best oil for 4 stroke dirt bikes

10 Best Oil For 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes – Unbiased Reviews

The professionals who ride dirt bike probably knows the importance of every part that makes this bike amazing. The engine is important with short gears, while the techniques used in dirt bikes are different from that of the regular bike. It pushes it to the limit. That is why taking good care of the bike is important.

For optimum performance, you must maintain your dirt bike. Besides reducing the friction that occurs on the moving parts or the lack of lubrication, you must also look for the use of the right motor oil. It is responsible to clean the engine sludge for which a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is needed.

For every engine, the sue of oil can differ. With a wide range of options that are available in the market, you may find it to be a daunting task. That is why this post can be of great help to you.

Finding the right bike equipment is not so easy. Whether it is the storage shed or the carrier, you just cannot compromise with the quality. But when it comes to 4-stroke dirt bike oil change, then we must pay extra attention. That is why listed are some of the best highly recommended dirt bike oil you can think of.

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1. Yamalube OEM All Purpose Oil – Best Oil For 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

This is one all in one mineral oil that has been bought for you by Yamaha. Well, we all know this brand has genuinely been on the top because of quality, customer satisfaction, and quality product.

We just cannot think of it compromising with any of it when introducing the new service and product. Yamaha has designed this oil for the four-stroke vehicles. This means along with dirt bikes, you can also use it for ATV and scooters.

The oil comes with an additive that is ultra-clean. This is the main reason why your engine manages to give optimal performance. Besides, it also offers easy smoothness due to which the engine doesn’t need much of the maintenance at all. If it is the HASO MA requirements that you are worried about, then be rest assured that this oil already meets its requirements.

For those who don’t know JASO MA, well, it is one of the high certified engine oil ratings. The purpose of such certification is to let customers understand that engine will work fine along with a wet clutch performance that is needed for operation if such oil is used.

In case you often ride in the areas that are wet or planning to go on a trip where the condition can be quite rainy, then you may want to lube up your bike with this in advance. Surely all unnecessary risks that may occur on the engine can be possibly be avoided.

This way engine gets protected for a long span. As the oil has a blend of minerals, it is designed for keeping the stability of the engine.

  • Stable clutch performance
  • Protects the engine from wear and tear
  • Works great with Yamaha motorcycles
  • Specifications might be outdated.

Final Words

You can use it for all kinds of 4-strokes vehicles. This means it is not just meant for motorcycles. It is easy to be used for a group ride when you can get one or two oil jugs for a smooth ride.

2. Kawasaki Motorcycle Engine Oil – best 4 stroke dirt bike oil

Kawasaki Motorcycle Engine Oil is another popular 4-stroke oil that has also grabbed the attention of many users. This 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is an ideal choice, especially if you had been looking for a better long riding performance for the dirt bike, you can anytime consider this option.

It is an ideal choice, especially if you have a 4-stroke motorcycle of Kawasaki. This bike ensures that your engine gets a prolonged life and better cleanliness regularly. In short, it is worth your investment completely.

If you are looking for the volatile of the reduced oil while improving the shift quality, then you require a good transmission of the engine oil. This can be achieved if you opt for Kawasaki Motorcycle Engine Oil. It is one of the best options which most of the people have advised so far.

With good dependability and better performance of the clutch, this oil can be used for multiple engines that usually need applications of JASO MA2, API SL, and JASO MA certification, to name some. You get this oil in the 4 packages of the quantity, which surely is worth your money.

Along with your dirt bike, you can also use it for your cars and motorcycles that have 4-strokes. It ensures high performance is achieved for your home and with better smoothness, which is required, especially in the long rides. Use it and see the difference with your own eyes.

The oil can keep the engine clean and off from any kind of debris. It is best for the engines that don’t need synthetics oil, and if your bike has got one such option, you must try this one that promises a prolonged life.

  • Lubricate the internal parts
  • Clean gear shifting
  • You also get readymade oil change kits.
  • Best only for low CC bikes.

Final words

Be rest assured that your engine stays protected if you are using this oil. Besides, it also maintains the viscosity while lubricating each machine corner for noise-free transmission.

3. Maxima Premium4 Motorcycle Oil – best oil for 4-stroke dirt bike

Maxima brings you one amazingly designed oil, which is best to be used for the wet clutches. It is a perfect bled and is made of anti-scuff additives that are purposely filled up with the petroleum base of premium quality. It has been designed to make sure your bike runs smoothly and without any problem.

