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How To Buy A Dirt Bike – Buying Guide

The craze for a dirt bike is just the same in kids and adults. At the initial stage, when kids are not aware of the dirt bike well, they are given the beginner’s bike to understand if they have the zest to ride a dirt bike in the future or not. Once the adult decides to buy a bike, also, there are certain categories decided just to understand how ready they are to ride this kind of bike on the trail.

While there are so many types and categories of dirt bikes that you may come across, it is quite difficult to choose the first stance itself. That is why given are a few things you need to understand to make sure the bike you buy can be the best support in all your adventure.

What exactly is a dirt bike?

One can never expect you to be an expert in understanding the dirt bike. As you can see, tons of riders riding dirt bikes clearly, but they were as well once the beginners. A dirt bike is any kind of bike that can do a better riding off-road. It is all about riding off the main sealed roads. Technically such type of bike can give you a better platform to ride well on the dirt road.

But such types of bikes can be categorized into two sections. One shall be the bike you can ride on the streets, which is legal, while the other is completely for the off-road biking, which cannot be driven in the traffic zone area. However, you can transform this bike to get legalized for city riding. But the state’s rule can vary for this.

Buy now; you must be, however, pretty be clear on the fact that dirt bike is meant for off-road riding. Nut often, most of the people don’t understand that there are different formats in which dirt bike is available. It all depends on which type of bike you have been looking for.

Initially, being a first-time buyer, you may get confused after seeing so many options. Thankfully, with this post, you can work on understanding the bike categories available in the market. This way, you will be able to make a good decision on whether you want to go for a dirt bike meant for beginners or the one meant for pros.

Understanding the Difference between Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles

Some people think that motorcycles and dirt bikes are the same. But frankly, both the bikes are entirely different. You can ride them n track, road, and in rough terrains, but the mechanics and technique of each riding bike can differ to a great extent.

There is no denial of the fact that motorcycle and dirt bikes are two-wheelers. But many other things entirely prove that they are not identical at all. One is legalized to ride on the streets while the other one can only be a ride on the dirt road.

  • Dirt bike

It is designed for those who loved adventures. They can ride on the surface, which is not paved conveniently. This means they are naturally made from snow, mud, sand, and even gravel.

  • Motorcycles

These are the bikes that are designed to ride on any kind of smooth surface, which is man-made. They are legal to be used in the city and can be stringent only for certain weather conditions.

Comparison in terms of

  • Function

If you compare a dirt bike with that of a motorcycle well then, a dirt bike is always light in weight. It is compact and flexible. With a better suspension for long traveling, you can always rely on this option. Besides, it is known to have a huge ground clearance and is all geared up with the right mechanics so that you can experience a better torque in the off-road scenarios.

  • Design

The design of the dirt bike is made in such a way that a rider gets complete control of the situation and the road where he shall be riding. It is made from the hard-plastic material, which promises better control. Such type of bike is made of metal and is a fashionable option to choose from.

  • Suitability

You can ride a dirt bike in the rough patches. It is all equipped with small displacements, and the cylinder is also single, which is why you can rest assured that it will offer better adventure with safety.

  • Position of sitting

The dirt bike seats are made in a way that you get better visibility at the same time control the rider without any problem. The seat can often lean forward with the handlebars that are set low. This ensures you can adjust in a better manner at the time of riding. Besides, when you ride the dirt bike, you will have to stand often and shift the weight, which is why such a designed seat is comfortable.

  • Tyres type

Now, this also varies a lot between motorcycles and dirt bikes. The dirt bikes tyres are narrow while they come with blocks that are big along with the nobs. The large area with the empty region in the tire can help in holding the mud, dirt, and sand as well.

  • Suspension

The dirt bikes are designed to ensure you can ride with better mobility and even jump the bike when required, along with shock absorption. The system of the suspension is made from the hydraulic tubes and have the spring shocks.

The travel of suspension in the dirt bike measures around 12 inches and sometimes, even more, to ensure high shocks are absorbed well while the suspension in the motorcycle for the road is just some inches, which are meant for minor shocks.

