10 Best Dual Sport Helmets [ Unbiased Reviews ]

When you are on your bike, no matter the regular one, speed bike, snowmobile, or dirt bike, suffice it to say you have to follow all the safety measures. Talking about safety measures, the bike helmet plays an important role. If you have been off-road racing for quite some time, you would understand the same value.

Well, there are so many best dual helmets available in the market that you probably will get confused about which one to choose. But remember one thing, the best dual sport helmets will define your safety on the bike.

That is why when you plan to buy your motorcycle gear, it has to be on your top list. Inside the helmet comes the safety liners that play a crucial; role in protecting your head from heavy impact. If the helmet is loosening up, then there are high chances for the safety liner to pike and hurt you.

Dual-Sports Helmet is known to be protecting the compete for face, and it is best for on and off-road bilking. It comes with a chin bar and visor that offers good protection. Such a helmet is also designed at the aerodynamic platform not to lift off when you are at high speed. 

Besides, they also have heating vents that promise to get the hot air out while it freshens and cools the air and then let it enter the helmet. A visor is attached to such a best dual sport helmet with Bluetooth that ensures the biker’s eyes stay safe.

There is no doubt that such a helmet can give your head complete protection over any other time. It also blocks raindrops, UV rays, and wind noises.

You can enjoy riding your bike safely with such a dual-sport helmet and reducing your risk of getting hurt. This guide can be the best source for you to come across different options and get some tricks that can help you with the purchase to lay hands on the best dual sports helmet.

best dual sport helmets

10 Best Dual Sports Helmets

1- GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Helmet – Best Dual Sport Helmet

GDM is one popular brand which has even recently introduced a wide range of incredible dual sport helmet. Talking of which DK-650 Dual Sport Helmet has certainly one of the best safety features that you can come across.

It is DOT certified and FMVSS-218 certified, which makes it one reliable product you can come across. Along with the helmet comes a software kit. This includes the dual visor that ensures better vision is only what a rider gets. Talking further about the best dual sport helmet design, it has been made so that looks will be stunning. Besides, the inexpensive price tag is what makes this helmet the best option to consider.

This is one best dual sport helmets with Bluetooth that has been designed for matching not just the dirt bike needs but also scooters, watercraft, and off-road adventure during activities. It is constructed from an aerodynamic shell designed, which is why you can use it for a long time. 

Considering the long journey and off racing, this helmet has been designed light in weight so that the rider will not feel uncomfortable at all. This way, such poly ally-based product promises comfort too. Moving further, if we talk about the fitting, the D Dual strap makes it perfect in fitting.


  • This helmet comes with a liner that is usable. It means you can remove it, wash it and then again use it with no odor at all.
  • Different ventilation ports also come with a double D ring chin collar. Be it on the sunny days that you plan to go on a rider or the warm winter, this helmet will keep you comfortable all season.
  • There is a cheek pad that offers maximum protection. Besides, it is washable and comes with the inner lining too.
  • This best budget dual sport helmet offers the side coverless face shield. At an optical level, it is perfect. Besides, there is a compound curved and is designed with a scratch-resistant coating.
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Light in weight
  • Washable liner
  • Meets safety standards
  • Price over quality is not satisfactory

Final words:

Overall, these 5 points-based ventilations best dual sport helmet for glasses is one of the best options you can choose. It is designed for dual-sport and a dirt bike, scooter, and snowmobile for better protection.

2- ILM Full Face Dual Sport Helmet – best budget dual sport helmet

ILM Full Face Dual Sport Helmet can also be one of the best options to choose from. It is loaded with so many interesting features that you may not have seen earlier—besides, this best dual sport helmet.

The DOT also approves the helmet since it has managed to meet the safety standards. It also has exceeded the safety standards of FMVSS-218, which is why it has been considered to be a reliable option to choose from.

Whether it is the price or quality you shall be shortlisting the helmet, ILM Full Face Dual Sport Helmet is at par. It is quite popular amongst the expert riders and is known to offer safety measures with all the latest technologies that are rare to be found in other bikes’ helmet.

Talking further about the popularity, with the ILM Full Face Dual Sport Helmet, you can perform different kinds of adventurous activities with the best safety measures. Be it high adrenaline sports or off-road racing, and this option can be used as the rally helmet, off-road helmet, or even the full-face helmet. 

There is a face shield which you can remove as per the convenience. Besides, the best part of using such a helmet is it is meant for outdoor sports. There is a tinted interior viewfinder, which makes this helmet one of its kind and keeps the riders safe.


