how to buy a used dirt bike

How To Buy A Used Dirt Bike – Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy your first bike and that too, a dirt bike but not sure if it is the right deal to go for? This post is right for you. The reason why you can choose a used dirt bike is that it is a cost-friendly option and can give you a better lifespan too. It is the best start to go for off-road riding.

Besides, you don’t even have to empty your pockets. The money you save can be later used for the parts replacement and all the necessary upgrades that need to be made to make sure the riding style becomes more smooth and better.

Before we move on to understand the right approach to buy the used dirt gun, it is important to consider the reason and the places where you can get the best options for the sued dirt gun. It is always better to be prepared than to get panicked on time. Here are a few things that you must have a clear understanding of the dirt bike.

Reasons to buy a used dirt bike

  • Save money

No doubt that the concept of dirt gun is popular. Even kids of 13 years of age start off riding with the special kind of dirt bike made from them. But when it comes to purchasing a used dirt bike, well the approach of dealing with it is a little different. Usually, you can consider used dirt bike options when you want to save more money.

There is nothing wrong with that. When you buy a used dirt bike as your first one, you will gain a better experience too. Such type of bike is cheap as compared to the new ones. You can purchase it between the range of $400 to $1900 depending on the budget that you have set. It is always best to go for the dirt bike that looks unique and can give a better start as a beginner.

If you spend less on buying such a bike, you can make other investments and later do more saving to buy the bikes which later can be first-hand, cheap, and with upgraded options.

  • Better practice

As a beginner, always choosing the dirt bike which is used earlier can give better confidence. Imagine you buy a new dirt bike and always scared to try your new stunts on it simply because you are not sure if the bike gets damaged. Due to this, you will never learn out of your comfort zone and eventually, you shall end up simply riding it with no fun.

But imagine, having a used dirt bike which has been already upgraded and with few better additions, you make the bike in much better working condition. You at least will be able to perform a few stunts and even make the best moves which later you can flaunt around your friends.

New bikes can always cost above $2000 and the latest one currently in the market price nearly between $7000 and $8000. In the case of used dirt bike, of course, the price at which you shall purchase will nearly behalf of it. So, less money and more practice are what you get from a used dirt bike.

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The right source to get Used Dirt Bikes for Sale

There are so many places which you need to explore before you decide on buying a used dirt bike. Because the shops near you may offer the best price in their capability. But you can deal with a much cheaper option by exploring other sources mentioned below:

  • Facebook Marketplace

The advancement in social media has opened scope for many businesses. And talking of which, the Facebook marketplace is one such option where you can easily access through your Facebook app. This means, to buy a used dirt bike, you don’t have to visit the store when the user from the other corner is ready to sell it at the deal you expect.

You can simply search the keyword as used dirt bike in the market place section and see the options that are available, the best thing about this is there are not much of spammers you must worry. To find a good deal, you need to set an alerts series. You can toggle the switch so that notification will be popped as and when the matches are found to be relevant for the search.

  • Craigslist

Since you will be dealing ion sued dirt bike, it is obvious that you will be looking for this source the most. The best part of this section is you will not run out of choices. It is so easy to operate and get the best deals that there will not be any disappointment at all.

You can download it to your phone and explore some mind-blowing features which usually a normal Craigslist will not offer. Other than filtering the searchers, you will also be notified about the searches that you saved earlier. Craigslist is like that of the Facebook marketplace.

  • eBay Motors

Not many people are aware of it but it is the best platform where you can get the dirt bikes that too used one for the local pickup. However, if you have been looking for the certain customized used bike option then look nowhere else but eBay Motors

  • CycleTrader

This is also another interesting option you may want to explore. Here you can surf around different types of dirt bikes that are available across the city in which you reside. Simple filter the options near your area and you will be all set to get the best option. The site is usually meant for the local retailers and buyers who have a huge inventory list to check.

How To Buy A Used Dirt Bike – Buying Guide

As a first-time buyer, you, of course, must pay extra attention to the type of dirt bike which you wish to go ahead with., Since, used dirt bike is on your list, you probably want to choose the one after a good homework.

For this, you need to make sure that the relevant search is made so that you don’t get ripped off. Besides, the knowledge of mechanics of the dirt bike is needed otherwise, have a helping hand who holds good knowledge about dirt bikes while following the buying guide given below.

  • A budget must be set

This is the very first step that you should not be ignoring. The right estimation of the money which you want to make the investment needs to be carried out. Make sure you spend on the sued dirt bike only for the duration you will be using it.

