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How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in California

How to make a dirt bike street legal in California? Without any doubt, it is not easy to convert your off-road dirt bike into a street-legal dirt bike in this state!

California is an excellent place for riders. The state has multiple amazing roads, snow-capped peaks, redwood grooves, ocean waves, and desert sands, which are just enough to make a biker insane.

And what if you can add thrill to your journey on these surprising roads?

Riding your dirt bike through California is just fun, as the state lets the bikers kick off on some of the fastest, dangerous, and curviest roads.

But, before you enjoy your trip on these incredible roads, it is necessary to make your bike street legal in California. And to do so, the dirt bike would have to adhere to the state’s gas emission guidelines and get the EPA or CARB stickers.

Remember that the California dirt bike laws keep on changing very quickly. Therefore you need to check the local rules and regulations before you attempt to make your dirt bike street legal in California.

It is effortless to purchase the bike, but its conversion to street legal bike is hell tough.

Therefore, here we come to guide you and to let you know everything about this conversion. So stay here for a while, complete your reading and get to know everything before you attempt to make your bike legal in California.

Can You Make a Dirt Bike Legal In California?

Yes, for now, you can make your dirt bike legal in California. But in 2004, it was almost impossible for a biker to become legal in the state. Many riders tried very hard, but most of them failed to get the certificate. As a result, people begin a search for those bikes which were legalized already.

But at the present day, it is possible to ride the dirt bike legally on the roads. It is necessary to change the bike part if you want to ride a bike legally on the road in California and then apply for the registration. And as a result, one can enjoy their ride on the streets without facing any restriction. Once the bike has been legalized, the certificate does not let the police pull you from the roads.

How To Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal In California

If you want to make the dirt bike legal in California, try to get a bike manufactured according to the emission and highway standards of the state. So, this way, you can save your money and can register your bike quickly.

The bike should have a green sticker if you want to ride it on the OHV track. Therefore, before you get the certificate, the bike has to pass through a test, where it is inspected as a kit Vehicle (SPCNS). The inspection ensures that the bike has a dirt bike street legal kit and fulfills the California emission requirements.

If you have a green-stickered bike, then you have to make a few changes to it. For instance, the bike must have all the safety features, or it should have to follow the safety measures just the way other bikes do. And for this purpose, you need to make sure that the bike has windshields, functional brakes, and horns. And if your bike has all of these features, then you can quickly get your bike registered.

In addition, keep in mind that the bike, which is operational both on and off the road, must have two fees and two registration forms.

  1. The bikes which come with red stickers have low-quality emissions, and therefore you cannot convert them for highway usage, even if you have made modifications to them.
  2. The bikes which come with green stickers are legal in California as they meet the emission standards. So, try to get a green sticker fr your bike through customization or manufacture’s design. 
  3. Street legal dirt bikes always meet all the state’s emissions law, and the bike is equipped with blinkers, windshields, horns and comes with all the required safety features. Therefore, they are legal in California.

Equipment Needed For A Street Legal Dirt Bike

If you want to legalize your bike in California, you would have to get them a few components for your bike. And one more thing, in case if you come with an out-of-state license plate,  even then, you will have to get these essential items so that you may not get the attention of the police.

The California dirt bike ban is just because of the following parts, get them for your bike and make it legal.

  1. Taillights
  2. Mirrors
  3. Horn
  4. Headlights
  5. Blinkers
  6. Reflectors
  7. Odometer
  8. DOT approved exhaust
  9. Speedometer
  10. DOT-approved tires

Well, most of these parts are part of the new models coming out these days. So, no need to make any alteration to your bike. Instead, go and apply for registration.

Why Is It so Hard to Register a Dirt Bike in California?

The primary reason is emission. The state has been trying to remove all the vehicles from the road, threatening the environment. And this is the reason it is illegal to ride dirt bikes on the road. So, if you want to make your bike street legal, make a very change.

If your bike has an EPA sticker and CARB permit, then you can ride your bikes on the roads without restriction, as both of these certificates make sure that the bike is completely safe for the environment.

Do One Needs A License To Drive a Dirt Bike In California?

Yes, whenever you ride a dirt bike in California, you would have to follow the Driver’s license law as other riders follow. If you want to ride on trial, there would be no restrictions for age.

Anyone, either kids or adults, both can enjoy their ride without any restrictions. But, as soon as you kick the road or streets, the biker would have to follow the California dirt bike laws.

Bottom Line

Legally, dirt bikes are not allowed in California. So before you try to enjoy your ride in the state, try to get permission from the government. And for this purpose, you will have to convert your off-road thrasher into a street-legal dirt bike .

It is a challenging and tricky job, but you will have to make a few changes to your bike before applying for the certificate. All of these changes have been made, and you can apply for the certificate.

It would be a time-consuming process, and you would have to do a lot of paperwork. It is crystal clear, and the whole process involves a lot of manual labor. But, by making a few changes to your bike and following the legal path, you can keep your money and time safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do One Need a License For An Electric Scooter In California?

According to California law, the riders of the e-scooters should provide an instruction permit or a valid state driver’s license. With this, license the biker gets permission from the state t enjoys the ride on the roads. In addition, the state always issues a learner’s license to all the riders of age 15 or above.

Which Vehicles Are Street Legal In California?

All the vehicles with side and rear reflectors are legal in California but make sure that side reflectors are amber, and the rear reflectors are red. In addition, the smoke of these vehicles should not be a threat to the environment. Or you can also say that the vehicles must have an EPA certificate.

What Scooter Does Not Require a License In California?

Well, Motorized scooters do not require a motorcycle license. You can ride this bike if you have a learner’s permit or a driver’s license. But, in the case of other types of motorized scooters, you would have to get a license.

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance In California?

For your bike’s insurance, you would have to pay $200 per year or $16 to $17 each month. And if you have purchased a brand new bike, you may have to pay $2,000 annually or $166 every month to get full coverage.

What Do I Need For a Motorcycle License In California?

One has to fulfill the following requirements to get the license in California:

  1. Provide the proof of identity along with an original birth certificate
  2. Complete DL44 Form for the Driver’s license
  3. Pass the motorcycle driving test
  4. And, also pass the California written motorcycle test
  5. Pay $33, as your application fee

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