Even when your bike gets heated up on the road, you can surely get the best riding experience, and of course, the credit for the same goes to such a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change. Known for better quality and at great pricing, you can consider this option for your bike.

This oil is known for its better stability. Besides, it also ensures your clutch and engine get better lubrication, which is important. This oil is extremely stable. It promises prolonged life for your engine as well. We are advised to often change the oil but if you forget doing so while using this oil, then be rest assured because it will not hurt your engine at all.

This oil is often advised for the young bikers who aim to travel long journeys with their dirt bike. It makes sure if you forget to maintain your bike on a monthly basis, you don’t have to be worried and consider any kind of maintenance as well.

The oil is amazing. They are petroleum-based, which are bolstered and have anti-shear additive. It promises a better performance even when the bike is moving—this way, the risk of wear and tear also reduces.

The additives also help in maintaining the viscosity even in the worst condition. If you often travel where it snows or rain often, then this is the best piling to choose. Many people also use it for their racing bikes.

  • Anti-Scuff additives
  • Works best even at high temperatures
  • Ensure optimal performance
  • Designed for wet clutches
  • Not fully-synthetic

Final word

The best part about such a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is that it is made of additives that are long-lasting. Because of this, the bike can ride long distances and give a better lifespan as well.

4. Valvoline SAE 10W-40 Engine Oil – best motor oil for 4-stroke dirt bikes

Let us not argue on the fact that different oil can give the same results. Well, the quality of the oil is extremely important for your bike engine life span. And if you are concerned about it, then you can consider the option of Valvoline SAE 10W-40 Engine Oil. This efficient oil is enriched with the formulations of the base oils that are of premium quality.

There is also the use of superadditive technology, which is being made. This allows the rider to avail of the best performance from their bike. If money is the concern, but quality should not be compromised, then this is the right option for you.

This oil is also packed well with the viscosity that offers hear stability. This way, the oil film breakdown gets resisted, and the oil shall stay the liquid no matter whether you do it at high temperatures as well.

That is not it! The lubrication is also important, and the oiling can do its role amazingly. It makes sure the lubrication is well maintained while the friction of optimal ability will offer better protection to your engine parts. Now be that the wet clutch that needs to be stable or engine that needs to be geared up for optimal performance, this is one of its kind.

Besides, there are also special cleaning agents that ensure the motor stays clean always, and thus there is no carbon that gets deposited. That is how the risk of corrosion also gets reduced to a great level. The oil comes with silicone additives.

Such a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change thus maintains the need for lubrication filing as it prevents the problem of foaming to appear. Thanks to the anti-shudder protection, you can have a power transfer quite smoothly.

  • Smooth-shifting
  • Maximum power transfer
  • Anti-wear technology
  • Improve transmission durability
  • Overpriced

Final words

Overall, this is a worthwhile product since the engine and clutch stay stable and always with better performance. If you tend to ride often, especially in changing weather, then this is the option you can choose.

5. Quicksilver 10W-30 Engine Oil – best dirt bike oil

The Quicksilver engine oil is known for its impeccable features that offer a perfect blend of mineral and synthetic-based sticks. It is one of the top-notch quality oils; that is being sold in the market today. This oil offers protection to the engine against collision. It is also known for the retention of premium velocity.

The best part is less maintenance. Often, we fear that the engine may get damaged if not maintained on time. Well, with this oiling, you can expect a prolonged life of not just the engine but also stability for the clutch.

With such great specifications of this oil, don’t this product sound interesting? Of course, it is. Whether you are planning to cover a long distance or go on a race, you don’t have to keep changing the oil. It is made for optimal performance. This means the 4-stroke dirt bike oil change has been made after the hardship of the experts and well research with good testing before it becomes available for you.

That is why you can rest assured about the quality. If performance is your concern, well, then Quicksilver has always been known for creating some impeccable engines that exceed the expectations and give the best specifications. And this oil is one of them.

The products that are bought by Quicksilver are reliable since they are validated by the company manufacturing the marine engines. This 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is made to offer protection and performance while giving you peace of mind.

We all know that clean oil is important since it protects the vehicle from damage at the same time, reduces the fraction. It offers a good life to the engine. Well, if you are looking for one such oil, then you are in the right place.

  • Formulated to protect
  • Best for marine engines
  • Outstanding strength
  • Viscosity retention
  • Overpriced

Final words

Overall, this oil is best to go for. It is suitable for the outboard applications and sterndrive, which is why it has been tested to make sure the protection is ultimate and good against wear and corrosion.

