Top 10 Best 250 Dirt Bike for beginners [Reviews]

Are you planning to buy a 250cc bike but now sure which could be the right option to choose then certainly you are in the right place? Well, this type of bike is the best platform for new and even experienced riders to test and explore their skills. It is a perfect blend of maneuverability power for either the size of the engine matter or the weight.

250cc bike best dirt bikes of all time to try since it is not heavy or powerful for first-time riders. This bike is best for those who have an average weight and height. Otherwise, there are also different bike types available for choice.

If you finally have made up your mind on buying a 250cc dirt bike 2-stroke, the listen is some of the capable options you can consider. These are highly trending in the market and the choice of experts too. Initially, for beginners to experience wobbly moments on this bike is common. But as you practice more, you get to brush up your skills.

Besides, this bike is best if you have been looking for long riding on roads and trails without any traffic. The models are best for beginners and even those experienced riders who want to look for 450cc in the future can try this kind of bike first. But never simply make you choose because someone has advised about it earlier. It is always better to take time, compare, and then make the decision.

List of Best 250 Dirt Bike for beginners

1- Red 250cc Enduro Hawk Dirt Bike – Best Dirt Bikes Of All Time

This is a stylish 250cc dirt bike that is known for its best performance. It has an exhaust pipe that is designed for not just good performance but better looks as well. This bike has the front side of tire which is 80 by 100, while the rear one is 110/1000. This surely clears all your doubts on what kind of comfortable riding experience this bike would give you.

Besides, it has a comfortable seating arrangement. That is why you can have a better riding movement for a long time. If you have been looking around for the best riding experience at great pricing, this can be the best option.

If the price is a concern, you can rest assured since you will not go with an empty pocket. But yes, the bike may not be that powerful but it can hit 60 with a rider who is 190-pound. If you ask for the title, well you will get that only in the mail and not personally. You however will have to raise a request for the same. This bike is best for those planning to upgrade from a regular 85cc bike to the advanced one.

The motor, frame, and even the bodywork of the bike is upgraded. The best 250cc dirt bike can create more than 35 horsepower and is not the fastest but can still deliver great output. This is one of the highly recognized models trending in the market today. If you are worried about its weight well, it is light, say around 200 pounds only excluding the fuel. It is one fir giving bike on the track which you shall enjoy.

  • Runs smooth
  • Light in weight
  • Cost friendly
  • Maintenance is often needed
  • Assembly is required

Final words:

If you had the beginner bike sometime back and want to know to explore a better version, this is the best dirt bikes. This bike can be the best platform for you to see your skills on the ring and covering different trails.

2- Smart Deals now Apollo 250cc AGB-36 Dirt Bike – 250cc Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

Dirt bikes are super fun if you know how to ride them and control them. Considering this dirt bike, well it is value for money. If you order it online, shopping may take time but what you get is worth it. The bike’s overall weight is not more than 400 pounds that also includes the shipping packages and without fuelling.

Surely, you would have to do the assembly on your own but the good part is, the process is easy. There are decent guidelines that are shared on YouTube for reference. You would want to have a helping hand for the complete assembly.

If we focus on the suspension bolting, handlebars, and even throwing the front tire, well it is one of the best options to choose. There is a certain tweaking of the right adjustments crew which needs to be done on the bike carburetor. However, the amount it starts, you will see how worth it was. Once the whole assembly is done, you may want to take a picture of it because this unquiet bike in the market good even to have a person who is over 200 pounds.

You must maintain this 250cc dirt bike 2-stroke regularly. The carburetor must be cleaned up while the bike valves need to be run without any problem. There are some of the resources online which can guide you when it comes to maintenances. If you want to gas the bike you can use a particular machine for the same.

  • The setup of carb is easy
  • The Assembly process is not tough
  • Electric start is better
  • Quality control lacks

Final words:

This bike could be best for the trails but if you are ready to face troubleshoot and maintain it well, it is worth it. In a mechanical sense, it is quite operative and gives a better riding experience.

3- X-Pro Hawk 250 Enduro Street Bike – 250cc Dirt Bike

Motocross is a well-known dealer who has been creating X pro products for a long time. You must have seen so many vehicles of this seller being sold with some impeccable features. They are said to be trademarked with the graphics of X pro. Now if we focus on one of its latest addition, well it will not disappoint you either.

