Best motocross helmet under $300

10 Best Motocross Helmet under $300 [Reviews & Buying Tips ]

One of the crucial pieces of dirt bike gear and accessories is the helmet. There are so many different types of helmets that are trending in the market. But the reason why the best motocross helmet under $300 is other is because of the shell and the structure from which it has been made.

This kind of helmet is important for safety and protection, especially when planning to go on trial riding. Often, you may not be aware of being a first-time user, which could be the right option to choose. That is why; here are some of the best helmets under $300 that you can consider buying.

Since the industry of motorcycle is evolving in today’s time, there is surely the need to ride the bike correctly. There are so many other things that biker needs to keep in minds such as the speed restriction when on high way or street road or the standard components.

The dirt bike helmet is also one of the important pieces of accessories. It is not just a safer option but also gives an aesthetic look when you ride. Since a helmet is a vital riding accessory, listed are some of the best options that you can shortlist and make your choice from. 

Always remember, there are many serious injuries which you may come across, and it is possible to avoid those by using the right type of best budget dirt bike helmet, which is not just cost-friendly but also will give you a wonderful riding experience.

Top 10 Motocross Helmet under $300

1- LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Helmet – Best Motocross Helmet Under $200

This helmet is available in large size and gloss white color. LS2 is one such well-known company that has been proved to be a game-changer in the helmet market today. With outstanding performance and incredible design options, this helmet is one of its kind. That is not it!

This helmet is also loaded with some of the impeccable features which probably you may not see elsewhere. Known for high performance and the use of Kinetic Polymer Allow for the construction of the shell, this helmet comes with the best safety features.

The helmet is light in weight. This means it comes with only some of the energy management solution. However, it is one strong option you can buy. This dirt bike helmet with a visor is a compact and better option that promotes an airflow system.

You shall not feel suffocated when wearing it. It has been designed so that even expert riders recommend it to most of the riders. Although it is loaded with the best safety features, you will also be amazed to see the wide range of designs which it offers.

The design also plays an important role; understand that it is worth what you pay if you compare its price with the design.


  • This best motocross helmet under $300 is made from the strong technology of in-mold solution, which helps in mitigating the rotational engines
  • The shell is quite strong and light in weight too. It is made from the KPA solution, which offers some of the flex as just a piece of the management system of the energy
  • 3 small shells are extremely light and can be best suitable for the helmet of your size.
  • DOT has been approved like a yema motocross dirt bike helmet and is also designed to meet the FMVSS 218 Standard.
  • Synthetic Slip System
  • Separate ventilation ports
  • Comfortable
  • Liner is removable
  • There are limited size choices available

Final words:

This helmet is all geared up with the best of the features, which of course, are not so easily seen in other helmets of different brands. It comes with a separate ventilation system that ensures you get better breathing.

Since these best dirt bike helmets for kids have been designed considering the rider’s safety and comfort, it can be your best choice to date.

2- Bell MX-9 Gloss White Adventure Dirt Helmet – Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmet

Bell MX-9 Gloss White Adventure Dirt Helmet is another excellent best motocross helmet under $300 from Bell racing that has become a trending topic in the market today. Whether it is the single-track roughest riding safety or the urban blacktop, well, this helmet can help you in all ways when it comes to better protection.

This helmet is also capable of having the perfect integration, which is why it is anti-scratch, anti-fog, and comes with a face shield that makes sure even during the unpredictable impact, you don’t face any issues. The shield can flip up. This way, you get better of the room for even the goggles to stay best even in extreme conditions.

The helmet is known for the performance due to additional features which it offers other than safety. Talking of which, some of them are the visor you can adjust. Simultaneously, the ventilation system provides the velocity flow solution, protraction with MIPS option, better anti-microbial liner, and even the helmet ships that come with the clear shield.

Since this helmet is DOT approved, you can rest assured that it shall not give any trouble when it comes to your safety during racing or trail reign. The helmet comes with different vents that further promise a better ventilation system. The air gets pulled using the internal vents of the helmet. It thus ensures the rider stays dry and fresh the whole time.


  • For better convenience and comfort, this helmet comes with screws that are mounted within the helmet side. This way, the visor can be adjusted. You can even tighten or loosen it using the gloves.
  • The shell is made from the durable ABS light in weight polycarbonate using the MIPS energy management solution.
  • There is also a clear shield, which is well integrated and highly removable, with an anti-scratch and anti-fog solution.
  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Washable padding
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Suitable for younger kids
  • ABS constructed shell
  • Not suited for eyeglass wearers
  • Cheek and rear vents are not close-able

Final words:

If we consider this best budget dirt bike helmet for safety purposes, well, it will not disappoint at all. There is thin foam on the helmet sides, backed up by the hard plates of plastic. It ensures a plastic pin locking solution, which adds up to an additional locking solution.