  • This helmet is best to avail all kinds of functions that you shall be looking for the safety in another bike, which is why it is meant for mountain bike, bicycle, dirt bike, and even many other outdoor riding events.
  • It comes with a dual visor, which is HD improved. This means the lens is at a wide-angle that enhances the peripheral vision and promises better riding measures.
  • It comes with an aerodynamic air intake system that promises better ventilation. This way, a rider gets fresh air, which replaces the hot air inside the helmet.
  • You can wash and even detach the ear pads and the top liner as and when you need to.
  • Quick Release Strap
  • Reduces Air Flow
  • Removable
  • Top Liner
  • DOT Certified
  • High strength impact resistant helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Sizes are limited

Final words:

This best dual sport helmet for glasses can be used for quite a long time since it comprises a high-quality shell of ABS material. Besides, there is also an EPS foam that offers better safety concerns and is best for aggressive adventure riding.

3- O’Neal 0817-504 full-face Helmet – best dual sport motorcycle helmet

So far, if we have been riding a bike and using a helmet, O’Neal doesn’t need any introduction. This is one highly recognized brand in bike gear and accessories which offers quality, comfort, and protection every time you pan for a ride.

With 40 years of experience, the owner understands the value of coming up with helmets like O’Neal 0817-504 full-face Helmet that surely will be every rider’s choice. This helmet is made of the Shell IIS construction.

Besides, it is made of ABS material, light in weight, and designed with the comfort liner, which is air channels. This means it is removable, washable, and comes with better vent holds for good ventilation.

This best dual sport helmet not just meets the DOT standards but also has managed to exceed the safety standards of ECE 22.05, which is why it is quite trending. You don’t just have to use it during your dual sports riding, but this helmet is also designed for Enduro, street, adventure, and even side by side biking.

All the parts besides can be replaced, which is why you can rest assured that your money will not get wasted at all. The size should be checked as per the measurement that you will have to take off your complete head circumference.


  • This helmet is loaded with nothing but the best features like the adjustable height solution, well-integrated face shield, and Dual D safety chin strap for locking purposes.
  • The helmet is constructed with a durable shell of ABS material, which is why you can use it for quite a long time
  • Thanks to moisture-wicking and removable air channeled liner; you can wear it in summer and winter with better comfort
  • This helmet is light in weight and weighs only 50G, which makes it comfortable to be used for quite a long time.
  • Optimal ventilation
  • UV protection
  • Adjustable helmet shield
  • Comfortable
  • No holes for SENA Bluetooth speaker

Final words:

Whether you are riding on a dirt bike, pavement, this best dual sport helmet with Bluetooth can give you all the features for your next adventure of a two-wheel. It is a perfect blend of complete windscreen and visor that has a drop-down tinted shield too.

4- 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet – best dual sport helmets

1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet is the best dual helmet that you can shortlist for the next purchase. This helmet not just offers the adequate protection required but is all geared up with some of the best safety features with at least technologies that are rare to find in any other helmet.

Besides, it comes with a good ventilation option, and riders can even use it for a long journey without any discomfort. This helmet is known for its simplicity but with modern features at great pricing, a rare combination to find in the market. Overall, it is one of the best options that has been in the market for quite a long time.

If we talk about the design, well, there are different color options for the choice. Besides, the size looks fine too. This best dual sport helmet with Bluetooth would give you the best protection at great pricing and is known for durability. Talking about the lasting use, it is made from a thermoplastic allow shield.

It is light in weight and came up with the aerodynamic design. This made sure that your rider gets a better safety level at great pricing. Besides, the helmet is so well fitted with the liner, which of course, makes it easy for you to remove it, wash it, and even wear it again next time when you need it.


  • The interior is well-cushioned, which you can use for comfort, and if this odor is coming, you can wash it
  • This helmet has managed to fulfill all the safety standards. It is also DOT certified option
  • This is one dual design helmet known for the liners available with outer clear shelf and inner smoked one.
  • With lovely gloss, and finishing offering UV protection, this element is one of the epic designs you can choose
  • Since it is made from the allowed shell that is light in weight, you can wear it for quite a long time with no risk of sweat at all.
  • Odor-Free
  • Easy to Remove and Install
  • Full Protection from The Impact
  • Exceed DOT Standards
  • Price can be a trouble

Final words:

If you have come across this helmet after quite a search and surely liked it, then certainly go for it because this lovely finished glossy helmet offers not just protection but style to flaunt around while riding.

