How Fast Does A 100cc Dirt Bike Go?

How Fast Does A 100cc Dirt Bike Go?

Well, 100cc dirt bike is not known for the speed as kids are the ones who ride this bike. However, a 100cc dirt bike can go up to 50 miles per hour at full speed. Riding a bike carries a high risk if you do not follow the recommended guidelines.

However, a 100cc dirt bike is suitable for beginners and would help riders understand basic knowledge regarding dirt bikes. Also, the modifications that you can make to take your dirt bike to the next level. There are many models in the market for 100cc dirt bikes that you can go through before buying a new one for your kid.

It is not easy to choose the right dirt bike, but once you have complete information on bikes and their installed component. You and your children would love the same development process.

How Fast Does A 100cc Dirt Bike Go?
How Fast Does A 100cc Dirt Bike Go?

Factors That You Must Know When Buying a Dirt Bike:

Following are the factors determining the speed of a dirt bike and the correct dirt bike for your kid.

1. Seat Height

You need to check the seat height before jumping into any other feature of the bike. You can get your child to sit on the various 100cc bikes to understand the height better. It is always recommended to wear high heel riding boots than any regular sneaker and always carry the same boot when deciding to buy the bike from the store. You can have a trial with the same pair of boots.

If feet do not touch the ground, it will put more load on suspension and feel more bumps. So always think about seating as your priority to make your kid ride the bike comfortably. You might have an option in some dirt bikes to lower the suspension, lowering the handlebars to help your kid reach easily.

Furthermore, you can check with the shopkeeper to cut the seat so that your children can put their feet down. If you start your children riding the bike early, they would have more confidence while steering and controlling the dirt bike.

2. Size of the Engine

100cc engine is suitable for the age of 5 to 9 years old kids. They find it easier to control the bike as the engine does not contain much power. However, the most miniature engine size is 50cc which is suitable for kids who never had in hand experience on the dirt bike. 100cc power is better, and there is plenty of room for your kid to learn throttle control.

Engine size starts with 50cc and goes 250cc that is for adult riders. 100cc is suitable to run at 50 MPH, and kids enjoy the same amount of speed at an early stage. You can evaluate your kid’s performance, and if he rides well and confident rider, you can go for the next-level dirt bike.

Also, you would have an idea by knowing these things that it is the right time to go for the more powerful engine.

  • A kid’s leg comes up with the height to his ear while riding the bike.
  • They might want to try motocross racing.
  • They want to experience the manual clutch bike instead of an automatic one.
  • Your kid would look for better suspension, brakes, and larger wheels. All these features are for more powerful bikes.

It is advisable to gradually improve the engine size as even minor improvements make a difference to amateur riders. Improved engine size comes up with better clutch and gears etc.           

3. Size of Wheels

Bikes under 125cc or less come up with a big wheel or small wheel. Big wheel dirt bikes have a front-wheel of 19 inches and 16 inches or above. On the other hand, small wheels dirt bikes bring 17-inch front wheel and 14 inch back wheels. Wheel size gives much difference in the swingarm, gearing, and suspension within the same model bike with two different wheels.

Both types of wheels have their advantages. The big wheel provides more stability and adjusts on small bumps. At the same time, small wheels are lighter and suitable for quick turns. Weight is more in big wheels than the small ones, but you would have more tires than small wheel bikes.

Wheel size also makes a height difference, obviously due to the size of the frame. It would help if you let your children sit on bikes having different sizes of wheels.

4. Type of Engine – Two-stroke vs. Four-stroke

100cc or fewer dirt bikes come up with two engine options: two-stroke or four-stroke. This difference directly impacts the bike’s speed as four-stroke generates power for every two movements of the crankshaft. It is suitable for a smooth ride and eliminates jerks while riding the bike. Whereas, two-stroke generates more power as every crankshaft movement can give higher power to weight ratio.