  • Tank ability

The dirt bike has got a smaller tank. It focuses mostly on the mechanism, and hence, it would not want to add additional weight to the tank. At the same time, motorcycles are meant for long-distance, which is why you shall find them with bigger tanks.

  • Braking

In the dirt bike, there is a small brake rotor. The rear side of the brake plays a crucial role. If you apply the rear brake, it is important for the dirt bike since it gives easy to turn for the bike with better control. In case the road has a straight line, then it is always better to use the front brake.

  • Clutch

Moving further, for the clutch mechanism, the dirt bike requires a clutch often because of ample of its benefits. Riders choose to use the same gear and ensure the clutch can be used for increasing the revs and thus make the rear tyre spin harder and get from the corner in the similar gear.

Using the clutch, dirt bikers can maintain the throttle constantly and control the wheel while riding. But since street bikes are heavy and during low speed, controlling it can be tough when you don’t have to slip the clutch.

  • Steering

When you ride the street bike, there is no need to use steering often for controlling the bike. You can simply lean in the direction to turn. This way, it will be easier to take the corner. Although it is possible to do the same with your dirt bike often, you will have to use the bars for taking turns. Talking about the bars, dirt bikes have wider ones that often give leverage while turning the tyres.

  • Gear

In terms of gear, dirt bikes are quite capable of giving you better speed even when there is a low gear applied at the time of leaping to the upper side of the steep hill and even pull the bike from the sand and mud. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are geared so that they can move without any issues and thus reach even the triple numbers with much strong throttle application.

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Different Dirt Biking Types

Things that you read above was just to help you understand that your shopping list should not have any misunderstanding between the dirt bike and motorcycle. But when it comes to choosing the type of dirt bike, given below are types you should not ignore:

  • Dual Sportbike

This is a multipurpose bike that is meant for on-road and the off-road. This type of bike is a street-legal one. It comes with headlights, lights, and mirrors, and signals to be used as indicators for turning.

The bikes are not meant to be used for being competitive, but it can be quite heavy as compared to other types like Motocross and Endura. This type of dirt bike is the best one for the beginners as it offers a perfect balance and comes with better controlling mechanisms, even in plain sight. In terms of budget, it is not an expensive option to be worried about.

  • Rally Raid Bikes

Rally Raid Bikes can be called as an Enduro type bank. It has a large fuel tank and is meant for the racing to be done for long-distance. It is best to be used in desert areas. The engine capacity of the bike is large and can be between 450cc to 750cc.

  • Track Racing Bikes

Another popular concept of dirt bike you may want to consider is the track racing bike. It is known to be the high-speed racing bike that comes with two gears and has an engineer, which is all fuelled up with methanol.

  • Snow Bikes

The name of the bike itself indicates the purpose of the bike. It is best to be used in the snow, and often the wheel of the rear side can be replaced using a solo tread system. It is often like that of the snowball and even the front wheel that has a huge ski. Consider such type of bike for a tight turning radius so that it can allow you to be mobile in those areas where a snowmobile also may not go.

  • Motocross

This is a dirt bike often advised for beginners. This bike is known to offer a good performance-based machine. It is designed for the race, which is around the circuit and comes with different jumps sort and even the banked corners.

This is one of its kind, which is meant for the shirt power burps. That is how it can pace up the speed and stop at a time as well. Such type of bike is light in weight, and the set-up of the suspension is made for the jumps, which can be used during the motocross tracks.

The set-up of the suspension is done in a way that such a bike will look tall, and the factoring becomes important when you look at such a bike type. Since the weight of the bike is less because of less equipment that is made on the bike, it usually runs with a small fuel tank that ensures weight reduction is maintained. Talking about the performance, well, such a bike needs maintenance for better riding. You need to give it for servicing often.

  • Trail dirt bike

If you compare the motocross with this type of bike, then the first impression which you will get will, of course, be nothing but confusion. For the beginner looking at the machine initially will be confusing, but there are subtle differences.

Suppose the trail bike has a gearing, which differs from that of the motocross as the latter would need to be accelerated as quickly as possible while the trail bike can have a better top end gearing. In terms of safety as well, trail bikes have more features now be that the radiator guards or the hand protectors.

