How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weigh

How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weigh

A lightweight bike is all that a biker needs to get an advantage over the other riders. Price is the most significant factor as manufacturers charge more for lightweight bikes. Not everyone can ride these bikes because they are high in speed and better pickup. Lightweight in the bike has always been a decisive factor among the group of racers.

It is not necessarily essential to gain enough muscles to ride a bike which is a common perception among people. Weight varies from bike to bike according to the model and horsepower.

However, the average weight of a dirt bike is 215 pounds which comes up to 98 in kilogram, and it includes the weight with fuel in the tank, commonly known as wet weight.

When the tank is unfilled, then it is called a dry weight. The total weight will be depending on the fuel in the bank, and it is highly recommended to keep a full tank with fuel to add the total weight while transporting a dirt bike.

How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weigh
How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weigh

Factors Involved in 250 4 stroke Dirt Bike Weight.

Multiple factors are involved that cause the bike weight to go heavy and light. I will share these factors that will help you understand as well while buying a dirt bike. Here we go!

250CC to 650CC Dirt Bikes 

Bikes with horsepower between 250CC to 650CC fall under adult bikes, and the average weight for these bikes is 215 pounds. In recent days the new bikes weigh less than the old model bikes, and it varies year to year. KTM is famous for lightweight dirt bikes as compared to other manufacturer’s bikes. 

Height must be considered in adults while choosing a dirt bike as tall individuals with 6ft+ height and 90kg body weight are good with 450CC to 650CC bikes. Average height adults with 5.8ft to 6ft height may choose 250CC dirt bike as it falls between beginner and advanced level. Following is the dirt bike weight chart that falls under 250CC to 650CC.

KTM 250 XC-F218.7lbs
Kawasaki KX500220.4lbs
Husqvarna FC350223lbs
Honda CRF250X224.8lbs
Suzuki RM-Z250230.4lbs
Honda CRF450233lbs
Kawasaki KX250F233.6lbs
Yamaha YZ250F234lbs
Suzuki RM-Z450247lbs
Yamaha YZ250FX249lbs (curb)
Honda CRF230F249lbs (curb)
Yamaha WR250F258lbs
Yamaha WR250R278lbs
Suzuki DR-Z400S317lbs
Honda XR650L346lbs

50CC to 125CC Dirt Bikes

50CC to 125CC bikes are known as kid’s dirt bikes, and they weigh around 137.5 pounds. Weight is also varying in the new models’ bikes, and they are lighter than the old model’s bikes, just like the adult bikes. Variety of factors that make the kid’s dirt bike lighter, such as more diminutive in size, maybe cheaper, less durable, and lighter material.

The size of the tank is smaller simultaneously, which makes the difference in the weight. Therefore, the fuel amount will be less, and it will be lighter in weight than a full adult tank. One more category is electric dirt bikes, and it is different as they are equipped with batteries and chargers. The weight remains the same and doesn’t change compared to a dirt bike with an engine.

Electric bikes are pretty less in availability than bikes with an engine. We have listed the kid’s dirt bike weight chart for your better understanding.

Yamaha PW5090lbs
KTM 50 SX Mini88.2lbs
Honda CRF125F194lbs (curb)
Kawasaki KX85165lbs
Kawasaki KLX110165.5lbs (curb)
Yamaha TT-R110E159lbs (wet)
Yamaha TTR-50126lbs
Suzuki DR-Z70121lbs (curb)
KTM 65 SX116.5lbs
Honda CRF50110lbs

Wet Weight of Dirt Bike

Wet weight or curb weight is measured when all the required fluids are filled in the bike, making the bike run smoothly. Therefore, the fuel has to be complete in the tank.

The other liquids such as oil, coolant, water, and brake oil depend upon the engine of the bike and the model & make. Knowing the wet or curb weight must be considered as we usually do not realize, but the liquid drastically impacts the weight.

You are highly recommended to look for a concerned person while buying a dirt bike and ask for a wet or curb weight. It will provide you the essential information that you may not know.

Dry Weight of Dirt Bike

Dry weight is opposite to the wet or curbs weight as it is measured when the bike is free of any fluid or fuel that allows the bike to ride. Usually, the manufacturer’s website contains the dry weight; however, some brands have started to publish wet weight. KTM is publishing the wet weight, excluding the weight of the fuel.

It will help you do your work from the racing point of view and add the fuel weight according to your plan, which is helpful information than knowing the dry weight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a dirt bike weigh in kg?

Usually, the weight for a dirt bike is 215 pounds which comes up to 98 kilograms. That includes the weight of the bike with fluid and fuel, known as wet weight. Dry weight is when there is no fuel and fluid-filled in the dirt bike, as the total weight varies depending on the fuel quantity in the tank. The weight of the fuel is about 6.3 pounds per gallon of gas.

How much does a 125cc Dirt bike weigh

The average weight for 125CC is around 137.5 pounds, and it may be less in the newly released models. Since they are lesser in size, which makes 125CC lighter in weight, the fuel tank is not as big as we usually get in the adult dirt bike. Even a full tank will not make much difference as the full adult tank can do.

How much 250CC four-stroke dirt bike weight

Two hundred thirty-five pounds is the average weight for 250CC 4 stroke dirt bike, and it comes up to 106.5 kilogram, which is a wet weight.

Someone who weighs the same bodyweight should go for the same weight dirt bike, and those who have the light bodyweight must not go for the same. Weight is entirely related to your bike’s performance as it may not give you pleasure if you ride the bike, which is not suited as per your body weight.

How much does a 450 dirt bike weigh

Suzuki RM-Z450 is the heaviest 450CC bike which weighs around 241 pounds as dry weight. The lightest 450CC is 223 pounds that is 18 pounds less than the heaviest dirt bike. KTM is known for making the lightest dirt bikes. They give an advantage to the rider over the other manufacturer bikes in competitive racing.

What are the ways to reduce or increase the dirt bike’s weight?

Weight is the decisive factor in dirt bikes, and it has to be according to your body weight so it may not move slowly. You need to evaluate and choose the bike accordingly.

The ways for making your bike lighter are to hit the gym, Less fuel in the tank, Titanium parts must be used, Exhaust replacement, and use the light plastic material. When increasing the bike’s weight, you can upgrade Handguard, Skid plate, and Larger fuel tank to increase the weight.

Does the rider’s weight affect the bike’s performance?

Yes, body weight plays a vital role when it comes to bike performance. Lightweight riders have the edge over heavyweight riders as they can ride a bike faster.

The rider should maintain moderate body weight. It will be ideal for riding the bike and will give a competitive edge over the other group of bikers in the race.


Weight is the critical factor in a dirt bike. Any rider must consider the same fact before jumping into the competition. It is always recommended to do the homework and trial first. A rider must consider all the ways to adjust the bike’s weight according to the body weight.

Also, measuring weight has the two options such as wet weight or dry weight. Wet weight is the right choice while considering the bike and wet weight has to be verified with the manufacturer at the same time. All the required gears must be worn as riding bikes can be risky sometimes.

Lastly, we all look for performance, whether it’s a car or bike. So, we must consider all the relevant factors and should make the right decision while choosing a dirt bike.


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