10 Best Motocross Helmet Under 200 [ Reviews ]

Motocross and dirt bike lovers probably understand the value of using helmets, especially when they are planning to cover a long journey or start with racing. That is why some brands are trending in the market since the helmet is designed considering the need for such experts.

If you are planning to buy one buy budget is the restriction then certainly this is the right place where you have landed up. But you need to understand that a money-saving deal should not be your only primary concern.

There are many other things to cover while choosing the best motocross helmet for the money. This includes safety features and quality. Since motorcyclist needs many gears for protecting different body parts, but when it comes to sensitive body protection that is head, what should never compromise the helmet quality.

Listed are some of the best motorcycle helmets that you can shortlist whose prices are below 200. The best part is it comes with great safety and security features. There is also a unique airflow system designed beside the giant visor that offers comfort during long-distance travel too.

To buy a helmet from a store should not be a trouble as long as you know what exactly should be considered. That is why this post takes you on an amazing journey of shortlisting the top-notch motocross helmet, which of course will give you the best safety.

Best Motocross Helmet Under 200

If you all are not sure about the purpose of the dirt bike helmets well, it has been designed for the dirt and off roads. That is why they are also called the MX helmet. There are some safety components and standards which a helmet needs to have.

That is why given below are the best of the helmets whose review is done considering the demand of the same in the market today.

Top 10 Best Motocross Helmet Under 200

1- Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet – best motorcycle helmet under 200

Bell is a known brand in the market today and certainly, it has gained its popularity because of the quality helmet which it has been providing to the customers since it has been in the market say from 1954. Talking about Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet, well it’s one of its kinds that has been designed with IPS technology.

There is no doubt that such a high standard set helmet comes with the best of quality which is why people even buy it. If the price is your concern then is rest assured because it cost less than $200. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, the price can vary as per the graphics that you have chosen.

If you go for the top-quality graphics still dirt bike helmets will cost not more than $200. It does not matter what kind of graphic you choose; the safety features of this helmet are the best in it. It can surely make your investment worth it. This helmet is DOT certified and comes with incredible features that offer better safety for the rider.

One of the primary features is the multi-directional impact protection system. It turns out to be a yellow shell that is made under the padding. The focus of such a system is to help the forces that are rotational during the impact, and thus you get the best protection too.


  • Thanks to its material which is light in weight. The reason is it is made from ABS shell that offers better comfort
  • The material is quite comfortable can fit firmly to your head.
  • There is a lining as well which you can wash and even removes and wears for better hygiene and comfort.
  • It has a ventilation system which can give you a better flow of air for a long time, so you don’t feel suffocated.
  • The helmet comes with a MIPS design
  • Maximum cooling for your head
  • Lightweight
  • Five-year warranty
  • MIPS ensure durability
  • No color choosing option

Final verdict:

Overall, this is one quality and best motocross helmet for the money you can consider buying if safety is your primary concern. It is made with three shells that are designed from polycarbonate.

2- O’Neal 3 Series Off-Road Helmet – best modular helmet under $200

The Brand O’Neal surely is a favorite amongst many riders. It has been in the market of helmet manufacturing for more than 50 years. This helmet only caters to the most quality-based protection gear which of course you shall not find elsewhere.

This series of the helmet can be the greatest addition in the list which you can consider for buying within the price range of $200. Besides, the best part is quality is not where compromised too. This helmet is available between the price ranges of $110-$150 depending on the graphics that you choose.

Along with the reasonable price comes better safety, measures too. This best-ventilated dirt bike helmet has managed to meet the NZS, DOT, ECE and AS standards which of course is quite a powerful trip when it comes to protective standards.

This helmet has the whole construction that comes with better safety gears for those riders who shall be wearing it. Moving further, the construction of the helmet is made from ABS material and polycarbonate.

This is quite light in weight and is sturdy too. If the lining is to be considered, well it comes with a good padding measure that has strong impact resistance. It also makes sure the head stays in the place while you stay cool.


  • There is a Coolmax liner plush option which makes sure the head stays comfortable in the long run
  • There are also liners which you can remove and even wash. This ensures your helmet can be used each time without any pungent smell
  • There are different air vents on the helmet that can help you draw the heat out from the head
  • This helmet comes with a visor that you can adjust as per your needs irrespective of the fact that the sun is high or the wind blows off quite hard.
  • The clear coating
  • Washable padded liner
  • Durable Polycarbonate
  • Ventilation and cooling
  • Not much of the colors to choose

Final verdict:

This is one incredible best motocross helmet for the money other than the 2 and 5 series which O’Neal has introduced in the market. It can fulfill your different requirements while ensuring the durability remains intact as always.

