what to wear for dirt bike riding

What To Wear For Dirt Bike Riding – Buying Guide

Dirt bike riding is fun, but only if you know how well to balance and control the speed. So many professionals who ride dirt bike so smooth that viewers enjoy getting an eye treating experience. But what they practice is not without the protective gear.

As a rider, you need to carefully assess all gears that can help you enjoy a smooth riding experience. Given below are some Dirt bike essentials that you must have. But don’t just purchase for buying sake.

Instead, focus well on how to wear them and make it a habit of using them regularly. In the end, for any thrill ride, safety is the foremost important thing you need to keep in mind.

The need for Dirt bike essentials

While options like Dirt bike pants or Dirt bike Jersey may give you the best collection to explore, but along with it, you need to see that they have the material designed for better protection.

The reason why you should be all packed up with the Trail riding gear dirt bike is simply because of the risk of accidents that dirt bikes have. The accidents can sometimes be fatal, and that is why you must protect yourself in all ways.

You may come across different gears in different price ranges and materials. Your focus should be more on quality rather than price. Please do not compromise with it since your body needs extra safety when riding a dirt bike.

Know different Dirt bike essentials

Moving on to the very most important part, which is Best dirt bike gear, listed are some options you may want to consider. Rather, do not even consider them as the options. Make sure before you kick off with your riding, you have all these gears ready with you.

As per the experienced riders, too, one must never attempt to go on riding a dirt bike if they are not wearing proper gear. It is not about comfort but about safety that comes first. There are so many accessories such as Dirt bike boots or Dirt bike helmets that you can find in the market.

Here are things explained well on what and how to shop for the right ones. This way, in the future, you will have an idea of what you have been browsing on the internet for different gear options is the right one or not.

what to wear for dirt bike riding

1. Full face helmet

To begin with, the very first essential you must consider is the Dirt bike helmets. You must have a full-face helmet as such products do the most crucial job when you are riding, and that is to protect your head. Remember, head injuries are always the worst of any other injury. That is why if you crash up somewhere, your head must always stay protected.

A crash may not be fun, and you must not even take it so lightly. You must keep in mind never to go out of your home to ride a bike without a helmet. There are different full-face models available. Of course, you need to try them all before buying the right one. While purchasing, consider factors like proper ventilation, the material being used, and ease of taking out your head when not riding the bike.

This dirt bike gear ensures more risk can be avoided, especially if you plan to do trail ride or cover the long distance. You need to always keep in mind that dangers don’t knock the door before they arrive. It can happen anytime and anywhere.

You need to be extra careful and what matters the most during your dirt bike trail is your head protection. If that is gone, you are gone. So, take some time to browse some amazing brands that are promising one’s and are known to offer the finest range of full-face helmet collection.

What to wear for dirt bike riding

You may even come across half shell helmet for this activity. Sellers to sell will, of course, convince you that buying it is not a bad option either. But you have to be cautious. It is not at all worth when you meet some deadly crash.

Rather along with your head, it may crash into parts. You might get into more messy things like damage teeth or broken jaws, which of course, you don’t want. That is why you must always choose a top-notch quality of helmet model, which can give better safety.

Moving on to technical aspects, you should look for the model that offers features such as elastomeric dampers for reducing the rational forces on the brain. Of course, the latest technology-based helmet can be effective too.

Another aspect you may consider is whether it is certified. There are few standards and regulations that such items have to be met to make sure they clear the safety test.

2. Goggles

Googles is another Best dirt bike gear that you must not forget to buy. Since on the trail riding, chances of your eyes to meet dirt and dust is high. Of all body parts, the eyes are the most delicate one. During your day time riding, your eyes are more likely to get affected because of sun rays.

You, of course, while riding, don’t want to have any kind of abrupt, and that is why Google can be of great help to you. It does not just keep the dirt and dust out from your eyes but also ensure your eyes are protected against the low hanging branches and even the roost.

There are so many brands of googles you may come across. Some of them are quite similar in terms of design and features. But every brand has a unique fit, and that is why you are advised to try every pair along with your helmet to understand how well it fits inside your helmet eye-port.

If you wear eyeglasses, then you must look for the googles that are designed to fit over them. There are many such options for which your seller can guide you well. In case you ride your dirt bike often on the muddy conditions, then there are two options. The first one is the roll-offs, and the second one is the tear-offs.