This is the best dirt bikes of all time, loaded up with some of the best features that you cannot deny. It is one of its kind and is valuable at a great deal. The bike has a heavy-duty top-notch clutch with 5-speed transmission manuals. It ensures there is smooth shifting along with engagement to be done progressively.

Another stylish yet high-performance brake that you may want to consider is the Hawk 250. It is quite trending in the market because of its popularity amongst the expert riders. The bike has a front tire of 80 by 100 while the rear one of 110 by 100 which offers superior traction. 

For a comfortable riding experience surely, this bike will not disappoint you. In case you are worried about the assembly well, then yes, you will have to do it on the own. They assemble for the dirt bike would be needed for wheels, handlebar, brakes, and even the fender and number plate as well.

The ideal reasons why hawks were designed for long-distance traveling. It does not require much maintenance and in terms of quality too it is worth it. This bike comes with an engine of 229 cc which offers the best speed and accretion that you can enjoy. It offers better control to the rider and he can ride it with great comfort too.

  • Kill switch safety feature
  • High-performance Hydraulic disc brake
  • Electric Start easy
  • More Traction
  • Pricey

Final words:

This is one stylish bike that premises great performance. But if you need to ride it for a long journey, then you must maintain it. In terms of price, it is not that costly and the best part is the engine that offers safety for riders of all ages.

4- X-PRO 250cc Gas Adult Dirt Bike – 250cc Dirt Bike 4 Stroke

This 250cc dirt bike 2-stroke has the 21 inches wheels of the front and 18 inches one in the rear knobby. That is why when it comes to traction, you can enjoy it in different terrains and tracks. It is a convening option with 55.9 inches of the heel base.

Of all, kill sketch is an added advantage of this bike. It offers riders of different age bar to cut the engine off as and when they want. The rear and front sides’ disc brakes are hydraulic and let the bike speed up and even stop equally compared to other bikes. That is why it is safe to be used.

High-performance brakes make it an expert’s choice. The pedals of the brake are well secured too. If seating is your concern, well then, this bike has comfortable yet low seating. This means you get a better riding experience and good movements as well.

The degree of control is quite large as the frame is large. This best 250cc dirt bike will often surprise you with most of its incredible features besides its duly appearance. It can handle even the twists and turns without much hassle. Besides, its rear and front braking system is hydraulic which offers better control as well.

This stylish performance-based bike has an exhaust pipe that comes with it. It is more like an added advantage of the design. Besides, it enhances the style and performance of the bike. Next comes is the footpegs which are self-cleaners. They can be folded and are wide enough for you to keep the foot conveniently.

  • Super easy to assimilable
  • Ability to handle small and middle jumps
  • Excellent quality and customer service
  • Light in weight
  • Assembly is needed
  • Carbonator can be a trouble

Final words:

If you want a bike to enhance and explore your riding skills, this is the best dirt bikes. Besides, this bike comes with some of the best quality bolts and parts, so maintenance is not always needed.

5- X-Pro 2020 Version 250 Motorcycle – Best 250cc Dirt Bike

To choose a pro bike there are so many things that we consider in our mind. A stylish design, a good performance, less maintenance, and great pricing is all that matters to us. Well, the good news is this 250cc dirt bike is one of its kind. This high-performance based bike is best for those riders who want to shift from the beginners typical riding to explore their own set of skills.

That bike comes with an upgraded version of clutch and handlebar which are easy to assemble and operate further. This bike has easy to use features. When you start operating the clutch soon after you stop the bike, all you must do is tap the clutch’s handle. You don’t have to hold the brake at the same time for better engagement.

The engine and body of the bike are well optimized. This means the 2020 model is a popular and latest engine with better power and great frame optimization. It also has reduced high-speed jittering that offers a comfortable riding experience.

Whether three are rear rims or the front rims with tore reinforcement, this bike has got it all for you. The wheel’s assembly comes with a superior yet sturdy design that promises better performance and lasting durability.

This pro version is designed with a great cover that is heat resistant and waterproof. This means the bike has the cover that can protect your bike in all seasons and during extreme environments as well.

There are some advantages to extreme stringiness and better longevity. This cover is made from premium material and is an all-weather outdoor storage platform that can be used in the summer and winter.

