Bluetooth can be placed in this helmet.


  • Aerodynamic function.
  • The DOT protection standard is enhanced.
  • Trendy design with cool graphics.
  • Washable inner fabric.
  • The overall mass is 2.8 pounds.
  • Dimension is 14.2*10.6*10.6 inches.
  • The combination of goggles with this helmet is stunning.
  • Perfect fit
  • Very much protective
  • Comfort at its best.
  • Size matters in some cases

Final Words:

This helmet comes with extra space for goggles and Bluetooth headphones for better style and comfort. It also has sufficient air vents for the supply of air and has a quick release buckle.

13- Typhoon Youth Kids Off-road Gear Combo Helmet – top dirt bike helmets

For your children and young people, the Typhoon Helmet is a perfect choice. It complies with DOT so that you can be confident of the protection of your children. It is made of high gloss, and a convenient, soft, reusable, and washable lining is offered in the interior.

It is not overly padded, so it is less necessary for children and young people with a wide shell. Three winds allow full airflow, intake, channel, and vent.

Its shell is built specifically for holding the grips in position with side traction plates. It features a 3-point sunscreen and an easy-to-buckle basic chin strap. High quality structured, lined mesh and medium-soft density cheek pads serve to keep the helmet comfortable when handling a range of head types.


  • A thinner shell with an extremely young helmet.
  • Adjustable size for the various head.
  • Fulfills DOT standard. 
  • Removable and easily washable.
  • Comfortable inner fabric.
  • Easy airflow.
  • Soft and spacious interior
  • Facilities for cleaning, storage, and washing
  • Maximizes airflow
  • Carved shell that helps to maintain the goggles
  • Sold in a helmet bag
  • Not too padded, making it a perfect size for children and youth
  • There are a D-ring clamp and bracelet.
  • Not for less than 5-year children.
  • Not made to resist harsh accidents.

Final Words:

The typhoon helmet is also available in various sizes, in small, medium, big, and extra-large patterns, to have a wide variety.

14- ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Solid Full Face Modular Helmet

In the intensely dynamic fiber optic compact helmet class, the EXO-GT3000 pertains to the experts’ opinion. The TCT-Ultra casing, coupled with an especially aerodynamically profile, provides an impressively wide range of titles.

Options such as the Adjustable Air Fit liner inflation method, the Ever-Clear Speed View drop-down sunscreen, and the Ever Clear, No-Fog side shield will be included. 

Most Bluetooth communications devices, like the new BMW, can be readily tailored to the helmet. Simple to use the chin bar and face shield, the opening is simple, and there is a positive lock when closing. The Exo-GT3000 delivers high convenience, protections, and versatility from top to bottom.

The chin guard of this helmet is very strong including the strap of the helmet. Due to the ultra-soft inner fabric, the rider feels relax while on a long ride. The fused graphics mostly attracts buyers in large numbers.


  • The specialized shell construction creates a solid and simple structure model.
  • Ellip-Tec base plate.
  • The pull-down sun-viewer switches places with a quick turn slide.
  • Optically transparent mask with cutting-edge hardness covering and 100% Thermal insulation. 
  • Proper ventilation with air vents.
  • Consists of Cheek pads three dimensional
  • Flip-up Chin bar
  • Proper air ventilation pores
  • Very much protective
  • Anti-fog visor
  • Perfect fit
  • Bulky design
  • Noisy Visor

Final Words:

Overall, this massive helmet is very protective and comes with different size variants. The helmet is also used in off-roads and can resist harsh damages.

15- O’Neal 3SRS Adult Helmet Flat – Best Dirt Bike Helmet

O’Neal 3 Series Helmet is yet another decent choice for a dirt bike helmet. Again, this is an excellent helmet for all the stylish and daring cyclists present on the marketplace at a very fair price.

This helmet has phenomenal characteristics. Not just that, a lot of things make people dream about getting a dirt helmet. Every dirt bike helmet provides a multi-tone color theme which encircles right and left before leveling into the guard. On all sides of the motocross helmet and around the viewfinder, the O’Neal logo is fired. 

The signature is displayed on the top of the helmet. Sun exposure and peeling are not affected by transparent covered figures. The 3 Series dirt bike helmet is extremely sharp in style and has crisp colors.


  • Shell is made of tough polycarbonate.
  • Ultra-plush detachable/washable padded liner ensures that you’re comfortable and dry from sweat.
  • Visor design customizable
  • Ventilation and cooling intake and exhaust systems
  • Complies with safety requirements DOT, ECE 22-05, and AS / NZS
  • Form of the suit: Universal Suit
  • It’s decent enough.
  • The helmet is really light.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • The padding is very easy and durable.
  • The Visor becomes loose after several uses.

