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What Is The Highest cc Dirt Bike?

The dirt bikes should ride off-road and in gravel as the name implies. These motorcycles have been specially designed to take off-road riding conditions into account. Dirt bikes encourage you to ride with dirt and dust on rugged surfaces that are not easy to ride. High-jump motorcycle racing on rugged tracks is a total treat for daring riders. Dirt bikes bring you a total experience by serving your travel needs at incredible speeds.

For motorbikes designed to bring excitement off paved roads, it may seem like a foresight to reach thunderous high speeds. For most dirt bike riders, hurdles, skids, and climbs are fun enough. But you must first reach the earth’s patch, so you can also have fun on the journey. Dirt biking’s with off-road capability can handle speeds with the right rider, surroundings, and sanity quality of more than 100 miles per hour.

Powerful gears, efficient controls, an excellent suspension, and a solid grip are even more essential, but it is still important to verify, as with any engine, how fast you can drive it and how smooth it is.

If straightforward acceleration is one like yours, you would not fit even the fastest dirt bike on the planet, and you’re likely to sit on the road and buy a motorcycle for yourself.

Two-Stroke Vs. Four Stroke

Dirt bikes arrive with a two-stroke and four-stroke model. Now, it’s a place to connect on what’s best, and there will never be a definite winner. Both models draw different riders who need a better result, and it’s according to the rider’s free decision in the end. Some also get their upsides and downsides.

It may take five miles to achieve the highest speed for the fastest dirt bike on the list, but another model may have a lower high speed but can achieve the speed at a heartbeat. Therefore, it’s worth learning a little more about the various engine parameters, how they function, and how the remainder of the travel experience is impacted.

Here are the top cc or fastest dirt bikes from across the globe:

  • MuZ Baghira – 102 MPH

The MuZ Baghira is a beast of the motorcycles. With a 660cc, four-stroke engine, and a top speed up to 102 miles an hour, this is not a gentle-turning bike. Due to the size and strength of the motor, this is not a suitable bike for beginners and possibly can either be driven by experienced professionals or by a larger person who wants more strength.

The four-stroke drive has a faster pace and a much slower “stop and go,” which will make street legal because it is easier to enforce local and even freeway speed limits.

  • Kawasaki KLR – 98 MPH

This bike, which has a four-stroke engine and a capacity of 650 cc, has been around for white for a while and is only beginning to get the publicity. Semi-recently, this is one of the top-selling dual-sport motorcycles nowadays. Perks include a fuel tank of up to 6.1 gallons, which will power you for up to 300 miles before you require a refill, a top speed of 98 miles per hour, a storage rack, and a surprising price tag for the bike at $6,499 which may vary from place to place.

Although there are drawbacks, such as 50 miles/gallon fuel consumption and a carburetor rather than fuel injection, this dirt bike remains a good option, particularly when the speed side of things is a bigger concern.

  • Honda XR – 110 MPH

If you would like strong CCs and high maximum speed, this Honda XR is a great solution. This Honda allows us 110 miles per hour, with a four-stroke engine and 650ccs of capacity. Honda has been outdone with the dirt cycle with years and years of professional experience.

This motorbike has a seat that can be uncomfortably high with about a foot of suspension. But due to the wide suspension, this is appropriate.

  • Husqvarna FE – 101.5 MPH

The FE510 is a wonderful bike with a capacity of 510cc and a four-stroke engine with a registered maximum speed of up to 101.5 miles an hour. Made of a USFS compliant exhaust, this bike is reasonably silent relative to several other dirt bikes, which is awesome when you are often driving in public spaces.

The gear is very high, with the first equipment stated to be decent for more than 30 miles an hour, but once you get this balance down, you are done. You get great gas mileage with fuel injection.

This bike is authorized on the road so that you can take the routes or on the field and make it a dirt bike for all of your desires. While many other dual sports motorcycles are mostly heavier to allow their use for multipurpose, this motorcycle has lightweight seats that are not common for dual sport.

  • Honda CRF – 87 MPH

The Honda CRF is designed to thrive in any region, with a 450 cc, four-stroke engine and 87 miles an hour cruising speed. This motorcycle is equipped to be compact and powerful with a titanium-nitride header and the lower legs of the forks protected with a titan shaft.

Furthermore, all new designs have been fitted with electric starters rather than a kick-start mechanism that weights the bike even more.

Constructed with a lower gravity hub, this system is admired for the excellent stability and excellent steering performance. Fuel Injection provides you with outstanding gas mileage to improve the efficiency of a bike.

  • Kawasaki KX – 89 MPH

Kawasaki, renowned for his light dirt bikes, has also not betrayed the standard. The Kawasaki KX450 was engineered to be the best and is regarded by the organization as the Bike That Builds Champions. This bike has been presented titles such as “Bike of the Year” and “Shootout Winner” by many outlets with 450ccs of power, a four-stroke engine to produce the power seamlessly, and a maximum speed of 89 miles an hour.