6. STP 4 Cycle Oil Formula – best dirt bike oils

Whether you have a tractor or a push mover, this oil is the best to choose. It is a high-quality oil that is used for cushioning the parts. This way, it protects the engine against any kind of friction while helping to have better control as well. This 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is made from the anti-wear techniques.

This means your bike gets another protection layer no matter how the temperature of the bike has gone high. It offers ultimate protection to your engine so that it does not wear or get damaged at all. The velocity of the oil is around 10W-30, which is made available to you in the market in 1 gallon.

The quality and quantity are worth the amount that you pay. The oil is also rich with certain antioxidants that are present in it enhance the durability of the oil is always maintained.

Besides, the detergent also makes sure then components of the engines stay cleaned up. There is a corrosion inhibitor. It promises to enhance the life of equipment no matter what season you are planning to use the bike.

This premium engine oil is super formulated to use in the equipment that is outdoor power-based. It has got incredible quality with the super base formula, which has been designed to give your engine a better performance.

You can use it for riding mower, generators, and even to push mowers. This high formula can give your engine better lubrication. That is why you can rest assured that your engine will not get damaged at all.

  • Anti-Wear Technology
  • Control carbon deposits
  • Fight thermal breakdown
  • Enhance oil durability
  • The oil burns to black faster.

Final words

If you want to use oil that can be the best support for the long riding and even works best at a high temperature, you can anytime consider this option. This bike oil can also be used for heavy vehicles and even care for the best performance.

7. Quicksilver 4-Stroke Marine Oil – best oil for a 4 stroke dirt bike

This is another performance-based oil which is used for ATV’s, motorcycles, and even scooter. This oil is mineral-based, which is known to offer impeccable clutch performance while maintaining its stability.

It offers better strength for protecting the engine from getting damaged. If you are worried about the wear and tear, which often is a problem with dirt bikes well, then you should start using this oil because it is one of its kind.

As stated above, JASO MA requirements are important, and let us not engine this while choosing the oil. The good news is, this 4-stroke dirt bike oil change also offers the certification of JASO MA. It is a genuine product that has received the best of the customer’s responses so far.

This oil has been designed in careful consideration and offers the engine a better life span. This is the main reason why you don’t have to spend money often on maintaining the engine. This oil is one of its kind. Made from the mineral oil, this versatile liquid makes sure the oil stays in the engine.

The only concern that has been raised for this particular product is the oil that a customer gets in the sold unit. It is quite less as compared to the money which the customer has been paying.

No doubt that using it has contorted in much better performance of the 4 strikes motors and cars but let us not deny the fact that money that is spent on it must be well utilized, and hence, it can seem to be a pricey one over the quantity. This oil has been recommended by many customers as well. In terms of quality and performance, this oil offers the best possible results.

  • Best for different 4-Stroke Vehicles, scooters, and ATVs
  • Stabilize the clutch
  • Protect engine
  • In the sold unit, you may not get enough oil.

Final words

Overall, if you consider this oil for your dirt bike, well, you can have the best riding with the optimal performance of the engine. But if you focus more on quantity over the price well then you not get that satisfactory quantity.

8. Honda Motor Oil – GN4 – best dirt bike oil 4 stroke

This is one of the ultimate bike options that has been designed so far. This bike promises better results and great performance of your car and overall engine. If you are not sure whether the 4-stroke dirt bike oil change that you wish to buy shall give you the right results, then simply trust Honda.

We all have seen Honda growing, and its customer experience is simply amazing. Well, if you want to go for their product of oiling, there is no room for disappointment. Further, the pricing of the oil is available at a cost-friendly solution at the same time; it is easy to store for a long time too.

Honda, after its few launches, surely managed to set a high standard and raise the expectations of the customers. With their premium quality of motorcycle oiling, they have proved that it is the best thing you can choose.

Honda initially had also launched the oiling for a motorcycle in the year 1975, and since then, there was no looking back. Well, being such an impeccable oiling solution, you can rest assured that your wet clutch will be stable, and your engine will be safe and good enough to deliver you the optimal performance.

The additive packages of the oiling are one of the reasons why it is trending in the market. Besides, the high quality of the sticks has been more like the cherry on the cake. This kind of oiling is advised for the dirt bikes that often go for racing or are used for long traveling wherein the hard storms and rain is quite likely to happen.

The 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is made by people because of the features and the fine ingredients from which it has been made. The expert believes that with the emergence of such oiling, the riders of the dirt bike surely will have the best experience.