5- Bell MX-9 Adventure Dirt Helmet – Best Dual Sport Helmet For Glasses

With so much new range of best dual sport helmet with Bluetooth available in the market, Bell MX helmet surely knows how to sustain itself. This has been not just the choice of a beginner, but also the riders prefer for it. The reasons are quite clear.

It comes with some incredible results, which of course, you may not have noticed in other helmets. From outer, you may find it a snipe option to choose. But as you explore its features, don’t be amazed to know that it offers to bother but the best and the most incredible safety options that you may not have found elsewhere.

The bell MX 9 adventure helmets are known for top-notch quality at great pricing. It comes with at least 5 years of warranty, which is why your investment will, of course, be well utilized. This helmet has a visor and a peak, which you can remove.

It is not just meant for dual sports, but also you can use it for adventure, street, and dirt biking. This helmet has been a friend to many riders in this journey of performing outdoor aggressive activities. It is a moisture-wicking option with china and liner, which is washable too. So, don’t miss out if you liked it.


  • The best budget dual sport helmet comes with nothing but the safety features you need to have during riding. Talking of which, the helmet ship that has a clear shield is one of them.
  • It is made from the ABS shell, which is a lightweight polycarbonate. It also has a MIPS energy management solution.
  • With a fiver year of warranty, this helmet has 3 shells, and the APS sizing, DOT certified.
  • This helmet has a removable yet well-integrated clear shield and is known for an anti-scratch solution too.
  • UV Protection
  • Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Very Affordable
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Not Quick and Easy to Adjust
  • Visor Isn’t Quick to Remove

Final words:

Overall, this helmet is not a disappointment at all. Rather, it can help you meet the best safety measures which are required during aggressive riding. This helmet is loaded with protective solutions at great pricing, which makes it a must-buy option.

6- Castle X Dual-Sport Helmet – lightest dual sport helmet

Castle X Dual-Sport Helmet is another classic helmet for dual sports biking to enjoy. This helmet is worth your investment because more than price, it offers some impeccable quality which surely you must have to explore as you use it. It is not just approved by DOT but also has met the ECE standards that make it safer to use.

This helmet is Snow configures. This means you can ride it in the chill breeze during the snowfall with no worries. It has a visor that is smoke tinted, while the shield is also anti-fog. You also get a cold-weather curtain for china and a breath box, making it the best helmet in the market so far.

Talking about the construction, this helmet is made of the polycarbonate composite model. This means the material has been injected for molding with a multi-density of ePOS liner too. It also includes placement for the chin bar and is said to be the hard-coated one. Be it the harmful UV rays or annoying fog; you don’t have to worry since the helmet can protect it with the fine coating application.

There is also a dual-panel face shield with his correct at the optical level. Besides, the rider can even drop down the visor system when the sun hits right on the face. Overall, it is worth investing in for your next off-road racing considering safety measures.


  • This best budget dual sport helmet has a tin sun visor fitted at the standard level. You can even remove and wash the padding system located internally.
  • There is a wicks perspiration feature. This offers better breathing. Besides, the eyeglasses are eyes friendly of course. It has hypoallergenic and antibacterial cheek pads too.
  • If safety is the concern, the locking system is impeccable too. It comes with a chin strap buckle system for quick release.
  • The advanced ventilation is one of the best things that promises a better airflow, thus offering the rider a non-sweat riding experience.
  • Antibacterial
  • Advanced ventilation
  • Replaceable breath box
  • Optional face shields
  • It does not come with long term warranty

Final words:

If safety is the concern and style is something you don’t want to compromise, consider this option. It is worth your investment since it offers the secured comfort that most helmets fail to offer.

7- Fly Racing Trekker Helmet – top dual sport helmets

You must have heard the brand name called Fly racing; well, it of course is trending in the market today. More than 30 different helmets were on the top list, and those were all designed by Fly racing. The company understands how valuable it is to design the helmet as per the biker’s need, especially if he has been into off-road racing or rides a dirt bike. 

Talking of which fly racing tracker helmet is one such fine example. It is best to be used as an adventure entry-level best budget dual sport helmet. Whether price or features that offer safety is what you need, this helmet can fulfill all your needs.

Fly Racing has earned its name because of the impeccable practice shields provided to its expert riders. Be it the helmet, clothing, jerseys, goggles, or even the gloves, you ask for anything, and you shall get the best quality that of course will not be disappointing. 

The best part of this helmet is the freedom that you get while riding with it. It has the goggle and the straps attached for the closed position. This way, evens the wind when hits on the face will not annoy you at all.


