Best Dirt Bike Tires For Hard Terrain

10 Best Dirt Bike Tire for Hard Terrain – Unbiased Reviews

There are so many of us who still have the craze for bikes, and it is worth especially when you ride a dirt bike. Now be that strong exhaust powerful system or the top-notch quality of tires, it is always better to choose your dirt bike wisely.

If you have been looking for the Best Dirt Bike Tire For Hard Terrain that can be best to be used for hard terrains, then you first need to understand exactly which kind of dirt bike is best for the hard terrain and what kind of tires are needed for the same.

Because in the end, if your dirt bike has got a perfect tire, then it can run quite fast and would be resistant against the punctures. It stays light in weight and doesn’t need much maintenance as well.

Know more about the Best Dirt Bike Tire For Hard Terrain

The only difference in hard terrain dirt bike with that of rest other bikes is the tire that is being used. Well, the tire of such a dirt bike is a quite soft knobby compound in nature. It offers a better grip on the slippery surface. Such tires are also well designed in a way that once they get in contact with the stiff side, it can easily withstand the hard endure impacts of riding.

Now when we think about what should be the important party of dirt bike, the engine probably will come in our mind first. But it is the bike tires that play an important role. If your dirt bike has a lousy wheel, then it can disrupt the whole dirt track fun no matter how efficient the engine you have.

Best Dirt Bike Tires For Hard Terrain

List of best Dirt bike tires for hard terrain

Whether you are an experienced rider or a newbie, it is important to focus on choosing a quality intermediate dirt bike tires. To help you out make a critical decision on the tire choice, listed are some of the top-notch ones.

These are some of the best ones that are qualified and which have pros and cons highlighted. This list is created to save your time on picking out the bike tire that shall match your requirement.

1. Bridgestone motocross dirt bike tire – best dirt bike tires for rocky terrain

The trending product on the list is the Bridgestone motocross dirt bike. Bridgestone is a leading manufacturer whose name is quite popular in the market. It is known for the top-notch quality tires and has always been ahead in gaining great customer feedback.

If you check the volumes of positive reviews that customers have given on their product, you may not believe your eyesight at first. But that does not deny the fact that the company offers value for money tires. With less maintenance and great functioning, Bridgestone tires are one of its kind.

To start with, the design of the tread pattern gives a better racing experience. You will also notice your driving performance being much better than before. It offers a good slide control when you ride even on the firm base soil. The pattern of the tread is designed and approved only after it has been tested, which is why many professionals prefer to go with this option only.

The best front tire dirt bike set is designed to perform well even during the harsh weather conditions, which often rider have to face. This is the main reason why; it has been ranked on the top, especially for the functioning of better traction and grip, which is a preference for every rider.

If the price is your concern, then do not worry because it is available at the handy value. Besides, the tires are puncture-resistant, which makes them best to be used for hard terrains. It is also good for smooth tailing, and it reduces the risk of skid when you ride, especially in the rainy seasons or when it snows.

  • Durable
  • Excellent grip
  • Affordable
  • The casing profile is unique.
  • It is known for its hard blue grooved terrain.
  • Reliable
  • Overpriced

Final words

Bridgestone motocross dirt bike has been designed to enhance the performance of the rider. With great quality at affordable pricing, there is no denying to the fact that buying such a tire will not disappoint the rider in any way rather would give him a great riding experience.

2. Michelin Starcross Dirt Bike Tire – hard terrain dirt bike tires

Michelin Starcross Dirt Bike Tire has been a taught competition for a long time to Bridgestone motocross dirt bike. This high energy tire is known to be used for racing. With less maintenance and great features, the quality of the tires has been quite good.

The tires sets are designed to be best used for intermediate terrain. Besides, you don’t have to make any change son a frequent basis, especially if you have often been riding on different grounds. It has been quite different to withstand the hard tracks, and you can rest assured that, be it the street roots or the tocks, there is less risk of the bike to skid or come across any accident.

If money is your concern, then be rest assured because it cost nearly 1000 dollars and is worth your single penny. You don’t have to keep maintaining it. The tread patterns are based on the MH3 and Starcross MS3 tires complete size.

The knob pattern is designed for the hard tracks, while the treadwear indicatory is also visible. This means, if you see “M” disappearing it means, you need to reverse it on the rim. Other than this, there is also an asymmetrical knob that offers traction, which is equivalent to both sides.