3- O’Neal 0200-S14 Helmet – Best Motorcycle Helmets

O’Neal 0200-S14 Helmet is another trending dirt bike helmet that you can consider. This is one unisex helmet which of course will fit your budget. Do not worry about quality since the brand has earned its name primarily because of quality. It is not just the features but also the stylish look that shall grab your attention.

Besides, it has easy functioning and less maintenance which is why there are so many happy buyers using it to date. This is one compact size helmet that comes with a multi-color graphics design that looks stylish of course when you ride and has the design which you can carry in any of your rider attire.

Moving further, this best-ventilated dirt bike helmet is made of the ABS shell construction. This means it is a better and stronger option that you can buy. Durability will be at its best to enjoy. But the inside structure is so soft that you will not feel discomfort while riding at all.

For a comfortable trip or during motocross racing, O’Neal 0200-S14 Helmet is the best option you can choose. The inside structure also offers a better airflow system. This means the helmet gives you better pleasure to travel at your ease. It is less than 3.19 pounds, but you can rest assured that discomfort will not occur to you at any point.


  • It is made from the ABS shell construction and Polycarbonate material which promises better usability
  • Thanks to the washable padded Coolmax system, there is a removable ultra-plush solution that offers better comfort.
  • There are many air vents solution that can keep you dry and cool for a long time
  • There is an adjustable visor design while meeting safety standards certifications which offers better results
  • Durable shell construction
  • Graphical design is stylish
  • Unisex helmet
  • Two nice colors available
  • Single size in the model

Final verdict:

Overall, best dirt bike helmets under $300 are the finest option that you can choose since it gives better safety features. No matter what terrain you plan to buy this helmet, it can always give great functioning. You can even make this helmet a choice for your street touring.

4- O’Neal 0817-513 Unisex Helmet – best motocross helmet

O’Neal is trending in the market because of the best motocross helmet for the money which it has been providing to its valued customers. Since we have already covered the best of 2 and 5 series, the O’Neal 0817-513 Unisex Helmet is another option that you can consider.

O’Neal has been creating different cycle and motorcycle gear, apparel, and parts that surely can fit the comfort and match the quality as well. If you are looking for better protection, security, and even quality then do not worry, O’Neal 0817-513 Unisex Helmet is worth, and you know the best is the price. It costs under $200, which makes it one of the best options that you can choose.

O’Neal 0817-513 Unisex Helmet is loaded with the finest collection of safety features that are quite rare to find in other brands. If you consider the option of safety, well it manages to meet the standards like DOT and ECE 22.05.

If you focus more on the quality well, it is made of top-notch quality ABS material. Besides, it is moisture-resistant, and the comfort liner is removable too. There are vent holes that you can use for the best ventilation solution. The face shield is quite integrated and that is the main reason, in the market, you will not find any of such other brands at all.


  • There is a helmet shield that you can adjust as per your comfort which of course makes your long journey even better and comfortable
  • There are Vent holes for optimal ventilation so that you can have fresh air to breathe and that too without any sweat
  • This bike is made for the enduring, street, and even for an adventure bike, which makes it a multi-task for sure.
  • It has been designed to meet the DOT, ECE 22-05 safety standards without any problem.
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Solid protection
  • Integrated
  • Clear visor
  • No holes for Bluetooth speakers

Final verdict:

If you want to buy a helmet that can fit fine in your budget, well then this is the best choice you can consider. Overall be it the design, color, or the safety features this helmet has undergone fine testing and surely manages to meet the expectations too.

5- Troy Lee Offroad Motocross SE4 Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmet For Glasses

If you have been looking for dirt bike helmets of medium size, then you must try out troy Lee. This is one amazing brand that has been manufacturing a wide range of helmets to make a choice. This brand has come up with helmets that are not just cost-friendly options but also there is a wide number of functions and features to enjoy in the price deal that you get.

Moving further, if we talk about this model, indeed it is the beautiful one. It is known to give better support for many off-road activities that you might want to do. Made from the Polyacrylate plastic SE4 material, this product has been designed for reducing rotational forces.

This best dirt bike helmet for glasses can be the perfect addition to your riding gear since it is made of not just incredible design but quality as well. It is added up to the lineup since it comes with the SE for carbon.

The SE is for the composite and since the helmets are on the premium side, you can expect to get such an amazing feature. Further, if we focus on the design, well graphics and color combination is incredible.