3- Troy Lee Designs Motocross Helmet – Dirt Bike Helmet With Visor

This X-Large ocean color helmet is another incredible option you may want to shortlist. It comes with some of the top-notch features, which, of course, will never disappoint you at all. This helmet is known to offer not just the quality but also additional features like durable conduction and light in weight, which provides better comfort in long riding for the riders.

Since the review about this helmet was asked to many experts. Well, the surprising result was it was amongst their top 5 list, which is Why using it for your safety should not be a bad choice for you at all.

Troy Lee Designs Motocross Helmet is DOT certified. It is one such product whose price you may find relatively high, but this does not change the fact that its features speak a lot. Talking about the construction, well, it comes with an incredible multi-directional impact protection solution.

This offers some slides during an accident. This dirt bike helmet with a visor also helps balance the forces on a rotational basis, which sometimes eventually hamper the head area when the crash hampers. The helmet is light in weight and extremely durable too.

Due to the EPP based chin bar, the rider gets better confidence, and the helmet stays strong for better protection. Other than being sturdy and durable, this helps known for better jaw protection while maintaining the bike’s gross weight.


  • Along with the better safety features, its aesthetic look makes it on the top in terms of the better designs as well
  • This best-ventilated dirt bike helmet comes with the countered cheek padding. This promises the release system at the emergency level for the EMS responders too
  • The screws of the visors are made of plastic, while there is also the brass insert for better impact breakdown
  • The matter of the D ring is stainless steel, which of course, is strong and light in weight too.
  • Lightweight, durable, and sturdy
  • Protective
  • Safe for use
  • Light and strong
  • Color choices are limited

Final words:

If you were looking forward to the helmet that comes in the standard quality and is worth the price you pay, this is surely the best helmet to choose from. This helmet is tested quite well and is known for balancing the rotational forces, which is why investing in it is worth it.

4- HJC I 50 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet – Yema Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

HJC I 50 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet is one of its kind. The experts usually prefer this best dirt bike helmet for glasses due to its impeccable design and great features. DOT has approved this helmet, and it is said to be one of those gears that has managed to meet all kinds of safety requirements so far.

If you are concerned about the quality, rest assured since it comes with better protection features. The safety measures are rightly followed; besides, it has been approved not just by Dot but also by ECE, which is why it is entirely in demand in the market.

HJC so far has proved to be tough competition to other brands due to the safety features which it offers. This best budget dirt bike helmet is well equipped with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell.

This means, with superior fit and light in weight design, it promises to give riders not just better safety but comfort too. The use of CAD technology has been made, and it’s ACS ventilation system is another best part.

This is one of the best products that the HJC family must have released so far. It also has an air gel pocket designed inside the liner that offers comfort and better impact resistance, making riders safe during trail riding or racing.


  • It comes with an advanced channelings ventilation system. This means there is a complete front to backflow of the air that flushes down the heat
  • There is also a composite shell made from advanced polycarbonate composite, which offers a better fit in the long run
  • It also is upgraded with the sliding layer impact distribution. This means the air gel pockets are made inside the liner that offers better comfort
  • If you compare price and style well, there is no room for disappointment at all.
  • Advanced polycarbonate composite material
  • Super lightweight
  • Durability
  • Material is incredible
  • Washable removable lining
  • Limited choices

Final Words:

Overall, this is the best dirt bike helmet with a visor you can plan to choose from since it comes with a great price tag and a good quality, making it one of the best products to date. Overall, this helmet is worth your investment since it comes with a WOW factor.

5- AFX41DS BLACK MD – Best Ventilated Dirt Bike Helmet

AFX is a well-known brand that, of course, will not disappoint you in any way. That is the main reason why it has been listed amongst the best of the helmets that fall below the price range of $300. This helmet is designed with an off-road line concept and is best as ATV and MX helmet too. It is the finest example of helmets that meet safety standards.

The customers who use ATV or MX and off-road bikes usually prefer this kind of helmet. Besides, this best-ventilated dirt bike helmet comes with an aerodynamic shell concept, which has been made with the help of an advanced yet light in weight only allows composite material designed specifically for the best fit that is best suited for not just adults but for youths too.