Known for outstanding durability, such tires have side knobs. It has all season compound this means, no matter in what kind of aggressive weather you intend to ride a bike, the risk of damages and injuries are nil.

Besides, these best dirt bike tires for trails offer easy handling, which is why your performance will never be compromised. They ensure aggressive cornering. Besides, it is reversible, which is why you can use it for quite a long time.

  • Reliable
  • Best for intermediate terrain
  • Durable
  • Excellent grips
  • Not meant for soft terrain.
  • Quite expensive

Final words

This Michelin Starcross Dirt Bike Tire offers the top-notch racing technology that gives a great performance with a competitive edge. It comes in full-size knob patterns. This gives the racers better choices to take care of the dirt bike on any track surface. They are reliable, and the quality material from which it is made is durable.

3. Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Tire – best dirt bike tires for rocky terrain

Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Tire so far has proved to be a surprising element in a dirt bike. It has been designed for hard terrain, and all its features are just impeccable. This tire has a compound mean for hard-pack terrain and is worth your investment.

Besides, it is designed for the traction of the blue groove, which is why you will not be disappointed in using it. Further, the design of the tire has a pattern of Cross-patch tread. It offers a large contact patch for ensuring the concerning traction and in-line traction are enhanced.

The technology of the tread pattern is multi knob-based. It makes sure the large footprint is followed. The knots are dimpled, which is why there are bite edges that can be noted for good traction. The ply is of rigid 4 carcasses that offer strength and impact absorption solutions.

With better durability and aggressive to withstand in all weather, this tire has been a choice of many professionals. The performance of the tire is extremely nice, and its light in weight makes your riding better to have control.

This best intermediate dirt bike tire is made from the premium quality of heavy-duty rubber material. It is built to last and offer efficient service to your dirt bike. Whether the trails are rocky or deserted hard ones, you don’t have to think twice while riding if you have these impeccable tires on the bike.

Sedona being the leading manufactured in the market today, you will not repent investing in Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Tire.The tread pattern is reversible while the knob design is symmetrical; that is why there is a possibility of equal traction on both sides.

  • Reliable
  • Best for intermediate terrain
  • Durable
  • Overpriced

Final words

Since the design of the Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Tire has 4 play carcass, it gives the tire a better-planted feel. That is why, for the hard terrain, professional riders can always use it. Besides, the knobs on the side give a good gripping even in the extreme angles that reduce the risk of a skid.

4. MOTOZ Tractionator Desert HT 110/100 – best dirt bike tires

This is an 18 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire, which is meant for hard terrain. It is made of top-notch quality of the rubber that includes the material with 90% hardness and dryness while resting 10% of wetness and softness. It is indeed one of the trending tires in the market today that is designed for intermediate surfaces as well.

Considering different weather conditions, a rider can ride the dirt bike with such tires with no chances of damages or accidents. It is puncture resistant and extremely light in weight, which makes it further in demand. Talking more about the design, along with handling the hard terrain, it is best to be used during gravel road riding, hard pack desert, and even the trails that are rocky or the variation of the sandy path.

 The tread design is unique. This means you can handle off the camber section, hard brakes, and even the ruts with an extreme lean angle. It has been made for the toughness, and its endurance has already been 100% proved due to the use of natural rubber compound that promises a long journey milage.

So far, this has been the best tire that experts have recommended. The pavement has iron on it, which easily gets nearly 5000 miles from the rear. The tires can even paddle around the sand, and ensure of the terrain is rocky, it will not result in any way bike fallout.

Besides, the sidewall is quite soft as compared to the rest, which is why while using it for riding, you will not have any problem. On a bike, this tire only weight280lbs, which makes it more popular.

  • Good grip in rock or sand
  • Light in weight
  • Soft sidewall
  • Wear just like iron
  • You may notice a humming noise.
  • As compared to the rear one, the front tire is not that great.

Final words

If you use it with the lube tech tubeless system, there should not be a problem for you. Most of the professionals who often ride on the intermediate hard terrain prefer this type of tire. These tires are perfect, especially if you prefer riding it on mountains like Sierra peaks.

5. Protrax Pt1170 Offroad Tire – best dirt bike tire for woods riding

Another quality tire that has been designed for intermediate and hard terrain is the Protrax Pt1170 Offroad Tire. It measures 110/90-19inches and is light in weight. This rear tire is amazing of all because of the great functionality and impeccable quality that it offers. So far, other than the listed options, this tire has also been in demand in the market. You may find it a little pricey, but it is worth your investment.

