How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

What is 125cc dirt bike top speed?

If you’re interested in “How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go?”. You’re either interested in becoming a rider or want to purchase some fantastic and speedy dirt bike that is legal on roads.

125cc dirt bikes can hit top speeds of between 55 miles to 60 miles per hour. An experienced rider with his 125cc bike is equipped with its stock sprocket gear. You can attain speed up to 70 miles an hour when you ride on high gear.

People think that 250cc 4 stroke dirt bikes are more excellent in displacement. The concept is wrong, as a 125cc 4 stroke bike is adorable for street or trail rides. They are more in control and precision than speed.

Dirt bikes are now in an array of horsepower and sizes. 125cc dirt bike is one among those available in the market. Many manufacturers produce 125cc dirt bikes like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and KTM.

What Is The Best 125cc Dirt Bike?

There are fantastic dirt bikes here. The average top speed of the bike is 45 mph, and a higher speed over 60 mph for some models.125cc dirt bikes are more than fast enough to please most riders.

It would be best if you recognized the fact that some do not deliver what their manufacturers promises. Here in the market, legal dirt bikes are available. It would help if you went for the quality of getting the bike that could facilitate you for life long.

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Factors That Influence When Purchasing Dirt Bike:

As a beginner, your first bike should be particular. You have to make sure the right choice before purchasing and keep the factors influencing speed and maintenance.

The speed of the bike depends on a lot of factors; Some are here.

1. Dirt Bike Brand, Weight, and Tires:

Suppose you have a kid in your house who is very much enthusiastic. It would be the perfect gift to buy for such a child this year.

Above mentioned brand of dirt bike is the best in respect to the speedy bike. However, the great 125cc 4 stroke dirt bikes are available in the market will have different models and features.

  • Keeping in mind the speed of the dirt bike power to weight ratio is very important. The engine should be air-cooled with suitable displacement. The engine should have the maximum capacity to deal with the appropriate quantity of fuel. 125cc with one cylinder would be incredible to experience a memorable ride on any track
  • Moreover, its lightweight frame and small saddle size are other extraordinary features to consider for buying options regarding speed. Exhaust and air filters allow the bike to go in full swing.
  • As a professional speed star, one has to keep in mind the size of the tires always matters on the bike’s speed. Many brands like KTM 125 are offered big diameter size tires in their bike, which play a big difference in the bike’s speed.

2. Engine Stroke:

Significant brands offer both 2-stork and 4-stork bikes in the market. Each one has its specialties and working ability.

2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes – Which is Faster?

Dirt bikes are also available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke in 125cc with other engine capacities.

  • 2-stroke bikes are not only more rigid and straightforward but also more powerful. 2-strokes bikes are difficult to handle. Most of the riders mix fuel with oil during riding.
  • 4-stroke is smoother to operate best for beginners also due to its user-friendly nature. The only drawback is they need heavy maintenance.
  • In terms of speed, 2-stroke engines are usually at higher speeds than their 4-stroke counterparts, translating to higher power per pound. The 2-stroke engines use exhaust and intake ports which go miles to save cost.

3. Motocross Track Layout (also affect speed):

The impact of track on the speed of the dirt bike is significant. Each motocross track’s obstacles and natural topography of the land decide the speed of the rider. Riders face blind corners, uphill jumps, and fall downs. The pace will vary depending on the track conditions.

One key point to go faster on motocross is having rhythm going over the jumps. It’s not easy but comes by practicing and spending a lot of time on the bike. It is not without the influence of man, though.

4. Rider Experience and Skill:

Spending a lot of time on the bike, you gain expertise and confidence to move faster at high speed. Here are some of the tips an experienced rider uses when he is on the motocross.

  • During motocross, racers are mostly worrying about who is going to pass them. Please don’t need to think about it unless someone literally on your bumper.
  • You will get more power and speed with a half-throttle rather than a full-throttle. It would help if you stayed in third gear for as much as possible.
  • In motocross, flat turns are the bane for everyone. You have to use your weight and placement accordingly; then, you can use the turn to your advantage.
  • The motocross track has a series of obstacles and turns. You should try and think of it as a seamless course where everything is connected. You optimize every single inch of dirt when you look at the track as one unit.
How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Top Best 250cc Dirt Bikes:

Several companies make dirt bikes. These companies are categorized into common brands and new brands. This categorization does not mean which of the two is better. Regardless of the selection method you apply or the kind of taste you have. Here is still a recommendation that you consider the tried and tested brands.

1. Yamaha YZ125:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

When modern styling comes, Yamaha is one of the brands which have been in since the mid-seventies. Yamaha YZ125 is one of the lightweight dirt bikes. This Yamaha 125cc is slightly down on HP when compared to the KTM or Husqvarna. However, the starters appreciate the suitable performance.

 Its components are all high quality. It comes with a race-ready feature with titanium footpegs, an aluminum handlebar, and an engine for an incredible power-to-weight ratio. All these features make it a great riding experience and an ideal balance.

Its lightweight is one plus point, meaning you don’t have to put extra fatigue riding a dirt bike. 

Some key specifications:

Bike nameYamaha YZ125F
Weight207 lbs (94 kg)
Power39.0 hp
Maximum speed65 mph (104 km/h)
Transmission5 speed

2. KTM 125 Duke:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

KTM, one of the biggest brands in bikes, has a slogan “ready to race.” KTM Duke 125 is among the latest generation from KTM. All known team orange is one of the dominant forces in motocross. KTM 125cc dirt bike has all the features that should have a competition bike.

