What Is A Pit Bike

What Is A Pit Bike

Why should you buy a pit bike? How are pit bikes different from dirt bikes? And foremost, what is a pit bike? Well, all of these are a bit interesting questions, and fortunately, you are at the right place.

Pit bikes are light in small-weight motorcycles, which are mainly used for pit racing. These bikes have small engines, are cheap. Therefore, these bikes become a great choice both for elders and kids. Pit bikes are getting popular with time for being an ideal alternative for full-sized motorcycles.

These off-road bikes come along with street-legal equipment like horns, signals or brakes, and windscreens. Instead, the brakes have lower gearing and good ground clearance. In addition, these bikes have been designed for low performance, therefore requiring less maintenance.

If you are intended to get to know more about pit bikes, this article would be worth reading for you. Take a while, sip coffee, and enjoy reading to learn more about your favorite bike!

What Is a Pit Bike?

From a technical point of view, pit bikes are just a type of motorbikes. But in actuality, an ordinary motorbike can give you a chance for an electrifying ride under different conditions. Though the bike has a small engine, it can beat all the other options and add great fun to your riding experience.

The pit bikes are not that much more prominent in size, and therefore are pretty easy to maintain. These bikes are very cheap, which is one of the primary reasons for their popularity.

Remember that pit bikes always offer an exciting and thrilling motorcycle in the dirt. These bikes are like toys for most riders as they give an electrifying riding experience and can break up quickly.

Why Are Pit Bikes So Cheap?

The pit bikes seem like other bikes, and you may not find any significant difference between them and other bikes. But in price, these bikes are far cheap than dirt bikes.

Bikes are available at an affordable price because they have not been designed to compete in the market and cannot function like other competitive bikes. Thus, making these bikes cheap in price.

For most riders, the pit bikes are just like toys as they can break up easily. The bikes are pretty quick and can be used for a specific time.

What are Pit Bikes Made for?

These bikes were designed specifically for racing in the pit bike race tracks. These bikes are smaller and are specifically designed to ride around the pit areas. And the way these bikes were originated gives a better idea and vision to the people about these bikes.

These bikes were upgraded, and therefore at present, you can ride these bikes both on and off the road. The companies have made remarkable changes in these bikes to enjoy a comfortable and exciting ride. And through this up-gradation, all of these bikes have become more appealing and likable for most bike lovers.

Well, many noticeable changes were made to these bikes. First of all, the frame of the bikes is upgraded. Besides it, a plastic unit and mono-shock were added to these bikes. In addition to these, various other changes were also made to the pit bikes.

After all of these noticeable changes, it may surprise you that the value of these bikes was increased several times. These changes have provided big bore kits and more brutal suspensions, adding more value to these bikes.

Thus, pit bikes have become more appreciable and famous for most people. Pit bikes have been remaining a tempting opt for bikers for being affordable and moderately powerful bikes.

Pit Bikes For Adults

Even though many options are not available in the market, you can even get enough choice to find the best one for yourself. But, keep in mind before you select the one, make sure that it would work for your weight and height.

Always go for a premium-quality product, as they can last for a long and you would not have to worry about the maintenance in the long run. And many adults feel uncomfortable with these bikes. According to them, the engine is not that powerful. Therefore it’s not going to be an ideal choice for them. So, it would be much better if you take a ride before buying the bike.

Pit Bikes For Kids

As described earlier, the pit bikes do not have a powerful engine; therefore, the bikes become an ideal option for the kids. But, you need to consider a couple of factors while you are choosing your kids. Try to get a bike that does not have a powerful engine like a bike with 50 ccs or near it.

Along with the power of the engine, weight and height are two critical factors to consider. You can choose the bike depending on the age of your child. And above all, safety is an important and worth considering factor that you can never ignore. Always look for protective gear while you are buying the bike for kids.

How Fast Does a 125cc Pit Bike Go?

The bikes with a 125cc engine can go for a top speed of about 555 to 60 miles. But, remember that this speed can vary depending on different factors, including the road conditions and the rider’s weight.

And as you go downhill, this speed can go beyond this limit. Do not take the risk. It is far better to drive safely. The pit bikes with an engine of 125cc offer a horsepower of about 5.9 and 7.8 at the whopping 7500 revolutions in one minute. These types of bikes have a single-cylinder along with a 4-stroke engine, and in fact, these are the most modern type of engines.

Such engines always have four different phases, including intake, compression, exhaust, and power. And an outstanding combo of these factors can let the bikers attain an incredible speed of about 60 miles or higher.