Moving forward, if we focus on its design, well, the huge center knob pattern is best to offer the straight-line stability. It will not compromise with the cornering ability because of this. Besides, the shoulder knobs offer better confidence at the corner, which is why most of the experts prefer using it during harsh weather conditions and hard rocky terrains.

The knob has been designed with some spacing that offers a self-cleaning solution. This means the sand and mud do not get stuck up anywhere at all. Besides, it is best for soft terrains as well, so you don’t have to race it often. There is no risk of the turnoff knobs or puncture issues at all.

If durability with better traction is what you have been looking for, then Protrax Pt1170 Off-road Tire is the right choice to go with. It is puncture resistant and gives a planted feel. Due to which you can ride your dirt bike in extreme conditions that too confidently.

Overall, it is a great bike, and the way it performs on the road, you will know the difference on your own. Whether it is the risk of damages or injuries that you are worried about, if these tires are concerned, there will not be any dangers.

  • Puncture resistant
  • Good traction
  • No turnoff knobs
  • Durable and great performance
  • Light in weight
  • Overpriced

Final words

Whether you intend to ride a bike on rock, mud, or sand, this is the best option to consider. It holds up great, and traction is amazing too, which is why if you want to cover long mileage, this tire will not disappoint you at all.

6. Dunlop Geomax MX11 Sand/Mud Rear Tire – Best Dunlop Bike Tires

This is one popular best dirt bike tire for woods riding that has gained a lot of popularity these days. It has proved to be a tough competition to other brands because of its efficient functioning. This dirt bike tire is meant for intermediate and hard terrain areas.

This means the risk of skid and balance loss is very less if you have these tires installed on your bike. You can use it for racing or riding in the desert. Like Bridgestone, this tire is also top-rated and has been the choice of many customers.

With better ratings overall, this tire is said to be a plus point for many riders. Besides, in terms of durability as well, it is said to be on the top as compared to Bridgestone. However, it is a little dependent on the right air pressure when it comes to be using it for a long time. With the high pressure, you can ride with not much hassle.

However, if you expect the traction to apply at a better rate, then it may get compromised to a certain extent. With good pressure, you may get less traction, but the drift will be more that shall give you a good riding experience. The only problem is this tore is not that easily available in the market as the Bridgestone is.

That is why, if you see the market rate, Bridgestone is heading. In terms of design, it is unique and ensures the stiffness gets blocked. This way, the longevity is assured while you get better strength to ride the bike for a long time.

The shape is in crescent curving with the tread block so that traction will be in a straight line while stability for the brake is nowhere compromised.

  • Best for sand and mud
  • Increased traction
  • Excellent feel
  • Smoother handling
  • Overpriced
  • Not easily available in the market

Final words

The best part about such a dirt bike tire is you can buy it one time with less maintenance. It has self-cleaning properties, which are why the chances of damages or any kind of risk are quite low.

7. Sedona MX907HP Hard Pack Rear Tire – hard terrain dirt bike tires

For any hard terrain and desert sand or rocky trails, your riding experience on a dirt bike can be smooth if you have this tire. The compounds of this tire include all those elements that make your riding at hard terrain a smoother one.

This rear tire is one of its kind and is meant for the blue groove traction. It has a design which is cross patched one. Due to this, there is a large contact patch that enhances the traction at the same time in line traction.

With reliability and quality designed knob, you can rest assured that your journey will not get affected at all. Although the price of this tire is a little high, there is no doubt about the fact that it requires extremely less maintenance. Thanks to the technology of a multi-knob tread pattern, the tire leaves a huge footprint, which is completely worth it. The knobs are dimpled.

That is why you can see additional bite edges for better traction. Along with the design, even the use of the material is not compromised at all. We can see that by the super-hard rubber which is used. That is why no matter what kind of plan you make for the next travel, this will not disappoint you.

Moving further, its actions are impeccable. This means, with good stopping power, no matter whether it is the gravel forest or the service road, this tire will not let you go off balance. It is a 4-ply tire, which is why it is notable and heavy too.

The speed of the wheel will reduce even if the weight is less on the bike. That is why on the challenging track, you must watch out for the extra pounds. The knob has been designed with some spacing that offers a self-cleaning solution.

  • Puncture resistant
  • Best for sand and mud
  • Excellent feel
  • Good traction
  • Overpriced

Final words

Considering different weather conditions, a rider can ride the dirt bike with such tires with no chances of damages or accidents. It is best to be used during gravel road riding, hard pack desert, and even the fire trails that are rocky or the variation of the sandy path.