This is a great race bike with a compact, electric starting, a short, compact frame, and more championship win than any other manufacturer maker in the 450 class. If you are searching for a race bike, that’s enough for you, light, narrow and fast.

what is the highest cc dirt bike
What Is The Highest Cc Dirt Bike?
  • Aprilia RXV 5.5

The Aprilia RXV 5.5 has a weight of 303 pounds and a light-flowing heavy bike. The 549cc engine, which has 55 horsepower, can be assigned much of the weight. This bike has quickly reached 100 mph and has reached 113 mph. Its weight did not mess either with the speed of the bike, as in 4.16 seconds, it was able to go from 0 to 60.

  • ATK Intimidator

The limit variation of the ATK Intimidator is the fastest dirt bike on the planet, whether it is for the Maico 620 or 700 engines. The 700 consists of a 685 cc two-stroke engine with a volume of just 238 pounds, 78 HP for a bike.

ATK Intimidator will have a definite advantage with the correct upgrades in comparison to the fastest dirt bikes ever tested. The 700 Intimidator was driven by racers to speeds of 110 mph.

  • Suzuki DR-Z – 114 MPH

Suzuki DR-Z400 offers 400cc, a four-stroke engine, and an impressive 114 miles an hour, allowing this motorcycle the fastest dirt motorcycle on the category. It’s obvious to understand why this motorcycle is so good with road-legal choices, a lightweight frame, and a streamlined style.

This dirt bike is not only fast but also compact, flexible, and powerful with a power start, a simple stand up, an infinitely adjustable suspension, and a superbly smooth engine. You should expect consistent power transmission and higher productivity, regardless of whether you are riding off the road or in the mountains.

  • KTM SX-F – 98 MPH

Emerge with 350ccs, provide a four-stroke power source and give us a maximum speed of 98 miles per hour. This motorcycle is awesome, and the official KTM website says the bike has torque “equal to the 450 torque without losing its agility of 250.”

This dirt bike is a great rider with a hybrid supply like that, an electric ignition, a 5-speed motor, and a smaller, quicker, and more lightweight 4-strokes engine than it has ever been.

This bike is lightweight, with excellent rider reviews and a new suspension setup for the 2020 edition, making your dirt bike experience much more seamless.

  • Husqvarna TX – 112 MPH

The Husqvarna TX 300 is off with 300cc capacity, a 2-stroke engine, a massive 112 miles per hour, making the second-fastest bike ever. This is a sleek two-stroke engine. Individuals use special equipment as a sister bike for KTM, but this Swedish company has made its own name.

For better performance, the laser-cut frame has now increased rigidity by 20%, while the randomized controlled robustness for stronger suspension performance has been decreased by 30%.

  • Yamaha WR – 88.8 MPH

The Yamaha WR250R is proclaimed as “The Pinnacle of reliable performance” by Yamaha, especially the latest models. The Yamaha WR has a capacity of 250ccs and a four-stroke engine.

This bike offers us 88.8 miles per hour at high speed, a really respectable two-wheel driving ride. With an average 71 miles per gallon and a price of just over $6,500, this bike has an outstanding rating and popularity. The value may distinguish from location to location.

  • Suzuki RM – 78 MPH

The Suzuki RM-Z250 has a 250 cc, two-stroke engine with a maximum speed of 78 miles an hour, as the name suggests. Noticeably light, this is a motorcycle you can be satisfied with at the championship stage irrespective of the reason you purchased it.

This bike is a wonderful racer, though. The “RM” in the name reflects the “race model,” which indicates the strength of this bike.

Suzuki’s are known for its outstanding track management, and the bike isn’t any substitute. You won’t be offended by this bike as you pick if you are looking for a bike that looks like enhancing yourself rather than just another motorcycle.

  • KTM SX – 71 MPH

With a two-stroke engine and a registered top speed of 71 miles an hour, the KTM 250 SX throttle 250 cc in power, making this the most suitable for various circumstances. In specific, KTM has a lot of opinions in regards to their newest 202 designs when it refers to this dirt bike platform, saying this is a great tool for the two-stroke race lovers.

KTM is attributed to two-stroke motors, and their dirt bikes are relatively well known for the proven record, winning titles, and they have consistently shown that KTM leads in the two-stroke race.

  • Kawasaki KX – 76 MPH

The innovation behind this machine is the engineering that can be associated with the expression, “THE Machine That Makes CHAMPIONS,” a brand with credibility for great progress and past with the titles of AMA national Motocross and Supercross.

This dirt bike’s 2019 version comes complete with a motor that delivers higher power over the entire innovative range to perfect the bike for power management and efficient distribution.