1. Factors Which Affect The Speed Of 125cc Pit Bike

During the race, everyone wants to go ahead, and in that situation, it is the speed of the bike which matters a lot. As the pit bikes are available in sizes and powers, there that fulfills one which fulfills all of your requirements.

The following are the factors that decide the speed of a 125cc pit bike:

2. Engine Size

All the motorbikes come in different sizes. It is the engine size that decides the power and speed of the motorcycle. For instance, if the pit bikes have an engine ranging from 50cc to 140cc, they can produce extra miles.

The engine provides you maximum revolutions per minute (rpm). The riders feel faster in each gear. For example, if you have a 50 cc bike and ride between 15 to 25 miles per hour, the bike can also attain the top speed of 50 miles per hour.

And in the case of 125 ccs, if you are riding in the higher gear, you can quickly achieve a top speed of 70 miles per hour. The engine is a critical factor that can determine the high or maximum speed at which you can ride your bike.

3. Sprocket Gearing

The larger rear sprocket gearing and smaller front-drive sprocket provide the required base ratio for your pit bike. It is done to target the maximum number of bikes available out there.

For achieving this base gear ratio, the pit bikes are set up with a sprocket gearing combination. The bike shows an efficient performance. And with a standard base gear ratio and 50 cc pit bike, you can get a top speed of 22 to 25 miles per hour.

And in the case of 125 cc pit bikes, you can quickly get a top speed of more than 50 miles per hour. From here, you can quickly get an idea that it is the sprocket gearing that can easily give you an idea about the top speed of the pit bike.

4. Modifications

You can quickly increase or decrease the top speed of the bikes by making minor changes to your bike. And most of the time, every one of us is interested in increasing the speed of the pit bike.

For instance, you can change the stock sprocket of your dirt bike just to increase the average speed of your pit bike. It is a great way to drive the bike at high speed without compromising over low-end torque acceleration.

In addition, you can also many other changes to achieve the top speed. For example, you can change the 14 tooth drive sprocket with a 15 tooth sprocket to get a higher rate. In the same way, you can also 42 tooth rear sprocket of your bike with 32-tooth sprocket gearing, and in this way, you can get higher speed, but it can affect the low-end torque of your bike.

The pit bikes have been designed for the most challenging pathways, and you can easily use these bikes on those pathways where any other bike cannot survive. Like the other models, you can also make some changes, increasing its speed up to 35 miles per hour. So, this way, pit bikes can completely change your experience.

You just need to understand the sprocket gearing working, and then you can easily upgrade your bike and get a higher speed. And above all, you would not have to compromise over-torque acceleration.

Remember that torque acceleration is essential as you can get top speed within minutes. The modifications can improve the speed of your bike appreciable so that you can go ahead!

Types Of The Pit Bike

There are three main types of pit bikes, and all of them are described just below:

        i. Production Pit Bikes

The motorcycles are an excellent choice for all those who have been looking for off-road bikes. The bikes come along with a couple of advanced features, including a strong engine and suspension.

With a larger engine and other required accessories, the bikes become more solid and secure. These bikes are comfortable to ride and a bit expensive as compared to different types of pit bikes.

      ii. Racing Pit Bikes

As the name depicts, such types of bikes make an excellent option for racing competitions. These bikes can offer high speed and power along with a powerful engine. The bikes can move quickly and speedily. Such types of bikes are very light in weight and smaller in size also.

    iii. Teenagers Pit Bikes

These bikes are specially designed for teenagers and are smaller than racing pit bikes. The bikes have a meager power and lighter weight. The bike does not come along with fully functional production, or one can use these bikes to ride in the backyard rather than on the road!

Should I Get a Pit Bike?

Because of its small engine, the pit bike can never perform under the same condition as a full-sized dirt bike. But, even though there are various reasons which urge the bikers to get the pit bikes.

Firstly, the pit bikes are an ideal option for all beginners and as well as for kids. One can quickly learn to ride these bikes. The small engine offers slower speed, where the chances to get hurt are pretty less. Therefore, it seems o be an ideal option for all the learners.

You can choose some gentler tracks like your backyard, where you can quickly learn how to keep yourself balanced and the way to turn quite quickly. And this is the reason because f which the number of pit bike accidents is very few.

The dirt bikes are a bit expensive, and if you do not have much time to go on a ride every day, then a dirt bike with a price tag would be just a wastage of money. Instead of that, you can go for a put bike, which is cheap and has great fun on a pit bike.

You can spin around in your backyard with these pit bikes or can also go for some easy trails in case of pit bikes. But this may do not seem a good option for the dirt bike.

The best pit bike is always straightforward to maintain in contrast to a full-sized motorcycle. Above everything which do not have enough time for the maintenance of bikes should get the pit bikes.