  • Seat style is comfortable
  • Better rider movement
  • Soft inner material for protection
  • Assembly is needed for which helping hand is important

Final words:

For a comfortable riding experience, if you want to use a price-friendly bike, you can always choose such an option. This bike requires the assembly of wheels, handlebar brackets, and brakes.

6- X-PRO Titan 250cc Zongshen Engine Pit Dirt Bike 

Another bike that has been the town’s talk is yet another x pro version gas dirt bike. This 250cc dirt bike is one of its kind. It has been made with certain infrastructure changes. Some upgrades made include injection of the electronic field and some minor changes in terms of design and styling.

The bike has nowhere compromised with the performance at all. The best part it does not require much maintenance too. You can enjoy your riding experience without worrying much about the quality of the parts.

The bike has a good tank for better fuel loading capacity. This means you don’t have to cut down your trip just to run to fill up the gas. It has surely been a tough competition to many other brands like Yamaha that are trending on the market.

You can enjoy trail riding on this bike and it is one of its kind which surely will not disappoint you at all. Moving further, this bike has been made with the Zhongzheng engine of 223cc. It is a pricey one but a more reliable option. It offers a better span and is one of the best options you can choose.

For better strength of the steel, the experts do the whole welding process too with accuracy. That is why you will find the frame in much light in weight and strong too with good service life.

Besides, the bike painting is done with being UV resistant which is why it will not fade away so easily. The bike’s overall weight is not more than 400 pounds that also includes the shipping packages and without fuelling. Surely, you would have to do the assembly on your own but the good part is, the process is easy.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Light in weight
  • UV resistant
  • Fuel to air mixture is a concept
  • No spare parts available easily

Final words:

Overall, this is an amazing bike as it has less engine exhausting pies and plastic of good strength. It does not require much maintenance too.

7- X-Pro Hawk 250 Black Enduro Street Dirt Bike 

For a visually appealing bike running in your mind, you can anytime shortlist this 250cc dirt bike 2-stroke. It is value for money because of obvious reasons. This bike comes with good suspensions and ensures that you get the right protection during surprising bumps that may happen while riding.

The high ground clearance and the soft suspension is what makes this bike a perfect option. If you intend to ride this bike is a much adventurous manner, this can surely be one of the best experiences. The price is also not an issue because it is available greatly while proving to be a tough competition to others.

The bike has an electric start. This means you don’t have to go through the trouble of kick start always. This makes the bike to be easier to operate and enjoy the trail experience anytime.

Besides, so many users have also claimed it to be an interesting bike best suitable for intermediate and beginners. The kind of performance that such a bike gives and reliability is not something you will find anywhere else so easily.

This bike is an exclusives product from the X proof. The dealer has always surprised its customers with impeccable products and this is one fine example of the same. The bike is sold with the feature of X pro graphic which makes it a completely genuine product.

The intention of designing this hawk version of the bike was to cover the long-distance journey without much maintenance. In terms of durability and quality, this bike stands on the top amongst the competition. With less maintenance and better quality, it is one of the best bikes you can have.

  • Less maintenance
  • Cost friendly
  • Sturdy quality
  • For assembly helping hand is needed

Final words:

This is one amazing bike you can think of investing in. This bike is loaded with amazing features and is a pocket-friendly option you can choose for yourself

8- 250cc APOLLO 5 Speed Dirt Bike With 5 Speed 

This 250cc dirt bike has got so many impeccable features stored for you. It has an advanced braking solution with a huge disc brake that gives you instant slow down or even the quick stop whenever applied.

This bike is a must-try for those who want to enjoy trail riding at the same time, want to switch from beginner riding to an advanced one. This bike is one of the tough competitions in the market today. It is all loaded with power pact features that you may not find elsewhere. The bike also offers the riders of different age bar to try it out with complete safety.

Moving further, the bikes have got a great air shock front suspension which promises better performance. It ensures the quality riding experience is available while your bike stays in complete motion.

The bike has been optimized for quality handling performance as well. The weight is also quite good. This means, you can ride it without worrying about any damage at all. This bike is made with lighter sounds than other bikes, so you shall have the best riding experience, especially for long distances.

If you have been looking around for the best riding experience at great pricing, this can be the best option. This bike is best for those who are planning to upgrade from a regular 85cc bike to the advanced one.