What to wear for dirt bike riding

A tear-off is the complete size of the lens of the goggle. It comes with the tabs off on the google sides that promises better accessibility. If you are not able to see from your googles, then you simply have to remove the tear-off and get a clear vision again. But if it is raining badly, then you can always consider the option of a roll of system.

You can even get a mud flap on your googles so that there will not be any water or mud running the view when riding. The price of every goggle can vary depending on the quality and feature that you consider, but yes, it typically ranges from$35 to $60.    

For dirt biking, you may want to consider different types of lenses that can be suitable for a different riding condition. Amp rose helps in improving the depth perception of different weather conditions. Then comes yellow lenses that ensure the field depth can be improved, and clarity of weather conditions is clear to you.

You can also try Amp blue, which offers visual clarity with an increase of the contrast in light conditions. With a clear lens, you get maximum light and are best for light conditions. Other than this, options like a light-sensitive lens and Clear Anti-stick are also the trending ones you can consider.

3. Dirt bike boots

Dirt bike boots are another important biking gear you need to have. As technology has advanced, so has the phases of improvement in such boots is noticed. You can now have a wide range of choices amongst such boots that promise great comfort and protection when you are on your trail of adventure.

If you are considering going for regular boots, then it can work as well. But after some time, you will find it uncomfortable, and your feet may not be happy to be in it for a long time. That is why it is extremely important to choose a quality footgear that can offer you better comfort and protection.

Talking about dirt bike riding boots, yes, they are the specialized type of footwear that you need for protection. In case of any crash, your ankle or lower leg is more at risk of getting injured. But if you wear appropriate boots, then you can protect them in a better way. Dirt biking is all about getting your feet exposed to different injuries and risks.

There can be a crash anytime, and of course, you don’t want to repent in future of wearing the boots, which did nothing to protect your feet. Different materials are being used. But again, to choose a good one, you must see to it that the material comforts your leg skin as well.

What to wear for dirt bike riding

In terms of a proper fit, your leg should get a better space to stay in that zone for a long time. If you know, your often rides are going to be of risky trails, and then you can look for the sturdy material which is used for such type of footwear.

These are designed in a way that the risk of twisted ankles can be avoided. Do not just focus on the price of the footwear but also on quality and comfort. The material, once should not create excess sweat in the feet; otherwise, it may invite different skin issues and also will stink bad. There should also be proper ventilation for you to enjoy, and that is why you must do good homework before buying the right one.

A high-quality dirt bike will give you an awesome fit in ergonomic design. Besides, it can protect your feet against the rock strikes and also protect those areas of the feet that can get impacted easily.

Protective Gear

There are different types of protective gear that you have to buy for safety measures. Talking of which, listed are described well for better understanding:

1. Chest protection:

What to wear for dirt bike riding

The chest protector is categorized into two types. The first one comes in to be worn under your Dirt bike Jersey, and the other one is to be worn over the jersey. Such type of protector is designed to make sure you don’t get hurt or injured from roost or rocks that may hit you from other bikes. They also offer better protection if you crash.

There is one chest gear called Thor, that is one of the best options you can consider. This unisex gear is super light, durable, and comfortable and is best to be worn for preventing yourself against any crashes. Such gear is available in different styles, which you may want to try out to get the perfect for yourself. The price for the chest gear can vary from $39 to $69.

2. Knee and Elbow Pads:

What to wear for dirt bike riding

If you are considering other better safety options, then you can also plan to go for the knee pads. Whether you are learning a bike or planning to go on a tough trail, you must get yourself a better knee pad. There are also arms and elbows pads that you must consider. They are the cost-friendly option to protect yourself from any kind of bruises and scrapes. Most of them, of course, are unisex, so women should not have the problem of limited choices. There are also youth size pads that can be shorter for the legs and can fit well into your boots.

3. Knee Braces:

What to wear for dirt bike riding

Knee Braces offers good support to your knee and is extremely comfortable. If you don’t want to buy a knee pad, then this can be a perfect alternative option. The brands like Asterisk and CTI are the trending one these days. The price of knee braces can vary from $149 to $550. Again, to make your choice, the quality and material used to have to be considered as the safety measure.

For better choices amongst such options, you may want to speak with the experienced riders who have been using such incredible gear while riding.