There is also a plastic visor screw that comes with brass which of course looks quite amazing. There is also a drawstring sock that has been designed for giving you better protection and also ensure the helmet can be sued lifelong.


  • This best motocross helmet under $200 is designed with an Expanded Polystyrene for better protection
  • The helmet comes with the triple-density EPS for all impact speeds
  • It is well integrated with Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Its primary purpose is to give better protection against any kind of rotation impact which is likely to happen
  • There is also an EPP chin bar that is extremely light in weight besides it manages to offer good protection for a long span
  • There are 16 Intake ports with 6 rear exhaust ports for a better cooling option
  • Provides breakaway protection
  • Stainless steel d rings
  • Lightweight
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Limited color choices

Final Verdict:

This best motorcycle helmet is surely worth admiration for the fact that it comes with lasting usage and has been designed for better protection. Since it is loaded with much better quality and less maintenance, it is one versatile choice a rider can make for its motocross bike.

6- 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300

509 Altitude Carbon Fiber Helmet can also be another choice to consider. It offers the best fit with upgraded functioning which of course will not disappoint you. It has been designed with the best of the material, which is why you can rest assured that quality is nowhere compromised.

If you are looking for helmets that cost under $200, then this is the best choice to go with. This option comes with convenience and comfort without compromising the safety features. Other than this, there is also a carbon fiber altitude that you can notice. This is the primary reason why it is light in weight as compared to its thermoplastic counterpart.

If you have been looking for the best-ventilated dirt bike helmet, then you may want to consider this DOT approved option. Besides, many people use it for the snowmobile version as well.

It also meets the standards like FMVSS 218 and the requirements that the California Air Resources Board has set. That is not it! There is a universal camera output with the Fid lock easy opening that promises better usage. There is an outer shell in 3 ways with 8 different sizes that make sure fitting is not at all compromised.


  • This helmet is made from innovative concepts and aerodynamics channels with the vent ports of exhaust and intake solution.
  • There is a magnetic clasp in the strap form for a better lock. This promises easy opening and a better fit too.
  • Since it is made of carbon purer based material, you can find it light in weight and protective as well.
  • In terms of standards along with DOT, it has managed to meet ECE standards as well.
  • There is a dual-density EPS liner that promises overall protection without any serious heavy impact.
  • Absorb the impact energy
  • Overall protection
  • Comfortable
  • Effective
  • Optimum airflow
  • The multi-port air induction cooling system
  • The lining is quite delicate which is why extra care should be taken

Final verdict:

There are so many amazing best motorcycle helmets that are available considering safety in mind. But this helmet is one of its kind. It comes with a dual-density EPS liner solution that promises protection without much of an impact which is why it is worth choosing.

7- O’Neal Unisex 2SERIES Slick Helmet – Best Motocross Helmet Under $200

O’Neal Unisex 2SERIES Slick Helmet is another top-notch quality best dirt bike helmet for glasses that you may want to consider. O’Neal is popular for the manufacturing, not just the helmet but also other bike and cycle, parts, gears, and accessories. Talking about this unisex helmet, it comes with better quality, comfort, and protection which of course you shall look for in any helmet.

It is made from the shell which is contracted of ABS material. The shell is extremely light in weight with the liner which is padded and washable too. Besides, there are different air vents system that promises better cooling and ventilation too.

In terms of durability, this multi-colored graphic-based helmet is one of the best ones to choose from. It has managed to meet the standards like ECE and DOT, which are considered to be of utmost importance.

This helmet also has a wide color range graphic with the sleek which is all updated. The styling is inspired too and buying it will be surely the perfect addition to your gear kit. So far, this brand has surely proved to be an aggrieve competition to other bike companies and this helmet is one finest example of the same. Loaded with amazing features, this helmet is available at a reasonable price and worth buying.


  • There is a padded liner that comes with ultra-plush technology. You can remove it and even wash it. This way next time, when you wear the helmet, there will not be any odor.
  • There is not just single air ventilation but multiple ones. So you may wonder what can be benefits of the same. Well, it offers better cooling and better flow air during the long journey.
  • There is a nose guard too. This nose guard is made of rubber material so that you don’t face any risk or damage too.
  • You can adjust the visor and use the D release chin strap which offers better protection against any accidental impact.
  • Multi-colored clear coated graphics
  • ECE and DOT standards
  • Overall protection
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Protects against UV rays
  • The fitting may not be that perfect

Final verdict:

If you are looking for the right investment, then you might want to consider this best-ventilated dirt bike helmet. This helmet offers incredible features that also include the padding, lining, and ventilation system. You can get the air vent at the forehead, coin, and sides which is worth and comfortable.