In other words, 65cc two-stroke can match the pace of 80cc to 100cc of four-stroke engines. It all depends on the track that supports a two or four-stroke engine. Two strokes are always favorable in the trail and recreational riding. But four strokes would provide more stability and control if the tracks are bumpy.

5. Electric vs. Kick Start

All the entry-level bikes usually come up with an electronic startup option of push-button. Figure out which is easier for the kids to operate as it requires less effort to start the engine. Maintenance is all we need for an electric starter, and you must use it gently.

Kick starter requires more effort to start the engine, and kids find it difficult to operate. However, it only happens when you are new to kick starter and becomes familiar with the kick motion later on. Even adult bikes have the electric starter option in new models dirt bikes, which used to come with kick starter in old models bikes.

6. Transmission

You would find an automatic clutch in 100cc or less engine dirt bike. An automatic clutch helps the kids learn the steer and balance initially as they do not get confused with the transmission change. Suzuki JR80 is the dirt bike model that comes up with a manual clutch, and it is suitable for learning before jumping to the higher grade bike.

Also, the Braaap MX-110F has a four-stroke engine with an adjustable suspension and broader powerband. It is a good option for the beginner who wants to have an idea regarding modification in bikes. Moving to a manual clutch is always a good choice once your kid has gained basic controls.

Manual clutch provides more gears, and your kid would enjoy transmission from one gear to another manually as per the speed. This skill will help your kid in the future when he gets a chance to ride a 250cc or above bike.

Top 100cc or Fewer Dirt Bikes for Kids:

There are multiple brands available in the market for dirt bikes, and I would say that all of them are making outstanding dirt bikes. They are all equipped with the latest mechanism to give you an outstanding feel of a dirt bike. Cost does vary as per engine power and brand names.

You can do your homework at your end. We also have shortlisted as per our preference to check if you plan to have one for your kid(s).

1. Kawasaki KX100

Suppose your kid is aging and needs an upgrade to take the dirt bike game to the next level. Kawasaki KX100 is an excellent option for moving from small bikes to full-size motocrossers. It has a two-stroke engine from Kawasaki, and there is no other bike with 100cc that has two-stroke by Kawasaki.

It would be a perfect choice to move to a full-size dirt bike. The front tire is 19 inches, or the back wheel is 16 inches. The green color body makes it more attractive during the race on the track. It is ideal for riding initially and moving to the 125cc two-stroke or 250 four-stroke class.

Key Features:

Bike nameKawasaki KX100
Weight169.7 pounds – 77.0 kg
Power53.16 HP (39.1 kW) @ 11500 rpm
Maximum speed65MPH
Engine99cc 2-stroke single with exhaust power valve, liquid-cooled
Transmission6 Gears and Manual

2. Yamaha YZ85

YZ85 is manufactured by non-other than Yamaha, and It is perfect for cross/motocross. It was launched in the year 2018 and equipped with a two-stroke motor, single-cylinder. Chassis are so good that they enable perfect road holding, ride comfort, and handling behavior.

The frame has a semi-double-cradle shape with a front suspension inverted overturned fork, and you would find a single shock at the rear.  Front-wheel is 17 inches, and the rear on is 14 to assist in quick turning. Both tires are equipped with single disk brakes to give better control during riding.

Key Features:

Bike nameYamaha YZ85
Weight157.0 pounds – 71.2 kg
Maximum speed60MPH
Engine85cc Liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted
Transmission6 Gears and Manual

3. KTM 85 SX 17/14

KTM is very popular amongst 85cc category dirt bikes. Suppose you want a natural flavor of the big league of motocross, then this bike is the right option. Every angle of this bike depicts the big bike and has lightweight. WP-engineered frames adjust the engine shapes like a rocket ship, which are unmatched performance and rideability. 

It is indeed an excellent bike for ultimate racing and would give an edge over the competitor in the track. The front-wheel size is 17 inches, and the rear-wheel is 14 inches that maintain a seat height of 34 inches. KTM 85 SX equips with WP Xact PDS shock and WP Xact 43mm air fork.