4. Dirt bike pants

Dirt bike pants are one important piece of gear you have to wear. While riding a bike, the cotton-based pants or denim does not make sense. They are the most uncomfortable and odd wear you can even think of wearing. But yes, the pants that are designed for dirt bikes have different conduction and are made, of course, from the breathable material. But when you consider buying it and if it is your first time, then two things should be your concern.

The first is comfort, and the second is protection. Most such pants are made from polyester material. It is known to have a breathable feature with durability throughout the time, which is why buying it can always be the best deal you can have.

What to wear for dirt bike riding

There are also many other brands selling such essential gear made of leather material. But that should not surprise you. Mostly in some pants, there is an additional construction being done are the knee area for better safety. It is important to consider it as you are riding a bike, and the first impact post-crash is on the knee.

Leather material is an effective solution that can bare the impacts even after constant rubbing. Besides, it also improves the grips, which eventually, while riding, you need the most.

As compared to regular pants, such options are shorter in length. That is why you don’t have to worry about the fit. But you must avoid bunching them often within the boots; otherwise, it shall be extremely uncomfortable for you.

Look for the pants that can easily be adjusted through buckles and straps for saving time and giving better comfort.

5. Dirt Bike Gloves

Dirt bike gloves should be purchased to protect your hands against dirt and dust. But they are also designed to offer a better grip while riding bikes all the time. Such types of gloves are made of different materials and have a textured grip, which ensures that irrespective of any weather, you can wear it all the time.

It also helps to control sweat during your long ride and thus avoid the risk of slipping your hand from the handle; be its debris or water, such type of gloves is the best gear you can have. There are a few of the factors you need to keep in mind while buying quality gloves.

Talking about size, the fitting should be perfect. This means, if you are wearing it for a long time, it should not create any discomfort. Rather, you must buy a pair that will not slip off on the road. A tight fit can give a better grip and promises lasting safety.

What to wear for dirt bike riding

You can buy the one which comes with a strap that promises better adjustment. Some sellers do have a size chart for a better understanding of which kind of glove can fit your hand, measuring your wrist, fingers, and palms.

Safety features are also a part of such hand gear. The external layer of the glove needs to be well reinforced with thick rubber and should offer better protection. Some manufacturers often choose to go for the steel one as it is quite impenetrable.

You might want to go for the one that comes with palm and knuckle reinforcement. Some gloves come with a silicone roller tips for fingers protections and extra padding for palms protection.

Look for the design of the glove, which comes with an upper surface that has breathing perforations that can ensure your hands stay cool all the time. While riding a bike, you, of course, would want to keep tour hands dry the most, and it can be achieved only if there is a smooth circulation of the air.

6. Dirt Bike Riding Backpack

In the case of a long journey or trail riding, a dirt ride backpack is extremely important. It is needed to keep all your other essentials with you. This can include your drinking water, snacks to munch around, and even first aid kid.

The backpack that you choose should come with different compartments for a better storage solution. It has to be capable enough to carry all your sensations. You can consider the option of a hydration backpack. It lets you carry enough water storage. If you have a long journey to cover, then your backpack should be big.

What to wear for dirt bike riding

There are different material options available in the backpack category. But the one that is scratch resistant and waterproof. It is always better to buy a pricey one with good quality than buying a one which can save your money buy quality may not be that great.

You can consider different brand options that are currently leading one in the market. Compare them well and then choose the one which comes with better handling solutions and locking facilities for better protection during long rides and distant traveling.

If you are traveling a long journey, then you must carry only the essentials that during the whole journey will be required. It is important to keep your backpack as light as possible for a safe journey.

However, make sure the backpack can have storage to keep your other gear such as gloves and a pair of socks well when you are not using them.

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Riding on a dirt bike can always be a fun experience but make it the safest one, only with the right essential gear that can be helpful during your whole journey. It can always be an overwhelming task to venture for the right trail riding gear dirt bike.

You need extremely quality based gear no just for dirt riding but also motocross. Helmet of all being the important gear must always be carried when you hop on your dirt bike. As you engage yourself more in such sport, you may want to buy ore of such accessories.

For your enthusiastic kids too, give them dirt bikes only on the condition that they agree to wear all the important Dirt bike essentials. At the end of the day, safety matters. Happy Riding!

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