  • There is a face shield designed for UV protection. You can change it at a faster pace easily and quickly too.
  • The face shield is further designed with a robust scratch-resistant coating. This is the main reason why the lifespan of the helmet is also more.
  • There is an impeccable ventilation system this helmet offers. It comes with 8 exhaust and intake vents, which is why the airflow is well marinated.
  • The shield is the best part of this helmet; besides, the adjustable eps liner gives you an odor-free journey.
  • Washable Coolmax interior
  • A new shield lock system
  • D.O.T. & ECE Approved
  • Modern style visor
  • High-Flow ventilation
  • It does not have a lasting warranty

Final words:

Overall, this is one reliable helmet you can consider for a better riding experience. It is all geared up with the latest technology and features, which you would want for better safety and style.

8- Arai XD4 Dual Sport Helmet – best dual sport helmet for the money

Arai tour is one of the best options for adventure bike riding. This helmet is popular for quite a long time and trending on the market too. It comes with some extraordinary features like an outer shell, which is quite tough, a good warranty to make your investment worth and the premium quality that you cannot deny, of course.

If we further focus on its specification, well, you shall understand that it has got some advanced functioning and the styling. The visor and peak both are removable. Besides this Arai XD4, Dual Sport Helmet is one goggle-friendly option. It comes with three vents that are in china, and two are present in the forehead. There are also two scoops. One is at the top while the exhaust is at the rear.

If we talk about styling, well, if you have ever explored the ADV touring helmets, you will realize that all its model is known for the styling. It has even achieved the Snell safety rating, which closure is not so easy to get. It comes with the 5mm peel away padding so that riders can use it comfortably for a snug fit.

The XD4 has a shell that is constructed with an aerodynamic material. It also has the peak visor, floating while the funnels air in the vents that are redesigned. Overall, it offers better ventilation and great quality with the high speed not to miss out.


  • Arai XD4 Dual Sport Helmet has a good ventilation system with mitigating buffeting at a good speed. This premises a better riding experience
  • This lightest dual sport helmet is the choice of many ADV riders and has certainly set an industrial standard since it is made of Complex Laminate Construction.
  • The material used for the shell creation is fiberglass composite, which is light and strong too. It can let you use the less dense miner material, which is soft and can offer a better riding experience.
  • Washable Interior
  • Dry-Cool Technology
  • Premium Quality
  • Good Ventilation
  • Excellent Fit
  • High Level of Comfort
  • To remove Visor is quite tricky

Final Words:

Overall, this is one fine option you can consider for safe riding. It offers good construction with a maximum warranty that can make your investment quite a worth too.

9- KLIM Krios Hi-Vis Helmet – budget dual sport helmet

KLIM Krios Hi-Vis Helmet is the best option known in the market for not just the quality but also affordable pricing. This helmet comes with salting durability, which is why it is said to be worth the investment. You can use it for riding on the highway, and it is made of the Koroyd material, which is why durability is at par.

This model is known to be the motorcycle lightest dual sport helmet for upright riding. If you are tight on the budget but don’t have to compromise with the price anytime, you should go for this helmet. The shape of the shell is quite improved since it promotes better aerodynamic stability at quite a high speed, which is why you can rely on it always.

KLIM Krios Hi-Vis Helmet falls in the range of dual sport motorcycle helmet. It gives the rider comfort and less impact during the crash landing. Besides, it has been designed of an anti-scratch material and UV resistant, that is why it looks shiny and classy even if it is not bought recently.

It comes with a quick release of the buckle, and there are also adjustable vents so that when you ride next time, you can just focus on the riding and rest all this helmet will do for you.


  • Even if this helmet is pricy, it is worth it since it is made of carbon fiber material, keeping the model light in weight.
  • The design of the help is incredible since it has an aerodynamic structure. You can even enjoy the long rides wearing it.
  • In terms of safety standards, too, this helmet has managed to meet DOT and ECE standards.
  • Functional
  • Lightest
  • Robust Construction
  • Comfortable
  • It is a bit pricey

Final words:

Overall, this is one fine range of helmet that can meet all your adventurous riding requirements. With a good face shield and aerodynamic styling, this is the best option to choose.

10- GMAX GM-11S Dual Sport Helmet – lightest dual sport helmet

Lastly, that we shall be looking at is the GMAX GM-11S Dual Sport Helmet. This is one fine range of helmet which is the best choice for riders too. It comes with a stringent budget and is the finest option in the market at great pricing. This helmet is made of a huge eye-port, which is bigger enough for the huge riding goggles to embrace without any issue.