8. Shinko 520 Series Hard Terrain Rear Tire – best intermediate dirt bike tire

Shinko is a well-known company that has been manufacturing different quality tires for quite a long time. This company has recently come up with an incredible dirt bike tire that is designed for hard terrain and intermediate terrain as well.

The rubber quality is durable and extremely tough, which is why, if you have a closer look, you will understand that it can work the best on any kind of rocky terrain, desert sand, or rough path and cover the long distance. Being light in weight with less maintenance, no doubt that this is one of the efficient options you can choose for your dirt bike.

Talking about the design. Well, its high carbon compound is the main reason why it is one of the trending options in the market today. Besides, the treat pattern works fine in a wide range of soil conditions.

Thanks to the knobs that are reinforced with quality, the risk of chunking and tearing are almost zero. This front treat pattern works best in different conditions of the soil now be that from soft, intermediate to hard terrain. The best part about the tread pattern is its design. It is made in such a way that you can enjoy a good racing experience.

This tire also enhances driver performance. It gives better control over the sliding, especially when you are riding on the firm base soil. The tread pattern is said to be the race-proven option which makes it perfect for the professional riding.#

Besides, the tires are all built to withstand different conditions that rider often can come across when he or she rides a motocross. It is not just a reliable but also a durable option one can think of.

  • Good grip
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Overpriced
  • Not much great traction over other products

Final words

Overall, these are the superior quality of the tires makes it worth using for a long span. The rear tires are ranked on the top for the good grip and better traction, which any rider usually requires.

9. Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Tire – Rear – Best Dirt Bike Tire

Sedona has been in the news due to its front and rear dirt bike tires, which are simply impeccable. This is another Hard Terrain Tire which is available at great pricing. It is designed for the blue groove traction and is extremely light in weight.

This tire comes with the cross-patch design, which ensures that whether you ride it during cornering traction or the in-line traction, you get the results in the right manner. Price should not be your concern because it is available at a great deal.

If you always had preferred to opt for the tire which can work best in all weather conditions under the harsh circumstances, then this is the right option. No matter whether you ride it in the soft soil or the desert sand or rock terrains, you will have a great adventure while riding it.

This tire is designed with the latest technology of multi tread pattern, which makes sure the large footprint is easily visible. Thanks to its sipped knobs, the bite edges are quite more, and the traction is ultimate too. With good durability and enhanced reliably, this quality tire is surely worth your time and money.

With less maintenance and great features, the quality of the tires has been quite good. It is indeed one of the trending tires in the market today that is designed for intermediate surfaces as well. The tread design is unique.

It has been made for the toughness, and its endurance has already been 100%. Keep in mind that it has a 4-ply carcass, which means for better stability, it is a bliss. It also is impact resistant which means, the risk of damages also reduces to a great extent.

  • Puncture resistant
  • Durable
  • Increased traction
  • Smoother handling
  • Great performance
  • Overpriced

Final words

If you want to focus on the better riding experience, then this dirt bike tire is perfect for you. With good traction and less maintenance, it is worth every ride. It gives you better control during riding even when its u harsh condition.

10. MMG Knobby – Off-road Dirt Bike Rear Tire

You can also consider this option for your best dirt bike tire for woods riding, which is extremely reliable and of superior quality. Made from the lasting quality of hard rubber, this tire is best to be used for any weather condition under any kind of road condition.

Now be that the smooth terrain or the hard one. It has been made from the compound of all-season, which is why the chances of any injuries or damages are extremely less. Besides, a better grip and good control while handling the tire are possible only with MMG Knobby dirt tire.

With so many different brands of tires that are now available in the market today, you, of course, will get confused. That is why we have only listed the best options, and for Intermediate Hard Terrain, the MMG Knobby dirt tire is one of its kind. The design of this tire is made from the knobby open threat, which can do the self-cleaning even in the muddy condition.

Besides, there are 2 sidewall plies which make sure the risk of skid reduces to a good expect. This is a tube tire and puncture-resistant too. That is why, if you are considering an investment in such an option, then surely you will not be disappointed at all.

The creator has made the set of tires with some efficient features. This includes smooth acceleration during quick braking. This way, it gives you a pause in a better manner than the rest.

Besides, the design of the tread is also in such a way that steering gets enhanced at the same time, and the bike stays in control. No matter what kind of angle you see, the traction always remains the best.