Final Words:

The whole-body process is made with extra features and proper care. It is the most affordable helmet in the market as compared to the specifications.

16- 2020 Fox Racing V1 Prix Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmet

This version of the helmet is a unique model in the marketplace with a low price range. The ODS works for medium, median, and high-speed results on both longitudinal and angular acceleration by combining medium-friction discs, insulation dampers, and EPP damping towers to minimize damage during a major crash.

It also has a three-layer impact liner, which increases the different powers’ ability to withstand impact during a collision. The shell is also adaptively fitted.

It incorporates the innovative Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS), which facilitates revolving forces control. In the case of a collision, the viewfinder is supposed to detach from the helmet while remaining protected.


  • The helmet is known as a magnetic viewfinder.
  • A variety of ventilation vents.
  • The ABS shell lightens the helmet.
  • Cheek pads removable.
  • DOT approves it.
  • best dirt bike helmets for kids
  • Proper airflow system.
  • 4 Shell and EPS size for a precise fit.
  • Multi-useable and washable inner fabric.
  • ABS shell construction.
  • Uncomfortable sometimes while wearing.
  • Not fit for some head sizes.

Final Words:

Due to its sturdy and attractive look, this helmet performs well in the market and is the most attractive product. It offers protection as well as a stylish design.

17- O’Neal 5SRS Adult Helmet Wingman – safest dirt bike helmets

This O’Neal helmet is among their finest helmets. It gives you nearly all you want in a helmet. This is infused with comfortable inner fabric.

With high-quality protection, you would expect a luxury helmet to mix efficiency and design in the distinctive colors that you would expect the Wingman helmet. Anything in a high-quality helmet– good ventilation, an emergency pad removal device, easy access, etc. – you would consider is stuffed into the Wingman.

It also has a three-layer impact liner, which increases the ability of the different powers to withstand impact during a collision. The shell is also adaptively fitted.


  • There’s an ABS shell.
  • The weight of the helmet is very lightweight.
  • If you want to repair them, the components are usable.
  • Various air vents.
  • High-quality Visor.
  • Coolmax Liner- Ultra-Plush Padded Liner, detachable/washable, leaves you clean and comfortable while you sweat away.
  • Complies with safety regulations DOT, ECE 22-05, and AS/NZS
  • Including its safety procedures, it gives extra protection.
  • As often as you like, you can strip padding and wash it.
  • Its weight is 4.54 pounds.
  • The overall dimension is 15.8*12.3*11.1 inches.
  • The helmet has a heating effect.
  • Noisy Visor.

Final Words:

It is a budget-friendly best motocross helmet under $200 with extraordinary features. It gives the most priority to the safety of the rider. It is fit for off-road also.

18- LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Subverter Helmet (Gloss White – Large)

You can purchase LS2 Bike and Power sports Helmet if you search for a dirt helmet that protects you both simultaneously and styles.

The EPS inside, energy absorption equipment uses molding, connecting the internal shielding layer of polycarbonate to the comfort lining between the double density EPS.

If you are inexperienced or even a professional, the helmet is suitable for you. The best race helmets you can find on the market have been checked. The model has an outstanding built-in consistency, and if you first buy a riding helmet, this one will work very strongly.


  • Kinetic polymer alloy (KPA) composes the helmet.
  • It has 35 ports that can help you ventilate.
  • The helmet weight is incredibly low.
  • The shell is highly durable and gives better security.
  • You have plenty of space to mount your goggles.
  • This stuck helmet can be found in too many thrilling variations.
  • This helmet can be bought at a very cheap price.
  • This helmet will allow you to breathe easily, unlike other helmets.
  • Your helmet’s weight is really light and you don’t feel pain in your head and neck when carrying this helmet.
  • Proper security system.
  • Size may vary from this helmet.
  • Doesn’t protect from the harsh accident.

Final Words:

You will note that this helmet blends everything you want in a helmet. It is a humidity roller to maintain you dry, and the helmet is airflow ventilated.

19- Fly Racing 2021 Kinetic Helmet – best budget dirt bike helmet

The FLY Original Kinetic helmet provides excellent fit, service excellence, and audacity of the original concept. Indoors and outwards allow it one of the FLY line’s best-known helmets, including that of the FLY signing airflow mechanism and the interchangeable comfort liner.

