How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go

How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go

Are you looking to buy or recently bought an 80cc dirt bike and are curious about What is 80cc dirt bike top speed is? Of course, asking you how fast an 80cc dirt bike would go through many factors that affect speed.

The average maximum speed of an 80cc dirt bike is 45-50 mph. The dirt bike industry is flourishing so much that they have varieties of different engines. It indicates that you can find dirt bikes that pass 50 mph to reach as high as 70 mph.

They are safe for kids as long as they can handle them appropriately. Would you please ensure your kids are equipped with the necessary safety gear even as you supervise them on their bikes?

How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go
How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go

Factors Influence When Purchasing a Dirt Bike:

Dirt bikes are the sort of bikes that are engineered for fun and adventure. It is built specifically for off-road tracks and off-road events.

Here are some factors that influence purchasing the bike are.

Appropriate Age to Start

Age is the primary factor in this regard. A kid can ride with the additional wheel at the age of 4 years.


Costs vary widely in the 80cc dirt bike arena. You have to spend economically on these dirt bikes.

Size of your child

Regardless of the size, the 80cc bikes are for children of 7 years ago.

Outgrowing their Bike

For a growing kid, it’s essential to move forward in the sport and upgrade their bike. 80cc bikes are still able to use and ride in outgrowing age of your kid.

New or Used?

These bikes are fine for more than a decade without much maintenance. 80cc dirt bikes hold their value reasonably well, so buying used ones won’t get you a steal necessarily.

Engine’ Type:  (4Stroke vs. 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes – Which is Faster?)

The engine type is the most crucial factor in speed preference. 2-Stroke and 4-Stork engines are available in dirt bikes. Bothe has its pores and corns.

  • 2-stroke bikes are always going to be faster than a 4-stroke of the same cc. They are not too technical. Also, a 2-stroke has twice as many ignition strokes as a 4-stroke.
  • 2-stroke has more power and energy. They are faster, louder, and a little less controllable.
  • Young riders, minimal experienced, probably shouldn’t practice with a 2-stroke.
  • 4-stroke engines are the more efficient option of the two.
  • 4-stroke engines are heavier, quieter, and often more durable.
  • 2-stroke can be a bit intense for a beginner
How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go

Personal Demographics: (Effect on speed)

Significant factors that can affect the top speed of the dirt bike

Body Weight Affects Speed:

riders are the most critical factor in this regard; the lighter the person’s weight, the faster the speed. It’s generally around that +7 lbs = 1 hp slower and vice versa. Most People think the 80cc dirt bikes are for kids. They are fun for adults too. The 80cc dirt bike is easier to handle for someone weighing less than 150 lbs.

Person Skill and Experience:

Your seating position also decides the top speed of your dirt bike. Spending many days of training on a dirt bike, you gain expertise. Biker’s experience is significant in shifting, braking, leaning in corners, and moving at reasonable speed rather than decision-making.

Bike weight and tires affect speed:

Significant elements like the bike’s weight and the bike’s design come into play. The tires dirt bike also differ since the tires can handle rough off-road, have to be exposed to water, gravel, sand, and all sorts of dirt out there. Therefore there is no specified extreme maximum.

Motocross Track Layout (also affect speed):

Dirt bike speed varied with the track. There is different Type of tracks each with the unique pavement. These obstacles decide how fast you ride your bike.

What Is The Best 80cc Dirt Bike?

The fastest 80cc dirt bike is the KTM SX and Honda Kawasaki K80. This ripper is popular in tracks around the country.  They both are 2-stroke dirt bikes. They are expensive but well worth it if performance is at the forefront of your mind.

Top Best 50cc Dirt Bikes:

You can choose an 80cc dirt bike for your child by looking at models from reputable brands. Hera is brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Honda, and Kawasaki. They have done plenty of research on safety for kids over the many years.

Suzuki JR80:

The Suzuki JR80 is another excellent dirt bike for young riders. The reason why this is becoming prominent. Young riders pick this dirt bike as an option.

Suzuki JR80 comes out as a two-stroke engine dirt bike with decent power and speed to please riders.

The engine has plenty of torque to deliver a controllable thrill to your child. You can control its maximum power through the throttle limiter. Once your child learns to hold the bike’s throttle wide open, they will ride at a good pace.

For starters, the speeds clocks in at a modest 45 mph, which is a street-legal limit in most states. It runs on a single-cylinder system with a 5-speed chain transmission. The model’s suspension is appropriate for the engine and young riders.

The bike has aplenty of functions and safety features. The electric start feature is especially suitable for young riders who have yet to get the hang of kickstarting.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameSuzuki JR80
Weight90 lbs (40.8 kg)
Power3 hp
Maximum speed45 mph (72.4 km/h)
Transmission 5-speed Transmission

Kawasaki K80:

Kawasaki is one of the oldest and pioneer brands in dirt bike manufacturing. For starters, they have a dirt bike with a less powerful engine name as Kawasaki K80. The question arises of how fast this Kawasaki K80 dirt bike goes. The answer is top speed for Kawasaki K80 is about 65 mph.

