Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart

Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart

Buying a dirt bike of the proper size is a significant choice. It’s natural for people to see how huge a dirt bike is and get scared because they’re choosing a bike that’s too short. Some people mistakenly think the taller you are, the higher the CC of your engine. That’s not applicable at all.

The cc values on the bike are only an indicator of the engine shift – not the right height. The power to hit the ground with your feet and adjust the dirt bike is all because of the seat height.

Consideration on Seat Height – Dirt Bike Height Chart

  • 5’0′′ (60 inches) to 5’2′′ (62 inches) tall, suggested seat height of 29 inches to 32 inches preferred.
  • The suggested maximum height of the seat is 31 inches to 34 inches for the height of persons ranging from 5’2′′ (62 inches) to 5’5′′ (65 inches) height.

You can purchase a freshly shaved seat that lowers the height of your seat by 1 inch – most dirt bikes can decrease the suspension and lower the seat’s height by 1 inch. For instance, if you’re 5’0′′ tall, you’ll still be too tall on a 32 “seating height bike, but you’ll get the height to 30” with the two changes, which should work well with you.

It is safer for most riders to choose a bike that fits the riding style you’re going to do, a mountain bike, or a motocross bike. With all that in view, you would need to make a decision on your dirt bike over a dirt bike with reduced seat height. The most important fact to notice is protection, and then comfort for the rider.

Some short riders just give up and purchase a bike that they don’t think is right. This literally relinquishes confidence, would make cycling riskier than a fun sport. Shortness can make choosing a dirt bike difficult for you, but there are dirt bikes that are more suited for short riders and for women.

You might also suggest seat height first when considering a dirt bike, but it’s not the best bike for shorter riders, so you’ll have to reach a decision. Some bike has a seat height of 37.8 inches, in other situations, the height is 36 inches right after you ride on the bike.

So, present a low seat height dirt bike. The best way to determine the right seat height is to just ride on the dirt bike. Each of your feet must contact the floor, but only the base of your foot and toes should reach. Your foot’s heel should be out in the open. This is a dirt bike suitably built for your height.

Person HightSeat Height
6′ (182cm) Tall and Taller37.5″ or taller seat height
5’10” (178cm) Tall35 to 39″ seat height
5’8″ (172cm) Tall34 to 38″ seat height
5′ 6″ (167cm) Tall34 to 37″ seat height
5’4″ (162cm) Tall33 to 36″ seat height
5’2″ (157cm) Tall31 to 35″ seat height
Kids 10 to 12 years old26 to 31″ seat height
Kids 8 to 9 years old24 to 28″ seat height
dirt bike height chart

Punching Holes

Small holes on the dirt bike’s spray seat will reduce its height. Due to the small troughs in the foam of the seat, it sinks further and gives a crucial difference in height while sitting on the seat.

Use this tactic when your child is faced with a bike height issue. This is the easiest way to produce good results immediately.

Techniques for easier travel as a shorter rider

  • Learn a decent cycling balance – Once you have a perfect balance on the ground, you won’t have to bring your foot down as much as possible so you can learn slow riding skills – this will assist improve balance.
  • Learn standing up frequently – Learning to balance with the footpegs balanced on your feet allows you improved balancing and more stability over the bike – a lot too much for many inexperienced riders. You’re getting tired of your legs, but practice, and you’re going to get smoother and have more strength.
  • Study how to leap off the bike – Understand your limitations and realize when you will fall, and instead of jumping off the bike to one side, still keeping the handlebars – this strategy can help keep you from dropping in certain circumstances.
  • Exfoliate your seat – There are videos online demonstrating to you how – this change can offer you further space about an inch on your seat. Or just purchase a Gel Insert.
  • Raise the back sag – reduce the suspension by raising the rear sag as far as possible – several rear sag bikes will raise it to 105 mm from around 112 mm, and you’ll only reduce the bike by around 1/2 an inch. Now lift the dividers in the clamps 4 mm – see where the dividers actually deal through the triple clamps as their flush relaxes the pinch bolts and slips the dividers up 4 mm and tightens the pinch bolts down to standard.
  • Lowering Connection Kit – If the bike is attached to the rear suspension, a lowering linkage kit will lower the bike to 1 1/4 inch – it’s a little complicated to mount, and you may need the shop to provide for you. Some rider’s say this messed up the bike’s design-it does, but it’s really small, and it’s worth the advantage.
  • Suspension Reduced – take the dirt bike to a professional in adjustment and get the lower the bike-this is by far the safest way to lower a dirt bike, but it can charge you a little extra.
  • Bike Selection – The better model is starting from a bike with lower seating.
  • Highly secured gear – As a shorter rider, you’ll fall more simply because you can’t hit the ground, wear proper protective gear for safety purposes.

