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Do You Need A License For A Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are made specifically for off-road driving, and no state allows the rider to drive a dirt bike on roads. When talking about legal requirements such as documentation, etc., each state has a different law. If we particularly talk about do you need a license for a dirt bike, the answer of Do You Need A License For A Dirt Bike?. depends on the state you live in.

Dirt bikes must contain a license plate attached to the bike. To drive a dirt bike on private land, you don’t need a driving license. But you must have a legal license plate if you drive it on public roads.

Typically, it is not legal to drive a dirt bike to drive on public roads. Suppose you want to have an off-road ride experience. In that case, many states do not ask for a driver’s license or liability insurance kind of document. But around half of the states have put an age restriction on drivers.

If the driver is a minor, then the rider must own a training certificate. Titling rules and registration of dirt bikes are not the same in all states, and each state has different rules and regulations.

Where Can You Ride A Dirt Bike?

It is a crucial one that where can you ride your dirt bike? Remember, no state allows you to ride a dirt bike on public roads, streets, parking lots, or any sidewalk path. If anyone rides a dirt bike in any of these places, he will be guilty of breaking state laws.

However, as we have discussed, the strictness or leniency of dirt bike use also depends on where you live. For instance, if you reside in New York City, laws may not be similar to Texas, Florida, or any other state. But, no matter from which state you belong, you must adhere to specific laws to avoid any violence against state law.

It would be best if you took certification in riding a dirt bike and own a dirt bike license. Unlike any regular motorcycle or another vehicle, the driver doesn’t need to be 18 years old to earn the license. To achieve this license, the rider who needs to get a dirt bike license must be above 14 years old.

Do You Need A License For A Dirt Bike?

Is it Against Law to Ride a Dirt Bike on Public Roads?

Yes, it is not allowed to ride a dirt bike on public roads or any places where there is a chance of meeting any mishap. But, if you have got a training certificate and are a license holder, you may have this option to ride a dirt bike on roads. If you want to make your dirt bike street legal, you must take care of the suggestions mentioned below.

Brake Light

Brake lights in your dirt bike, which is in workable condition and uses a mounted battery, must be installed in the bike. It is crucial to make your dirt bike street legal dirt bike. The battery must be able to conduct power to the brake light for at least twenty minutes.

Thanks to LEDs, they have made this function pretty convenient with limited power draw. The bike’s tail light is required to be turned on while driving the bike.

Head Light

A headlight of a dirt bike is capable of switching between low and high beams. It is a compulsory requirement to make your bike street legal in all states. In addition, it is required to be DOT approved to make it acceptable.

The application of switching abilities varies depending on different states. Due to that, it is the reason for the confusion in the dirt bike communities. It is indeed a good idea to have a high beam to ensure safety. It is not required to be energized by a battery, and you can hook up on the rear brake of the bike.

You must ensure that you can have quick access to the switch. Also, the high beam indicator must be visible from the rider’s seat.


It is not a big deal at all to install a horn on your dirt bike. Not paying attention to it may cause you to be guilty of violating the riding law. There are no such obligations in installing any horn, but some states require it to be electric.

The actual purpose behind enforcing electric horns is that you need to have a loud horn, and electric horns are already pretty noisy. That’s why it is better to opt for an electric horn over a manual one.


If you have a dual-sport bike, you must have stock wheels, or a similar size set of tires must be installed in your bike. Not to forget, the tires must be DOT-approved. If you need a supermoto-kind bike, you will be required to upgrade the entire system of your bike.


Some states do not require you to install a turning indicator on your dirt bike. But it is a compulsion in many other states. Those states which demand you to install indicators provide a guide about where do you need to locate them.

Indicators must be installed where they can easily get in touch with the headlight and taillight. The signals switch must be positioned near left-hand reach and visible from the rider’s position.

License Plate

You must display a license plate when your bike has been titled before you plan to venture on the load. It is necessary to install a license plate as it is proof of legal registration. Each state has its law for displaying the license plate, and it would be better to consult with the DMV to ensure that the license plate is installed at the right spot.


A working kickstand is not a compulsion demanded by federal law. But it is a component of a bike that is used on public streets. A convenient of completing this upgrade is to purchase a package with all the required accessories available in one kit.


Exhaust is something that is necessarily required by all state laws. Every vehicle must have an exhaust that doesn’t form smoke. We highly recommend installing an EPA-certified exhaust on your dirt bike to make it street legal.

If you already have an exhaust installed on your bike, then you need to replace the silencer with a spark arrestor.


Many states do not require a speedometer or tachometer. But it is not good to not install a tachometer as not having a speedometer on your bike puts your safety at risk. It is not complicated and pretty convenient to install on the bike.


There are no legal obligations related to the installation of gearing. But it is a crucial component and should not be ignored. When comparing dirt bikes with motorcycles, off-road bikes are designed for lower speeds. So, you need to have gear installed on your dirt bike to ensure your safety.


Dirt bikes are pretty different than regular street bikes. It is illegal to ride a dirt bike on public roads, and you should prefer to ride for off-road driving. Most states do not need a rider to own a license to ride a dirt bike, but it is better to get a training certificate.


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