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How To Size a Dirt Bike Helmet (Dirt bike helmet buying guide)

To ride a dirt bike is certainly not so safe unless you have all kinds of safety gear with you. No doubt that a dirt bike is fun, but only when you are an expert in it. It requires ample skills to ride a bike o the surface, which is an unpaved one and is not for the weak heart.

If you have been planning for off-road racing or cover up some challenging terrain, then you need to ask yourself if you are ready with all safety measurements. By which, of course, the first thing that will come to your mind is the helmet.

If you are wondering how to measure head for a helmet and certainly you are a first-time buyer, then the dirt bike helmet buying guide shared below can surely help you to a great extent.

Know the role of dirt bike helmet first

Despite all the adventure and fun that comes along with dirt bike riding, there are so many risks involved, which you, of course, cannot ignore. The best part is to overcome all those risks; you only have to consider the safety measures as the priority. By this, the important thing you need to decide is about the dirt bike helmet.

Whether you are traveling at the rugged hills or planning to race in those evading rocks, the best dirt bike helmet plays a major role. It protects your head against all kinds of injuries, especially when the risk of an unpredictable crash is involved.

But to choose the right dirt bike helmet is equally important as you choose the dirt bike, which is why given below dirt bike helmet buying guide can be of great help to you.

How To Size A Dirt Bike HelmetBuying Guide

Right size matters

When you plan to buy the best dirt bike helmet, to choose the right size is equally important. Price and model are not just important, but for better safety, the right size also plays an important role. That is why always focus on investing your money smartly but choosing the size which can be a fit for you in the coming years as well as using a dirt bike helmet size chart.

After all, life matters the most. Along with the size, make sure the shape of the helmet is also comfortable. You can follow the given below steps for better measurement for how to measure head for a helmet:

Just take a measuring tape and wrap it softly around your head. It has to be distant of around half inches from the eyebrows while around the back of the head and ears also half-inch space should be there.

Now you have to make a comparison of the size of your head with a certain helmet brand that you have liked. Every brand will have different charts for sizing of their dirt bike helmet buying guide, which you will have to compare smartly.

You must try on the helmet before you use it. You need to sit squarely on the head while the top of the helmet’s eye port is above your eyebrows. Make sure the best youth dirt bike helmet fits snuggly at first, and if it gets loose, then it means it is broken.

If the helmet moves, if your finger fits well within your head and the helmet, that means you need a small size. The best box helmet size chart can be your best reference.

You must understand the shape of the head when you plan to buy a dirt bike helmet because a helmet that is perfect sized may fit snugly to the rider but does not mean it will be comfortable to another one. The shape of the helmet is important just the way the size of the head matters. You can always look for a dirt bike helmet size chart for reference.

Factors that manufacturers consider for the shapes when they make a helmet

  • Intermediate Oval: It is similar to the round head but has a short front to back and even side to side and not the front top back one.
  • Long Oval: The shape of this helmet is the more oblong head, which is long at the front and the back while narrow on the side to side
  • Round Oval: This shape is similar to an oblong head, which is long from side to side instead of front to back, just the way a long oval is.

Always remember the shape of the helmet while looking for the box helmet’s size chart that plays a major factor for safety and comfort. If the helmet is rightly sized but it does not fit properly can be trouble, and it may not give the same protection as the helmet which is rightly sized.

You must take the right measurements and see the motorcycle helmet size chart and consider the right head shape because your old helmet can be medium, but it does not mean your new best youth dirt bike helmet will also be medium. 

Things that you should not ignore

  • Availability of the parts

Look for the helmet from the top-notch brand so that you can get the parts if they get damaged either replaced or repaired easily, like breaking a visor or a cheek pad.

  • Comfort

You have to select the helmet, which is extremely comfortable and comes with safety features too. If you are traveling a long journey, then comfort should not be compromised at all.

  • Helmet weight

Some helmets can give you a solid feel, while some come with plush padding but are quite heavy. This will make you even more exhausted, and that is why focus on the weight.

  • Ventilation

This plays a major role, especially when you will be riding in the middle of the summer. You, of course, do want to sweat and have a better airflow system. Along with the motorcycle helmet size chart, ventilation is important to be looked at.

  • Graphics

Since modern helmets are designed in a trendy and classy way, why should you adjust yourself to the simpler one? Instead, look for the one that has brought a graphic so that even in the dark, another rider can locate you on the road.

If you are wondering about the graphics for kids, then also know what size dirt bike helmet for 4 years old where you can come up with better choices.

  • Price

The value of the best dirt bike helmet is important. High value-based helmets don’t need to be only good, but you have to keep the price a little flexible because advanced helmets with better safety features can have more or less price in the budget that you decided.

Helmet brands that are trending in the market

  • 6D

This probably is trending quite a lot on Amazon. Besides, it has also been tagged as the safest dirt bike helmet that is available in the industry. But the design of the 6D helmet may not be of your choice

  • ANSR

This can be an excellent choice for those who prefer a comfortable airflow system with better styling. If you are wondering what size dirt bike helmet for 4 years old where you can come up for ANSR better choices.

  • Bilt

 It is available in different price ranges. But the only issue is ventilation. It may not be that great, but price options and quality is good.

  • Bell

You can consider this brand as well because it not just comfortable but also offers better protection with great ventilation and is the best choice to go for

  • Fly

Of all other brands that you may come across. Fly is one of the most incredible options to choose from. The feeling of the pods is quite good too. Besides, the ventilation is also amazing.