Moving further, if we focus on the design, it will not disappoint you either. There is a retention system that has been approved by race. It is a dual D ring option. The finishing in a clear coat manner offers better protection against the point, and even the graphics are stylish.

More than 10 ventilation points are made in this helmet, which is also located at the rear, top, forehead, and even the chin section, which is why the rider at any point of time will not feel suffocated at all.

This liner system also lets you a perfect custom sizing option, which is also well configured by changing the anti-microbial and hypoallergenic components as and when needed.


  • This helmet comes with a fine finishing and clear coating, which protects the graphics and colors. This way, your helmet always looks new.
  • The help also comes with the goggle grabbers. This means you will be able to protect your eye on the place.
  • The double D-rings like yema motocross dirt bike helmet on the strap of the chin that promises retention of the helmet during serious maneuvers.
  • Lightweight
  • Adequate padding,
  • Protective gear
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Removable face shield
  • Lining for great comfort
  • There are not much size options available
  • In terms of price, quality is not that great

Final words:

Overall, this is one of the finest helmets you can consider buying. The manufacturer surely has created this kind of helmet, especially for the veteran riders in this field for a long time. Besides, the value and competition that this helmet offers have surely shaken many well-settled brands already.

6- Fly racing helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmet For Glasses

Another talk of the town and the well-preferred helmet ruling the market these days is the Fly racing helmet. This helps you known for the best of the safety features that you may not easily find anywhere else.

This is one of the best-ventilated dirt bike helmets you can get in the market today since it offers not just great features but also the design, which makes it the best choice. The company has been creating such kinds of helmets for a long time, and needless to say, there is no room for disappointment at all.

This helmet, of course, comes in handy at the best of the prices, which of course amazes the buyers, and also it makes them wonder if the helmet should offer a better price than the recent one or not.

The product is DOT approved, so your first worry comes to an end here. Besides, it has been tested and passed the quality assurance as well, which is why you can be happy because such a helmet is the best option in terms of quality, safety, and protection to rely on one.

The safety of the helmet, which we spoke on, already promises the shell quality and construction. The shell design is made from the poly allow material, making it stronger, durable, and light in weight. Besides, some of the integral features of such a helmet make it more in demand.


  • The helmet offers better safety and good protection for a long period
  • It has the EPS lubing, which complements the whole strength and the fly racing kinetic bike helmet sturdiness as well
  • Due to quality lining, your helmet gives better protection while it reduces the impact of the energy when you head for the unexpected collision along with another oncoming vehicle.
  • Lightweight
  • Washable liner
  • The high-flow exhaust vent system
  • Durable
  • The cool smell on track
  • Sizing and color options are limited

Final words:

Overall, if we look at this helmet and understand if it’s worth the purchase, then rest assured because it will not disappoint you in any way. Besides, the helmet offers excellent durability and less maintenance in the long run, just like the yema motocross dirt bike helmet.

7- BELL Eliminator Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300

If you wonder whether there are more options in the price range of $300 well then BELL Eliminator Helmet can be another option you can add to your list. This helmet is known to deliver the best street performance and great design, which is why it has been trending in the market for quite some time.

In terms of fit and quality with design, the helmet can be the perfect choice for you. It has been auto-inspired and recognized, which means there is a fiberglass composite shell that you can wear without any non fag face shield or visor. Thanks to the approval of DOT, its demand in the market remains better and intact.

Under the list of the top-notch helmet for motocross that is below the price range of $300, this is the best helmet you can choose. Since the bell is a known company that offers better comfort and safety, you surely will have no room for disappointment at all. Besides, you can use this helmet for BMX riding and motocross riding too.

The bell offers this helmet at great pricing and is worth your investment in value and time. This best-ventilated dirt bike helmet is made with a fine coating of fiberglass, which is made with the ABS construction shell that gives a sturdy and strong material-based helmet that, of course, will not disappoint you at all.

It is not just made for adults, but also kids can use this helmet and avoid the extra burden while riding safely.


  • This best dirt bike helmet for glasses comes with 15 vents that promise to add the right ventilation system. The air gets pulled from the internal vents of the helmet, which keeps the rider dry the whole time
  • The shell is made from the fine quality of fiberglass composite construction, which is why it is worth your investment
  • The internal vents are placed in such a manner that it jeeps the airflow of the good within the helmet itself.
  • Anti-Bacterial Liner
  • Contoured Cheek Pads
  • Superior Fit
  • Comfort
  • Anti-Fog Shield
  • DOT approved
  • There is no certification of safety standard
  • It does not come with the padding inside the helmet that can be removed

Final words:

Overall, this is the best dirt bike helmet with a visor you can plan to choose from since it comes with a great price tag and a good quality, making it one of the best products to date. Besides, the overall weight is light, and it covers major of the problems which other helmets usually show.