How to identify that the height of your dirt bike seat is incorrect

  • While you’re sitting on the dirt bike and you’re on your toe’s tips: Seat height seems to be too high.
  • If both feet are unable to hit the ground at the same time, the bike will be bent over: then the seat height is far too high.
  • If the bike drops and, on either side, you can’t hit the floor: the seat height is almost too high.
  • If both feet on the ground are flat and your heel is not in the air: the elevation of the seat is also too low.
  • If both feet are flat on the ground and your knees bent: the height of the seat is far too low.

Height of the seat for children – Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart

It’s a bit more difficult to buy a dirt bike for your child. This is because you just want to ensure that your child is secure, but also because children grow up very fast! If you buy dirt bikes for children, you may want to permit growth.

But that’s the better alternative if you can purchase a dirt cycle that has an adjustable seat height. A dirt bike that can evolve would not make you change your bike as soon as they grow up.

But make absolutely sure every time you buy a dirt bike for your child, the balls from both feet are touching the ground. Do not even purchase a dirt bike where your feet are flat on the floor because they’ll be too big for the bike.

How could a dirt-bike seat be modified?

The reduced seats used on most dirt bike models are suitable for adjusting the height of the seat on a dirt bike. Likewise, the foam on the seat may be coated or a finer coating substituted for the foam. However, by removing the foam, the seat is less convenient.

Similarly, by removing the foam with a dense sheet of plastic, you can increase the height of a dirt bike. The back suspension of your dirt bike can also be modified. Be alert, though, since you can adversely affect your riding.

The influence of the drivers when choosing a dirt bike is essential.

The suggested dirt bike size schematic is fine for drivers of “average weight.” The engine efficiency could be a problem if you have a greater build. New dirt engines are much more effective than their previous machinery that makes it possible for much heavier riders on the same engine.

Test riding is a clear sign that a bike is appropriate. A marginally below-powered motorcycle is easier and faster than a motorcycle that has the strength that the rider cannot control securely.

Consider taking the dirt bike from every angle so you or your child can drive it with absolute ease, and eventually, it’s going to help them to obtain sufficient experience and confidence in dirt biking. Dirt bike height chart will help you identify your children’s most convenient dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart


The availability of the appropriate dirt bike is certainly also critical for comfort. If all is all right on your bike, but it’s not stable enough, your child won’t feel relaxed while sitting there. Often try to ensure that the dirt bike for kids is fitted with a strong suspension system and a sturdy foam providing supportive seating so that your kid can cycle the dirt bike with a lot of bounces and difficulties on hard terrain or on rugged, unpaved roads where your kid requires proper support, reliable shocks, and a reliable seating system.

Make sure that you buy the dirt bike size for 14 years, and your kid must be of that age also to ensure proper skills and safety.


You will start off with a bike with a low seat. If this is not appropriate, then it’ll be money worth invested, take the bike to an expert and let them reduce the height of the bike for you. You must feel relaxed on the bike, and having the height of the seat right is a huge part of it. 

You’ll be delighted if you’re new to riding. Get your bike fitted up in a suspension store, including the handlebars. With a new dirt bike, prepare the nearby trails and scoop them up.

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