The inner fabric is enriched with luxury foam for proper protection and comfort. Also, this product is added to the DOT standards.

Its adaptive impact system (AIS) is fine-tuned to enhance effect control through conventional helmets through a high-performance structural architecture environment and energy-reducing materials-like RHEON, a major viscoelastic material. Established in conjunction with the world’s foremost experts in helmet safety.


  • The DOT has been acknowledged.
  • The polymer shell is robust and compact.
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) double-density liner.
  • Custom rubber molding with a built-in nose guard.
  • Comfort liners and pads collect moisture during the breathing process, reusable and washable.
  • The TFV (True Working Ventilation) is enriched.
  • The mouthpiece with the high flow may be replaced.
  • Included light castle pack.
  • Washable fabric material
  • Integrated nose shield
  • Durable polymer shell
  • DOT approved
  • Integrated nose guard
  • The size of the helmet differs.
  • Bulky design

Final Words:

As per the review, this helmet is a long-lasting, durable product. Due to its air vents and safety features, this helmet is in high demand.

20- 509 Tactical Helmet (Storm Chaser) – safest dirt bike helmets

The 509 Tactical Helmet derives from an ability to provide leading industry support. With a lightweight fit, robust outer shell polycarbonate, and innovative innovations such as the neck brace versatility, the very best price moves beyond the necessities. 

A flexible breath box of cold weather and ventilation will conform to the conditions of any climate. And like our top-end helmets, it precisely suits 509 weapons to optimize performance.

In the production chain, success was a primary priority, in contrast to safety rewards. Advanced aerodynamic channels cover the complete helmet contour. The eye port of this helmet is enhanced carefully with proper measures of clear view.


  • Sustainable outer shell polycarbonate.
  • Our new Pro Series Liner and Cheek pads come normal.
  • The default for a breath box in cold weather.
  • Detachable exhaust vent blockers.
  • Meets and achieves the safety requirements of DOT & ECE 2205.
  • Trim a piece of the eyepiece.
  • Great match for 509 goggles.
  • Near shell profile of innovative collar brace.
  • Specially built for America, Custom-fit eps.
  • Extended polyurethane chin specially built insert.
  • Premium liner is reusable, washable.
  • Dual-density, eps that interlock.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Durable in off-road
  • DOT certified product.
  • Safety measures are taken care of.
  • Noisy Visor
  • The screw gets loose after several uses.

Final Words:

This helmet is enriched with a proper airflow mechanism and is covered with a hard outer layer for safety purposes. The special aerodynamic Visor features top retaining support that keeps the viewfinder in place and helps minimize the Visor rotation.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet – Buying Guide

There are several factors to be considered before buying the best budget dirt bike helmet, and that’s exactly why we are here! To help you with the best tips, tricks, and guides that will come in handy to the buyer in selecting which type of helmet he/she should buy.

Just be positive and stay focused, even if you would have to spend a little extra money while buying a helmet to have no loss after purchasing the helmet. Ensure that the requirements match your needs, so the helmet will last longer and be useful in the long run.

So, here’s a list of the details required:

Size of Helmet

The most significant thing you can consider when purchasing a helmet is the size of the helmet.

Do not order stuff that is too large or too little. Try it to compare the contents before you order the helmet. You will have difficulties breathing and driving if you buy one helmet that is too large or too small. That is why you must purchase the helmet. That is your correct representation. 

Except for touring bike or motorcycle helmets, dirt bike helmets are specifically intended to keep the rider comfortable with extended chin safety and more airflow. In case of a dirt bike crash, a correctly fitted helmet will play a significant role.

Shape of head

One rider could snuggly but securely match a perfectly-sized helmet. The truth is that our heads are identical in dimension. Many manufacturers assume this during helmet construction. The key shapes below are to take into account;

Oval circular – longer side by side instead of the back by front.

Long oval – longer side by side, but narrower side by side

Medium oval – the most typical shape of the head. The front to the back is narrower, but the side to the side is longer, but not so long.

A measuring chart for each helmet manufacturer is available. Adapt the proportions to the diagrams to find a helmet that suits you well. Check to make sure it sits firmly with the helmet’s eye-cap right above your eyebrow, resting on your head.

Considering space for Goggles.

Many people wear sunglasses, and many helmets have no position for sunglasses or shades. You will find a helmet that allows you sufficient room to keep your glasses within the helmet. If you ignore this, the head and glasses in the helmet will experience significant problems.