Kawasaki K80 is equipped with an engine of 80cc. It is a 2-stork engine running on a single-cylinder system also with an extra piston reed valve. There is a liquid cooling system that works in conjunction with the engine.

KX80 has a 6-speed Transmission with a constant mesh to boost. It also means that KX80 can produce plenty of power. All from the specs sheet. The Kawasaki can still achieve speeds of well over 60 mph.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameKawasaki K80
Weight85 lbs (38.5 kg)
Power3 hp
Maximum speed60 mph (96.2 km/h)
Transmission 6-speed Transmission

Honda CRF80F:

Honda is always been a reliable brand in dirt biking history since 1970. They dominate in sports and have an affordable range of bikes in their lineup. One perfect combination for beginners who are looking for speed and control is Honda CRF80F.

This dirt bike is a legendary performance of Honda in the aspect of handling and balanced versatility. The feature starts with its top speed of 55 mph. CRF has an 80cc engine with an actual suspension that makes it robust enough to handle.

Its 79cc engine can produce a horsepower of 6.5kw at 8000 rpm. The engine remains powerful, although the displacement capacity is on the lower side. Honda also put the sustainable conventional clutch to enhance the bike’s reputation with speed.

As per specs, the torque output is 6.5Nm at 8000rpm. Its 2-stork engine and 5-speed manual transmission make the bike able to achieve a speed of 55 mph. This speed is relatively high for a small dirt bike with 2-stork engines. That combination helps to makes it the right size for riding development in beginners.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameHonda CRF80F
Weight90 lbs (40.8 kg)
Power3 hp
Maximum speed55 mph (88.5 km/h)
Transmission 6-speed Transmission


Suzuki RM80:

Suzuki always has the reliability to their products. Suzuki RM80 dirt bike is another remarkable and recommendable 80cc model from Suzuki Corporation. Suzuki sought to have different variations of RM80, each representing its year of make. The latest model of Suzuki posses a small compact and scramble engine of 80cc displacement volume.

The top speed of Suzuki RM80 is 60 mph. Suzuki put a single-cylinder mechanism to boost up the engine’s power. Suzuki also makes the RM80 a two-stroke model that can pack decent speeds.

According to the specifications, the bore and stroke of the engine stand at 1.9 by 1.8 inches. Its means the comparison ratio is 10.8 is to 1. These technical details indicate that the specifications are compatible enough for the power and speed.

Engines horsepower depends on the drive chain. The chain drives to transfer the power to the rear wheel from the engine. This entire horsepower is possible by the Transmission of the bike. Suzuki put a gearbox of 6-manual Transmission. The Transmission provides the capability to ensure the RM80 produces its standard power of 14.21 HP (10.6 KW) at 11000RPM.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameSuzuki RM80
Weight85 lbs (38.5 kg)
Power3 hp
Maximum speed60 mph (96.5 km/h)
Transmission 6-speed Manual

Mega Moto MM-B80-BR Dirt bike:

The Monster Moto brand is famous for dirt bike designing. I hope you have seen the old mini bikes your parents rode as kids. They’re back and better than ever! The Monster Moto Classic 80cc mini bike is updated for the 21st century with added performance and safety features. This particular 80cc dirt bike comes in several cool designs and color combos.

MM-B80-BR has an 80cc engine model with a powerful overhead valve mechanism and automatic clutch. These entire engine features make it smooth in operation. The Monster Moto brand ensures the safety runs alongside quality design standards.

The safety feature includes a chain guard, kill switch, exhaust heat shield, and rear disc brakes. It also has a front fork suspension and an adjustable chain tensioner that keeps the chain in place. It is a classic mini dirt bike that will provide you and your family with hours of outdoor fun.

The maximum speed MM-B80-BR can achieve 23 mph. It has a 4-stroke engine and an automatic no-shift centrifugal force clutch makes this mini bike easy to handle and operate. Its extra-large tires keep their grip on the road.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameMega Moto MM-B80-BR
Weight70 lbs (37.5 kg)
Power2.5 hp
Maximum speed23 mph (37 km/h)
Transmission single speed

Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike:

Mega Moto Minibike is not a speedy bike. It is safe as a priority and is not exactly for that fast driving experience. The mega mini bike has an 80cc engine. Its design and feature give the rider the advantage of minor complications in operation. This mini bike help adventure-seeker and competent user an excellent riding experience.

Its top speed is 23 mph as its running is a bit part automatic. Its 4-stroke engine can run at 2.5 hp, and most of the riders review that it is not that model which can answer the question. “How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go”. It only ensures a convenient riding experience.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameMega Moto Gas Mini Bike
Weight70 lbs (37.5 kg)
Power2.5 hp
Maximum speed23 mph (37 km/h)
Transmission single speed


Here are several dirt bikes offering speeds. The rest dirt bikes with few off-road capabilities and can manage less than 50 mph with the right conditions.

Hopefully, we answer your question, “How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go?”

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