Pit Bike Vs. Dirt Bike- What IS The Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike

Various motorcycles are available in the market, and all of these choices can easily confuse people. And thus this way, the selection of the best motorbike becomes a little bit tricky for all of them.

For those searching for bikes for their outdoor pursuits, dirt bikes and their cousin’s pit bikes look like a fantastic choice. And the pit bikes are getting immense popularity in the market as well.

Pit bikes were designed only for the pit or garages. But later on, with a few modifications, they have been used for multiple purposes. In contrast, dirt bikes are perfectly suitable for off-road tours. The powerful engine of dirt bikes always offers incredible high-speed.

The following are the significant differences between these two motorcycles:

1. Body Shape

The pi bikes have small frames and are light in weight. The bikes have a compact body that lets the bikes maneuver within the narrow pathways. And these bikes are low in power, due to which they are disqualified from the off-road trails.

If you want to clear any obstacle, you would have to get a big bike. And n that type of situation the dirt bikes becomes an ideal choice for many. Remember one thing that if you try to get a pit bike for all those tracks that have been meant for dirt bikes, you will harm yourself. Besides it, it will also wholly damage the mechanics of the pit bike ultimately.

The pit bikes become an ideal choice for all the clear roads. And plain trails. As the bikes have a more petite frame, they become a better choice for the kids, teenagers, and short adults but not for the adults.

The dirt bikes have a more oversized frame, and the engine thus becomes an excellent choice for adults. But, because of their size, you can face issues regarding their storage. In addition, you may also face difficulties in turning the motorcycles also. But at the same time, dirt bikes become a safer choice for off-road trails and an ideal choice to clear the obstacles.

With dirt bikes, you cannot cross the narrow courses as one can do with their bikes. But as the dirt bikes are available in multiple sizes, you can choose the one according to your requirements.

2. Engine

The pit bike has four-stroke motors, and one can get the pit bikes in the range of 5cc to 140cc. You would notice that these bikes never exceed 250cc. As they are small, it is straightforward for everyone to understand why they have a four-stroke engine.

The four-stroke motors take the four-piston motion to complete the engine cycle. Each four-stroke engine propels the energy and always offers a reliable and steady output.

Therefore, the riders can quickly get control over the pit bikes, especially teenagers and children. The pit bikes are straightforward and comfortable to operate. And for this efficient performance, the credit goes to the power band.

On the other side, the dirt bikes can have both either a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine. And their piston makes just two movements for complete engine cycles instead of four. Also, this way, the bike offers a higher rate of acceleration. But, these bikes are mighty. Thus, you face difficulties in handling them.

The four-stroke dirt bikes run at higher speeds as compared to the two-stroke dirt bikes. Thus, these bikes become an excellent option for racing or street rides. Keep in mind, a selection between four-stroke and two-stroke dirt bikes means you are choosing between top speed or quick acceleration.

The four-stroke engines make the dirt bikes more powerful. The four-stroke machines mostly range from 300cc to 400cc, and in some rare cases, you may also get 750cc.

3. Suspension

Suspension is one of the central parts of the bike’s frame. These are mainly responsible for shock absorption and cushion the riders on a bumpy road. The pit bikes do not require any advanced suspension, but the dirt bikes do need a break.

As on the off-road tracks, such types of bumps are not present. Therefore, these roads do not require any inferior suspension. While dirt bikes keep the wheels in direct contact with the ground, therefore, do require breaks.

4. Speed

The pit bikes range from 50cc to 140cc, while a dirt bike would never be below 150cc. Thus, these values make it clear that dirt bikes are more potent than pit bikes. In addition to it, the pit bikes can never get torque as most dirt bikes have.

The pit bikes can give a top speed of 75 miles per hour, and if you are interested in improving this top speed, just change the sprocket. While, in contrast, dirt bikes are much faster. These bikes can quickly go up to 87 miles per hour, and these bikes can have higher speeds quite quickly.

5. Tires

The tires of these bikes have been designed for terrain for which both of these bikes are well popular. The pit bikes have small tires, which make them an ideal choice for the calmer trails. These bikes usually have 12 to 14-inch tires, where the front tires are at 14-inches, and the rear tires are at 12-inches. And it is the significant contrast or difference between pit bikes and dirt bikes.

The dirt bikes are mainly used for track riding or off-road trails. These bikes have knobby tires, which make them a perfect choice for the intense terrain. Such tires are made from outer rubber that gives a better grip on terrain and rocky surfaces. The dirt bikes have been designed in such a way that you can ride them on different surfaces. And the size of these bikes is usually 18-inch.

