Welcome to AlsDirtBikeGear, your one-stop resource for all sorts of dirt bike recommendations, guidelines, and riding tips. I have built this blog to give you a bias-free and fair picture of the whole prospect. My philosophy is

“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”

How AlsDirtBikeGear Came To Life?

I am firmly convinced that a dirt bike is much more than what the majority of individuals believe. It has the power to influence your views as well as your sentiments.

Therefore, I created AlsDirtBikeGear to help my valued readers gain an understanding of the massive range of equipment, parts, supplies, tools, and accessories for riding and maintaining dirt bikes.

I am fervent about dirt bikes and realized that I was exploring countless websites and other spots online before actually buying something just because most of the relevant information is scattered across various websites and blogs. Thus, AlsDirtBikeGear was born.

The aim of this website is to deliver high-quality, relevant, comprehensive, and accurate content about dirt bikes, dirt bike riding, dirt bike gear, dirt bike tools, and loads more.

For me, high quality means that everything I recommend or share views about is tested by me with extraordinary attention to detail. I am dedicated to providing massive value to my faithful visitors.

About Me

My name is Bilal Afzal Dogar and I love dirt bikes. A few years ago, I got my first dirt bike and started tearing up the tracks and immersing myself in this fascinating and exciting hobby.

I have learned from my hands-on experience what dirt bike apparatus works and what does not. This is the spot where I share on-the-ground experiences I have learned.

Over the years, I have assembled an experienced team that is also grown to love dirt bikes. Every week, we search the web to compile the best dirt bike gear, tools, and parts that are worth buying.

My squad and I invest several hours in researching, writing, and verifying content for this website. This site matters a lot to us. It gives us immense pleasure to help folks trying to begin riding dirt bikes.

Our mission is to convey some advice and guidelines that we have picked up from our riding journey and offer it to you in the form of a supportive and informative website.

All the links, items, and brands we recommend on this platform are honest and dependable; otherwise, we would not have endorsed them.

If for some reason you do experience issues with any of the companies or products, feel free to contact us through our “Email Address”, so that if necessary we can remove the link.

Thanks for stopping by my site.