What is the legal age to ride a dirt bike

What Is The Legal Age To Ride A Dirt Bike

The trend of the dirt bike is not just specific to a particular age, but yes, for a young age kid to ride a bike, there have to be proper dirt bike essentials, rules, and gears to be followed for safety. It is believed that a kid of 3 years old can even start riding a small electric dirt bike as long as he has got an interest in it.

The bike for kids of this age is probably of a gas powdered, which is 50cc and can use training wheels for support till confidence is gained. By the age of 5 or 6 years old, they can be zip around without a training wheel and enjoy some small jumps on the real dirt bike.

Understanding the legal age limit

The age limit approved by the government can vary as per the country. Talking of which in a country like the United Kingdom, there is no legal age limit to ride the off-road bike. However, in America, there is no age limit to ride the dirt bike.

But being parents, it is quite obvious for you to be worried about the kids, and that is why you can always let your kid ride the dirt bike only when he is ready. For this, you must follow certain guidelines and see to it that your kid is all geared up with precautionary measures too.

What Is The Legal Age To Ride A Dirt Bike

Dirt bike age chart

There is a dirt bike age chart for a better understanding of what is the right age for your kid to use a dirt bike. But the chart also has some loose guidelines to be followed. While taking into consideration the age of your kid, you need to also consider the engine size and power of the dirt bike. See to it that these factors match with your kid’s proper dirt bike experience.

In case your kid doesn’t have much experience, then you should start with the less powerful engine. You can even let your kid start riding a pushbike, which is safe and can give your little one an understanding of the bike.

Dirt Bikes types and age of Kids to ride them

We all cannot deny the fact that dirt bike is best for kids of different ages. But as said earlier, few bikes can be better over others, provided how much experience does your kid have in terms of riding it. You should buy your kid a bike which is child friendly initially and can help them learn and get confidence while riding.

For dirt bikes, age plays an important role, and that is why there are different types of bikes that you must know designed for kids of a particular age.

  • 3mph Dirt Bike for A Three-Year-Old Kid

This is the smallest bike that will run at the speed of not more than 3mph. It is safe as compared to regular bikes and does not have any risk. Moving further, such type of bike can allow your kids in that particular age bracket to use it with confidence since it is light in weight.

It can be controlled easily. Since kids of this age don’t have much strength and are not even aware of the bike, you can consider such an option for comfortable biking experience. Bikes like Aosom 6V kid’s bike or Moto Tec twist-grip electric bike can be the right one to start with.

  • Above 50cc Bike For 7 To 9-Year-Olds

kids of this age category are quite mature. They will learn new things at a faster pace, so you consider buying them a little more powerful bike. By this time, you can have your kids to develop a basic sense of riding the bike on their own.

They are at a stage where they can be introduced to a new big bike and even be told to handle the one on own. The adrenaline to start with the new bike can give them more exciting, and that is why what matters is not the size of the bike but the size and power of the engine.

You can consider the option of letting your kid ride a bike, which is above 50cc, provided it is all safe. Some common options like Razor MX350 and Kuberg 2016 cross electric bike are worth to consider.

  • Above 70cc Bike For 10 To 11-Year-Olds

This is the time when kids are old enough to understand what a powerful bike means. That is why you can rest assured that they are capable of riding a bike, which is above 70cc. If your kid has prior experience of biking, then you don’t have to stress about his safety at all.

The bikes above 70 cc are best for kids who have better experience and zest to learn more. This type of bike can help them achieve better speed while improving control and stability so that in the future, they can ride a more experienced bike and be a pro with all careful measures.

You can visit the store to explore some of the best dirt bikes for kids of this year and let them have their side of fun and thrilling experience.

  • Teenagers

Well, what can we say about these kids? In a way, they are more knowledgeable about dirt bikes at this age than we can be. It is best to consider buying them a good dirt bike as there are some serious competitions on the ground they would want to do.

Some great bikes are upto250 cc you can consider buying for your kid. It is an ideal one for the teenager who can ride with safety measures. If your kid has got a good experience of riding the bikes, then powerful dirt bike options such as MX500 electric bike and MMB80 gas youth mini dirt bike can be great options.

What Is The Legal Age To Ride A Dirt Bike
What Is The Legal Age To Ride A Dirt Bike

The Kids Riding Gear

To be precise, the right age for kids to start riding the dirt bike entirely depends on the interest and confidence of your child. But considering age and safety measures, you can always start with the bike that has less speed and then eventually sees how well the kid is doing to give him a pro bike in the future.

But along with biking comes certain gears that your kid needs to have. The risk of accident and injury can never be zero percent when riding a bike. That is why the kids need to keep in mind that some safety measures are important such as wearing gears like helmet, gloves, knee pads, socks, and shoes that can protect the body.

These gears are known for safeguarding your kid from any kind of serious injury or string impact. You must equip your kid with the right proper gear, especially if your kid is quite serious about motocross racing.

The accurate places for kids to ride a bike

Now that you have got a clear understanding of the rages at which kids can ride different bikes, you must make sure they are riding on the trail that you decide. There are certain roads designed for off-road biking that are safe for the kids in a legal manner as well.

Being a kid who is 11 years old can be given a chance to ride on the side lane of the home. If you don’t have a luxurious space where your kid can ride, then you can consider the option to invest in the trailer that can allow your kid to drive within your reach.

Factors to consider when buying the right bike for your kid

Of all other things, what matters the most is the experience of your kid in a dirt bike. But also, it is important to understand if your kid has got some other factors that include:

The strength to handle:

You need to see that your kid is strong enough to handle the bars of the bike preferred that includes a tight gripping. You must confirm if your kid is strong enough to hold the throttle back and make a course steady.

Great posture:

Whether your kid can support on won in the upright position or need support, whether your kid can handle things when there are bumps and grounds noticed are some of the things you need to understand so that you can buy the bike as per their ability to handle. Further, you must also consider other factors such as:

  • Size of the bike: You can select the bike that matches your kid’s strength, body, weight, and even height for safe riding.
  • Power: Keep in mind certain bikes can be quite high for your kid. Considering this factor can help you get the bike that will reduce the risk of your kid falling from the bike.
  • Cost: With so many types of bike available in the market at a different price range, you can always start with a cheap dirt bike and then go for the professional one.

To be short and precise, the legal age for the high equipped dirt bike riding can be teenage, but you can always give your kid the lightweight bike from the age of 3 years to start practicing.

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