6. Safety

The pit bikes are much safer because they are pretty slow as compared to the dirt bikes. The pit bikes are ridden on the safer road, and pit racing occurs in controlled quarters.

Cuts and bruises are common in pit bikes, but you would never hear about severe injuries like dirt bikes. Therefore, pit bikes are a suitable option for beginners, and dirt bikes seem good for professionals.

7. Noise

The dirt bikes are pretty noisy and loud as compare to the pit bikes. It is a matter that the pit fours-stroke bikes are a bit noisy compared to the two-stroke engines. But, whether you are getting a pit bike or riding dirt bikes, their noise would be disturbing for your neighbors in both cases.

8. Upkeep and Maintenance

The pit bikes require minor maintenance in the long run as compared to the dirt bikes. In the case of pit bikes, you may have to clean the filter of the cycles, or you may have to oil the pit bike regularly.

The chance for a pit bike to get damaged is relatively low, and even if this happens, the cycle requires low maintenance. And it is the primary reason because of which most people prefer pit bikes over dirt bikes.

The maintenance of the dirt bikes depends on their usage and care. Therefore, to run them for a long time, you need to pay more attention to them. Furthermore, the maintenance of a four-stroke engine is far easier than a two-stroke engine because the work of a four-stroke machine is distributed to various parts of a motorcycle.

9. Cost

One of the most crucial differences to consider is the price. The pit bikes are far less expensive as compared to the dirt bikes. In-pit bikes, you do not need to worry about the cost, but dirt bikes are pretty expensive because of their high maintenance cost.

Suppose you want to get a fast and powerful motorcycle to go for pt bike, so, for this, you have to pay an extra amount. But if you have a tight budget, a pit bike would make a great choice.

Considerations When Choosing a Pit Bike

If you are ready and excited for a thrilling ride, don’t waste your time. Just go and get the pit bike. But, before you make a purchase consider the following factors which would help you to make the best choice:

· Right Fit

The right fit is worth considering factors, and you need t check the weight, height, and age of the rider before you choose. The age and size let you get an idea about the requirements of the rider.

For instance, for a young rider, a bike with a small wheel could be a perfect choice, and once the rider gets the command and has gained the required riding skills, you can get a bike with bigger wheels. And it would be far better if the rider takes a ride to get the right fit.

· Engine

Choose the power of the engine concerning the age of the rider. For instance, if you are going to purchase a bike for your child or a teenager, choose a bike with less power. In this way, the rider can quickly learn to ride the bike. And the lower strength is always safe to ride. And you can go for a 50cc.

But if you are selecting the pit bike for racing competition, you can go for a higher power. As described earlier, the power of these bikes range from 50cc to 140cc, and you choose the higher power.

· Starter System

The starter system of the bike is comprised of a kick start and an electric system. And such bikes are an ideal choice for the kids as they use electricity to start the bike. In addition, these bikes are far easy to create.  Just start the bike and press the start button.

· Size Of The Wheel

The pit bikes with small capacity are considered to be the best and ideal choice for beginners. For instance, a pit bike can have a 17-inch front and a 14-inch rear wheel. At the same time, the second bike can have a 19-inch front and a 16-inch rear wheel. Both the bikes differ in the wheel’s size, but the rider can feel the difference in gearing, swingarm, and suspension.

The giant wheel is heavy and difficult to handle, but they always give you better stability than the smaller wheels. The bigger wheels are soft to soak up over the bumps quickly, which is the major issue.

The smaller wheels are pretty safe to ride because their rims tend to bend when riding the pit bikes over rough and corrugated roads. The smaller wheels give different varieties, because of which you can enjoy different riding experiences with these.

· Area To Ride

Well, you cannot decide where your kid wants to ride the bike. And the best feature of these pit bikes is that you can easily hang them from desert dunes to the motor-cross tracks. In addition, one can also drive them safely on the mountain trails or even on the wooden tracks.

But keep in mind that public areas are the best place to ride. In this way, a pit bike rider can quickly meet other riders and go for a racing competition. In addition, the other riders can also teach you some of their best tricks and tips.


Pit bikes are off-road bikes that gained equal popularity among kids and adults. These bikes are well-known for several of their features. It is a matter that pit bikes have a small engine, but riding a pit bike can give you tons of fun, my friend!

These off-road bikes are light in weight, easy to maneuver, and always offer you a thrilling ride. The bikes are specifically has been built for speed and power. It has become an ideal choice for all sports events. Besides all other features, the tires and wheels let the riders turn around the bike quickly, adding a fundamental thrilling element to your ride.

The pit bikes are small in size, but they can always offer you a thrilling and adventurous ride!


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