8- TCMT Dot Motocross Off-road Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets For Kids

If money and quality are something you cannot compromise while buying the best motocross helmet under $200 then surely you can consider the option of TCMT Dot Motocross Off-road Helmet. The company is in the market for quite a long time and has been manufacturing the best of the helmet.

Talking of which TCMT Dot Motocross Off-road Helmet is one incredible option that comes with features not to disappoint you at all. Considering its price, well you can find the best motorcycle helmets in the range of $200, which surely makes it worth it. However, there are many online sites where you can get it cheaper. It is all upon the genuine seller you come across.

In terms of safety, this helmet has managed to meet the DOT standards. These best dirt bike helmets under $300 are also Snell certified, which is quite the rarest but the most challenging safety certification to choose from.

The helmet comes with better safety features and is one of its kind since the construction is unique and there is also an EPS lining too. This helmet has a shell that is constructed from the fiberglass compromise, which is quite an advanced one. Besides, fiberglass is considered to be one of the heavy materials for the helmets of motocross which is quite protective and super strong too.


  • If we focus on the features, to begin this, the finishing is incredible. It has the UV protection coating and the helmet is light in weight too.
  • The air ventilation system is amazing too. It is so properly vented that you can use it in winter and summer with no risk of sweat at all.
  • Focusing on the design, well the helmet is made of sleek modular design. There is also the flip-up modular concept that you may not find in other helmets.
  • This is one extremely light helmet that comes with a washable yet padded lining for lasting use.
  • Heavily cushioned
  • Comfortable
  • UV protective
  • Durable
  • Washable padding
  • Limited color options

Final verdict:

This is one amazing best motocross helmet under $200 you can consider since it comes with a multi-density EPS lining. Besides, the lining is so good that it can absorb much of the impact during an unpredictable crash event.

9- LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Helmet

LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Helmet has turned out to be a game-changer after its release in the market. With great performance and top-notch quality, this product surely understands the value of providing its valued customers with better protection in all seasons and under all considerations.

The best dirt bike helmets for kids are designed with a shell made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) proprietary. It is extremely light in weight and an ultra-strong yet powerful option you can choose. This helmet is made of composite material which is why you can use it for a long period. Besides, the energy absorbs the EPS with the molding technology.

LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Helmet comes with different ventilation ports. It also channels with EPS that lets the better airflow which surely will not disappoint at all. The padding is extremely comfortable which is why using it will be the best option to choose.

Besides the best dirt bike helmets under $300 lets the fabric be more comfortable, and breathable, which is why you will not sweat for a long time. There is also an eye-port which is quite wide. It lets the complete visual field and accommodates any goggles brand virtually.

This surely is the best helmet that you can buy and change the rules of racing off-road. Besides, it also offers an edge against any competition while meeting the ECE and DOT certification.


  • This helmet is made of in-mold technology which helps in the rotational energies’ mitigation.
  • The helmet is light in weight, powerful and the shell is made of the KPA technology.
  • DOT approves this helmet, but it has also managed to meet the FMVSS 218 Standard. Besides, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has imposed certain requirements which to date it has managed to meet easily.
  • Well ventilated
  • Current safety features
  • Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Smallest
  • Lightest
  • Mitigate rotational energies
  • Part of the energy management system
  • No room for an earpiece
  • Visor is flimsy

Final verdict:

If you focus on the overall safety features and upgraded functioning, then this is the best helmet you can choose. Besides the helmet is designed to be used on the dirt and off-road, which is why you can have the best racing without any kind of fear.

10- Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Motocross Helmet

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Motocross Helmet is one incredible helmet you can consider buying. This best dirt bike helmet for glasses comes from the known brand called Troy lee design and sis aid to be packed with some incredible features. The function is quite impressive and the model is beautiful too.

It is best suitable for all kinds of off-road activities. It has turned out to be so perfect since it is made from SE4 poly acrylate plastic. Besides, there is also MPIS that reduces the rotational force and there is no denial of the fact that it is the best option you can choose.

This is one incredible model which is another SE4 helmet that has the lineup of the experts. It is made from the SE for the carbon and composite. You can expect this helmet to be on the premium side. It comes with the best of the price range and has 16 different ports that promise fresh air too.