It’s not just to shield you from injuries when you purchase a motorbike helmet. Another benefit of investing in a decent motorcycle helmet is that it maintains you secure while riding, regardless of the conditions.

Be sure to purchase the one that defends your head from the rainwater when you purchase your helmet.

Proper Airflow

Air circulation is the main challenge that you face with a helmet. If you wear a helmet, it is impossible to breathe. You can then purchase a helmet that doesn’t affect your breathing.

Do not spend your money on a new helmet if you have breathing issues. Since the roads and the dirt of such a substance would be tougher for you to breathe, so, please ensure you choose the one you can breathe when ordering it.

Proper Vision

Some helmets are built to maintain you from seeing accurately. The construction of these helmets can be very attractive, but such helmets can create serious road issues.

There are risks that you will be involved in injuries because you can’t see properly. So before you purchase it, you have to carefully inspect the helmet so that you will not face any issues in the future.

Overall Safety

It gives safety to you, the key factor behind purchasing a helmet. Consequently, get one that can have added protection when purchasing a helmet.

Any of the brands justify making helmets that secure you better, and you should consider purchasing them because it is essentially the safety you need. 

If you ignore all of the other criteria, you will end up with a product that will be of no benefit to you. A motorcycle helmet is intended to give you safety, so your primary goal should be to get yourself one that gives you far more security.

It could cost you your life with a little negligence. So, make sure you purchase a good motorbike helmet that gives you everything you’re looking for.

Safety Ratings

DOT – The United States Transportation Ministry establishes a standard minimum degree of helmet security.

ECE22.05 – A minimum quality of safety for helmets in Europe is defined by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Snell (M2015) – A US non-profit established a sports car driver killed by head injury after Pete Snell’s death.

It can be seen if a Snell approved helmet is superior to DOT or ECE than the Snell tight requirements set by the governmental guidelines. The final result is that any Motorsport helmet that sells service that exceeds DOT expectations. We still have ECE-certified helmets and Snell standards produced helmets.

Adjustment of Strap

In the case of injury, a helmet chin strap holds the helmet out of your head. Many skilled riders take care to ensure they strap their helmet properly.

However, some beginners use it as a backdrop or leave the strap to prevent distress. A risky habit is to ride your bike with a loose chin strap.

Here are instructions on how you should tighten and modify your dirt biking helmet to better strap your helmet in order. Place the helmet over the head and tighten around the straps to assure that the helmet fits right on your head.

Turn the correct chin strap and pass it on the left chin strap under the metal rings and bring the strap back.

If the strap is too rigid or looser, change it with a different ring. Circle the strap around the first ring, move the strap with the next ring and then return to the castle’s right. Then tie the strap’s free end to the bottom of the left chin bracket.

Price range

In the components used and the number of attributes, the prices are also expressed. In summary, a costly helmet typically has greater security, convenience, and innovation, but this does not mean that you cannot find a good quality helmet for a fair price.

It is up to the rider’s choice in which he chooses the good quality or cheap model helmet.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How would I get my size helmet?

It may be tough to spend your money on a material that does not suit you correctly. You will quickly verify whether the helmet suits you accurately by using it if you go to a store to buy a helmet.

But the helmet size can be an issue if you get them from some online retailer. There are sizing charts for the item on the websites, and you can conveniently purchase the one that suits your head.

Q. How to wash a dirty helmet?

If the mud is within, the safest way to disinfect a helmet is with a wet towel. With a wet towel, you can accurately clean your helmet. Please do not bring your helmet underwater because it stinks your mask. One more challenge you will encounter is that it will take longer to dry while keeping your helmet submerged.

Q. Where else can I buy it online a decent motocross helmet?

You can purchase your helmet in several online shops. At various styles and rates, you can purchase different goods. Many consumer feedbacks will help you shop for this product as well.

Q. If it doesn’t suit me right, may I swap the helmet?

It’s something that depended entirely on the vendor. Many sellers swap the goods if the size is not there, but not every seller can trade the goods again.

Q. How often does the helmet need to be delivered?

The delivery action is completely depending on the seller and the courier company. In less than a week, several sellers offer their goods, but many sellers need more than a week to supply their goods to you.


For a motorcyclist, a decent helmet is really necessary. You should find a decent motocross helmet for yourself if you follow all the hints and consider them. A dirt bike helmet essentially decides the result of an accident. They will shield the head of your infant or youth from injury or inflict significant injuries without it.

Have your child’s and young people’s right helmet, make sure they see the colors even though the light is low, and tighten the helmet appropriately before leaving for the road to enjoy riding your dirt bikes.

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