The distinct thing is its artificial color TFT dash. LED headlight and decent brakes have edged it over the rest. Its fuel-injected engine sounds incredible and pulls very well. This bike provides for sure more fun compared to average 125cc dirt bikes.

 Its engine is also trustworthy performs excellently every day. Its hair-raising acceleration is coupled with arm-wrenching torque. Everything about this bike feels relax and impressive.

At the very end, regarding the bike’s design, the bike also has noticeable design features include an aggressive front and LED headlight. Steel fuel tank, and with a closer look, you’ll notice several top-notch cast parts.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameKTM 125cc Duke
Weight192.9lbs (87.5 kg)
Power41 hp (most power)
Maximum speed60 mph (96.56 km/h)
Transmission6 speed

3. Honda CRF125F:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Honda bikes are deniable for their off-road bikes are effortless and fun to ride. As Honda is always a safe gamble, their mighty red CRF125F is one of the best 125cc dirt bikes in the market for those looking for reliable and easy to manage power delivery.

The Honda CRF125F is the best choice for more miniature adults and young riders. Depending on your height, you’re either going to want the standard version or their Big Wheel model. It comes with larger diameter wheels, a more extended swingarm, and a taller saddle height.

The best appealing thing is you can trust the reliable, air-cooled engine of this bike. It is loaded with premium features that go miles to reduce hassle and ensure riding is enjoyable.

 It provides excellent performance with its dependable 4-stroke and single-cylinder engine. Fuel injection provides the bike with reliable and broad power. The bike has a long-travel suspension that provides the much-needed control of a full-size bike. You can call it a world-class and durable 125cc bike; you should consider this one.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameHonda CRF125F
Weight191.8lbs (87 kg)
Power39.0 hp
Maximum speed60 mph (95.56 km/h)
Transmission4 speed

4. Husqvarna TC 125:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Husqvarna is a big name in manufacturing dirt bikes. They have a record of accomplishment in producing professional’s bikes. They still produce bikes for beginners as well.

Husqvarna TC125 is a two-stroke bike, and you can call it a speedy bike also a lightweight bike. Its maximum speed is 70 mph. Its chrome-molybdenum frame makes it effortless to handle. Its cool and stylish design makes this dirt bike impressive.

Husqvarna TC125 has 40 hp capacities. You can enjoy more power and torque than you ever have. It might be low capacity, but it is big on capability. Its seat height of 37.4 inches is ideal for young teenagers and smooth transmission providers an easy operation.

It is a technically brilliant-built bike with a single-cylinder 2-stroke engine. These qualities make this bike a genuine contender for beginners and seasoned racers.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameHusqvarna TC 125
Weight219lbs  (99 kg)
Power40  hp
Maximum speed70 mph (114 km/h)
Transmission5 speed

5. The Suzuki DR-Z125L:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Suzuki is not well known in dirt bikes, but they know how to enter. The DR-Z125L is a fantastic machine that is comparable, and it might be the best of them. It is a single-cylinder steadfast 124cc motor that gives accessible speed and power. It has a 5-speed manual transmission and is not the fastest dirt bike out there.

It is equipped with a front disc brake, a large diameter wheel, and telescopic forks. It’s a great all-rounder bike, simple but effective, and blast ride. It is very much recommended for new rider to cut their teeth on. It’s a lightweight bike, almost 196 lbs wet weight. The saddle height is 32 inches.

 DR-Z125L is a very classic bike with only a downside that this bike is only a kick-start. But for beginners, it might be a problem to handle it.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameSuzuki RM-Z250:
Weight196 lbs (88.9  kg)
Power37 hp
Maximum speed60 mph (95.5 km/h)
Transmission5-speed constant mesh

6. The Kawasaki KLX110:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Yes, unfortunately, Kawasaki has dropped their 125cc dirt bike from their lineup. Customers can choose from 110cc, 140cc, or 250cc bikes. Yes, it’s probably not fair to allow Kawasaki on the list. It will also be unfair not to include them as they introduce extraordinary dirt bikes.

The Kawasaki KLX110 is ideal for beginners searching for low saddle height and a little less power. This classic bike is equipped with an automatic clutch, allowing for easy shifts through its four gears. The engine is 112cc air-cooled and 4-stroke. It provides smooth power and bulletproof reliability features. It comes in green color, but if you can handle that and have a spare, it’s an excellent choice for a beginner.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameKawasaki KX250
Weight190 lbs (86.1 kg)
Power37  hp
Maximum speed45 mph (72.4  km/h)
Transmission5 speed

7. Yamaha TT-R125LE:

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

Yamaha TT-R125LE is another milestone for the dirt bike. Its air-cooled 4-stroke power plant puts out torque and broadband power for the utmost off-road performance. It has a guaranteed crisp throttle response with a 20mm carburetor.

Its 5-speed transmission for smooth shifting and is coupled with a heavy-duty clutch for power delivery and versatility. It has 16-inch and 19-inch wheels that are handy for good handling. Its suspension is also calibrated to keep in mind the more extensive and heavier riders.

Its most impressive feature is an automatic electric start. Its CDI ignition needs minimal maintenance. Its boasts a longer engine life and auto cam chain tensioner.

Some key specifications:

Bike nameYamaha TT-R125LE
Weight194 lbs (88 kg)
Power39.0 hp
Maximum speed65 mph (104 km/h)
Transmission5 speed
How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go


Yamaha 125cc dirt bike is considered to be the lightest 4 stroke dirt bike. The 125cc option in 4 stroke dirt bike is excellent, especially for beginners who want to


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