It comes with a face shield designed for protection. You can lower it down or even cover it completely by raising it while using goggles because of its incredible deism. This model is so far proved to be a tough competition for many in the market today.

Moving further about the lightest dual sport helmet design, well along with styling, you get incredible features too. There is a visor that has been designed aerodynamically. It lets the flow of the air pass by smoothly.

Besides, it also eliminates the helmet lift that high speed. You can convert the helmet from a visor configuration to one less configuration based. This helmet also has a dual-lens, which offers a clear shield. Besides, the cold weather box makes it comfortable for riding.

Thanks to the chin curtain, even at high speed, you will not have any problem. Other than this, visor and side plate covers can also be out for the best use.


  • Thanks to the right vents option, the helmet gives you the best circulation of the air always
  • It comes with a fabric liner that you can remove, wash, and reuse again. This way, you can keep your helmet clean and fresh always
  • There is also a well built-in speaker pocket that can handle different communication devices
  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Washable Comfort Liner
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Dot Certified
  • Limited size options

Final words:

Overall, this is one fine helmet that you can choose from. It comes with a liner that can keep your helmet fresh besides safety features, making it a more reliable option.

Best Dual Sports Helmets – Buying Guide

When you have finally decided to buy the lightest dual sport helmet but still want to explore some more options, then here is the buying guidance that can be helpful. But always remember to buy the right dual sports helmet, compare the best of the options, get the customer reviews, and speak with your friends who have already purchased it.

Always remember, if the price can be a bit high, but you are getting the best of the quality, then you might want to keep your budget a little flexible. This would make your job of choosing the right one a lot simpler. Other than this, listed are the things you can consider

How to choose

  • DOT Approval

Any helmet which is not certified should not be considered. When you look for the dual sport helmet, you consider the Department of Transportation certification that it has got. There are many other certifications that many brands have either achieved or even exceeded. 

So, many sure the helmet you have chosen is DOT approved and also the expert riders choose. This can at least assure you that you are choosing the right product. You can always look for the helmet sticker with the Dot certification to make sure about such an approved helmet.

  • Sun Protection

While riding a bike, to come across sun rays in speed is quite common. It can make you blind for a second and increase your chances have an accident. Besides, skin tanning can be another problem too. If you ten to ride often in hot weather or extreme region, then go for the dual sport helmet with the protecting feature.

This means such a helmet with a matte or glossy finishing with anti-scratch and UV resistant technology should be chosen. This way, at least you will be able to avoid any kind of discomfort that can come your way.

  • Foul Odor

When you have a lot of sweat, then your helmet is likely to emit the odor. This foul smell can be quite annoying and may stink a lot too. Besides, excess dirt accumulation can also be discomforting for the rider.

That is why choose the helmet to maintain the proper hygienic condition, and you can maintain it for a long time. For this, you need to look for a removable, washable liner, and comes with antibacterial properties that would keep you relaxing and fresh.

Factors to consider

While protecting the biker, a helmet has to give the best in terms of safety and protection features. That is why listed are some factors that need to be considered.

  • Comfort

Comfort plays a crucial role that you must not oversee. When you have a dual-sport helmet shortlisted, you may come across different riding experience where you can wear it. Whether it could be a little weight or too much pressure at the back, it is always better to look for comfort, giving you better usage of the helmet and that too for a long time.

By comfort, it means the weight should be manageable, ventilation should be proper, and the helmet should be lasting for the use.

  • Size

You cannot ignore size as well. Choosing the right size of the helmet is another concern to be thought of. Your helmet should not be much tight or loose. It should not guarantee much protection for you. To get a proper fit for your head, you might have to take a measuring tape and start measuring the complete head area.

This would make it easy for you to get the right fit. You can get a helping hand for measuring the head to avoid any kind of errors. Usually, the range of the measurement for the small helmet will 53-56 cm be while for the medium one, it can vary from 57-58 cm.

You can also consider the big helmet of 59-60 cm or the extra-sized helmets 60-62 cm. But always go through the manual to choose the right size.

  • Noise

While you ride a helmet, you will of course, focus on protecting the head area. But not all helmet will protect you from the hearing problem. To slow the noise of the wind, you might need a quality helmet. Usually, the noise occurs when the air hits the helmet at high speed. 

That is why looking for the one that would help you avoid the noise and focus on riding the bike even at high speed.