There are four other ports which you can use. They are designed to get the hot air out from the helmet. Besides, there is also a plastic visor screw that comes with brass material which is quite good too. The helmet has the drawstring sock that promises protection for your helmet too.


  • Thanks to the polystyrene which you can expend, this helmet promises better protection
  • There are three shell solutions. Out of this there is the smallest one which extremely light in weight and can fit perfectly to your size
  • The dimension of the helmet is10 x 10 x 2 inches and since it weighs 4 pounds it can be a great fit and size option to make a choice.
  • DOT and ECE certifications
  • Stainless steel d rings
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Breakaway protection
  • No color options

Final verdict:

There is nothing and about this helmet. Rather, there are so many expert riders who admire this kind of amazing helmet which comes with a 3D cheek and offers durable protection.

Best Motocross Helmet Under $200 – Buying Guide

In case, you are planning to buy a motocross helmet on your own but not sure what things should be considered, then listed are guidelines that can help.

How to Choose

  • Comfort

You must always keep in mind that comfort plays an important role. It is not just for the motocross helmet but also for any other time since you shall be covering a long journey. You need to make sure that the helmet is comfortable so that it can fit well. It should create any extra pressure on the head other than the accurate one which it should be doing.

  • The Weight

While looking for the quality best dirt bike helmets under $300, focus on the weight too. The muscles of the neck can often get overtaxed when you wear a heavy helmet. This can be quite a headache, backache, and neck ache for which you may have to take rest to get recovered.

That is why focus on the helmet, which is light in weight, causes less strain and gives a better riding experience. You must keep in mind things such as visors, latches, and hinges to name some.

  • Visibility

Of all other things, visibility also plays an important role. Since a helmet shall be protected in all the good and bad things, you need to make sure you are buying the one that gives you a clear see through the dangers and obstacles that may come.

The eye port size is also important. If the port is large, it means, you get a better viewing experience while riding. Besides, there is also a surface area of the part of the head which gets protected. There are such helmets with additional space so that debris can fly and will not hit on the face.

Factors to Consider

  • Size

It is important to look for the helmet size since buying a helmet either loose or too tight can be a problem. But look for the snug fit since most of the helmet comes with padding which later gets smashed a little after frequent use.

The helmet usually comes in sizes like small, extra small, large and medium. So, make the choice that can be comfortable.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation plays a crucial role and it is always better to choose a helmet with a good air filtration system. If there is more ventilation, then there is a better scope for you to enjoy riding with comfort and no sweat.

  • Shape & Design

You must also focus on the better shape of the best dirt bike helmets for kids. Since the shape and design of the helmet can vary and are different types, then, of course, you need to focus on comfort with style.

If you look for something which can fit you well can get loose to your friend, and that is why just the way size is important, shape plays an important role too.

  • Looks

Some say looks like font matter, but if you have so many safety features loaded in your helmet, then it is okay to look for better styling too. Of course, a helmet with only features but no looks does not make any sense. You can choose the stylish one, and you can even enjoy riding too.

  • Overall Safety

This of course is the most important aspect that you should not be ignoring. You must select a helmet that comes from a reputable brand. This way, at least the safety standards are met in the right manner and you will be able to ride without any worries in mind at all.

What to Look For 

  • Comfort Liner

This is one thin fabric layer that plays a crucial role to understand whether the best dirt bike helmets for kids are capable of fitting comfortably on the head or not. The line is usually made from a fabric that holds anti-bacterial properties.

It not just offers comfort but can absorb the sweat too. There is also a liner that offers some great advantages. Talking of which to wash and even remove it with comfort is one of them. Besides, there is a moisture-wicking liner which keeps them clean and dries the maximum time.

Cheek Pads are another important part you need to consider. Comfort matters the most, especially when you are racing or planning to go on a long journey. Basically, such an option is made from a similar material as the comfort liner.

The cheek pad’s important purpose is to make sure the helmet stays intact during the collision time. This way the risk of accidents reduces.

  • Vents

For ventilation, your helmet needs to have vents. The points of the vents are located at the bar side of the chin or over the eyebrows. There are also front-facing vents which work as an inlet for the flow of the air whereas if you look for the rear one, they work as the exhaust for the flow of the air.

This way the ventilation ensures during the humid and hot span, the helmet stays cool and you don’t feel discomfort at all.

  • Visor

The visor is the removable shield located at the front side of the helmet. It focuses on protecting the rider’s eyes against dust and rain too. Such type of option comes in a mostly clear manner while some manufacturers also provide the visor in a tinted manner.