8- Bell MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Helmet – Best Motocross Helmet Under $200

Bell Racing has been coming up with an incredible range of helmets, and the best part is one such option, which is Bell MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Helmet. It has been designed for those who are seeking the quality option of the helmet.

Since the bell is one popular brand, buying it shall not be a disappointment to you at all. Besides, it comes with some impeccable features, so you will always be happy to invest your time to make a choice.

Besides a safety feature, it also offers better protection, great design, superior quality, fine construction, and a protecting solution. With a reasonable price, this helmet is not a budget-friendly one that you should leave.

There is a wide range of color choices available for you. Out of which, this one is the trending option amongst the riders. In theory, out of 16 different colors, the company has managed to give you the best options that can surely match your choice.

Besides colors and graphics, this helmet also comes in a wide range of sizes, which is why from small, which is best for kids, to XXL, which is meant for adults, you can buy the one that fits you fine.

Now moving on to the crucial part, which the protecting solution, this best dirt bike helmets under $300 is since is DOT certified; you can rest assured that there will not be any room for disappointment at all. Besides, it offers safety and comfort all the time.


  • There are different sizes available such as XL, XXL, XXXL, S, M, and L, from which a rider can choose the sizing option that fits him the best
  • This helmet comes with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection solution which means, you will be able to get extra protection with better padding
  • In terms of construction, it is made of a durable ABS shell that consists of polycarbonate material
  • Machine-Washable Lining
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Overall protection
  • A multi-directional impact protection system
  • The interior padding is great but not so easy to wash

Final words:

This is one of the finest yet the cheapest best dirt bike helmets for kids that you can choose. It comes with a quality interior padding, which has the aspect of being anti-bacterial. But in terms of safety and comfort to this helmet offers a great velocity flow ventilation system and better safety, which, of course, will not disappoint you.

9- TORC T27 Full Face Helmet – Best Dirt Bike Helmets For Kids

TORC T27 Full Face Helmet is the finest example of the top-notch quality of helmets trending in the market. With so many unique options of the gear and accessories which TORC has so far come up with, well T27 is the best option that gives a revolutionary development for such helmet.

This helmet is inspired by European styling and designing, which means a modular pattern fits the footprint size and pricing. The helmet is also loaded with the incredible Venture venting and the devices’ visor mechanism, whose value is 4 times more than the price.

This DOT certified shell-based helmet is worth your investment. It is BLINC enabled helmet in which you get a better communication service from rider to passenger and also from passenger to rider as well.

There are also some other features like a microphone which can cancel the noise. There is a DSP Filter option for complete duplex communication. Thanks to the self-adjustment of the volume and waterproof controls, you can use this model for quite a long time without any problem at all.


  • There is also a latching system that promises better locking locating at the chin’s front bar, which comes with a single button release solution.
  • You also get the upgraded technology with Bluetooth 2.0, which is why you can pick up and call back anytime while riding
  • In terms of sizes, if you compare this helmet with bulky competitors, it is 20% small but with equivalent protection.
  • Two speakers are inbuilt and offer talking hours of 8 hours and around 150 hours of standby time.
  • Lightweight
  • EPS Construction
  • Anti-Scratch Shield
  • Quick Release Shield
  • Limited choices in terms of sizes

Final words:

Overall, these are the best dirt bike helmets under $300 you can consider buying. It is worth your investment since it comes with a better quality of the helmet and looks great. Besides, the overall weight is light, and it covers major of the problems which other helmets usually show.

10- SHARK Helmets DRAK Blank Matte

This is another best option that you can shortlist for your buying process. This helmet comes with a better spacing, which means there are a face mask and even goggles that you can use. Thanks to its classy design with an aesthetic look, this helmet is usually sued by the Harley riders the most.

It is also the best option preferred for the dual sporters and also the café racers. This helmet is light in weight, strong, and has been injected with the plastic material shell, which is why there shall not be any room for disappointment at all.

The face mask comes with the fine screening of the interior that offers better protection from the dust and debris, which is vented for the air’s better flow. The face mask gets quickly attached and detached from the goggle.

All you have to do is lift the off-road styling goggles for resting at the helmet top once you stop, and when you want, you can take them out from the way or use it quickly.