  • Reliable
  • Effective on a wide range of terrains
  • Great design of the tread design
  • Durable
  • Limited reviews
  • Pricey

Final Words

The material which is used for making this tire is of top-notch quality. MMG Knobby has made sure that every single material which is used for creating the tire is only the best and nothing less than that.

Best Dirt Bike Tires For Hard Terrain

Best Dirt Bike Tires – Buyer’s Guide

There is no doubt that you must have some efficient options in your hand when it comes to making the right choice. But what matters the most is the factors that are needed for shortlisting.

That is why given below are some of the crucial factors that you cannot afford to compromise with when looking for the dirt bike tire meant for hard and intermediate terrain. The more you research will always give you better options to make a choice.

  • Traction

Another important factor that you must not ignore is excellent traction. The brands like Dunlop and Bridgestone offer the best traction while riding the bike, no matter in which terrain. They also have certain tread lines that release the soil and sand. This way, the tire doesn’t get dirty; besides, it follows the self-cleaning option.

The tires offer traction on the edges, which allows the maneuver corners in a better manner. But while focusing on the quality traction, you have to also focus on the tread knobs as there are some of the brands whose defect has already been reported by the customer for the loose tread knobs.

  • Weight

If you want to use your dirt bike for racing, then always focus on the lightweight tires. They are the best choice if you want to cover the long-distance on the road. However, these are the best choice if the riad you shall be covering is free from any kind of debris and is smooth too.

If you want to get the protection against the tire puncture, then weight plays an important role. Also, focus if the rolling resistance triangle is available or not.

  • Casing

If you are planning to buy such an option for the hard terrain tires for the first time, then you must also focus on the casing. This is made of woven cloth, which is around the beads. It creates the tire’s primary body. There are also tires made from other materials such as silk, nylon fabric, and cotton.

For a quality ride, you must look for the option that comes with casing since the treads per value will matter. Tires that come with thicker treads and lower rolling are resistant to the puncture, while others can get affected by the puncture.

  • Grip

While looking out for the quality bike tires, you don’t have to compromise much with the rolling resistance or wear and tear. A compound that is soft as comported to the tire shall tear down fast, but no doubt, you get a good grip from it.

There is also a hard tire that offers a better group, but it is more known for correcting the balance no matter how harsh the weather is. The hardness of the tire is a measurement that means if the number is more, it means the tire is hard.

Suppose if there is a 60a compound, then it shall be resident, but if it is a 42a compound, it shall be quite smooth. Not only this, but you also get a good braking deal and some corning traction. But you may have to replace them twice in the year for a different season.

  • Durability

The reason why you must focus on the quality of the dirt bike tire is that you are paying quite a good penny for the same. Besties, you shall be riding the dirt bike on different terrains, which, of course, can be risky.

But to make it adventures, it is important to choose the right quality options that would help you maintain the balance. Withs o many brands that offer the best durability, it is always better to choose the pone that is reliable and can give a good performance as well.

  • Price

Of all other things, price plays an important role. If you are paying a high price, you must pay extra attention to whether it can last longer or not. You must spend ample time understanding which tire is worth your money and investment.

In the end, you need to use it for rigorous riding and racing often. That is why always choose the tire, which is faster as camped to the one you anticipated. It makes no sense to buy the tire and keep changing it because more than a single investment, you shall be making multiple investments in that case.

  • Sidewall

You can find the application of the rubber in the case side, which is between the bead and the tread that crated a sidewall. Every tire will usually come with the compound of the rubber. Its thickness may vary depending on the reason for which you shall be used. If you go for the sub-tread, then it may protect the bike against any kind of puncture.

The best way to recognize the money-saving deal is by looking for the one which has a special fabric strips layer that is located below the treat. Otherwise, just below the other row of the rubber is also an ideal option.

  • Tread

It is one of the most important factors that you should never miss out. Treads are usually sturdy, and if you compare them with the sidewall, they are durable too. Usually, the tread with a three-dimension pattern is considered to be important.

There are so many debates on the tread pattern, just like any other bike accessory that you can possess. For the tread pattern to be effective, a quality mechanic adhesion is important.

Many times, it has also been noised that the compounds are not shared easily. Soft compounds offer good traction while the one with hard compounds will result in more abuse and may not have that efficient grip expected.