The motor, frame, and even the bodywork of the bike is upgraded. Surely, you would have to do the assembly on your own but the good part is, the process is easy. There is a certain tweaking of the right adjustments crew which needs to be done on the bike carburetor.

  • Easy assembly
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost friendly
  • The quality of some parts is not that great

Final words:

The bike is best for all those people who have an incredible skill level. The riders can even learn new things on how to tune up well with the machines, while if it is a veteran rider riding ten this rider has got more surprises awaiting.

9- Hawk RPS Sporty RED 250cc Street Bike

Another stylish bike that promises a top-notch performance with less maintenance is this bike. It is worth investing since you can test your riding skills and explore more as well. This bike is designed with an 80 by 100 front and 110/100 rear tire. This promises better traction, due to which you can have a stress-free riding experience.

If a price is bothering you, be rest assured since this bike is available at a great deal and quality is nowhere compromised. This bike assurance comfortable riding and promises to give the rider an experience they must have never had before.

The 250cc dirt bike can even be used for racing right after you get it at home. The assembly is not at all complex and all the bolts and parts are of superior quality. The fuel tank is quite good which is why you can use this bike for long dance and even training.

The bike can also further be modified and is highly adaptable which is the best thing about it. It comes with an adjustable rear shock. This is not a bulky bike. It just weighs 230 lbs and enhances you can ride it in your way. Talking about the engine, well it is quite powerful too. This bike is the best option or those who want a good handle with an ergonomic solution wrapped up in the package of competition-specifications.

The engine of this best 250cc dirt bike has been designed to offer a good amount of power, exactly what you require. Besides, it comes with a 5 gearbox that offers a promising bolt solution with better action. The bike has the stock exhaust that you may not find pleasing, but the rest is worth buying.

  • Designed for race
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be modified in future
  • Ergonomic
  • The stock exhaust isn’t stealthy

Final words:

This bike is a must buy if you want to explore your new riding skills. It can give you better confidence to buy another bike in the future which you can use for professional riding and racing.

10- X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike – Best Dirt bike for beginners

Moto Pro has managed to develop some of the most impeccable bikes in the market so far. Talking of which this CX prof bike is one such product trending in the market today. It is all loaded with best if the features like a clutch promote smoothness while the manual transmission comes up to 5 speed.

There is also a progressive engagement and a shifting which is quite smooth too. It is now time to test your riding skills with this bike that gives you complete riding control. Besides, the bolts and parts of the bike are sturdy enough to offer safety with less maintenance.

This bike has got a great design. It has seating which is comfortable and in a low style. That is why you will be able to get better riding movements without any discomfort. The bike measures 81.9*37.8*53.5 which clearly shows it is quite spacious.

This means you get a comfortable yet roomy riding experience. If assembly is the concern well you will have to assemble the bike. The parts like the handlebar, brakes, wheels, and even the fender and number plate need to be assembled well.

The bike machines are quite advanced and have proved to be tough competition for other brands in the market. The engineering skills are amazingly done and the compact cylinder engine is not a bad thing at all. The torque of the bike is at the low revs. However, it eventually offers at the top side but that is all fine since it manages the overall machine to explore different skills.

  • Best for all types of riders
  • Light in weight
  • Great riding experience
  • Overpriced
  • For assembly, help is needed

Final words:

With good horsepower and better suspension, this is the best bike for mild rides. The brakes are also great and the units at the front and the rear side are made so that you get the immediate stop when brakes are applied.

best electric dirt bike

Best 250 Dirt Bike For Beginners – Buying Guide

Dirt bike is the only choice that most experienced or expert riders prefer to use for trail riding. Of course, it is one of the best options you can choose but if you have been looking around for the right specialist bike dealer or a manufacturer, you need to make good homework. 

There are so many exclusive brands available in the market that of course shall fulfill your needs. No doubt dirt bikes are it 250cc dirt bike 4-stroke or 2-strokes are the best choices, but when it comes to buying a 250cc for the first time, you must pay extra attention to what you are opting for.

The factors that are mentioned below can help you buy a model that can match your needs:

1. Height and Weight of The Rider

For purchasing the 250cc bike, it is important to consider factors like the eight of the riders and the weight. As compared to a 450cc bike, the 250-cc bike is light in weight. It runs faster since it has every less weight.