This helmet is made of fiber liner, which is natural bamboo and which wicks the moisture completely. It works fine with the air ventilation solution that offers better help to keep the rider cool.


  • The chin straps are padded and come with the dual D ring.
  • The process of overall helmet installation is quite simple and comes with a wireless entertainment solution too
  • There are also optional cheek thick pads, which you can buy for a customized fit
  • The circular components on the sides are incredibly light in weight
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Interior padding of the helmet is removable
  • DOT Approved
  • Comfortable interior
  • UV protected finishing
  • Buckling of the chin strap can be a problem

Final words:

Overall, this one is the best dirt bike helmets under $300 you can consider buying. It comes with the price for which the quality is not a disappointment at all. Made from street fighters’ inspiration, this helmet fifers the face mask and quick resale goggle solution.

Best motocross helmet under $300

Best Motocross Helmet under $300 – Buying Guide

With so many different helmet options coming up that are all loaded up with some of the best features, you, of course, would wonder which option to choose.

Although the above options are the top-notch ones, it is always better to understand what they need to consider before making the right purchase.

How to Choose A Good Helmet

  • Protection features

There are a few things that you must always keep in mind while purchasing a dirt bike helmet. Talking of which protection and safety should be the priority. However, see to it that you focus on the feature to protect closely since the dirt bike you shall be using would not be much safer, and a single impact can give you much worse results.

  • Comfort

Another thing you must focus on when purchasing a helmet for the dirt bike is comfort. Have a closer look at some of the common features since you would want to stay in comfort when you are riding a dirt bike. Comfort will also keep you stay focused and protect you against any accidental falls.

  • Certified

Look for a helmet that is DOT certified. It should not be a big concern for you since most of the manufacturers get it DOT approved. But it is better to have a helmet that is DOT certified, or even ECE certified.

  • Energy-absorbing EPS structure

See to it that the best dirt bike helmets for kids that you are planning to use have an excellent energy-absorbing EPS structure. This means if your helmet gets hit against the stump or rock, it shall lose the integrity of such structure, and your head may not get the right protection.

  • Fine lining and padding

Finally, see to it that you have a good check on the lining and padding. It is important considering the comfort aspect. Besides comfort, maintenance also plays a crucial role, and if it is the lining or removing the padding, it will be a bonus for you since the helmet will not smell bad.

Best motocross helmet under $300

Factors to consider

  • Absorption against impact

When you choose to purchase a motocross helmet, make sure the helmet exterior and interior have got a good shock absorption quality. Your helmet comes in a wide range of systems that can help abortion the impact, like the outer shell and the inner lining. You must choose the helmet which is resistant to impact even in the worst scenarios.

  • Better ventilation

Dirt racing requires a lot of energy and effort. That is why a rider would often sweat while riding. That is why a helmet with a good ventilation system should be chosen so that riders can stay dry and relaxed for a long time. Besides, it also allows the fresh air to get in and exhaust the heatwave as well.

  • Better fit

Motorcars riders must purchase a helmet that fits finely. The preference of the people fit may vary from helmet to helmet. After all, if there is a good snug fit helmet, it shall give you much-needed protection and comfort for racing activities.

  • Light in weight

The helmet shell must be light in weight for the motocross riders. If there is a heavy helmet that may cause the neck to stain to the rider, it is surely of no use. It can also create some discomfort and heavy feeling on the rider’s head. That is why a helmet must be selected made from a material that is light in weight, sturdy, and strong too.

What to look for in a Helmet?

It is quite easy to come across tons of dirt bike helmet options that are sold below the range of $300, but what’s more challenging is making the best use of the purchase you make. That is why, if you have quite good pay, then you should not compromise at any point at all.

You must get time to explore the essentials and non-essentials features that, of course, you need to focus on buying a helmet.

  • Superior material quality

The primary feature that you must focus on while buying the best dirt bike helmets under $300 is the material quality. The element’s quality has a huge role in understanding the body’s protection and safety when you ride. You need to ask yourself how well is the head protected when it is an inside helmet and so on.

  • Construction

Another thing that plays an important role is helmet construction. You must look for an option that is sturdy and reliable but also durable enough o last long. If you have some dirt bike helmet options ready with you, make sure you understand if the material used is kinetic polymer alloy or lightweight polycarbonate protective material.

  • Safety standards

Other than design and material quality, you must also focus on protection and safety measures. That is why make sure the helmet is DOT certified. Besides, it is also essential to choose the helmet not simply by the look but also with a multi-directional service for better energy impact. The energy-absorbing EPS structure within the helmet should be assured.