For this, it is always better to speak with the manufacturers who can guide you well on the same. They usually will present you with the multi-compound tires that can be an effective compromise of the mentioned possibilities.

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frequently asked questions

What does the DOT approved tires for bike mean?

DOT is the abbreviation of the Department of Transport. If the tires are DOT approves, it means they can be ridden on the street that too legally. You can use it in public areas. But such type of tires comes with a minimal knobby design.

It can still have the ability for significant traction. The off-road tire wears fast during the pavement, which is why it may not sound that safe. It is always better that you confirm the tires and see if they are DOT approved before using them for regular communication.

What are Hybrid tires?

Such types of tires are known to have unique designs and serve many purposes. There is a rounded crown on such tires and have ample treads, which are why you can get better traction too. These kinds of tires are suitable for different trails. It does no matter what kind of terrain you have chosen for the day, using hybrid tires is of no risk at all.

With features like low maintenance, reliable and self-cleaning, such tires are best to be used for your new riding skills and see how good you get the control on the bike irrespective of weather conditions.

Are there certain numbers on the Bike Tire?

Yes, you may find certain numbers cluster which is located on the sidewall of the bike tire. Suppose if the tire has got a number such as M 800 70/100-31 40P 1912” that is mentioned along the side all.

This means M 800 is the number of the model, while 50P is the speed rating with the laud, and 70/100-31 is the size of the tire. The year number is 1912, which is the manufacturing date of the tire that was in the 19th week of 2012.

Should you be replacing the tires of the dirt bike often?

Well, the best intermediate dirt bike tire can last for a long span. It can even be for 10 years of 4 years from the date of manufacturing. It also depends on the times you have used and the area where you have been using.

It is always wise to look for the worn-out signs or the damages if there are any that must have resulted in the knob to go missing, vibration, cracks, and excess noise on the road. You must always compare the dirt bikes before jumping to the conclusion.

What are the best areas to buy dirt bike tires?

You can purchase the dirt bike tires from any store where you think are dirt bikes as well sold. But yes, for the quality one, it is important to review the sites if you are purchasing online. You can also find some options of the e-motor stores that offer similar kinds of products.

Such stores are popular since they allow you to make the order and even buy the tire as per your comfort. Besides, with such an online option, you get delivery at home. If you want to pick it up from the store, you can do that as well.

What is hard terrain, and how to identify one?

There are so many times that you shall come across the best front tire dirt bike, but most of them are designed for the hard ground. The dirt bike tires are almost designed for the intermediate and hard ground or sometimes for the dry ground. It is made from the soft material, and the knobs that play an important role are called tread blocks that offer a good grip.

If you prefer riding off-road, then you can always look for the hard terrain. It is stiff and made of a durable compound which tough too. This way, you will be able to enjoy the ride on different jiggered tracks that any adventurous terrain rider would want to try.

Which tread type of worth investment?

There are so many different tread types that you will get confused while making a choice. But it is wise to make an investment which can serve your need. But if you don’t know the reasons why you will be riding the bike, then the inverted treads can be an ideal option to choose from.

They may not be perfect in all the areas, but if you prefer casual riding or in different terrains often, then these are the right tires to go for. Besides, price should not be the concern. They are available at great quality with good pricing.

What are Paddle tires?

If your next destination for riding in sand dunes, then you can consider the paddle tires option. It is best for desert or sand riding. Such tires are designed to ride in an aggressive way—the way the rider gets propelled forward past the heavy sand.

Besties has a unique design. It is made with the rubber scoops that are quite large and can always give a better traction deal when you ride on the sand. It gives you a better hold of your bike at the same time, being light in weight, your riding is not compromised anywhere at all.


If you have finally made up your mind and you are all set to buy the quality intermediate dirt bike tires for your dirt bike, then surely the above guidance can be of great help to you. Dirt bike is all about fun and adventures, and there will not be either of it if you don’t have a good tire.

In case you tend to ride more in the hard terrain, then you must look for the tires that can accordingly fulfill your needs. Whether it is the Bridgestone that won your heart or Protax, do not make a harsh decision unless you are ready.

Usually, such a bike is the best option to explore the hard tertian in the challenging weather condition. That is why every part and accessory of the bike should not be compromised at all.

And when it comes to tire, there is no difference. Look for the tore that has the tread pattern, which promises good performance with ultimate pricing experience and better control on the slide. The manufacturers use the tread pattern only when they are race proved. That is why most professionals opt for such choices but only after careful consideration. Happy Riding!

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