  • High thermal stability
  • Total cleanliness
  • Good friction
  • Overpriced

Final words

Overall, this oiling is the best option to go since it has been tested and offers viscosity stability. In terms of cleanliness as well, it manages to meet the needs of any engine techniques.

9. Maxima Pro Plus Synthetic Oil – 4 stroke dirt bike oil

If you cannot afford to compromise anywhere with your performance, then you must opt for this oil. It is one of its kind which has been preferred by many people. This 4-stroke dirt bike oil change has proved to be a tough competition to many other oiling brands that are available in the market today.

It has been designed for the better life of the engine and the wet clutch. Besides, it offers the best feel with a smooth transmission shift, which is why you must try it for your bike.

In case you don’t get much time for leaving your bike for maintenance, then you can approach this oiling. It ensures that the engine stays protected against any kind of wear and tear and damages as well. This vehicle oil can be used for the car as well. It ensures the engine starts easily while it improves fuel economy gives you better money-saving deals.

Surely, using it will not be a bad choice at all. This oil offers protection to the engine against collision. It is also known for the retention of premium velocity. The best part is less maintenance.

Moving further, this bike oil has been made as 100 percent full synthetic. This is the fortified ester option. It has been designed in a way that it can exceed the requirements of JASO MA. Besides, it has also been well integrated, so the wet clutches remain intact.

Thanks to its anti-wear additive solution, the carbon deposits don’t get accumulated; besides, the critical engine always gets protected even when the temperature is high. It has managed to meet rather exceed different weather formulas, be it API, JASO, and even SG or SH, to name some.

  • Offers excellent feel
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Full synthetic
  • Minimizes engine deposits
  • Oil often turns black after some time.

Final words

If you are looking for a price-friendly oil that also offers better results, then surely this 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is the best choice you can make. It has been designed in such a way that it protects the clutch components.

10. Kawasaki OEM K-Tech Engine Oil – oil for 4 stroke dirt bike

The Kawasaki brings you one of 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil promises the better life of your model’s engine. It balances the engine temperature even when you use it for a long time. Besides, it also ensures there is no carbines deposit, and thus better cleanliness of the engine is maintained too.

This engine oil is popular amongst the dirt riders since it is quite different as compared to rest other oils that often lose the vitality due to which maintenance becomes an issue. But with such an incredible engine oil, they can then rest assured for a better engine fi someday they skip a particular maintenance schedule and can plan it at ease.

Kawasaki brings you one of its amazing creations of engine oil that has the best lubrication properties. It ensures the transmission is done in a noise-free manner while the gear shifting is smooth too. It is one of the best options you can choose for the prolonged life of the dirt bike.

Besides, it is available for a great deal. With a perfect blend of minerals and additives, you shall not repent of using this amazing oil for your bike. It maintains the wetness of the clutch while ensuring the engine stays stable and lubricated. That is why even if you plan to cover a long journey, the engine, it gets heated up, will not act weird for sure.

The additive usage plays an important role. It ensures the risk of any damages to the engine reduces to a great extent. You can thus, explore the full potentiality of the engine. Avoid choosing the oil which can be catastrophic and thus affect the lifespan of the engine when you can use this amazing Kawasaki4-Cycle Engine Oil.

  • Anti-Wear Technology
  • Enhance oil durability
  • Total cleanliness
  • Oil often turns black after some time.

Final words

If you want to make use of your investment in a dirt bike, then focus on using the right oiling for the engine. Kawasaki 4 enhance oil can surely be your choice since it has been recommended by many riders because of good lubrication and quality additives added.

what kind of oil does a 4 stroke dirt bike takeBuying Guide

Buy the right type of motor oil for the bike can often be a daunting task, especially if you have never dealt with it earlier. Of course, there are multiple factors that you need to consider. But of all that matters, the most should be your priority.

You need to always focus on the quality of the oil, pricing, performance, and the life span that it gives to your engine. If you have never made the purchase of a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change ever before, then surely this is the right place where you have landed up.

Key Features

  • Additives

Motorcycle oil, as compared to regular oiling, is quite different. There are so many different additives that are used. They help in preventing your wet clutch from getting slipped. It holds up the stress of the engine as well.

Whether you go for the 4-stroke dirt bike oil 2 stroke bike oil, you need to pay extra attention to the additives used. It is usually formulated well for maintaining the lubrication when especially when you ride around the rough terrain. It is always better to choose the oil that comes with surface-active additives or the antifoam.