The rear and front lights are tell-tale signs. But the biggest difference between the two is the suspension. Trail riding gives a longhouse at the saddle, so the suspension will be soft. In the case of motocross, the suspension is stoop to be handled for the landings and big jumps.

  • Enduro

This is another bike advised for the beginners., It is like that of the trail bike withs subtle differences. This kind of bike is known for its suspension, which can vary in the different terrains. Since the Enduro nature is endurance, the bike is designed to stand for the punishments.

To enjoy longer rides in this bike, the fuel tank is bigger too. The brakes are the important ones which are quite good for a constant start and stop. Moving further, in terms of engine performance, it can ensure different terrain can be enjoyed with different riding styles.

  • Dual Sports

This is another rising off-road bike, but its ration on the road and off the road can vary. It would depend on the manufacturer to whom you visit. This type of bike is easy to care for and handy. The only problem with this type of bike is that it is heavy as compared to that of motocross.

Getting the right tires for such type of bike can also be problematic. You need to allow for the on-road riding aspect. If you choose to do a small on-road riding, then there is an option of the knobby tire which is fit to go.

  • Adventure Touring

This type of dirt bike which is quite large and comes with huge engines. It is made for cruising with a great spend. You can ride it on the dirt road. This type of bike offers a comfortable riding position, which is why if you are planning to travel or long hours, then it is the suited option to choose for riding. In this race, KTM and BMW are the most popular options, but again this can vary in terms of the manufacturers that you come across.

How A Dirt Bike Works

For this, we can always start by understanding the engine. The engineer can be either a push button or the key one. Then comes the clutch, which is usually mounted on the right handlebar on the right side, which offers a better engagement on selecting the gear and release the clutch. This will slowly engage the gearbox that comes with the engine.

You need to also choose the configurations of the gearbox. It varies as per the type of bike that you choose. However, there will always be the first hear which you engage in. For this, you need to press down the leaver of the foot on the right hand.

There are subsequent gears that are found when the lever is raised every time. The application of the braking is done through the front lever of the front brake while the foot lever is used for the rear brake.

However, you need to keep in mind that electric dirt bikes combination in brake scenarios can vary as the electric engine promises a better configuration variation. It is related to a gas dirt bike. The main variation between the dirt bike to that of the motorcycle is the set-up is done for the off-road riding. This can be a high travel suspension, plastic fuel tank, seat layout, and even the handguard with better performance of the engine.

How To Buy A Dirt Bike – Buying Guide

To pick up the right dirt bike for yourself can be a smooth experience for you only when you understand the different factors that you need to consider. Now age factor matters, what level of rider you are matters. Besides, height and weight are also important. To make sure the riding experience for you goes off smoothly, you need to have a bike that can fulfill your basic riding needs.

Whether you want to go for the small engine or bigger one, the powerful bike or lesser one is your call, but again it is all on the riding experience that you wish to have. Considering the height and weight factor in such a buying solution is important to decide on the height of the eat.

There are so many types of dirt bikes that are explained above with different sizes. To determine the right one for yourself, pay attention to engineer displacement and height. Well, this was just the trailer of what you need to do. The whole story is depicted below.

Considering bike for the beginners.

If you are just a beginner, then you can consider the brand of Kawasaki, which has been creating the rack riding bikes. It comes with a small displacement option for the bike. This type of dirt bike comes with limited power and is extremely light in weight too. This makes it even best for beginners to try it. Even now, there is less power, but such bikes are not as intimidating, but the power can be managed, especially for those who may get nervous about riding initially.

Even for kids, this could be the right biking option. There are, however, limited engine displacement options for the kids, and the height of these varies as per their height. But for adults, such a bike can be the best one for jumping on the road. Considering the size, it may not be the ideal on, but as a beginner, it can be a perfect option. Such a bike usually has a 125cc engine with four-stroke, which makes it best for tall people and those who have lightweight.

Considering Dirt Bikes for Kids

In case your search is for the dirt bike made for kids, then you need to focus on aspects like height, experience, and weight of the kid. There are ample of options to make a smooth decision. There are some dirt bikes meant for kids’ size, but they can vary from 50cc to 150cc. In case your kid is 5 to 6 years of age and has never ridden earlier, then you can go for the bike with a 50cc engineer.