The tinted visor ensures your eyes get better protection against the ultraviolet traditional. In contrast, some options have an anti-fogging feature that blocks the mist formation on the visor because of the variation in the temperature.

  • Retention System

You cannot ignore this part too amongst the best dirt bike helmets under $300. While focusing on the closure and retention system, make sure it is not just comfortable but also fits well. Basically, the closure system should be a chin strap. It is designed in such a manner that it keeps the helmet in an intact position.

Best Motocross Helmet Under 200

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Full Face helmets?

While making a choice, you may come across different types of best dirt bike helmets for glasses in the market. It is entirely your choice which option you find to be worth it. Full face helmet is one of those models which look at fierce riders. This means the name itself tells you the profile of such a helmet.

It is enclosed completely and for the whole of your face and head. This includes the chin area too. If we consider the result, well there is a chance of fog which eventually may result in fatigue, but if it comes with a complete ventilation system, then we can call it to be a reliable option to choose.

Q. How reliable is a bell helmet in brands?

There are so many new types of helmet come into the market. But the fact remains the same that very rare brands stand in the same position or improves. Bell is one such brand that has earned the name because of its value and the quality that it offers to the customers.

Besides, the brand offers a wide range of functions and styling, which of course you may not see elsewhere. In terms of pricing too, this brand has surely been quite affordable and which is why if you focus on other brands and compare it with Bell, you will understand how valuable this product is.

Q. What are Modular helmets?

Since you must have so far seen different types of helmets that are available in the market, the modular helmet is one such popular type. It is versatile and is said to be a complete blend of half-face and even the full-face model. It is known to offer the complete face security with the versatile option.

There can be cases that you may see some of the helmets which are quite enclosed in nature, but it shall give you a better scope for lifting the visor. Besides, it can be best for those who prefer ventilation systems sine this kind of helmet gives a better scope for airflow which makes it ideal for the long-distance journey while marinating better safety too.

Q. How are MX helmets different from others?

If you have come across different types and brands of the helmet that are available in the market today, MX helmet is said to be one of its kind because of the functions and features it offers. MX helmet is known for the safety features and has been designed with some incredible functioning like the mechanism of the airflow system and also better visor options.

Besides, if you look at its chin bar you shall understand it is quite powerful too. That is why, if you have a look at the different profile of the helmet, the MX helmet is the finest range you can come across.

Q. What is a Half Face helmet?

Another popular type of best dirt bike helmets for kids that is available in the market is the half face helmet. The name suggests what exactly must be the design and style pattern of the same. The focus of such a helmet is to give protection to the half face only.

Usually, the design of such a helmet is made in such a manner that it is only the upper half which usually is covered. But the areas like chin and mouth are quite exposed too. In terms of ventilation, since it is half facing, the additional system of ventilation is not needed.

In case you are a casual rider or a regular commuter, then you can go for this helmet to get better protection.

Q. What should exactly be the fitting of a helmet be?

When you plan to purchase a helmet, it should not fit too tightly, but yes, when it comes to a snug fit, it has to be comfortable. The padding shall compress. Eventually, that is why you have to look for the one which fits too tight.

But see to it that it is not that extremely tight that you shall start noticing pain; otherwise, the discomfort will give your helmet must of the discomfort.

There has to be no gap between the brow pad and the temples, and when it comes to the cheek pad, it needs to touch the cheek but also needs to make sure it is comfortable. In case there is a neck roll on the helmet, it should not be pushing the helmet away.

Q. How fairly should be spent on the helmet ?

This is one such question that almost every buyer before purchasing a helmet is worried about. Well, the price should not be focused more since it is the quality that will save your life during accidents.

This does not mean that only expensive helmets have the quality or are the safest. Rather, you should scale different helmet and see if there are light in weight and offers better ventilation. 

You must consider price but not make it a priority. As long as you don’t have financial concerns, you can spend $200 or even more on the helmet for the best quality and safety measures.


All the details that are shared above can surely help you choose the best motocross helmet for under $200. But it is important to make sure you gain good experience and talk to a few people to have a better idea of whether you are going on the right path or not.

With different motocross helmets that are shortlisted above, there surely will not be any room for disappointment. But to save money, don’t overlook the safety features and security functioning. 

You, of course, understand the value of a helmet, and that is why you are here. No matter whether it is off-road racing or just a ride, you surely need to focus on similarly buying the helmet as you shall be doing while buying a pair of shoes or leather jacket.

The helmet you buy should give you a feeling of security with of course great design to flaunt around. So, make your decision wisely. Happy riding!

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