How Fast Does A 110cc Dirt Bike Go

What is the top speed of a dirt bike with a 110cc engine?

Purchasing a gift for your teenage kid is always a pleasurable experience. Riding a dirt bike is a thrilling pastime.

Your child will enjoy the challenge of learning to ride a dirt bike and will have a great time riding through the woods. Adults can keep up on a 110cc dirt bike while remaining small and agile enough for young riders to handle.

When it comes to dirt bikes, 110cc engines are relatively slight. You could think of them as a lighter version of dirt motorcycles. A 110cc dirt bike can reach speeds of up to 79 km per hour. It is pretty fast, and it is unquestionably faster than automobiles on residential streets. In the world of dirt riding, a 110cc engine isn’t too big, and it’s tiny enough for children aged 5 to 9.

When it comes to riding, 110cc dirt bikes are considered a standard. They are not as hefty as true beasts like 250cc dirt bikes or enormous giants like 500 or 600cc dirt bikes. However, please don’t dismiss it because it still generates acceptable speeds. They are, in my opinion, a more humble version of dirt bikes.

How Can You Acquire A 110cc Dirt Bike’s Top Speed?

Now you must keep in mind that the dirt bike’s top speed must be obtained by correctly tuning your dirt bike. The essential requirements for speed are to inspect the air filter, radiator, and tires. To ride at peak speed, you’ll need a soundtrack.

One of the significant things contributing to peak speed is a stable suspension that is well-maintained and uses the engine’s recommended oil. Improve the speed and trail riding pleasure of your dirt bike by customizing it.

How Fast Does A 110cc Dirt Bike Go

Factors Influence The Speed Of Dirt Bike:

Your dirt bike, particularly the tires, must be in excellent condition to go at peak speed. Just as crucial are the radiator and air filters. These are the three most basic requirements for a dirt bike.

It is also vital to use the required oil and keep a well-maintained suspension! A suitable track is also necessary for dirt bike acceleration and maintaining peak speed for more extended periods.

· Strength:

Our strength influences the speed that we can regulate more easily. Every cyclist desires to learn how to increase their pedaling power. Increasing the force applied will, of course, increase the speed.

If you compare your workout to that of a friend, you might be astonished to see that they can do the identical task with far less effort. This discrepancy is due to pedaling force.

· Weight:

 Suppose you considered your weight as well as the weight of the bike. Many cyclists are concerned about the weight of their bikes’ numerous components. Even one or two water bottles can affect wattage generation and, as a result, the speed generated. As a result, be cautious think about what you’re carrying.

· Resistance:

Resistance is the third component that affects speed. The density of the air, the speed of the wind, and your weight all apply resistance. It’s tough to gauge resistance, but the best way to overcome it is to have a positive mindset while riding.

It’s crucial to strike a balance between aerodynamics and comfort. You will be less effective and uncomfortable if you have a very aggressive attitude toward obtaining maximal speed.

Types Of Dirt Bikes:

Dirt bikes are small, light motorcycles designed for off-road riding. Rugged tires and springs are standard in most designs.

Dirt motorcycles are designed for cross-country riding over challenging terrains such as dirt, mud, and rocks. Dirt motorcycles come with two-stroke and four-stroke engines and various characteristics, but they are often divided into four groups.


A high-performance vehicle built for racing, usually on a circuit with numerous jumps, ruts, and banked turns. These bikes are built for brief bursts of power, allowing them to accelerate swiftly and stop quickly. They are typically light, with suspension tuned for the jumps found on motocross races.

The lower weight is due to the bike’s minimum equipment and the use of a small gasoline tank, both of which contribute to weight reduction. The high-performance nature of these bikes necessitates extensive maintenance and frequent service.

 Because riders in motocross races are frequently standing, comfort is not a significant issue in constructing a motocross bike.

In appearance, an enduro bike resembles a motocross bike, but it is built for a different purpose. Enduro bikes, which have a lighter frame, are often used for longer races that combine street racing with off-road racing in rugged terrain.


Enduro bikes differ from motocross bikes in that they have turn signals, mirrors, headlights, and silencers that minimize engine noise, allowing riders to ride on asphalt. Because the bike is continually stopping and beginning, braking is essential.

The ability to manage various terrains and riding styles is also dependent on engine performance. Suspension is also necessary for adapting to extreme terrain changes.

Dual spot:

To street legal, dual-sport bikes are outfitted with headlights, turn signals, and mirrors, as well as speedometers. They are meant to operate better than a street bike over rough terrain while being smoother and quieter than a dirt bike on asphalt surfaces.

Because of their simplicity and lighter weight, single-cylinder engines are used on most dual-sport bikes. However, because they aren’t meant for competition, dual-sport bikes usually are heavier than enduro or motocross bikes.

The disadvantage of a dual sports bike is that it is usually heavier than a trail/motocross bike. It is due to licensing restrictions and allowing for important road riding components such as indicators, front and rear lights, and so forth.

Trail riders:

Long rides in rugged terrain are no problem for trail rider bikes. They aren’t built for high-speed racing like motocross motorcycles are, and they don’t jump very well. Enduro bikes and trail bikes have a lot in common.

The footpegs for a more pleasant ride and the handlebars are raised to make slow-speed turning easier. With minimal plastic construction, lengthy suspensions, and wider tires, trail riders are light. This type of dirt bike performs better than any other on a range of dirt surfaces.