  • Heat dissipation

Usually dirt bikes or similar kind of such bikes need the oil which comes with an ester. This is a synthetic additive. The esters are usually used in the racing oil. Usually, it controls the heat using dissipation.

It is important for the better performance of the engine. An ester can work when the heat is moved to certain engine areas where it can cool easily because of the cooling system or air. If you are looking for a similar kind of option, then you must work with the expert on this first.

  • Cleaning agents

Usually, engines due to frequent riding can get dirty over time. The best oil for the dirt bike is usually designed to be working along with the engine that keeps it clean. There are many brands in the company which comes with a better cleaning solution.

It can suspend the carbon particles. This protects the slide from getting created on the engine’s internal parts.

Other options to be considered

  • Weight of the oil

You must always go through the manual of the bike once you buy it. It will tell you which type of oil is required. Usually, the oil for four strike dirt comes is available in different weights such as 20W-50 or 10W-40.

The former is quite common in the market. If the manufacturer has advised you to go for the 20W-50, but you prefer 10W-30, then the engine will not run efficiently as you expect.

  • Price

When it comes to buying motor oil, it does not make any sense to buy the one which is of high value but does not give quality results. While buying the motor oil, along with the above-mentioned features, focus on the price as well. It is wise to compare the value of other brands and see what features does this oil offers over others.

At least, you can now then rest assured that 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is the right kind of product, which is amazing, cost-friendly, and will be used for a long time. Price does play an important role because often, some oils in the market are sold in the huge gallon with limited quantity and of less quality with high pricing, which is a waste of money.

  • Quality

You should not lose your focus on buying an engine, which can give your motor a better life span. For any bikes, especially dirt bikes, maintenance is important. But if the schedule is tight and you may not be able to visit often the engine care center, then you are likely to face troubles with your engine sooner.

Your job is to buy the engine oil, which is not just incredible in terms of performance but can lessen down your visits to the care center. It is okay to miss out on the maintenance center if you have a quality oiling since it maintains the stability of the wet clutch at the same time to ensure the engine gets better durability too.

Tips for selecting an oil

While choosing an oil, there are a few tips and tricks that can always work, such as:

  • Your manual of the bike can be a lifesaver for you. Inside the manual, there will be all the data associated with the weight of the oil until the quantity needed and the brand that needs to be used. It also guides you to the draining point and also the filling point.
  • If the manual advises for the 4-strokes to go with 20w-50, then don’t look for 10w-30 weight oil or so on. The most common weight for the dirt bike usually is 10w-40.
  • In the owner manual, you will also be explained about the ratio of mixing petrol and oil for the 2-strike engine.
  • If you follow these tips rightly, then there are better opportunities to improve the lifecycle of the bike with fewer rebuilds and not much smoke exhaustion.

Benefits of Dirt Bike Oil

There are so many advantages associated with dirt bike oil that probably you may get confused amongst the brands since. All the oils offer similar advantages.

Let us explore the best of the dirt bike oil benefits:

The reason why you are advised to go for it is that it is more specially designed while focusing on the dirt bikes. Since such type of bikes are hard when it comes to their lubricants, the oil can do wonders. The oil which is used for such bikes comes with the formulation. This means it can withstand the performance of the motorcycle and ensure you ride the bike with complete safety and without any hassle.

Such oil is not just stuffed with minerals but also has special additives. These additives are the best for dirt bikes since they, with the perfect combination of minerals, work the best for the engine. This can include the additives that dissipate heat or even clean it.

Better performance is another reason why you must use a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change. For better performance, you must focus on buying the oil, which is of superior quality. This can ensure the risk of damages and wear and tear of the engine reduces, which often is because of high temperature. This lets you explore the complete potentiality of the engine. But if you sue the wrong oiling, it can turn out as catastrophic, which may hamper the overall lifespan of the bike.

Overall, the oiling is important to ensure your bike stays fit and can be able to cover the major distance without any problem. Most of the bike requires regular maintenance, but if you choose the option of such oil, at least you can focus on your racing and riding and go for the maintenance as you get the time. Till then, oiling will take care of your engine.

best oil for 4 stroke dirt bikes

Types of Dirt Bike Oil

Being a first-time user, you are, of course, likely to come across different types of bike oil. Well, this can confuse you, especially when the 2 stroke and the 4-stroke piling options will be shown.

For better understanding, listed are the brief description of each of the types, which shall give you a better vision of which dirt bike oil is best to be chosen for your bike or car.