It is best for small riders and can weigh between 70 to 90- pounds, which makes it light in weight for the little ones to ride. Besides, it is even possible for you to set the throttle for limiting the power of the bike. You can make the adjustment as your kid gains better confidence and experience too.

What is the Legal age to ride dirt bike?

Considering the Dirt Bikes for Adults

In case you have been searching for the dirt bike for adults, then the buying factors will be just the same as that for the kids. This means you need to focus on weight, height, and experience. An adult who holds a good experience can always go for a short bike and light in weight. The one with 125cc is the best option to choose from. The trail bike can be an ideal choice too. It comes with mild powers and has the wheel, which is big with a good seat height, which can be between 25 to 30 inches for the short legs.

If the adult is taller than the bike with 450cc is advised. There are many options available in the market of this range. But eventually, the track that you choose for riding also matters the most. You must also consider aspects like whether you want such a bike for high spend off riding or the wide ration speed transmission and so on.

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Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Dirt Bike

  • Age

When you plan to purchase a dirt bike, be it the regular one or elect one, age is an important factor you should not ignore. Consider the age for which you wish to buy the bike. Such bikes are made considering different age groups in mind. This means the bike, which you may think is right for one person, may not be the best for another.

That is why always keep in mind that age is an important factor. If it is an adult, then you don’t have to pay much attention. But if you are purchasing it for a kid, then their age needs to be considered.

  • Experience Level Matters too

If you are getting the first dirt bike at the age of 35 or you want to get your kid the very first bike, then experience is important to be considered. If you are purchasing a bike for a beginner, then a dirt bike less than 110cc is advised.

There can be different transmissions and automatic clutches that can help a young first-timer who shall get used to riding the two wheels before understanding the clutch mechanism. If you are a first-time rider, then look for the appropriate size back. But always keep the choices below 250cc.

  • Budget

Price also plays an important role while choosing a dirt bike. There can be some bikes which can turn out to be the expensive ones while some can be budget-friendly too. In the case of electric bikes, they can be quite pricey. There are many types of electric bikes available at different prices.

However, that does not mean you should only focus on buying the affordable one. In such a case, what matters the most is to have a bike that will give you many features and ensure you have pleasant riding experience. It is important to keep your budget flexible in such scenarios.

  • Your Height

Another important factor you must focus on is height. When you plan to buy a new bike, size is important, but along with that, safety and comfort matter too. This can be achieved only if you have a general idea about the seat height. Your focus should be one the seat which, even when you jump the bike, will not put much pressure on the bike.

You should buy a first bike that gives a better seating position. You can see if fit the status as many people have short inseam while some have torsos that are tall or arms, which are quite long. To understand if the dirt bike is right for you, you need to get on it, sit forward and see if the feet can touch the ground well.

In case you have a flat foot, then you may want to sit in the upright position and see if the ride is too small for you. This will put additional weight in the suspension, which you will feel as well the moment you hit a bump or the rock on the trail. It is important to note if you can put a one-third of the foot on the ground so that you don’t get flat-footed and lose the balance.

  • Limit of the weight

You need to also focus on the weight limit. Buying a kid’s dirt bike for a heavyweight person will only lead to damage and injuries. It is important to see which kind of weight can a particular bike take. Besides, you must also keep in mind the weight of the bike, especially if you will be using it for the racing. For racing, a lightweight bike is needed. In case you want to go for an electric dirt bike, then along with the age limit, weight limit matters too.

But people in the same age category don’t need to fall in the same weight category as well. When you plan to buy a bike for the adult, there, of course, will not be any reason to note the weight. But for a kid, the weight limit is important as the riding bike that you choose. If you don’t have much strong ability to hold the weight, then it can be quite dangerous.

In case you are unsure about the kids’ weight, then look for the bike, which has a good weight limit. Maybe you can buy it for your weight too. Even if purchasing a bike that comes with a high weight limit can be of advantage for you, but of course, you shall be spending more on the bike as heavier than you.