It is advised to follow certain size criteria since the people may vary when it comes to structuring. Some riders have long torsos while some have long legs. The decision depends on the personality of the rider who shall be using this bike the most.

For this, you can take the test drive if it is for yourself only. See to it that the feet touch the ground firmly while you sit in the forward position. The posture of the back must be straight. When you ride, you need to understand the knees must have a slender blend. This way, you will squeeze the tank and push the foot in the forward direction for better maneuverability.

Those riders who squally have weightless than 150 pounds will be able to handle the 250-cc bike. However, the riders who are large may often need the suspension found in big models such as 250cc and 450cc.

2. Understand the Choice Whether It Is Old Vs. New Dirt Bike

You can come across so many money-saving deals. Now, 250cc old bikes are available in the market. The thing that should matter to you the most is whether the bike matches your riding style. You can always look for the nearby motocross community. There are high chances that some may sell an old model or they are aware of someone who knows you.

You will also be able to come across 250cc dirt bike 4-stroke new riding ideas in the communities you are part of. There are also online forums options where you can look for the used 250cc dirt bikes.

It is important to, howsoever, make your mind for the pricing of the repair no matter how well the bike was maintained. Otherwise, you can simply visit the store and buy a new bike. The best part of choosing a new bike is you get upgraded technology which can serve you better. Besides the warranty and support that you get is also the best.                                                                                                       

3. Price

For dirt bikes that you look for which are 250cc models are available at different prices. Now it is your call completely on which option to choose. But remember, dirt bikes are not so cheap. There must be a good price set for the same when you plan to buy especially when you hope to upgrade.

There are certain models from well-known companies which are quite pricy. It entirely depends on the features they offer on the price which you shall be paid. It is also good to go for the used dirt bikes at a great deal. But then you must be ready for regular investment in its repair.

4. Take A Bike Demo

Most dealers may not offer you the dirt bike test ride but some manufacturers can host the demo every year at different spots. You can plan to visit those locations and take an opportunity to look at the dirt bike you are planning to buy. Check if the bike is in all conditions and whether buying it will benefit you or not.

Remember, such bikes are not easy to lean and ride. Certain events are set up for the riders with good experience in this marketing for a long time. You can meet then and get some tops for the same. Brands like KTM and Yamaha often throw such events and offer demo rides.

5. Check the Air Filter

One of the crucial components of the bike you need to look for is the air filter. You must be good at understanding whether the air filter offers regular maintenance or not. If your bike’s air filter is working fine then of course your best 250cc dirt bike will give an incredible riding experience.

The air filter and airbox is found dirty can tell you two things. The first open is that it really requires a lot of maintenance and secondly if it is a used bike well, the owner did not pay much attention. You can simply check by flatting out and see if the air filter has been cleaned.

6. Oiling Needs to Be Checked Too

For a smooth riding experience, you must have a bike with a good oiling level. It ensures the bike’s smooth performance for long trails and ensures the clutch’s wetness also remains the same.

Make sure the oiling is at least abiding by the level of the marked sign. The darkness of the oil should also be checked. If the oil is quite dark it means there is good leveling and your bike has a better ability to run for a long time and if not then it is a sign that the bike shall often need maintenance.

7. Trail Riding or Track Riding

While considering a 250cc bike choice, you must confirm whether trial riding is your interest or track riding. For trail riding the four-stroke bike that has handguards are the best choice.

It also has a skid plate for extra protection with an electric start. You can also explore different types of dual-sport bikes that are legal to ride on the street. It entirely depends on where you live. This is the best opportunity for you to reduce the transportation of the bike to off-road riding spots.

In case you are planning to ride on the motocross tracks, you can anytime go for a race bike, 250cc. This type of bike is light in weight. It is known for incredible suspension for the better jump. However, you must keep in mind that such a type of bike can also be used on the trails but can often be challenging to cross the track since trail bikes are heavy with unsettled suspension.

8. Know the Ability

If you are a beginner, then surely you must first explore your skills. Understand if you are an aggressive rider, whether you can adapt to new things, or would be able to participate in racing or action sports. It is important to have answers for all of them to decide which could be the best bike that can help you with your riding skills.