  • Visor Position

If the visor is positioned correctly, it can break away without much of a problem. This means the visor should be rightly placed where it can be adjusted, and you can even keep your eyes safe and well protected from the glare of the sun. Also, for the right position of the strong visor impact, natural control of the body’s head and neck area during the accident.

  • DOT approval

The full form of DOT is the Department of Transportation. It is important to have approval from such a department responsible for certifying the safety of the safety hear, which includes the gloves, helmet, tires, and motorcycle. Usually, the sign of them can be seen on the helmet sidewall.

You simply have to verify if DOT has signed it on the spot stated on the helmet before making the purchase. Suppose there is no approval of the agency given, but some sister agencies are based approved like AN. In that case, ECE then doesn’t just compromise with the same as the traffic cop can check it since they have restricted such certification-based helmet on the public roads.

  • Living status

See to it that the lining status of the helmet is rightly checked. You must ensure if the helmet lining of worn down or torn up. The role of lining is to make the absorption of the impact energy in the right manner.

If it is not in the right state, then you may in the future have to pay a hefty price at the end for the injuries in the head once the crash happens.

Also, if the helmet’s lining gets worn down, make sure the first thing you do is replace it on time; otherwise, there will not be any assurance of confidence or comfort for safety and protection.

It shall be a bonus if you have the helmet with good padding since it helps protect the cheekbones for protecting severe injuries from happening to the body’s head area.

  • Cost

Of all other things, you must have the helmet, which is worth the price you are investing. The protective gear options like these should be spent wisely, which means if the price is high and quality doesn’t meet at par, it does not make any sense. There is also a helmet, which is as low as nearly $150. The choice is entirely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certain questions usually the first-time buyer or expert rider comes across when dealing with the dirt bike purchase. If you look for the dirt bike online channels and many other blogs, you can get tops.

But listed are some questions and their respective answers to ease down the concern.

Q. What should be the span to replace the helmet of a dirt bike?

It entirely depends on the best dirt bike helmets under $300 model that you buy. Usually, the dirt bike helmet manufacturer shall advise you to replace the helmet, say around 7 to 8 years post its regular usage.

Usually, between 5 to 6 years, the replacement of the helmet should be rightly done. In this span, the padding can have worn or might be the lining got torn, or a visor has lost the integrity.

If the helmet can take the damages, then you might be forced to replace it post the crash after some months, provided the price is not much high.

Q. Is it possible to use the helmet of a dirt bike on the streets?

To be precise, the answer is yes. It is possible to use the dirt bike helmet on the road. It is worth nothing better than a helmet for motocross, which is different from that helmet approved for the street bike.

Both are entirely tended by serving a different purpose. The motocross helmet is not best to be used on the streets since you will not see the unforeseen condition on the trail.

The street bike helmets ensure complete protection with better safety measures from the elements on the path, which of course, helmets designed for dirt bikes may not guarantee.

Q. Is there any expiry period for the dirt bike?

Ideally, yes, the dirt bike does come with an expiry period, and just as a reminder, every product that is manufactured comes with a specific span of life and expiry date. 

Beyond the life expectance, the value starts waning, and even the interest gets lost along with the line. Usually, the manufacturers make a lifespan of around five years, most for the helmets.

You have to understand what the helmet manufacturer mentions the expiry date on the model you are planning to buy.

If the material is the concern well, such helmet comes with materials that last longer, but resins and glue may lose their integrity, which is why the lining quality gets compromised.

Q. What kind of fitting should a dirt bike helmet have?

This is not an extremely difficult concern. Well, your helmet needs to be a perfect fit on the head. One of the best features of the helmet is stability. The administrator and other regions should have the right fit without moving or shaking from one source to another.

The rider needs to have the right control on the head, neck, and chin movement when there is a neck movement while on the bike. The helmet should not be much tight or too loose.

Q. What should be the right size of the helmet?

Usually, if you intend to go for an approved helmet, it comes with different shell sizes. Other than this, most dirt bike helmets come with three dimensions. If it is a medium-size helmet, the measurement can be 57cm.


Now that you have all things sorted for you to buy the right type of best dirt bike helmets for kids, you need to explore the right features that can be perfect for every rider who will use the helmet.

Always remember, you should get a helmet tried and tested on your own otherwise, you will not understand if it is worth it or not. Besides, you need also to ensure that you follow customer’s reviews and ask some of the friends who have sued such helmets earlier.

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