  • Battery (in case of electric dirt bike)

If you plan to opt for an electric dirt bike, then it comes with certain capacities. Being an adult for an electric dirt bike for yourself, you must choose the one that comes with a good battery. This way, you will be able to make perfect use of your bike.

Whereas, if you buy an electric dirt bike for a kid, you may want to go with the one which does not have much of good lasting battery as the kids if they ride for long with salting battery, the risk of them to get out of sight is high.

Other than this, speed also matters. Look for the bike that gives great speed. You can test it using a power meter, which is one efficient device to be used for measuring the bike rider’s force output. But while riding a bike that gives speed, you must also focus on proper safety measures. This includes a good helmet, gloves, and even a jacket and the right type of shoes to have a pleasant yet risk-free riding experience.

frequently asked questions

Q1. Can dirt bike racing be considered a dangerous one?

Dirt bike riding can be dangerous if you don’t really know the right things you can do to reduce accidents. It is advised not to choose a bike that is powerful than what you can readily handle. Make sure the safety gears are rightly worn, which includes helmet, gloves, goggles, and boots. There is no doubt that risk is involved, but if you follow the right measures, you can finish the race without any possibility of accidents or serious injuries.

Q2. Is it possible to ride bikes in the street?

There are many dirt bikes that are legalized to ride on the street. Trail bikes, dirt bikes, and even the adventure bikes, to name some, are legalized for the street riding. But it is also important that manufacturers have the road registered for the road where you shall be riding it.

Q3. How can one get in the dirt biking?

One of the crucial aspects is to first understand the dirt biking type that you wish to ride. The trail riding is quite known, but if you have a friend using the same bike, then it is always better to start practicing on it first before your ide on own.

Q4. Does every dirt bike come with a clutch?

There are many dirt bikes that have a clutch. But there are also bikes that are designed for the kids who are more than 4 years of age with no clutch so that kids will fund it convenient to ride. Keep in mind that having a clutch is not a bad thing at all. Rather, it offers better control on the bike, especially when you plan out for the trail riding.

Q5. Is there a place where a rider can legally ride a dirt bike?

A rider can ride the dirt bike at state trails, motocross track, and off-road riding park, to name some. Otherwise, to get the dirt bike legalized, there are certain process and equipment which you bike needs to be geared up with so that in future even on the streets the police will not stop you from riding.

Q6. Is riding a dirt bike like a street bike?

Dirt bikes are one category of a motorcycle which is light in weight and quite tall. It has a good suspension as compared to the street bike. If you choose a dirt bike, it comes with controls just like street bike expects for the handling.

Q7. Can we consider the option of an electric dirt bike?

There is no problem with using the electric dirt bike. It is an eco-friendly option that you can choose. Besides, it does not need a kickstart or even time to warm up. Such a bike can be an ideal choice for beginners.

It offers easy riding experience and doesn’t need much maintenance as well. That is why these days, there are so many youngsters who prefer this option as the most accessible one to choose from.


There is no doubt that motorcycling has been an interest of many people, especially the youth. It is one recreational activity that is practiced by many people. The people’s consciousness to let the brand launch different types of bikes has eventually increased the demand for the dirt bike and off-road bike.

Now that you have all the details to buy the right dirt bike, it is time to start with your homework. Take time, make the right comparisons, and see to it that you choose the bike, which not just gives you a great riding experience but doesn’t need much maintenance as well.

Dirt biking is altogether a different field of biking, which requires a different riding style. It is designed so that it can stand firmly on the rough terrains and even overrule the hurdles without much problem.

Such type of bike is light in weight, compact and comes with a better travel suspension. With a wide range to meet the different rider types, be it the adventurer adult or the thrill desired teen, such a bike is best for all.

In many countries, even if it is rare in demand but no doubt that it has a huge scope in the near future. It does not matter whether you are an old rider, an expert, or just a beginner, after focusing on some important points associated with a dirt bike, it should be easy for you to make choices.

Remember, the difference between the street motorcycle and dirt bike can look slight, but when you understand it well, then choosing the right dirt bike will never be difficult for you at all. It is time to start hunting for the dirt bike but don’t forget to buy the right gears and equipment for safety measures. After all, along with enjoying the racing, it is safe also that matters the most. Happy riding!

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