What to look for

You have to be sure of certain things when the bunch of dual sports helmet is kept in front of you. Talking of which some of them are:

  • Weight

There can be a heavily weighted helmet or the ones with light in weight. It all depends on the raw materials as well, which are being used. Other than this, design and fitting also matters! It is not always important that heavy ones can be the best choice. That is why look for the one which is light in weight and safe enough to make your journey safe.

  • Padding

With padding at least, the fit of the lightest dual sport helmet would be quite snugly enough for your head when you ride the bike. The padding has to give better comfort. It can be spongy or even soft too. That is why take your time and choose the helmet which can fit you well but doesn’t make you sweaty all the time.

  • Balance

Look for the helmet that has the best balance between comfort, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. It is always important to make it a priority to consider the safety factor when you are purchasing the helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes the dial sport helmet a worth choice?

If you know the use of a standard full-face helmet, you will understand that there is a lot of difference, which you may find when you start wearing a dual-sport helmet. The top of the helmet at the visor hamper the aerodynamics, especially when you are running at a speed of 60mph or more than that since it reduces the drag and noise of the wind.

It also helps to protect the unwanted forces like insects and gives the rider a smooth experience. Besides, if you like mixed ridings like street or road during the best dual sport helmet, glasses should be your choice.

Q. Are there any specific benefits of wearing a helmet?

In the curial time when you are riding, especially when you are at high speed, it is the only helmet that can safeguard your head against the injuries that may happen in uninvited incidence.

It also reduces the damage that may cause due to the high points of crashing, which can happen anytime because of any reason. That is why a helmet is the best choice for every rider, no matter which type of bike he or she is using. When on the streets on the bike, the helmet is a must.

Q. Are there any vision issues that happen in dual sport helmet?

Not at all! This kind of helmet is the best choice for many expert riders because of the best vision. It gives you an incredible vision, and you can even wear your head guard to see how it can hamper the vision.

You can also test ride to understand the rate of vision that it offers you if you want. Since for any riding, especially when you are riding in summer at high speed, you cannot afford to compromise with the vision at any level, and that is when you can find this helmet a bliss for you.

Q. What factors reduce motorcycle helmet comfort?

Since safety plays an important role overall, the helmet is designed considering this prime feature. There can be factors like inner linings, weight, ventilation, and chin strap that plays a major role in providing comfort. You should look for a well-insulated helmet, light in weight, and have lost chin strap to be made easily while the airflow system is smooth.

Q. Can wear a helmet create hearing trouble?

If you wear the best dual sport helmet for glasses, it shall reduce the noise, which often is likely to occur from the engine. This way, you will be able to shut down that unnecessary engine noise and even the wind noise.

It just lets you head the usual street noise, which is needed because if someone honks you, you must get an alert. This way, the riding experience also improved.

Q. What can be the possible dual sports helmet value?

The value of such a helmet can vary as per the specifications and brand too. The very first dual sport helmet that came in the market was just costing $125 only. But as more features get loaded, the helmet’s price also increases, and thus it is likely for you even to get a helmet costing $500.

1 Strom dual sport helmet is quite a pricy one, but it has incredible safety certification and notable features that you cannot miss out on.

Q. Why is Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet pricey Than the Standard Helmets?

Dual-sport motorcycle helmet comes with quite a good strength, which makes them pricey. Besides, this helmet offers some great features and is designed with material light in weight. 

Since the carbon fiber material makes it lightweight, you get better protection during a long journey. Other features like Bluetooth are also some of the best options to not ignore.

Q. Is Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet and The Dual Sport Helmet Similar?

If you compare Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet with a dual one in terms of styling, then yes, both are the same. Their appearance also matches with the off-road helmet for motorcycles. 

Besides, this helmet comes with an additional sun visor and has extra padding, which gives better protection. The helmet is quite comfortable and comes with a protective chin guard.


A dual sports helmet is a perfect blend of motocross and a full-face helmet. The face shields are quite long and come with an extension, making it the most prominent character of the helmet.

They are best for the riders who always find gravel, stones, and debris in their path of smooth riding experience. Most of the professional riders prefer using this dual sports helmet since it has less taken off-road and highway biking experience.

For more than endure riders and ADV, the best dual sport helmet for glasses has gained popularity. These helmets have even bridged the gap between the off-road the traditional full-face street helmet, making it quite flexible.

This type of helmet surely comes with some exceptional features and is the best option to choose since it is available in different colors and sizes. Since you have a buying guide already and you can look for better options. Take your time and make a wise comparison because such helmets are available on a reasonable budget and worth your protection too.

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