Do You Need A Title For A Dirt Bike?

While buying or selling dirt bikes, titles are something that causes some worry for the seller. The pink slip is not that common. Therefore most of the bike owners fail to provide them at the time of purchase which leaves a big question on the legality of the bike.

So, yes, you need to get a title for the dirt bike as these documents prove legal ownership. It is a matter of the fact that these papers are not that common but believe me, this paper can add a little bit to the value of your bike.

Undoubtedly, in most states, they do not require the title to prove your ownership, but rules change with time and state. Therefore, it would better to get the title. The laws are not the same in all the states; thus, everything becomes confusing. 

So, in this scenario, a need to know more about titles rises. Hopefully, this read will let you learn more about the title, its importance for bike owners, and how to get the title legally.

Do You Need A Title For A Dirt Bike?

What Is The Title?

The title is a document used to declare the legal ownership of a person specified on the record. The title, also known as pink slip at times, is issued by the secretary of state through DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The rules and laws dealing with titles can vary from one state. For instance, in some states, the notaries should be present while completing the titles. But for many others, it is not necessary at all.

In addition, the information for the titles can also vary from one state to other. And the appearance of this legal document can also vary in the same way in different states.

The Information Is Included In The Title

Each of the titles contains the following information, regardless of the state or a vehicle was originated from:

  1. The vehicles identification number is also known as the VIN
  2. The year in which vehicles was manufactured
  3. Title number
  4. Make and model of vehicle
  5. The title also contains the name of the person to whom the money is owed on the vehicles.
  6. Taxation information
  7. License plate number
  8. Name of the owner along with his or her address

Through this piece of paper, an owner can prove that he owns this vehicle legally and has purchased it according to laws.

The essential purpose of this pink slip is to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen. Moreover, the title is a great help for you if someone claims that you have stolen their bike, as you can prove that you are a legal owner of this vehicle.

How Common Are Titles For Dirt Bikes?

The titles are not that common for the title cars or bikes; unfortunately, most of the new bikes come without any title. And there is no specific reason from the legal bodies of the state.

It is considered either a bad idea or illegal to buy a vehicle without a certificate of title in most states. And one more thing that would be surprising for you, even though if you have paid for the vehicle, if you don’t have the pink slip, you would not be considered the owner of that vehicle.

So, if you do not get the title for the dirt vehicles, you must get that or try to prove your ownership. For instance, you can get a signed document with the name, description of the bike, date of sale, and price from the seller of the bike. And this type of paper or document is acceptable in most places. So, try to get at least this proof if you are buying from a third party.

Do You Need A Title For A Dirt Bike?

Can You Register a Dirt Bike Without a Title

Title or pink slip is the proof of our ownership, and if you do not have the title, you would not be able to enjoy your drive in many states.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, the rules vary from state to state, so in many states, you can drive the dirt bike more, but in many other states, you would not be allowed to drive the bike.

In the same way, you do not need to provide the title to register your vehicle in many countries, but you cannot register your car without providing the title slip in most of the states.

Reasons Why a Motorcycle Wouldn’t Have a Title

The owner can be living in a state where they do not ask for a title

In most of the states, after the death of the owner, the state becomes responsible for the sale, so might possible bike may not have the title in this case

There are also chances that the seller has stolen the motorcycle while the documentation is still in the name of the lawful owner

The owner has moved recently and forget to get the pink slip

The owner becomes a victim of fire. Tornado or flood

Above all, in many cases, the owners lost the documents after keeping the bike for several years.

How To Avoid Problem

If you are buying the bike from a seller who does not have the title, it might be possible that the seller is a scammer. So, here comes a test for your judge of character. You can ask the seller for VIN or vehicle identification number before buying the vehicle in this scenario.

The identification number of the vehicle is a unique number that is present at the frame of the motorcycle. And if a seller feels hesitant to share the VIN, then there must be something wrong as it is perfectly alright to share the VIN.

Through VIN, you can get to know about the complete history of the bike and confirm if it was not reported as stolen and does not hit any accident or significant repairs. You can also easily register your vehicle with the help of VIN, even if you do not have the title.

And even if you do not have the VIN to register your vehicle, you can also use the MSO or Manufacturer Statement of Origin to register the dirt bike. The owner can provide you Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.

And one more thing, if you have built your frame instead of buying, so you will not have the MSO or VIN for documentation. So, in this case, you can get the VIN from the registration office and affix it permanently on your bike, and then you can apply for the registration of your vehicle.

How To Get Title For Dirt Bike

Riding a dirt bike without a title is not legal in most states. Therefore, it becomes essential to get the title for your bike to enjoy the beautiful ride through the streets of cities. Well, you can ride the bike legally even if you have a VIN, but sometimes the state can ask for the title as well.

So, you can find multiple companies online which can help you get the title for your vehicle. You can find one of them online, contact them, and ask if they can help you get the title for your bike.

The company can help you out n getting the pink slip, and you would not have to go to the DMV and no need to go through an inspection.


Remember that though the title may appear a paper to you, it is legal proof which is just enough to show your ownership.

Most of the bike owners fail to provide the pink slip, but whenever you buy a bike, never forget to get the title as the title would be necessary f you want to enjoy your ride legally on the streets of the city.


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