These motorbikes are used to compete in specialized obstacle courses at low speeds. The goal of the competition is to complete the course without touching the ground. If your feet touch the ground, you earn points.

Top 110cc Dirt Bikes

The following is a list of our top picks for children’s dirt bikes. We’ve taken into account all we’ve mentioned so far. We are not compensated for these recommendations. Therefore there is no prejudice here. Apart from our personal choices, there is no influence.

1. Yahama TT-R110E:

 The Yamaha TTR 110 may be suitable for teenagers who are no longer children but are not yet adults, as it has dimensions that are appropriate for that age group.

The Yamaha TT-R110E is a kid’s bike that adults may also use. Because of its low 26.4-inch seat height, accessible 110cc engine, and four-speed auto-clutch transmission, the TT-R110E remains an accessible alternative for youth who want to tackle the trails.

The Yamaha TT-R110E is based on a steel backbone frame that uses a straight line to connect the steering head and swingarm pivot to the chassis.

A 4-speed gearbox with an automated clutch, a die-cast aluminum triple clamp, and front and rear drum brakes are among the other notable characteristics.

Key Features:

Bike nameYahama TT-R110E:
Power7500 rpm
Maximum speed44-45 mph
Engine110cc Air-cooled SOHC four-stroke, 2 valves
Transmission4-speed multiple wet clutches

2. Taotao DB10 110CC Dirt Bike:

Taotao dirt bike has a very sleek design, with plastic body panels that give it a sleek appearance and are highly sturdy and resistant to deal with any condition or severe weather and non-dent proof. The overall appearance of the dirt bike is quite elegant and aerodynamic. You will enjoy its riding as well as its attractive appearance.

DB10 110cc dirt bike sports a 4 stroke, 1 cylinder 110 cc engine that runs well and consistently delivers the most outstanding results. The Tao DB-10 dirt bike’s braking system is incredible. It features both front and rear hand brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are used in the front, while drum brakes are used in the back.

The pneumatic tires on the Tao DB-10 Best 110cc Dirt Bike are 2.75-10 inches in front and 2.75-10 inches in back for effortless grip and tackling over rough terrain.

Key Features:

Bike nameTaotao DB10 110cc
Weight120 pounds, 113.4 kgs
Maximum speed30 mph
Engine107cc air-cooled 4 stroke engine
Transmission4 speed

3. Saluto RX 110cc Commuter Motorcycle by Yamaha:

The engine, frame, and wheels, according to Yamaha, feature thorough weight-reduction designs that contribute to overall fuel efficiency and help the model reach a curb weight of 98 kg. As a result, the Saluto RX is 22 kilograms lighter than Yamaha’s prior models in its market.

The new Yamaha Saluto RX is powered by a 110cc 4-stroke, 2-valve, single-cylinder engine that produces 7.4bhp at 7000rpm. And 8.5Nm of torque 4500rpm while keeping the design language of the Saluto 125. The motorcycle is equipped with a four-speed transmission.

Key Features:

Bike name Yaahama sSaluto RX 110cc
Weight98 kg
Power7.3 bph at 7000 rpm
Maximum speed90 kmph
Engine4 stroke engine
Transmission4-speed transmission

4. APOLLO 110CC DB-34:

The Apollo DB-34 has a startling top speed of roughly 45 miles per hour for such a tiny engine. Despite its modest stature, the Apollo can open out over long distances when on a straightaway.

Allowing it to reach its maximum speed is a lot of fun. But don’t let its diminutive stature mislead you into believing it lacks in safety features. The Apollo 110cc is built to survive, with a twin spare steel frame and front and rear disc brakes to ensure that it can withstand even the worst conditions.

It’s an excellent pick for someone wishing to get their racing feet wet on their first pit bike, as it offers a long peak speed and excellent acceleration. Overall, it’s an excellent bike for novices, and those who are used to pit motorcycles with larger engines may be startled by this otherwise plain entry-level bike.

Key Features:

Bike name APOLLO 110cc DB-34
Weight82 kg
Power9500 rpm
Maximum speed45mph
Engine110cc 4 stroke engine cylinder

5. SSR 110cc Dirt Bike:

Upgraded aluminum parts and a rear performance shock are included on the speedy SSR 110cc Dirt Bike. It was created primarily for young people who want to have a good time. SSR 110cc Dirt Bikes are well-known in the racing bike world and have been utilized by amateurs and professionals.

The engine is a high-performance 110cc 4-stroke engine that was designed using Honda technology. Superior Powersports paid particular attention to the balance of our dirt bikes. The front suspension has been modified to handle off-road excellently, while the rear suspension has been engineered to provide a comfortable ride without losing performance.

Key Features:

Bike name SSR 110cc dirt bike:
Weight122 pounds/ 145 lb
Power7500 rpm
Maximum speed55 MPH
EngineSingle cylinder 4 stroke air cooled
Transmission4-up manual


Beginners who wish to develop a feel for off-road riding should start with the 110cc dirt bike class. This power output is excellent because it isn’t as daunting as some of the larger engines, and the bikes’ tiny stature makes them easier to operate and adjust to quickly.

Newer riders won’t discern the difference between most identical models because all of the leading dirt bike manufacturers are creating outstanding dirt motorcycles. However, when you begin your quest for the perfect dirt bike, it’s helpful to know where the market is headed and who the leaders are.


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