It is always important to make good homework. Because what matters the most is your money doesn’t go in vain. Make a good comparison. Understand at which price what features you will be availing of

Speak to expert riders and even your friends who already have 250cc dirt bike. You can even try theirs first before buying yours to understand if you can adjust to this bike. In the end, what matters the most is your investment doesn’t go in vain and it is always wise to choose the option smartly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum speed at which a 250cc bike can run?

The 250cc bike speed can vary depending on the brand and the engine that has been designed. But if we consider the average speed, well then, such bike runs at 70 mph or 80 mph. Some brands have designed the bike which can exceed the speed mentioned.

If you want to know the far figure then 70mph and 90mph can be more than the average speed. Well, but once you’re each such a top speed then many factors hamper it. Keep a note that on-road and off-road to speed can vary drastically.

Q. Which bike is best for the beginner, a 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke?

Both the bike offers Greta results. In case you focus on choosing 2-stroke bikes, well, it is best for beginner to ride since it is light in weight with less complex parts. Besides, they are quite quick too. Such bikes offer power at high revs.

They are cost-friendly and cheap when it comes to repairing the 2 strikes. But again, the right air blend is required so that it can perform optimally. Both the bikes are best but for beginners to brush up on the skills, anytime 2 strike bikes can be a great platform to begin.

The 4-stroke bike is large as compared to the models of 2-stroke. They are quite relevant to motocross. As they are tall and heavy, the chances are high that beginners can find it difficult to have good control over a 4-strokes bike. 4-stroke bikes are best in the long run.

Q. Is a 250cc dirt bike large in size?

This is a lightweight bike made for long-distance, race, and trailing. If you choose modern Enduro bikes, it is usually 37 inches. There are many other brands of Kawasaki that are the softest as compared to other brands. The saddle height of such a bike measures 35 inches. 

However, KTM has bought one of the tallest bikes as compared to other options whose height is around 39.1 inches. No matter what size and height of the bike is, you must stay safe and focused while riding the bike and of its 250cc you should always look for the compact one for a better riding experience.

Q. What is usually the weight of a 250cc dirt bike?

As per the construction of the bike, the weight of the same can vary. The average weight of the dirt bike that falls under the category of 220 is 235 lbs. Such bikes are extremely light in weight. To name some bikes like KTM 250 models are usually 227 lbs. There are also heavyweight models such as Honda CRF250L that weighs 346 lbs.

Well, what matters is the performance of the bike and your comfort to ride them. But if the bike is light, you will be able to enter into the race without any kind of issues at all.

Q. Is 450cc Dirt Bike best for beginners?

As long as a beginner has got amazing riding skills, there should not be a problem. A 450cc bike us more like an easy ride experience., It offers the best power with an operation that can smoothly be done. Besides, it also glides through the tracks without any efforts.

The only difference between the bikes of 450cc with that of the 250cc is the top speed and the weight. As compared to 450cc the 250cc bikes weigh less. Besides, the reduced weight is the main reason why the bike can go at high speed. The 250cc dirt bike 4-stroke is known for maintaining speed.

Q. What is the right age for starting with the dirt bikes?

Well, dirt bike riding can be done from a 13-year old or even more. It is all about the skills and controls that are needed for riding the bike. But if your kid has an interest in this, you can start training them at the convenience, but you need to make sure it is followed under strict supervision only. Those adults who are in good condition can often start learning this sport.

Q. What is usually the price of a 250CC bike?

As compared to 450cc, anytime, the price of such a bike is affordable. Besides, it usually varies from $5,149 which can even go to $9,599 and even more. But if you have been looking out for the cost-friendly dirt bikes of 250CC, you can always go for the sale options where you can come across many other cheap models to make a choice.


There are so many options 250cc dirt bike 4-stroke which you can find in the dirt bikes section. There are dirt bikes for beginners, dirt bikes for hard terrain, and even dirt bikes for the experts. The choice is yours and the options suggested above are the top-notch ones. But it is always better to go for the brands that have been used by the experts.

250cc bikes are amazing for the beginners to shift from 85 cc bikes to something better. Besides, it is easy to control and handling is no trouble too. It is one such high-performance model that give better confidence to ride well in the future.

Even the beginners start learning to handle the dirt bike on the public or private trails and tracks by starting with the 250cc model only. It is time to make the right decision and for which you must focus on price, quality, and the brand with a good performance.