For this, you can do the current market value evaluation. The comparison of the different prices should be made. In case there is a huge difference then please go with the option that fits in your budget and has all the basic needs of the sued model you expect. But keep a note that charge of repair and maintenance will be included during the purchase., That is why decide your budget accordingly.

Take note of hidden costs because there are many that may add up. That is why, you need to estimate considering all the costs such as the sales tax included, transfer of title and registration fees in case you choose the local DMV, and so on.

  • Do good homework

It is important that you research welk on the used dirt bike. There are so many stores and marketplaces where you can come across such an option. But what matters the most is how clear you are about the model and the brand which you want to buy.

Evaluation of it is important and for this experience level, budget and the rising style with the size is important too. You can always narrow down the choices so that it becomes easy for you to grasp better insights before dealing with the one you have shortlisted.

In that case, there are options like forums that can be informative and can give you a better review. This way you will understand the customers’ viewpoint who have purchased earlier.

You may also want to see if there are any concerns that particular use must have raised or the tips that other customers have highlighted. This will be handy for you to test the stage so that you have a clear thought in your mind on what exactly you are looking for.

  • Patience Matters

Of all other things what matters the most is how much patience you have. You can’t just get the used dirt bike which you have been looking for in a day. It needs time and a lot of research, you may come across few but don’t rush for it otherwise choosing the best alternative possibilities reduces, there are local motocross tracks which can be the best platform to begin your search. Besides, there are so many riders whoa re always ready to sell their old models by posting the ads too.

  • Meet the dealers

There are so many dealers who also hold great knowledge of selling and even buying the used dirt bikes. They will give you the best deal which of course would be unique as compared to the other one. However, such dealers offer a good warranty, and reputability should be chosen.

There is no hurry to buy a dirt bike because the market is always flooded with different options. You need to understand every day new models of used dirt bikes will come. It is important to analyze and then make the decision rather than simply deciding out of excitement.

  • Seller’s First Impression

When you hunt for a seller don’t be careless. You need to ask about the bike rather than more about the seller. You need to consider if the seller is an original owner. You can even get the ownership paper verified to see if the offer you have put in the same one with the purchase. You need to confirm whether the bike is well maintained and modified if so, know the risk as well.

In case you are not able to meet the seller personally then get assistance on a phone call. But you must pay extra attention. In case there is still some corner for the doubts then get your friend along who is an expert who can give you better guidance and speak with the seller on all important things.

  • Do the bike inspection well

You must have a look at the sued dirt bike that you are intending to purchase the property. This way you can get a much clear idea of whether the ad which was posted with the details is true or not. Besides, it gives much clear insight to you than you can think. You need to see the components’ condition is well.

The components like a chain, magneto cover, frame, sockets, and even the clutch cover needs to be checked smartly. You also have a look at the paint whether it is still intact or run off so that you get a view of the usage of the bike made. In case there are any tiny bends or cracks noticed, you must speak to the seller on the same.

  • Ask questions

The more doubts you have the better you will get understanding. If you see other properties kept organized then you of course the seller must have been careful with the dirt bike. Further, you can ask the sellers about the questions such as why is there an urge to sell off the bike, there are any major issues that happened with the model you wish to deal, are there any damages that occur and how well where they worked upon.

On understanding the answers which the seller will give you, trust your gut feeling and see if the seller is confident while answering. This makes it easy for the decision to be made.

Listen to the answers to judge if they sound made up. If the seller fumbles through the answers, take it as a negative sign. Trust your instinct when interacting with them. Do not be sold on the general appearance of the bike and remember that the seller may exaggerate the condition of their machine.

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Focus on Used Dirt Bike Checklist

It is important to examine if the used bike’s all parts are working fine. This includes the oil leakage problem if any, air filter (If it is not good it means, a lot of maintenance is needed), the radiator must be checked to see if it is patched well. Look for the brake and clutch lever, sprockets, muffler, and frame condition as well.


Once you are convinced that all things of the sued dirt bike look fine, request the seller to make documentation along with the number of mechanic trips that need to be made. In case there is also a registration needed then do that as well. At the time of payment, you must ask the seller for the Bill of Sale receipt. Get the VIN of the sued bike of 17 characters made with the ID number of your model.

The dirt bike community is well connected. So, your journey to find the right one will not be as complex as you might be considering. Good luck!

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