  • Yamaha YZ – 62 MPH

The Yamaha YZ250 is a specific motorcycle that combines a classical 2-stroke engine with a certain aspect more distinct from a 4-stroke motorcycle, such as more strengthening and safety on the back of the bike and broader footpegs.

With an amazingly light frame, this 250-cc bike is claimed to have a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour that also easier for handling. With an impressive weight-to-power ratio, this bike is fully operational to mark you on the track.

  • Honda CRF125F – 45 MPH

Honda describes the Honda CRF125F as “the middle child that never feels left out.” With its 125cc size, it hits the standardizing and is ideal for many riders, from the aging to younger people.

You will access stable power supplies in the range of the RPM utilizing fuel injection, and an electric start does not annoy you on your road. This 4-stroke motor gives you 45 miles an hour of high speed and easy access to activities off-road adventures.

  • RPS Xmoto – 45 MPH

The RPS Xmoto has an upstream capacity of 70cc, four strokes, and a recorded high-speed of 45 miles an hour, hitting the top end of children’s bikes. This is a perfect way for your kid to get used to some of the typical adult dirt bike characteristics while also keeping it easy enough for a young rider so they can experience themselves and learn in a decent speed with the standard minimal impact of a four Stroke engine, electric kick start or auto transmission.

  • Beta 450RS

For several people in the U.S., Beta may not have been a common brand, but the bike does make its own brand.

It has far more speed than you would ever expect at a peak speed of about 111 km. You can’t mess up by the Beta 450RS if you want to ripple a fast ride along trails but also cruise down the street.

  • Apollo DB-25 – 37 MPH

The Apollo DB-25 is on the boundary between bikes for children and young adults and smaller adult bikes. The 70cc motor, which brings to 100 cc, offers good power for a children’s bike. This bike is very low maintenance, with a four-stroke engine.

The front and back tires have a single, conventional suspension and allow you to ride on various kinds of surfaces. An electric start makes getting off fast, and the bike can suit many children with a weight of approximately 130 pounds.

  • Yamaha TTR – 30 MPH

The Yamaha TT-R50E is the optimal children’s learning bike. With just 50ccs of strength, it makes a kid the ideal machine to practice how to drive a dirt bike, and a four-stroke engine provides fast, balanced power supply.

Another young rider will learn how to ride comfortable speeds at a maximum speed of thirty kilometers/hour, with only enough energy to experience the fundamentals.

  • KTM SX50 – 45 MPH

Designed for an age range of from four to ten years old, KTM has not lost consistency merely because it has made a motorcycle for youngsters. This bike is said to be going up to 45 miles an hour with a 50cc two-stroke engine, which is prettily amazing for a 50cc motorbike.

This dirt bike has one speed, electronic gearbox, suitable for its young riders, which inevitably incorporate the dynamics of the machine. In turn, it is a model of a complete dirt bike, so the child riding on this bike won’t lose the “actual” dirt bike experience.

  • Coolster QG50 – 35 MPH

Coolster QG 50 is yet another little dirt bike, great for kids who learn how to drive and suitable for parents who want to drive their kids on a genuine gas-powered bike without too much control. This motorcycle has 50cc, a two-stroke engine, and a high speed of up to 35 miles an hour.

Regrettably, the gas tank is small, with only a capacity of 0.2 gallons. It’s a great bike to show your children how to ride, also how to run a two-stroke engine. It weights a weight of 100 pounds, but it is designed for children of younger age.

  • DR-X Holeshot – 25 MPH

The dirt bike has a 50cc, 2-stroke engine that can carry you up to 25 miles an hour at high speed. This bike includes a variety of safety measures to ensure your child explores in a manner that is easy and secure for them.

Equipped with a speed restrictor that will limit the ride between 30 to 15 miles per hour, you will pick the fastest speed at which your bike can travel. This bike has a kill button as well. When the rider falls off or is detached from the motorbike, however, the kill button is triggered, and the bike remains switched off.

  • Superrio 49cc – 35 MPH

In contrast to certain other dirt motorcycles, this little bike is the clear illustration of a kid’s gas-powered dirt bike. It is a great bike to show a younger child the way to ride and to keep a dirt bike with just 49cc strength, a two-stroke engine, and 35 miles an hour cruising speed.


The acceptance of the public encourages automakers to advertise all kinds of vehicles, including dirt and mountain bikes. Dirt biking seems to be another biking field that involves a specific riding style and uniquely engineered bikes. A dirt mountain bike is supposed to challenge and overcome tough terrain.

The dirt motorcycle is lightweight, powerful and has specific suspension for long distances. It is fairly advisable to ride safe and ride with proper gear so that no one will hurt in this process and enjoy with safe riding.

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