Key Features:

Bike nameKTM 85 SX 17/14
Weight147.71 pounds – 67 kg
Maximum speed65MPH
Engine84.9cc, 2-stroke, 1-cylinderFge
Transmission6 Gears

4. Suzuki RM85

This bike has its class in the Suzuki manufactured bikes. If you are a Suzuki fan, this bike carries the powerful tradition of racing in the Suzuki motocross. Its two two-stroke engine can generate smooth power at any point and emphasize low to mid-range performance.

RM85 is from the same family as RM-Z. It guarantees class-leading handling for inexperienced and experienced riders. 2 stroke engine maintains smooth power delivery and lightweight handling. This bike is the perfect choice for motocross racing and for those who strive to win.

 Key Features:

Bike nameSuzuki RM85
Weight160.9 pounds – 73 kg
Power41.06 HP (30.2 kW) @ 11500 rpm
Maximum speed50 – 55 MPH
EngineWater cooled, 84cc, Single, 2-stroke
Transmission6 Gears

5. Mountain Moto FX5

Mountain Moto is one of the slimmest dirt bikes that looks cool enough. It weighs lighter than 132 pounds only. When the company launched this bike, the goal was to introduce it as one of the light-weighted bikes around the world.

An FX5 uses the KTM 350 frame; however, FX Moto decreased the ground clearance and trimmed the body weight from many locations. There’s also a range of other engines for this bike, from a Daytona-Japan motor to a four-stroke 125cc YX. For this engine, FX Moto provides both manual and automated transmissions.

Key Features:

Bike nameMountain Moto FX5    
Weight132 pounds – 59.8 kg
Maximum speed100 km P/H
Engine125CC 4-Stroke Engine
Transmission6 Gears

6. Honda CRF 150R

Honda CRF is far better than any typical dirt bike with a low-height seat. This bike is equipped with a 149CC engine which offers a pretty smooth ride. When talking about money-value, it is one of the best options worth investing money in for an excellent ride experience.

For beginners, this bike is the perfect option to consider. The make of this bike is cool enough and leaves a pretty bold impression on the eyes. The bike looks too stylish with its high seat, big wheels, and a longer swingarm.

Key Features:

Bike nameHonda CRF 150R
Weight187 pounds – 84.8 kg
Power11000 RPM
Maximum speed100 km P/H
Engine149CC single-cylinder 4-stroke
Transmission6 Gears

7. Husqvarna TC25

Husqvarna is a small bike that doesn’t offer enough capacity to look at the bike for the first time. But apart from this minimal capacity, the ride that it provides is worth it. The company has designed the crankshaft to be as light as possible while balancing it perfectly to reduce vibration.

Also, it is carefully positioned so that the rotational mass does not affect the handling. The bike uses high-pressure die-casting to keep the weight down. And for improving the starting dependability, the manufacturer has provided a strengthened kickstart intermediate gear.

Key Features:

Bike nameHusqvarna TC125      
Weight193 pounds – 87.5 kg
Power40 HP
Maximum speed153 km P/H
Transmission6 Gears

Which One Is The Best 100cc Dirt Bike?

There are plenty of factors involved that make a perfect dirt bike. You might think that engine is the only component in the bike to go bike faster, but it is not the case. We help you to further the factors that cause you to go bike faster.

The first thing that we come across is the right size of the dirt bike for the kid. Engine specification comes later, and the height of the bike that you need to know first before anything. If your kid touches the ground while seated on the bike, that indicates the correct size for your kid. 


Kawasaki KX100 is one of the best options when it comes to a 100cc dirt bike. You can get 50MPH as top speed in 100cc. Overall, it comes under the range for amateurs who want to learn this motocross thing. Also, you get to learn the modification that you can do later to your advanced bikes.

100cc or lower power bikes cover the range for the kids. It helps them learn different skills they can apply later when they want to turn professional in the same area. The best part about 100CC dirt bikes is that you enjoy your time with freedom on two wheels bike.


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