2-stroke and 4-stroke Oil

This kind of oil usually burns with the fuel. It is quite refined as compared to the four-stroke oil. It also comes with many additives. Suppose the oil comes with detergent can clean the deposits the carbon and even varnishes. It also has the anti-wear agents that protect your bike’s engine from getting torn down.

Look for the 2-stroke oil for dirt bike, which comes with antioxidants. For Four-stroke oil, you must look for the engine lubrication. Besides, two-stroke mixes with gas while Four-stroke doesn’t.

Synthetic Oil

Another popular oiling which many people often choose is synthetic oiling. It is usually used by motorcycles of modern times. It is said to be quite tolerant, especially when it comes to performing in a better manner.

For engines that are heavy reviewing, especially when the temperature is high, this oiling can prove to be the best. Such oil can last for a long span and don’t have to make even a black sludge because of oxidation.

This type of dirt bike oiling also is known for the less viscosity. This means the risk of internal friction reduces, and more efficiency can be achieved. Besides, it also increases the performance of the engine.

The only reason why people may think twice or thrice before such a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change is because of the price, which is high as compared to other oiling options.

Mineral oil

This kind of oil is advised for those who still ride their authentic old motorcycle. It is effective for such bikes since it is thick and heavy and shall not leak often. It is the most common option for traditional pattern motorcycles because choices like synthetic oiling are likely to leak.

If the engine is also not modified, then it is a wise decision to opt for such type of oil since the old engines don’t have much stress as the new ones.

Top Brands

Engine oils are trending, but the preference of bikers changes as per their bikes. Listed are the top-notch brands that are currently ruling the market and have been the regular choice of the bikers, especially the dirt bikers.


This is a French company which was founded in the year 1853. This is a well-known company that earned its reputation after it started manufacturing the lubricants for the engine of motorcycles and cars. It has been a formulation pioneer for 100% synthetic lubricants that are used by the car engines.

You can find this bran’s oil being preferred by the vehicles in many racing competitions. To name some words, superbike and 24 hours of Le Mans are on the tip list. The product called Motul 800 Premix Synthetic Engine Oil is one of its kind.


This company was founded in the year 1979. It is in southern California and has been a tough competition to many other brands ever since. The company has been creating some high-performance based oils which are race-inspired.

Besides, other related products like lubricants are also trending in the market today. This oil is used in more than 60 countries to date. Maxima Castor 927 Premix Oil is one of their popular products.


Well, this brand does not need any introduction. Not only is it ruling the market, but when it comes to advertising, it has been epic. This company was founded in the year 1899, and since then, there was no looking back.

The company has been creating some of the quality automotive, industrial, and even motorcycle lubricants that include greases and oiling as well. Later London based BPO company purchased it in the year 2000. Castrol POWER Synthetic Motor Oil is one of their popular products.

frequently asked questions

Which type of oil should be used for 4-stroke motocross bikes

Currently, the 4-stroke motocross bike other than CRF250 or CRF450 prefers the motor oil for lubrication. It is used for cam, valves, crank, and crunk lubrication. It has better lubrication. You can always rely on Racetech Oil Catcher that don’t cause much mess

Is there any difference between the car and motorcycle oil?

The oil used for motorcycle is the refined one with altogether a different process as compared to the regular one. It is also mixed well with different additives like anti-scuff, anti-wear, and even additives that can withstand extreme pressure, which usually a regular motor doesn’t withstand extreme pressure that a regular motor usually doesn’t reach as compared to the racing engine. The regular motor piling comes with friction protection along with the reduction of the emission that reduces the wear and tear problem of the engine.

Why some bikes have different compartments for oil:

Usually, the oil has different compartments since it does not get contaminated by the debris of the clutch, and the combustion side of the engine doesn’t usually get thin out.

What is the advantage of using the shared oil?

If you use the same oil in the engine, such as KTM or the rm-Z, then you are likely to get a huge supply so that it will not reach the critical level while overall engine temperatures stay in control.

How to choose an ideal oil for a dirt bike?

The best way is to choose the oil with the help of consulting the owner’s manual that will give a detailed explanation from oil weight to the quantity needed and brand preferred.


Now that you have the whole information of the dirt bike oil and, of course, for all the reason why you need to have it, make sure you take your time and then go for a 4-stroke dirt bike oil change.

Also, yourself questions like whether you are planning to ride your bike in inclement weather, how rough you prefer riding the bike, or whether you will be taking it off the road, and answers will be right in front of you.

These are oils that, of course, are advised by the customers who are happy to use it and see how the engine just works smooth and for a long time. But of all, make sure you take some time to compare and then decide.

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