  • Klim

The company offers some incredible gear that includes pants and jerseys as well. But yes, if you prefer styling over price, then go for this one. You can get better clarity on the motorcycle helmet size chart in this brand.

  • Fox

Another coolest range of best youth dirt bike helmets that you should not ignore is Fox. The pod of the forehead is so firm that you just better fit while the airflow system is smooth and lasting for quite a long time.

  • O’Neal

Well, there are so many models that you may have come across, but in terms of styling and cool graphics, nothing can beat O’Neal. This brand is also the choice of many expert riders.

  • Shoei

This is another known option you can consider, but price and quality don’t walk hand in hand.

  • Latest

This is a known brand in the market, but its price range is quite high. So, you may have to consider the value accordingly.

  • Shift

For a solid choice, this can surely be the best option to go for. But keep your budget a little flexible. It also gives a good motorcycle helmet size chart for better understanding.

Other than this, Shoei, Troy Lee, Thor, and Suomy, to name a few, are also quite popular in the market in which the box helmet size chart can be much clear. But see to it that you make a choice only after getting reviews of the model you liked.

Safety Standards for Dirt Bike Helmets

No helmet should be purchased if it did not meet any safety standards. There are so many counties that have their own set of standards and laws that has to be followed as a part of helmets minimum safety requirement.

You have to pay extra attention just to the way how to measure your head for a helmet. In the United States, it is DOT, which is Department of transportation, while in Europe, it is ECE 22.05, and New Zealand has got NZ 5430. As compared to others, the rating of Dot is said to the lower standard, but it has to be at least there in every helmet.

But if you want to be sure that the next helmet you plan to buy meets the safety feature, then consider the SNELL rating. As per the Snell Memorial Foundation, this kind of rating was made to offer stringent testing to meet the top-notch quality of the best youth dirt bike helmet.

This foundation was started in the year 1957 when William peter Snell passed away in the sports car accidents since the helmet couldn’t protect him if your helmet has got the Snell rating and wondering if you are wondering what size dirt bike helmet for 4 years old then it is, of course, the highest safety standard one to choose.

Recent Improvements To Dirt Bike Helmet Technology

The construction of the best dirt bike helmet is only designed the experts holding years of experience in this field. Usually, the outer shell of the helmet is made either of Kevlar, fiberglass, or polycarbonate plastic.

The core is made from the foam of polystyrene or polypropylene. It helps to make sure during the crash impact, the energy gets absorbed so that your skull doesn’t get damaged. Now, this is just a trailer of what the helmet from inside will look like.

But this construction is not enough. You have to focus more on advanced technology as well, which can help you.

  • Mips Liners

Such a type of liner is quite advanced and is designed for reducing the rotational impact.

  • Low Weight

To buy a dirt bike helmet, you should look for the helmet weight, which is bearable and is quite light as well.

  • Goggle Grabbers

Since while riding goggles are important to protect your eyes, make sure there is enough spacing to keep them firmly while you ride.

  • Better Venting

There are so many helmets that come with front air intake. It eventually leads through and into the brain bag cooler.

  • Mouth Vents

For a better airflow system, you should look for mouth vents that are large in shape and can offer better roost protection.

  • Removable Liners

If you get the inners which can be removed and washed, then this is the best thing. This means next time when you wear a helmet, at least it will not have a sweet smell.

Fitment Maintenance

While choosing the right helmet for your dirt bike, you must ensure the fitting is well. For the additional fitting, look for the helmet that has straps that you can fasten firmly. You might want to rotate the helmet from the side.

This will help you understand if the fit of the helmet on your face is right during the movement. You can lift the rear side of the helmet to roll it off on the head in the forward direction. This is an important dirt bike helmet buying guide.

Helmet Shell Construction

The technological advancement surely gives better choices along with a motorcycle helmet size chart. Few materials are used in the construction of dirt bike helmets. They are usually made of foam and can hamper the protection level that the helmet gives.

  • Polycarbonate

This kind of material is used on the cost-friendly helmet. It is superior, strong, and evenly light in weight. The best part is they are Snell and DOT certified. However, the resistance for operation is low as compared to the shell-based helmet.

  • Fiberglass

Gone are those days when fiberglass was just used for making a helmet. Surely new options have come up, but fiberglass remains on the top. It is known for the best impact as compared to Polycarbonate. The only problem is the weight. It is quite heavy as compared to other types of shell.

  • Tri Composite

This is another option you can consider. It is a blend of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar, which makes it amazing. This helmet is, however, costly, but it is light in weight and offers better strength too.

  • Carbon Fiber

Lastly, this can be an impeachable material option to choose from. It is extremely light in weight and strong and best for quality construction of helmet shell. However, the price can be a problem.

Other than that, Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System should be considered with better graphics, motorcycle helmet size chart, and styling options too. Once you have a helmet of your choice, make sure you maintain it.

In case you ever had a hit or crushed, then it is a sign that you will have to buy another new helmet. There are not many visible signs, but yes, if you find a compressed EPS liner that causes protection reduction, then you need to replace your old one with the new one.

Final Thoughts

You never know when crashes or accidents can happen. It is always better to invest in the top-notch quality of the helmet. The buying guide shared above can make your journey to buy a dirt bike helmet much easier.

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